Sunday, March 28, 2010

New laptop!

I am super freaking happy cos I finally got a NEW laptop!

Comparison between the old and new one.......

Decided to buy this Asus model instead of the Sony Vaio CW26 as the specs are much better and this is S$400 cheaper! Of cos get the better and cheaper one lah! Even though it's not pink.. but I shall be more practical in choosing performance over colour! 
Anyways, many thanks to Brendan for helping me make the decision. He was so patient cos I keep bugging him to help me make a decision and keep calling him non-stop. Wah. Lucky he super patient if it's me who answers the phone, I'll punch that person. HAHAHAHAHA!

Happy happy!
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D-I-Y Hello Kitty Bejeweled case


I love the G-mask sticker! Mad cute! And the Hello Kitty case was actually handmade by me. I bought the crystals and stuck them on the case with epoxy glue. :)
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY Hello Kitty iPhone Jewel Crystal Case

After 3 long months.. finally decided to start on my iPhone Hello Kitty bling bling project which I planned in early December 2009....

Intially wanted to do a "draft design" before putting them on the glue, however after 20mins of gems moving when i don't want them to move.. i gave up and instead of meticulously arranging the crystals before i put it on the phone, i just bochup and smeared glue all over the iPhone cover and just paste whatever i fancy...

So far so good.. until i came to the bottom part... I RAN OUT OF CRYSTALS! -_-

So luckily my sister bought me some pink crystals TWO YEARS ago for my birthday and I still kept it somewhere.. just had to spend 40mins digging through boxes to look for it. sibeh waste time and energy cos by this time, it's around 3am++ in the morning. I think my neighbour staying directly below my unit hates me cos i like to shift furniture around in the middle of the night...~~ lol!


Well, it's not really perfect cos some of the places has two coatings of glue cos i have fat fingers and kept on smearing and smudging it. hahahaha~

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea

Last saturday I went to Bugis to pray to the White Tiger God and also Tai Sui with Wany & her mama...We cabbed to Ritz Carlton for high tea at the Chihuly Cafe... So difficult to pronounce the name lah! I was wondering why "Chihuly".. and I googled it:
Dale Chihuly (b. September 20, 1941 in Tacoma, Washington, United States) is a
Slovak American glass sculptor and
Hmm.. So maybe the expensive looking glass sculpture thingy on the wall is done/inspired by this Chihuly person?

Expensive cutlery!

Drop also nevermind cos got thick plushy carpet! =X 

Lots of yummy looking (but sadly not so yummy) food!

What I took from the desserts corner..

I just love the Iced Tea! Ice Cubes made from tea! Pretty! Got lots of flavours... i kept drinking mango. :)

I bought Wany a Longhamp bag to celebrate 10 years of Friendship! :) Limited edition tote bag with the Eiffel Tower design. I have the exact same one. Heehee!

Wany's mama was saying that she didn't know how fun taking mirror shots in the toilet were until she tried it, cos she used to laugh at other people who did that... LOL!

I love Wany's mama! She's funny and cute!

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