Sunday, May 30, 2010

New hair curler (3rd one) + Kose Happy Bath Day!

I bought what I hope.. is my 3rd and FINAL hair curler...

Can't believe I bought 3 hair curlers in one month! 1st one was from USA which I ordered online.. died after 2 uses. The 2nd one which I bought from Watsons was made of some weird metal which frizz up my hair badly...

So decided on this no-clip hair curler with lifetime warranty....

It comes with gloves so I won't burn myself. =.= Comes with the usual boliao stuff, but what I like was the mini hair straightener! Good for travelling -- not that I will be travelling much these few months. LOL!

My favourite shampoo and conditioner; Happy Bath Day from Kose was having a 1-for-1 promotion during the weekend!I have been waiting forever for the 1-for-1 promotion as the 1st time i tried this range was during the 1-for-1 promotion.. it's damn kp expensive to buy at the usual price of S$19.90 each.

Yes yes, I am super aunty sometimes.... so guess how many bottles I bought?

6 bottles!
2 conditioners, 2 shampoos, 2 body soap! :D

I wanted to buy like 10 bottles each... but I think it's kinda silly to buy so much at one go since I only have one head of hair to wash... =.=

Happy happy! :) Now I smell so nice from head to toe! Hahaha!
Sings: "Head shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!"
So I tried curling my hair for the 1st time with my beautiful new hair curler... and it's a smashing success! Only took me less than 10 mins to achieve this look...~


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Joo Chiat's Black Pepper Crabs is love!

You never know what is true Black Pepper Crabs until you taste this...

It's so damn good, I am not gonna use words to describe it.

*yums yums*

Best thing was, no queue no sweat! Just order in advance.. drop by to pick up and go! Hassle free!! Remember to speak clearly in mandarin and be punctual!! The lady boss is one super fierce dragon lady!!

You could eat at the restaurant too, but I was too pampered to wait at a dodgy eatery with no air-con.. heehee. :)

Thank you Pipimon for the dinner! Love you! *muacks*

Eng Seng Restaurant
247 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: 64405560
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Henderson Waves, Hort Park

We went to a 'secret birthday party' that I was forbidden to take pictures or talk about publicly cos not everyone was invited and the poor birthday 'person' was terrified that there will be repercussions from the people who were uninvited even though those people are unwelcomed.

But I hope my friend had a great birthday! :)

Boy, am I glad that I am out of that kinda of pressure and stress! I live my life the way I want and do the things I like to do.. moreover I have Pipimon at my side! :) He loves me more than ever before and indulges me in whatever I want to do or have!

He brought me to Vivocity's Awfully Chocolate to eat 2 slices of cakes cos I had a craving for the chocolate cupcake since we didn't had enough stomach space for it the other time we went...

After eating 2 slices of cake and feeling super contended, he brought me to Henderson Waves to have a walk to burn off the calories since I was complaining non-stop about putting on 2kg.

As you can see, it's kinda wet cos it rained earlier on... so we couldn't really sit on the benches. Moreover it was really humid as there was no wind, and there were lots of mosquitoes! =.= So after taking some pictures, we left...

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peggy's ROM (17May2010)

This is a super belated entry....

It's regarding Peggy's ROM celebration at Aloha Loyang on 17th May.

That day happened to be my mum's & Elson's birthday too! lol! I remembered last year going to Downtown East on that day for Elson's BBQ... such a coincidence!

Peggy is my ex-colleague from CTC Holidays, and though we were located at different branches, she used to be at the HQ and we kinda hit off quite well. Got closer during last November's Costa Cruise tour leading assignment cos we were next-door roomies.. and we kinda bonded more closely during the flight home from HongKong to Singapore.. talked non-stop for 4hours.. hahahaha!

Anyway, Peggy specifically said "NO ANGBAO", so I decided to make her a nice little present to let her remember me by... since we are no longer working together in the same company.

Few weeks before the date, I went to Century Square (Tampines) and with the help of WeeFen.. we chose this sweet little shiny shiny puzzle!

It's kinda small and easy to assemble, so I finished assembling it in half hour or so....

Finding the outer corner pieces first....

Put the glue on top of the puzzle and let it dry for a day....

TADA! End result! :)

I wrote a message behind the puzzle for her and decorated it with 3D stickers... hope she'll like it.

Final result: Wrapped nicely in a pinky pinky paper~

We arrived a bit early on the day at Aloha Loyang's Bungalow 9! Coincidently it's the exact same one that Gideon rented last year for a BBQ. Weird day for coincidences..

Mr & Mrs Ong

Group picture! I love her pink dress!

Peggy! I am so happy you found happiness!
*hugs hugs hugs*

I bet she don't read my blog cos she's not very into computers, since she came from a little fishing kampong in Malaysia (i am dead serious), but I hope she feels the love and best wishes from me. :)

Alrights.. now to show you the yum yums!

Neo Garden has one of the best curry chicken dishes in Singapore.
Best best best.

Peggy was surprised that I know Neo Garden is famous for Curry Chicken.. well, I was a former ambassador for Singapore Poly (if you don't already know.....), and we had lots of events and functions to go to.. usually after all these events, there will be food by different caterers. I've tried almost all the caterers (except for the new ones that popped up afterwards) in Singapore and I kinda know which one has better food, and which one looks nice but taste bad... moreover we get to ta-bao most of the food back cos V.I.P are peckish eaters. Hahahahahaha!

Look at the cute chopstick decorations! Like tic-tac-toe! haha!


He is a satay king.

If you don't know/haven't heard me saying already... he once ate 500 pcs of satay at ONE SITTING with his friend in KL. Two of them. 500 pieces of satay. Damn madness.

Anyway, best wishes to the new Mr & Mrs Ong! :D

Invite me to your baby shower soon! heeheehee!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sizzler @ Suntec!

Met Yayin for dinner at Sizzler's Suntec.

Updated each other with 1.5yrs of gossip in 3 hours! mad fun! :)
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Potato Farm!

Michael smsed me out of the blue and said I ordered Potato Farm from him to bring back from Hokkaido..

I was like T_T? when did i order anything?

Than i smsed him back said he's mistaken but i'll pay for them.. then he smsed me back saying that it's a gift for me. My goodbye present! LOL!

Thanks Michael! I'm gonna miss you!
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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dammit.. I was having dinner with Pipimon at Marina Square's ThaiExpress and we were just walking over to the key duplication store when I saw that Watsons was having a sale!

Walked in and spent S$105 in one go buying cosmetics, a new hair curler and other random stuff.

I can't help myself! The eyeshadow compact colours were sooo pretty! It's S$27.50 each, but now only 3 for S$50! Wahh...! Majolica Marjoca leh. Pretty pretty!

I need to stop spending money like it's paper money that is easily obtainable. Need self-restraint and control!!! My tai-tai life is over! No more waking up in the middle of the day or endless online shopping sprees... Well, it's a good 3 weeks of Tai Tai life and I enjoyed it. :)

By the way, I've started my new job in Apple.. can't reveal much due to privacy issues.. but I can say that the job rocks!

Pipimon arranged for me to have a car to drive to/from work. He even accompanied me on the first few days so I can familiarize myself with the routes.. He let me drive to work, than drove the car home, than drove the car back than guide me home... wah! Super waste petrol, but after 2 days of "coaching", I evolved from PatientKitty to Terrormon. LOL!

Anyways, need some time to know the roads again as it's been like 3yrs plus since I last owned a car and the roads have changed so much! New expressways, new roads, new exits.. and lots of new ERP gantries. Damn I hate those things!

The 1st day I took the wheel, I looked at the pedals and asked him:
"Which one is brake which one is accelerator ah?"
He nearly fainted. ROFL!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dolly Wink Wink Wink Wink !!!


I received a call last saturday from a postman saying he is standing outside my house and wants to deliver a parcel... Unfortunately I was out with Pipimon at Holland Village's Mykii, having brunch and couldn't rush home.. so the postman had to deliver the parcel to the nearest post office.

The one of the left are my dollywink eyelashes, eyeliner, glue and cases. The one on the right is my Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter hair mask. :)

I got the whole set now! No 1, 2, 3 & 4! Woohooo!

Singapore stocked this in early February and was out of stocks every since... Ebay selling damn expensive, so I ordered these from

Yay! :)
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cut Hair + Delivery + Shopping Day!

I went to Far East Plaza to look for Kelly to cut my hair today. Wanted to go to my usual hairdresser in JB's City Square but really didn't have the time and energy to travel all the way there alone...
Afterwards, I went to Parco @ Millenia Walk to do some shopping for wrapping papers and ribbons to wrap up the many presents I have prepared. Mother's day, mum's birthday, peggy's ROM, janice mummy's mother's day present, Gina's wedding dinner next month....

Pipimon said my 2nd shipment from arrived! This time I am super happy with all the items, EXCEPT for having to pay a $50++ GST cos the items' value exceed S$400! Pipimon was so nice to help me pay the GST amount! :) Did I also mention that all of my online shopping purchases are a big part of my 4th year anniversary gift from him? :P

Shall post a comprehensive entry of all the things I received... if I have the time to do so.. but meanwhile, here's a pic of my parcel! :)

Warehouse dress, Fred Perry dress, Mischa Barton bag, etc.

And here are the stuff I bought today while shopping....

I bought lots of cutsey stickers and post-it notes ... Don't ask me why. It's cute lah!

Bought this from DFS Orchard. Damn sucks. I thought can get 10% off, but SKII and Shiseido are the two brands not eligible for discounts. Super lame.

I bought this trial set at S$75 to try if it works... but when I come home, Pipimon says Lancome is better =.=

Wah lao, I buy liao lor!

So... shall finish this set and try Lancome... cannot use one brand for too long to avoid reliance on the product, so since I've been using Clinique since October 2009, it's time to change! :)

Will update soon! :)
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Late night supper at RWS!~

Was feeling hungry last night and Pipimon came home to fetch me to Resort World Sentosa for impromptu supper...

We had dinner at Ruyi which is under the Tung Lok Group... super disappointing and super lousy standards. Boo!

In the end we didn't touch the fried rice cos it tasted like plastic. The other rice was so-so.. finished it cos I was kinda hungry. Okok.. i going back to sleep! Super tired. :P
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RWS Festive Hotel's Dolly!

Went back to Festive Hotel to take picture with the cute dolly!
I hope it's not just the dress, and I have really lost some weight. :)

More pictures soon! I am super sleepy.. gotta go sleep.....
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Curly Wurly~


Was feeling bored so decided to take out my new hair curler to curl my hair today.. :)

Not wearing makeup and in pajamas.. so please ignore the sloppy look. Focus on my lovely hair! :P

The hair curler became broke down after two uses. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
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