Monday, June 29, 2009

smellie & hammie

Smellie & Hammie

Do you miss seeing my hamsters?

Their mama died before I moved house.. so now I only have 2 hammies instead of 3. I dunno why Mini (their mum) died.. maybe she missed me cos I went to Turkey for 2 weeks and didn't play with her...

Anyway, both of them are staying outside the house, at the backdoor. My new place has a front door AND backdoor. Somewhat like Kampong house. I promise that by next Sunday, I will pose up pictures of my new house k?

Now I haven't finish packing the room yet.. I so nice lor, try to pack a bit.. than when Pipimon comes home he says that it looks messier that before.

wah lao. waste my effort sia.

Somemore I threw a lot of things in a carton and i wanted to bring out to the rubbish chute but he refused to let me throw it UNTIL he check through what I want to throw in case I "accidentally" throw his things away.

So cham i tell you.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacky's Wedding at RELC

Tabby wanna see how my room looks like.. well, here's a little preview..

You can see the boxes and clothes everywhere.. so it's still messy. I don't have time to finish packing cos got course to attend in the day and when I come home i wanna watch my cartoon shows which I recorded on my digital set up box.. so no time to pack. Moreover, whenever I throw stuff, Pipimon will ask where are the things, what I throw.. blah blah. So just leave it and i'll pack when I got the mood.
We took a cab down to RELC which is beside Shangri-La hotel.. managed to board a Chrysler taxi! Damn cool lah.. It's so big and roomy!! But the pick up rate is $5 instead of the usual $2.80.

Arrived around 7pm and none of my khakis (Nat, Choco, Janice, Tim, Elson...) were there. As usual, all late lah. The reception was 7.30pm and the dinner starts at 8pm.

Outside the restaurant at Level 2. Tang Court!

Signing the wedding party book.. Look so Hollywood-ish. Woot. Love it!
Than must hiao a bit and show off the dress (70% off usual price!!) and my high heel shoes which Pipimon seldom allows me to wear cos he always say: "You look like a monster/amazon with high heels!"

Anyway, even with heels, he is still half a head taller than me.. so I don't know what is his problem with me wearing heels.

Oh wells. MEN!

Finally found a boyfriend who is so much taller than me, and he doesn't allow me to wear heels. Damn kua kua kua can! All my exes either same height as me or shorter lah! Btw I am 1.75m currently.. think i've stopped growing liao.-

We're supposed to pull this little fire cracker thing when the groom and bride walks in the dining area... Pipimon took so many lah!!

And he attempts to swallow some.......... -____-

Choco damn extra here in this pic lah. Both of us couple wanna take with wedding couple than she plop herself in unceremoniously like she's the mother of the groom or the second bride or something.

Anyways, I am super tired and I have to wake up early to attend my CSP course tomorrow.. gotta end this post by showing you the chocolate I bought for Pipimon from Dubai International Airport.. Cadbury Roses...!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greetings from Commonwealth!


This is my first time blogging from our new place!

I'm now staying in Commonwealth Crescent.

Apparantly you have to tell the taxi uncle that you're staying at "Tanglin Halt 16 storeys" cos that's how they differentiate between the two zones: 10 storeys and 16 storeys. Strange. Some cabbies actually get pissed off when I say "I dunno what storey!"

Anyways, the room is super duper big! It's like double the size of our Farrer Park room! Moreoever we have a connecting storeroom to put our barang barang! Super shiokness! A walk-in storeroom!

There are many shops right in the middle of the housing estate with lots of minimarts but strangely there isn't any bakery shops.. There are 4 zichar stalls at the 4 corners of the complex and 4 satay stalls selling satay at night! I'll most probably get bored of the food soon, or worse.. find out that they are not up to my picky tastebuds.. :(

At least my cableTV and internet is back up! Super happy cos I can watch my Hannah Montanah and other Disney cartoons! =D 
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Turkey Trip


I went on a 10 days familiarization trip to Turkey which was sponsored by my company! :)

I think that most people have a bad impression of Turkey. Thinking that the country is dirty, people are evil, food is bad.. blah blah. But I really think that once you give a place a chance and go and experience it for yourself, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. I think that Turkey is a very beautiful country with a rich history. 

It's also very fascinating cos it's the only country bridging Europe and Asia.. There are snow-capped moutains, beautiful landscapes and there's the beautiful Agean Sea, Black Sea & Sea of Mara Mara...
I went on the Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia, saw the whirling dervishes performance, went for the Turkish Bath and cruise on the Straits of Bosphorous.

Now I can add Europe to my travel list! Haha.. Cos i've been on the European side of Istanbul.. and I can also add in Dubai, cos I've walked around Dubai International Airport twice during the transit. LOL!
What I've learnt in Turkey:

Do not smile at everyone and do not be too friendly
They will interpret that you are "easy" and leading them on to take advantage of you. Be firm, smile sparingly and do not hem haw with the men there.

Most men like plump girls
Needless to say, I was bullied incessantly by the men over there, especially at Grand Bazaar. They kept trying to touch me on the pretext that I am cold and I need a hug and a kiss from them.. Like huh? It's 30degrees lah! Where got cold??? One man even knelt in front of me, hugged my knees and refused to let go.. kept on kissing my hands and fingers. I was sooooooooooooo traumatized, I ran out of the Grand Bazaar and sat at a cafe till the stipulated meeting time.

Lentil Soup is THE soup
Every meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner.. you will see Lentil Soup, Lentil Soup and more Lentil Soup... it taste so powdery and weird.. Bring your own instant Mushroom Campell Soup like me and you won't go mad - unless you like Lentil Soup

It's really hot as it's summer now in Turkey and I became really tanned even though I put a lot of sunblock lotion. :( My trainer and the local guide + driver are all very nice to me and I had lots of freebies! Well, my trainer said it's because the local guide looks me as I am plump. -__- Dunno if I should be happy that I am so well received over there. Hur hur.

Below are some of the pictures from my trip! :) 

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Monday, June 1, 2009

New camera!


Went to Ellenborough Market Cafe with Nathaniel and Pipimon for dinner today!
Then we headed to Grand Bellini for drinks~
Yesterday we went to Hotel Royal's Trishaw Cafe for the $15.80 high tea buffet! Pipimon made reservations for us to sit at one of the two trishaw booths. Haha. We went there 1yr ago and wasn't impressed with the food and service. Food improved a bit, but service is still a bit slack... but for $15.80++ on a weekend, we can't expect the best of everything....!

Nat ate 3 Nonya Zhang and 1 bak zhang before coming for the high tea -__-

So he didn't eat much cos he was so bloated. Idiot right? Before buffet eat 4 dumplings!! wah lao. I wanna slap him lah! Afterwards we went to Sim Lim Square to hunt for a new camera! Pipimon is buying me a camera cos I didn't wanna keep borrowing my sister's camera, and I am going to Turkey in a few days time.. Moreover it's my "anniversary" present!
Walked around and compared quite a few models, but I finally decided on a cheap one cos I wanted a photo printer and we also need to save up money to move house and buy new furniture...
After a long long delibration.. I chose the Pink Canon E1! We got it at a very very very cheap price... Mustafa is selling at $309, and we got it for much much cheaper. =D Around $200 only!

Why are there 2? Cos Nat bought the blue one!!
This silly impulse buyer bought it cos it's very very cheap and he already had intention to buy it. Moreover his camera lens is a bit siao siao liao, cos he dropped it... hahahahaaa. He wanted to buy the pink one and kept on psycho-ing me to buy the blue one... -___-
Wah lao. He say I look fat with the pink one, and look slim when i hold the blue one. Lame lah. And he says if he use the pink one, will be very attention grabbing.. (of cos lah, gay magnet!)
Pipimon was helping us bargain the price from an $280 to ..... down down down......We also got the Canon Selphy White Bucket photo printer at more than 65% off. So cheap, it's positively freaky.
Nathaniel: "What is he doing?"
Pipimon: "Giving the camera a blowjob!"
I laughed sooooooooo loud, the whole shop became quiet and everyone stared at me lah!

So now we have same matching cameras!

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