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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm now in Hakkodate.. and will be flying back to Narita tomorrow evening before flying back to Singapore on the 26th Dec!
Weather has been ranging from -1 to -14 degrees celcius.. some places are extremely cold due to the strong winds blowing from the Pacific Ocean..
Can't describe in words how much I *heart* Japan! I love the culture, people, food and most of all.. HELLO KITTY!

I love this group a lot cos everyone is so nice and sweet to me! I also got Ronnie as my tourguide and he is fantastic cos he's a ultra foodie and kept bringing me to special places to eat! Yay!

Thank you all for the shout-outs! I know I have not been blogging recently.. just felt that there was no point cos I don't seem to have any visitors anymore, unlike in the past where I used to have quite a following.. Guess my life is not that interesting anymore....
Alrightys, going to get ready to go up and have an early night's rest. Good night!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tabby sent me a birthday present and dear Pipimon went to collect it for me from the post office yesterday..

Tabby said it is something for my "home entertaining" purposes.. and I thought it was something breakable cos there were sooooooo many Styrofoam balls...

I dug and dug for very long but everything is Styrofoam balls!! Finally dug to the bottom and and it is................

A very sweet pink apron!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dreams come true! I love it that Hello Kitty turned 35 yrs old and there's so many special events going on! When I went to Sanrioland, everything is "special edition" cos it's 35th Anniversary.. unfortunately I do not have unlimited cash to buy everything.

Can't wait for the exhibition to come!

Anyway, I've aimed a few things to buy at the Kitty Lab in Singapore Expo! I went online and saw these items but I am not sure if they are bringing it here.. I certainly hope so!

Tote Bag

14" Doll

Luggage strap and passport holder

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My desk at work!

Thursday, October 22, 2009 0 Comments

But I will miss my Hello Kitty desk... remember I said I will take pictures of my new kick-ass computer?



Super cute right? I have more than the three 7-11 hello kitties, but they are buried somewhere in my storeroom... anyway if there are more than three, i think it's too distracting. haha. So next time you come to my office and I am not around, you know where i'm sitting. If you look carefully, you can even see my photo on my table. Some of my colleagues asked why I have my picture on my table...... well, why not?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hope you receive the present I sent to you, in one piece and undamaged.. I don't really trust postal service nowadays, but no choice cos I can't afford to fly there to meet you now to celebrate with you :(  Sorry for not sending it sooner cos I was cracking my head on what to buy for you, and I was really busy recently also. Heehee. Hope you don't mind! Muacks! Hope to be able to go back to Perth to visit! No empty promises, cos Pipimon says he is saving up to bring me back again soon. Hahaha.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

5days 4nights Hong Kong Free & Easy, trip courtesy of Wany who paid for the air fare and hotel stay as my early birthday present. :) YAY! Super generous of her!! Muacks!

Took the A380 for the very first time...!

There is an upper deck on the plane but Wany chose the main deck cos she lazy to climb staircase. LOL.

Very big and roomy plane, and the toilet is damn cool.. got LED lights on the mirror. Somehow your complexion looks clearer when you use their mirror...!

We took the airport express train and then took a cab to Langham Place Mongkok which will be our cosy and very luxurious home for the next 5 days...

Langham Place is one of the best, if not the best hotel I have ever stayed in!  It is environmentally friendly, linked to a big shopping mall by a glass bridge from the lobby, has lots of art sculptures and paintings everywhere from the lobby to the room itself, free internet access at a very beautiful and atas lounge where you can choose to use an Apple or a laptop with Windows operating system.

Cool artwork all around the hotel

First time using a Mac. :) Free usage of computer in the Business lounge!

Anyway, the room is fantastic! They have a dream menu where you can choose from up to 6 different types of pillows. From jasmine green tea, to bamboo to goose dulvet... woah. Power power.

As you can see, i am sleeping on the single bed and there is a huge-ass pillow called a cozy pillow that is almost as tall as Wany.

There's also a window seat where you can sit and look out to the cityscape of Mongkok area.. since we were staying on the 29th floor, everyone look like tiny ants from our room!

They have this inhouse magazine where they introduce the history and workings of Langham Place. and they have this weird ritual at 7pm++ where they will light candles in the lobby and hit the gong.

On Day 2 we went to OCEAN PARK!

Admission ticket per person is HKD186 = S$35. We managed to get it cheaper cos we bought it at the MTR counter.. usual price is almost S$40++ i think.

It was very hot cos it's summer, and super sunny. I wore shorts and teeshirt, and Wany wore jeans.. so she kept fanning herself, which will effectively make her hotter since the effort of fanning will exert more energy thus producing more heat, and became very grouchy and irritable. She also didn't wanna take a lot of pictures cos she feeling very hot and sticky. (0_0) Hahaha.

I was super immune to the heat cos my office's aircon was spoilt for 3 weeks remember? If I tell you my office was hotter than Ocean Park without shelter on a summer day, will you believe me? It's true. Swear.

So, the heat didn't really bother me that much.


I think it's some motion picture thingy..We didn't really take any rides. Come to think about it, we didn't take a SINGLE ride cos it was super crowded, super hot.. moreover Wany & her mum didn't really wanna take any rides.

For me, I just don't like to queue. And I've been to Disneyland in Japan and the two themeparks in Korea.. so Ocean Park is nothing special. I just wanna go back and see how the place is after 10 yrs cos I visited it with my mum and siblings many years back.. Nostalgia you know?

See how high the mountain slope is?

If you got children, I rather recommend you to go Disneyland HongKong.. at least it's not so hilly, has more shops with aircon, and more shelter...

Though I've never been to Disneyland HongKong, but I can tell you that Ocean Park also has a lot of Mainland Chinese who are damn fucked up. Damn rude and pushy.

I think I will go bankrupt in Disneyland, cos it has some certain magical charm to suck you in and make you spend lots of money.... Wany agrees too. Hahahahaa.

Wany and me on one of the looooong escalator.

We went to watch the Dolphin show. Waited for 45mins before it started cos the park is full of people and we needed to go early to secure good seats under the shade.

I remember Ocean Park having KILLER WHALES! But now all dolphins. Can someone confirm on this? It used to be their star attraction! Did the killer whale die or something?

After the show, we went to the two Panda villages and it was super cooling cos they had really strong air conditioning.. No wonder the place is packed. AIR CON!!

Everyone pushing and shoving to get a picture of them.

I think the main highlight of the day was seeing the pandas. :)

They had a few mascots at the themepark.. and I took a pic with this Gator.. when he hugged me, I can feel a motor fan in his costume lah!

Wah, super high tech got fan inside somemore huh!

By the way, I saw this SUPER DUPER CUTE dinosaur soft toy which I really really like!!! But didn't buy cos I very old liao, and it's not cheap. :(


Anyway we bought a keychain and a magnate with our photos. Super rip off, around S$10 each!

But soo cute. I put mine in my office computer's lcd screen. :)

So the next few days were spent on window shopping, eating and for me, lots of lazing around and resting in the hotel room cos I was sick.

Thank god Wany splurged on a 5* hotel with a big ass TV screen and huge bathtub that I can fully lie straight in and soak in freaking hot water to clear my blocked nose. (I am so tall, usually I can't lie straight in a bathtub). Super shiokness! If only they have a small TV in the bathroom, than it will be perfect!

In some expensive street which I forgot the name.. lots of big brands.

Times Square!

Giant Mickey Shoes!.

Weird Mickey exhibit

Big waterfall in the shopping mall connected to our hotel. Apparantly it's filmed in some HongKong show... which I obviously don't watch. LOL!

Hello Kitty eye mask!

What I bought in HongKong.. nothing much. Just a box of 3-in-1 milo powder which is super delicious cos they put salt inside.. weird but nice. A notebook/schedule book S$8, a panda file S$4, some Ettusais skin care products which is 20% cheaper than Singapore, and my colleague Vivien's birthday present. I also bought some wedding angbaos cos they were so cute, and since many people are getting married soon... hahaha. At the airport I also bought some lao po bing for my colleagues and a big triple yolk mooncake for my sister, but it's rotting at home.

I wanted to buy this very very cute hairband but it's S$15!!!!!!!

On the 3rd day, I ate this century egg porridge, chicken wings & drinks when I was alone in the room while Wany & her mum went shopping cos I was feeling really sick.

Below are all the types of food I ate there..

Xiao Long Baos... 

Steamboat which... sucked. I remember eating very yummy steamboat with my mummy 10yrs back. I think she is better in digging out steamboat places cos she's a steamboat freak.

Famous beancurd.


Her mum put ginger syrup... so weird, but she claims it's super nice. I stick with the "original" flavour. Just plain sugar. Nice nice nice!!!!!

One of the most popular chain in HongKong.. Xiu Liu Shan! I drink the Mango drink almost everyday -- secretly cos Wany's mum will scold me for drinking since I was having sore throat. Heehee. Now Wany knows my secret. hahahahaa!

Dim Sum lunch! One of the best meal in HongKong!

Once again I wanna thank Wany for the birthday trip and her mummy for treating me to most of the meals! :)

One of the best birthday pressie ever.. too bad I was sick for 4 out of 5 days. :(

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spent the day with Wany watching Harry Potter (twice), eating cakes and just be typical tai-tais.

We watched the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince twice at different locations in the same day...

GV Gold Class Vivocity 12.30pm & The Cathy Citibank Screening 7.15pm.

We ordered the Gold Class set menu at $29 per person and ate until wanna faint.
Gold Class Set Menu includes:
Coffee/Tea, Starter, Main course & Dessert!!~
We had English Breakfast tea, Mushroom soup, Chicken Wings w Wedges & Blue Berry cheesecake. Super super yummy yums!
The Chicken wings are getting from bad to worse.. super undercooked. But the Mushroom soup and blueberry cheesecake is super super yummy! I am super craving for it again!
Anyway I told her that she spoils me so much by bringing me to Gold Class to watch so many times, now I don't wanna go normal cinemas and watch anymore! Shall wait for the movies to go on cable before watching them.. and only save up to watch Gold Class for movies that I really really like. :)

Afterwards we took train down and walked over to The Cathy, stopping by 1Caramel for cakes and coffee.

Wany loves the fridge!

3 cakes + 1 cafe latte + 1 ice mocha = S$40++!!Super expensive and super not worth it, cos the cake were either too soggy or too creamy. Nice decor and ambience though.. that's all you are paying for.

We walked over to The Cathy and watched Harry Potter again, and since it's the second time around.. we tried to point out as many "mistakes" that we can. Loopholes and scenes which they cut out.. WHICH IS A LOT!

Anyway I can't wait to watch BRUNO!

Austrain gay guy in America. Gotta be damn fucking funny. Anyway Wany never watched BORAT before. Omg. It's like one of the Top 10 most funny movies ever. Must go buy the DVD and force her to watch. LOL!

Make-up never melt after one whole day! I heart Laura Mercier products. Many thanks to Tabby for introducing me to this wonderful make-up brand! :D

Nice pink top with braiding details bought in Padini Authentics, KL at RM55 = S$22.70 :)

My outfit today is all pinkified. I wore my pink shirt, pink sandals, pink bag, pink camera! :D Cos it's Wany's fave colour and mine of course. Haha.

Btw, i tried on this dress in Warehouse. It's $133, super expensive, and a bit tight at the chest area.. but it's super sweet and nice. :(

Would like to thank Wany for accompanying me the whole day and treating me to watch Harry Potter twice. Hahahaha.