Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Girl's Day out with the Witians!

Today is Girl’s Day out! With Tabitha and WanWen. And my mum forced me to bring my siblings along!! urgh. Spoilers. But they were little sweethearts cos they were super well-behaved today!

Well, we went to Gapz at Pacific Plaza. The food is damn good. Japanese and Dim Sum together, Yummy yum yum.

Went to Takashimaya to shop and take pics. We took pic together in front of a HUGE poster of Legolas! Yummmy~ So handsome.. *drools* Orlando Bloom is ugly, but Legolas is eye candy! We also went to Kinokuniya and I bought like so many books.. I bought Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and other books.. I am going to spend the whole day tmr reading.. Yay!

At night, we went to my sis's birthday dinner at King's Copthrone, and it was yummy delicious. Going to put on so much weight.. two buffets in a day! Wow.. going mad..
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