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Sunday, February 27, 2011

NATAS Fair 2011

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It's finally over! 3 days of madness!

I don't know why do people want to go to NATAS Fair and book tour?

Queue for a long time to even go thru the entrance which you have to pay $4 to enter? Squeeze with people? And talk about the "free gifts".. You have to sign a certain amount before they give you a "free gift" which is the usual lousy luggages and stupid useless things like backpacks and shit.

The best is to have a cash discount than receiving useless things that just pile up at home which you will throw out during the next spring cleaning..

And all the cheapo people out there.. if you are too cheap or you're not willing to spend money to travel, STAY AT HOME! Don't act all yayapapaya and insist in going for a "holiday" but are not willing to pay for it. Stop your delusional craziness and not come and ask for cheap tours but demand for good hotels and fullboard meals. TSK!

Yea yea, some idiots are gonna misunderstand me again and say I am bitching blah blah blah.. Whatever lah. Just eff off already.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


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I'm "friends" on Facebook with both of the owners of Petopia and I found out that one of them "unfriend" me and deleted his comments on my status about kids hanging out at Heeren during our time, after I published the blog entry on 19February..

I also read about his status (before he unfriend me) that said something like "A gift no matter how insignificant (...) is still a gift. Be gracious". I can't remember it exactly but the underlying message seems to be for me, or am I just thinking too highly of myself?

Was it a coincidence or is someone being over sensitive and immature? Either way, doesn't affect me much.. Who needs a friend who cannot take an honest opinion?

Sunday, February 20, 2011


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Very busy lately.. preparing for the NATAS Fair that is happening next weekend and I am going crazy! I can't believe I am going thru this shitty experience again especially after I swore never to be part of the NATAS or any travel fair as an employee when I quit CTC.

Dammit lah..

Anyway, I am taking Bahasa Indonesia classes now.. every Wednesday & Fridays at Orchard. Last lesson is at 11 March 2010, total of 10 lessons for $321. I find it a bit of waste money cos the curriculum like bo system one. Maybe it's the school.. I should go to another school to have a look and see if I wanna take up another course after 11 March 2011.

Unfortunately I have to miss the lesson on 25 March 25 Feb cos I have to attend the stupid NATAS fair. Tsk. Damn sian..

I don't know how I stumbled back into the travel trade after swearing to leave it forever.. I am even holding a assistant supervisor post!

There are so many idiots that I encounter each day, it's a huge challenge to remain calm and not slap someone.. Trying very hard to remain sane and not go crazy with frustration. Lots of things I wanna rant but it's not professional to rant about work in my blog.

What I can say is: "Do not argue with an idiot, they will lower you to their level and then try to beat you with experience. Silence is golden"

I need a job that give me purpose in life.. one that doesn't give me high blood pressure. One that doesn't have crazy people screaming insults at me for no rhyme or reason. One that doesn't have people gossiping behind my back and scrutinizing my every movement.

Well, It's great to come home to Chloe cos she's always willing to cuddle on my lap and give me little kisses. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We won 2nd position! Lost out on the 1st position by 2 votes and Pipimon still thinks it's unfair cos the organizers did not adhere to the 8pm deadline and stopped the voting... He kept grumbling and nagging and it's just pissing me off.

Nevertheless, a big thank-you to everyone who made the effort to vote! ^^ And thank you to Petopia for organizing the contest!

2nd prize is a $150 hamper + goody bag for Chloe. I went down to Petopia to collect the hamper and to groom Chloe cos her hair is so long!

Stuff in the hamper

Honestly, I would rather have the 3rd prize of 2 GV Gold Class tickets.. Of cos, I would love to win the 1st prize of $500 travel vouchers + 5 nights stay at Petopia.. 2 votes. :( Mad sad.

Pipimon said Petopia was quite insincere in the gifts and he wanted to send it back to them, with a note "WE ARE NOT CHEAPOS FOR YOUR CHEAPO THINGS"....

I think he is just being a sore loser. What's new?

I really like the owners and the people there and Chloe enjoys going there. Moreover they also do a great job in grooming Chloe's hair and always give her cute little ribbons.

As for the contest, I sincerely accepted the outcome and results. It's just bad luck and bad timing since the 1st few days I was in China and there wasn't Facebook there for me to rally the votes.. but unfortunately Pipimon do not share my sentiments. Just ignore him!! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

PJs & Pills

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Santi came back from Indonesia with a surprise!

When we were in Batam for holiday, I couldn't find a nice but cheap PJ that costs less than $5.. I am not cheapo, but I bought a super comfy PJ for less than $3 when I was there 4 years ago.. Hahaha! So I refused to pay more than $5!

She even left the price tag on so she can prove to me it's really cheap.. Hahahaha! It's around S$4.50~

I also asked her to help me buy Ducolax. My body super fast immune to such stuff.. after 1st time, I keep needing to double the dosage for it to take effect again. Tsk.

Thanks Santi! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frozen yogurt shops are sprouting up like wild mushrooms everywhere! We decided to try the newly opened Glacious at Nex..

It was our first time, so the salesgirl gave us a big cup to let us take the yogurt by ourselves.. Ask for the smaller cup if you are there! Cos we did not know there was a smaller cup until we paid and it's so tempting to fill up the cup if u get the bigger one and we couldn't finish it cos we bought one each!

There are toppings to choose from and they will weigh the cup in front of u then you pay and go and sit in their pretty corner. There is only 1 little table which we took, and some bar stools..


And it's not even remotely tasty... The blueberry flavour tastes like cough syrup!

We ate lunch at Texas Fried Chicken, which is my current fave fried chicken in Singapore and watched The Green Hornet! :) Notti girl skipped school to accompany me.. HEEHEE!
My ex-colleague from CTC, Mark.. who also calls me "Little sis" cos he is so tall and looks like a bear bear and I always call him big bro, gave me a whole bag of Hello Kitties!

He was so sweet to drive all the way down to my office at Pearl Centre to give me these kitties! :) I was so guilty and pai-seh cos he sms-ed me to go out to the main road to take but I was too busy with work to check my phone and he parked the car to come to my office personally. Awww! Super nice of him!!! ^^

These are collector's items from Hong Kong, similar to our Singapore Macdonald kitties (which I have 2 sets).. And I am super happy! Gonna keep them in the plastic bags until I have more room to display them! :D

Super happy! YAY!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We got into the final round! Now we are in the Top 8! Final closing date is 13 February! Hopefully we will win! ^^

Like our picture please! :)

However, you can only vote for ONE photo. Multiple votes for other photos will be disqualified. Before you start voting, remember that you must be a Petopia Facebook fan AND friend of Petopia Singapore to validate the votes.


There will be two stages of voting
1) The Qualifying Round: 1 to 6 Feb 2011
2) Final Round: 7 to 13 Feb 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm back from my China trip! :)

Thank god I did not die from starvation due to my pickiness when it comes to food! My guide was very nice to me and he did not force me to eat a lot of food when I refused them. :)

Pipimon came and picked me up from the airport and we went for dinner at Aston's (Terminal 1).

While waiting for our food, I took out all my angbaos that my customers gave me and rearranged them neatly cos when they gave it to me, we were at the hotel lobby rushing to the airport and I just chucked them into my bag. I didn't wanna arrange them onboard the flight cos I was sitting beside this dodgy Chinaman!!

It's been years since I received so many angbaos! ^^

Some of them were really pretty.. And a few of the angbaos were very very generous! I had one couple giving me S$80!!! :D

Yummy dinner! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's the 1st day of CNY and I'm at Changi Airport's Terminal 3.. Not much people around, but I guess most of the people are sleeping or taking the midnight flight later for their holidays...

I'm flying off in less than 1 hrs time to Canton, Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou via Singapore Airlines for a 6days China tour assignment. Wish me luck!