Monday, February 25, 2008

Exams are coming!

Wednesday to friday this week! -sweats-

Today is my last lesson in school, and 2 more days to my exams.... wahhhhhhhhhhh!

Btw, my CA results are out!
  • Microeconomics A
  • Business Finance A-
  • Operational and total Quality Management C

I know i'll not do really well for OTQM cos i wrote out of point for the CA and only realized after i handed in.. but C is not bad lah.. around 60 to 65 marks..

I must must must do well for exams and get at least 2 As! Already give up for OTQM.. pass can liao. hahahahahaaha!


Happy Belated Yuan Xiao!

Here's my angbao collection.. not the list.. cos that's highly confidential.. so far i have from 1999 till now, 2008. =D

I collected around $250+, with the biggest one from my mum, who gave me $200.. or was it $150? Can't remember.

The rest are super measly ones that she helped me take from her relatives and friends.. haha.

Cleaned up my house and decorated to welcome my Queen Gang for lunch few weeks back..

My alcohol collection! Actually got more.. but during my bday drink up liao. Wany bought the new Disco Vodka for me from Australia!! YAYYY! Can't wait to see it! Heeheee!

And here are the some of the hundreds of clothes i tried on in many changing rooms all around Singapore which i didn't buy cos too expensive/not practical for daily wear/ no size! =(

And that's with Wany in the middle, who went around with me trying on CNY clothes.. heehee!

Hope this will be a great year for all!


Taken during CNY at my mum's place.. i put Yuki in my sister's bag and walked around the house with him inside, pretending that he's Oreo.. =( I miss Oreo.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Joanna's Belated Bday Outing

My sister's bday on 16th Dec.. but i only brought her out for dinner/movie and gave her the bday present today. Oops. =X But it's worth the wait ok? Sony T70 Digicam can!

Touch screen, smile shutter, large LCD screen, able to draw and edit pics... 8.2 megapixels.. blah blah blah. Wah. even my own camera not as good as hers! This baby costs me more than half my part-time monthly pay! Well, I wrapped the box, but not the digicam cos the pouch is too fat to put in the box.. wahahaha.

When she opened the digicam pressie, she like a bit sian cos the box didn't look that fantastic.. but when she saw the actual camera her eyes lit up lor. Sibeh realistic man. sheesh.

I brought her to HK Kim Gary's Restaurant for lunch!

Went to watch Deathnote Spinoff; L changes the world at GVMax Vivocity. Tried to take picture in the cinema.. but failed. kua kua kua.. so paiseh. so here's one that's a bit blurred.. but i brightened up the image abit using Picasa... so at least can see our faces.

.Bought her this domo-kun and she's so happy..! I am glad she's happy cos spending so much money has caused me and Pipimon to quarrel and he's pissed with me for splurging on such a expensive gift for her even though I am earning so little and still need to juggle school and work.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Present


My Valentine's Day present is edible! And it's good for the skin! :)

Eu Yan Sang Birdnest! :)

So fun stacking them!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Gathering!

Woke up very early yesterday to make last minute preparations and final cleaning up work of the house.... Than Pipimon pointed out that i bought too little prawns for the prawn mee... and on top of that, the prawns are not really fresh cos it's frozen from few days back... so i dumped the prawns and got Pipimon to send me to Sheng Siong to buy fresh prawns...

Money came super early. Told them to come at 1pm, but she reached my house at 12pm.. Her bf never come cos last minute got visitors.kua kua.Her dress is soooooooooo pretty!~ Like a beautiful present with a big ribbon behind. heehee. We went Tekka Mall together, and bought prawns, watermelons, and Money bought half a BBQ chicken and we went back home..

Poor Canadian Pizza boy came and no one was at home to receive the pizza we ordered, so he had to come back again.. and the pizza was a bit squashed... but still delicious. LOL! Joyce came next with a big bag of fatty bakkwa to ruin my diet.. hee. And a huge box of Ferrero Rochers... Evil girl. Hee!

Than Yaya... with a big plate of Samsui chicken (super yummy!) and Yusheng from Soup Kitchen! Thank u Yaya!

Smallgirl was at home cos she had a swollen eye, but Pipimon called her and forced her to come, "cos use mouth eat, not use eye". Kua kua kua.
So we "lao yusheng" and the veggies flew everywhere... expected.. LOL!

We spent 7 hours playing BlackJack non-stop.

Big winner is Money! HAHAHAHAH!

Big losers is me and pipimon. =( But i told pipimon it's alright, cos as long as guests happy can liao. But he's a bit sulky.. hahaha. Keep on crying out "my money!!... LOL!"

They tried on my weighing machine.. and everyone screamed murder!

They say my weighing machine spoil liao, cos they become extra heavy.
kua kua kua..
Let's hope it's spoilt, so i will be much lighter! HAHAHA!

After that we went to Clarke Quay for icecream! Thank you to Money lesbaby for the treat! MUACKS!

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