Saturday, May 31, 2008

Money's new car!

New Car:

Old Car:

Money said bye bye to her BMW 3series.... And bought a Lexus SC430! She retained her number plate though. This car is much much smaller though, so we can't squeeze in behind. But it's soooo cute and pretty!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final CA Result!


So proud of myself can?

But i expected better for the Macroeconomics CA.. i think the group project pulled down the overall grade, cos it's 50/50. Today is my first paper. I expected the Business Law paper to be super difficult, cos last semester's one was damn tough (couldn't do half the paper).. But it was so easy i nearly fainted.

Hopefully can get enough to keep my Business Law score an A. Must show that stupid Biz Law teacher that without her stupid notes or useless teaching, i can self-study and get an A.
POOT! 2 more papers to freedom!
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

2 years anniversay!

Since it's a public holiday, and I was working in till 6pm, he planned to work and I planned to go out with Wany. BUT STUPUID WANY FLY ME KITE! (Chou Nu ren! HMPM! - but i forgive u cos i love u. haha)

Pipimon bought me presents!

2 handbags
United Colours of Benetton Handbag

Charles & Keith Tote

2 pairs of shoes
Both shoes from NOVO and one is a pair of black pair of Melissa rubber shoes, the other is a gold sandals.. sibeh chio.

Remember i said he gave me something really expensive a few weeks ago? It's a Nokia 8800 Arte!

It's super chio, but super duper heavy. I sold away my HTC Touch that he bought me last September, cos many people using that phone now... (even aunties like my mum!) Though didn't make money by selling it, at least can cover the cost of buying & upgrading the software. (Pipimon spent $100+ to upgrade the software for me, and 3 weeks later i sell the phone. kua kua kua)

And finally, after 1 long year of suffering in heat, humidity and restless sleep.... Pipimon bought..
a brand new casement aircon!

Bye bye hot & humid nights~!!
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