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Friday, May 28, 2010

We went to a 'secret birthday party' that I was forbidden to take pictures or talk about publicly cos not everyone was invited and the poor birthday 'person' was terrified that there will be repercussions from the people who were uninvited even though those people are unwelcomed.

But I hope my friend had a great birthday! :)

Boy, am I glad that I am out of that kinda of pressure and stress! I live my life the way I want and do the things I like to do.. moreover I have Pipimon at my side! :) He loves me more than ever before and indulges me in whatever I want to do or have!

He brought me to Vivocity's Awfully Chocolate to eat 2 slices of cakes cos I had a craving for the chocolate cupcake since we didn't had enough stomach space for it the other time we went...

After eating 2 slices of cake and feeling super contended, he brought me to Henderson Waves to have a walk to burn off the calories since I was complaining non-stop about putting on 2kg.

As you can see, it's kinda wet cos it rained earlier on... so we couldn't really sit on the benches. Moreover it was really humid as there was no wind, and there were lots of mosquitoes! =.= So after taking some pictures, we left...


Friday, May 21, 2010

After Joel's birthday gathering, we went to Cathy Cineleisure and took neoprints so i could complete my neoprint poster.. IT'S COMPLETED LIAO! YAY!

When we walked past a shop in Cathy Cineleisure.. suddenly Money decided to buy this huge giantantic monster that costs over $300..... which had me and Yaya panting for life while carrying it down to the carpark. It weighs a ton can! She buy but we carry! SO HEAVY!

So many ppl stared at us.

And Money just happily/crazily took pictures of everything... skipping... so happy...

Waiting for the lift... And when we go in, people inside exclaimed in shock at what we were carrying.. hur hur.

Than change to another lift that goes to the basement... squeezing with dear life with the bear into that life cos it's super small.

It is heavy. Very heavy.

Than begins the task of squeezing the bear into Money's car... Which is not easy.. Cos she got so many barang barangs in her car... And that bugger is so fat.

After many attempts of pushing and nudging, it finally went in.
Ta da! Looks cute right? If only it isn't so freaking heavy...

The backside..

Hehehehe... Now Money got one giant bear in her car... so big until she cannot see the traffic behind. Oops.

Money treated us to coffee afterwards for our hardwork. =P Thanks baby!

Btw, the monster is called Yoshi and it's a character from the Mario Brothers.. I don't know why she loves it so much, but it is cute. ^^

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My iPhone god called me out of the blue on Sunday to ask if I wanna fly a plane... T_T"

Scared me out of my wits lah! But he was actually referring to a flight simulation! Turned out that his friend couldn't make it and he asked if I can take her place, so at first I just accepted his offer since I didn't wanna disappoint him (even though I was scared to death of embarrassing myself in front of him and other strangers)

So I told Pipimon about it and he seems super interested in the idea. Moreover he fetched the owner's teenage son before by chance, and he vaguely heard about this from him.

I asked Brendan if Pipimon can take my place, and he said that if there were vacancies, I can join in too! So just now we went down to the Singapore Flyer...

The trial is S$20 for a 15min flight, and it is ultra worth it! We had a briefing session, watched a video, there were tidbits and soda to munch on and it's ultra stress free and relaxing... until you sit in the captain's seat with hundreds of buttons blinking for your attention.

The plane is a Boeing737, and there will be a co-pilot who is a trained commercial pilot, teaching you what are the controls for and what the buttons are for..

That's Pipimon in the pilot seat! :)

Me, Pipimon, Captain Michael, Joanna, Handsome instructor, Brendan

We were sitting behind the pilot seat at the "jump seats" and giving whoever is flying the plane added pressure by making funny/silly comments. Heeheehee. I think I entertained everyone when it was my turn cos they were all laughing non-stop... T_T

At one point, I turned the plane too much left and the warning light came on "Warning! Banking!" and my co-pilot said if it's a real plane, crash landing liao.. T_T But I just told them...

"Don't panic! Don't panic! Budget carrier is like that one! Exciting mah!!"

Before landing, I said:
"Ding ding ding TING! This is your captain, JASMINE speaking, we are landing soon so please fasten on your seatbelts and wear your life jackets in case we crash into the sea and die. Thank you."

This picture was taken by Joanna, the lady boss! She is an ex-stewardess from British Airways and her husband Michael is a pilot! :) Ultra sweet love story lah!

So what are you waiting for! Go to the website now to find out how you can fly a Boeing737 too!

If you want to have a trial instead of the full experience, you may join their meetup sessions! There's one coming up in June! So hurry up and sign up today!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrated Mother's Day early on 8th May 2010 as my siblings have to be with their new stepmum for the actual day celebration.

We treated my mum to JPot at Vivocity. Total bill was $145, my sister gave me $50 and my brother gave me $20... =.= My brother is damn cheapopo lah! See?? Dote on the son the most but...??!??!

Balance $75 was sponsored by Pipimon! :D Thank you darling!

I gave my mum a Clinque Fragrance Gift Set which I know she will like as she is a ultimate Clinque fan.. Wanted to give her a limited edition Paris Longchamp bag, but my ex-colleague Dennis's Europe tour was cancelled due to the Iceland volcano and he is only flying again next week... so had to improvise. Stupid volcano!

Anyways, after the dinner I went to watch IronMan2 with Pipimon! It's my 2nd time and is as good as the 1st! I love IronMan because of Robert Downey Junior -- horrible script be dammed! I watched the 40sec easter egg at the end.. which is just a preview of the new Avenger movie. BOO! I only want IronMan without the other calefares behind!!

After the movie. we cabbed to Cathy Cineleisure Old Town Coffee for supper before heading home... I suspect he is trying his darnest to fatten me up.. hmmm...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Went to my office to collect my final cheque! As I requested for early release, I did not receive a full month's salary.. but it's fine, cos I get to stay home and rest and not deal with shitty politics anymore!

Aaahh! It's great to be able to smile and breathe in the fresh air of freedom! No more stress and worry about factors you cannot control and no more pressure to prove my worth or do things that I know some people will never know/learn how to appreciate.

Thinking back, I do not regret these 3 years as I've travelled to many countries, met many people from all walks of life and had the opportunity to live out one of my childhood ambition -- which was to be a tourleader. :)

What's next?

I honestly don't know!! But I am irritated and frustrated that some my ex-colleagues are gossiping or speculating which travel agency I am defecting to. Now I know how those poor celebrities feel when the gossip rags bitch about them (even though I am no celebrity).

Before I joined CTC Holidays, I was a super newbie like with zero experience and zero knowledge of the travel industry.. fortunately my travel bug mother had brought me to some places for holidays and I am a fast learner.. so managed to learn a lot in a short span of 3 years. Moreover my manager, Jennifer really taught me a lot and covered up for many of my carelessness and mistakes that I've made in the beginning.. Some were so grave, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I think about them now.

So, I think that it is kinda like a betrayal if I go to a competitor's agency immediately after I quit from CTC. It may seem that I was poached, or I am doing it out of spite, when in fact I quit without a back-up plan. I do not have any job offers or intention to look for a job when I handed in my resignation letter.

It's just that word kinda spread, and suddenly there are calls from managers/bosses from other travel companies inviting me to work for them. I am honored and kinda flattered as I am still consider a newbie in this trade with no colourful resume or fantastic knowledge or skills... Either I have good friends in right places or I have very good luck or maybe they got the wrong Jasmine Tay? Haha.

In total, I have 5 job offers at hand now, and since all of them are from different industries including the travel trade.. it is so difficult to make a choice as all of them open up different doors that will lead to different things in my life. I am at one of the most important crossroads of my life. Sigh. Another milestone.

So.. why did I quit?

Well, in any situation, be it work or school or relationship... when one party keeps giving and giving and giving, one day he/she will reach a maximum boiling point. For me, instead of self-destruction or being bitter, I chose to walk away. It's my SOP (standard operating procedure) for dealing with problems. Most of the time, I walk away and choose not to have any direct confrontations. Some may say I am a coward, some may say I like to avoid solving problems. But has it occurred to you that walking away is also a solution to a problem? Being mature enough to take the heat and label of being a loser and walk away when in fact you are just trying to resolve the issue by taking yourself out of the situation and reduce any "injuries"?

Did anyone call Switzerland a coward for sitting out from the World War? What about Thailand? Perhaps you may think they are cowards, but by not being involved in the war, they minimized their losses and saved their citizens' lives and properties. Is that a brave and mature thing to do? You may disagree, but this is my own personal opinion.

Fighting back may not always be the bravest thing to do.

Not everyone sees things the way I do, and I do admit that I can be strange and weird sometimes cos I do not think or do things the conventional way.. but as long as the end results is what I desire, who cares how I get there? I don't care about the process/journey but only the end result.

And, I believe that my virtues are my strengths and not weaknesses. Being honest, truthful and straightforward should be encouraged and not discouraged. With constructive feedback comes improvement and advancement. Some people may get ahead with lies and backstabbing and playing stupid pointless politic "games", but at the end of the day, if you don't have the capability nor talent nor effort, it's just a house of cards that you are building up that will collapse at the slightest pressure. Period.

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I would love to continue to be a tourleader for a few more years and travel the world.. however I don't see how I can do that in CTC, nor I do not want to be labelled a defector and go to another company at this point in time..

And though one may say I need not care what others may say about me, well.. personally I don't give a fuck what others may say about my actions/words or whatever since I'm used to being flamed and insulted since like so long ago, BUT I do care about my reputation and image. People may call me a bitch or a slut.. but they do not have the proof to back that up. So it's just a baseless conjecture or a personal attack -- which i honestly don't bother. But by doing that jumping company thingy, i will give people an opportunity to spread gossips about my reputation and image which I do care a lot about.

So for now, I shall sit back and relax enjoy my well deserved break for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Went Soup Restaurant at Vivocity with my iPhone God today... :)

Yum yum food + good conversation rocks my day!

After dinner we went to buy a bluetooth mouse for my laptop so I can finally be free of stupid cumbersome wired mouse!

There's no good functional mouse in pink, so once again I had to ignore my penchant for pink stuff and choose practicality over looks. Wow. I am growing up.... =.=

Anyways, Brendan kept asking me lame jokes/IQ questions and I smsed the jokes to my sister who managed to answer some and T_T at the rest. She so fed up with the "cold jokes" that she said she wanna poison Brendan. LOL~!!!

Gonna meet my siblings and mum for Mother's Day dinner this saturday. I've not seen them in like 9 months i think... well, apart from my mum who is working in Chinatown whom I just say hi-bye a few times when i walked pass her office.

We gonna go jPot at Vivocity! :D What did i say? I'm a true blue Vivogirl! ^___^