Saturday, September 28, 2013

My wedding makeup trial & wedding nails

Updates!!!! It's almost 3am in the morning and I need to wake up at 4.30am to get ready. That's very little sleep if you do the math and I really hope I don't get dark circles or something! :(

Well, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday at 12noon and had to rush to do so many things!!!! The two main things are my makeup trial and manicure+pedicure. I couldn't do it earlier because, well.. I was hospitalized from Monday-Friday and didn't want to do my nails too early cos I am really clumsy. I couldn't do my makeup trial earlier because my makeup artist is from Penang and she only flew in on Thursday afternoon.

My previous makeup artist is a local and her services is bundled with my Silhouette package. I have 2 makeup session with her which I used for my prewedding shoot on 1st July and also our church wedding rehearsal on 20th Sep. 

I chose Sam Khor because she was Tabby's makeup artist during her wedding in Penang earlier this year and Tabby highly recommends her. Since I trust Tabby, I decided to engage her for my wedding weekend in Singapore! I booked her in April and luckily I did that because she is so busy!! She is one of the more sought-after makeup artist in Penang and I am glad she is willing to be my makeup artist in Singapore for my wedding.

We communicate via whatsapp on her fees and charges. After confirming her for the dates, I booked for her return air-tickets and accommodation. I only sent her pictures of my gowns and very very little sample pictures of what I want cos I was too busy with work and I trusted her to be good enough to do her magic and recommend what is best for me. Sometimes it's best to leave things in the hands of the professional and let them do their work without much interference.. 

Le bf dropped me off at the hotel for my makeup trial and rushed off to do other wedding errands.

I booked her a room at Holiday Inn Express, just beside Paragon because it's walking distance to Grand Hyatt, where our dinner will be held on tomorrow and very near my home in Serangoon via taxi. She's so happy that I booked this hotel for her cos it's new and has a very good location. I think she expected Hotel 81 or something.... LOL! That's how nice & undemanding she is. Well, I wanted her to have a comfortable stay so I chose this hotel for her. Lucky for me I had some discounts using my IHG agent rate! Perks of being a travel agent staff. :)

Here's my bare face. Tsk.. Sickly & pale and bloated from all the food they fed me at the hospital (I can't eat my medicine on an empty stomach so they always monitor what I eat.. cannot escape. And I had cheese fries craving! LOL!)

Look at all the stuff she brought from Penang! This is only a fraction of what she brought! She said she doesn't know my exact skin tone so she had to bring more stuff, but she will only carry two cases during the weekend. TWO!?!? T_T"

1st look for my march-in at church!

 Without tiara..

 With tiara.. (She brought a dozens of tiaras for me to choose!)

 2nd look for tea ceremony! 
She bought a new red M.A.C lipstick just for me. :')

 Love the hair!

 But from the front a bit like SQ stewardess (w/o the flower)

Added pearls for a nicer finish!

 Alternate hair piece instead of flowers..

We tried several more looks for the 1st & 2nd march in during the wedding dinner and I really love her so much! She is a perfectionist like me and it's either her best or nothing, which is so my style! Hahahaha! She's gonna help my sister do her hair and makeup later before me. She said she will do Joanna first so I can sleep longer.. so sweet right? :)

Afterwards I cabbed down to Ang Mo Kio to look for my trusted manicurist who was working in Boon Keng previously. I told her to do whatever she wants because I did not have the time and energy to research on wedding nails. Well, some of my friends whatsapp me many suggestions which I showed her but some were too time-consuming and I only had 3hrs to spare so we can't do those. I wanted something lacy and less flashy but Annie insisted on something more "bridal" and bling so it can catch the photographer's flash & lights.. Turned out really nice (but makes typing a pain in the ass).

Ok.. Time to crash! In a few hours I'll be walking down the aisle!! Wheee!! Hope my bridesmaids don't torture Le bf too much.. Hahahahahahah!!!

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