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Monday, February 23, 2015

I finally bought a pair of original Ugg boots!

A few years ago I bought a cheong version from Perth's outlet mall. It was really cheap (like less than SGD20. I can't remember how much). I also bought a pair for my sister! It finally died in Los Angeles last year in January cos the bottom part was so worn out that it fell apart. I had to throw it away and buy a new pair of shoes.. Super upset cos it followed me to many countries during my tourleading days!

‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ RIP my trust pair of fake Ugg boots.

The real Ugg boots are really expensive and I finally splurged on a pair after super much consideration! I am going to wear it for my upcoming Japan trip with Wany! I ordered it online and shipped to Singapore using Comgateway, my trusty shopping companion for the past few years. The boots arrived last week, just in time for my trip in a few days! Wooohoo!

o((*^▽^*))o Wrapped up so nicely!!! 

I bought the care kit so I can clean it properly. 

Hello pretty boots!

Comparing to my cheapo fake Ugg boots, these are like super awesome. Really big contrast cos the fit is very snug and the sheep wool lining is just so dreamy.. omg I put my hand in the boots and don't wanna take them out cos it's sooooo soft and comfortable! You really get what you pay for and these boots are expensive but worth every penny. Can't wait to wear them to Japan! Yipppeeee!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Cheryl's birthday yesterday and she treated the family to a high tea at Shangri-la's Rose Veranda!

It's a family tradition now to bring the whole family out for a meal during the person's birthday. Previously the birthday person gets to choose where to go and Papa Chew & Mama Chew will foot the bill... but starting from last year, the birthday person has to pay. Which is good lah, everyone gets to eat for "free" 5 times during the other family members birthday and pay for once during their own birthday. Not fair for Papa & Mama to be paying for everyone.

There wasn't much selection but the food was good. More on quality than quantity, which I like. I don't like big buffet spreads where the food is of sub-par quality and there's only a few items that I like.

Alright.. pictures pictures pictures!

Group picture!


Le hubby and I got Cheryl a present, a personalized birthday card I bought on Treat.com (Love the website!) and an angbao. Le hubby said he never bothered with celebrations or presents until he met me. Birthdays are a big deal to me and I love birthday celebrations! So now he has also learnt to appreciate birthdays a bit better now. Hahahahaha!

Happy Blessed Birthday Cheryl! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's going to be Chinese New Year again in just a few days time! Have you done your spring cleaning? Bought new clothes? If you are married... it's time to prepare red packets!

Le hubby said I am weird because I am one of the rare people who loves giving red packets away. He's very careful with his money so he finds it very painful to part with the money. Haha! I love giving! Even if I don't have a lot I try my best to give.

Super excited cos this year I bought super cute red packets online and also from Universal Studios Singapore! Wheee! It may seem like a lot of designs, but it is easier for me to differentiate between the generic $6/$8/$12 red packets with the higher denomination ones. The smallest one I have is $6 cos I think that $4 is too little. It's 2015 already!! What can $4 get you? Not even a Happy Meal at Mcdonald's.

I think the USS red packets are super cute! Big, shiny and very well made! Strangely, the Minions red packets costs more than the Sesame Street ones. Why like that?

This is the "main"design I am giving out this year to close friends & relatives! It's sheep themed cos it's the year of the sheep! Yay!

Hand written notes with our personalized stamp that my sis got for me.

Le hubby said I put in way too much effort in giving away our money. (-_-)  He is the financial controller. I will ask him things like "Dear, is $18 enough?" and he will reply "$8 can a not?". Wah lao so stingy like giam sng tee! We managed to compromise on the amounts. Higher amounts for the important people like siblings, cousins, parents.. lesser amounts for the acquaintances that we only see once a year. 

I will also give a red packet to the domestic helper at every house we visit. They deserve the money & blessing because it's not easy hosting guests during CNY. They have to clean, cook & help out with so many chores! If you are married and going for visiting, prepare a red packet for the domestic helper ok? It really makes them happy & feel appreciated even though if it's a small amount. 

After a few hours work plus data entry into my excel budget list, my red packet stash is ready! Woohoo! I bet Le hubby is sweating and praying that we don't give out everything so there's balance money that I can deposit back into our joint account. Hahahahhaha!

Yay! My second batch of New Year clothes arrived just in time! I bought some from Dorothy Perkins and they were delivered a few weeks ago. Now I have a few sets of clothes to choose from instead of just having 3 sets. Wheeee!

I got my nails done at The Nail Artelier! I love their nail art designs and this time I got something pink and shiny for Chinese New Year! Didn't really want it to be too red because they are going to be my holiday nails too (provided they last that long) cos I am going to Japan next month with Wany! Yay!

I bought the CNY tidbits & goodies for visiting guests!

CNY decor! I bought the paper cuttings from Taobao! $1 only!

Le hubby just added the lights today and he's very proud of his work.

I also went to a few CNY markets to stock up on decorations for Mama Chew. I bought the small shiny pineapples and folded them for her so she can hang it in the garden. I wanted to buy the huge pineapple home cos it's so big and round. #YUANYUANDE 

Too bad Le hubby don't let me buy, saying it's too big and there's no place to hang it. Well, I think it's big enough to scare away the birds from eating our goldfishes in the garden! Scarepineapple! But he still said no.

Ok lor. (︶︹︺)

Alrighty.. counting down 4 days to Chinese New Year! Super happy cos it's a fun and festive season where there's always yummy food. But I am dreading the "when are you having a baby" questions from well-meaning friends & family. Hope we don't get too many of those questions.

We are trying for a baby but it takes time right! It's not like in SIMS where we can call and order a baby or something. Le hubby's parents are getting impatient and anxious about being grandparents. My own mother has been nagging at me non-stop each time she sees me. I think she talks about it non-stop to my Emama cos she has been telling me that my mother can't wait to be a grandmother. Patience, people. Patience!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-→ It's Valentine's Day today!
Le hubby and I went to USS for lunch. They have really pretty Chinese New year decorations up!

Awesome window display. It's like an explosion of flowers inside.

Even the Minion is dressed in Chinese New year costume!

Very beautiful sunny day with awesome blue skies!

We went to KT's Grill for lunch. Supposedly their atas restaurant but the service was horrible cos there's only 1 person on duty who has to take order, serve food, bring the bill and clear the tables. The places was full house but they only had 1 person on duty! Wtf. The food wasn't good too. The chicken was cold and the fries were double fried. Yuck. I had to send our food back twice.

The 'famous' bacon milkshake was too sweet and too watery. 

Total bill was SGD64.50 and we got 50% rebates back in RWS points. Totally not worth the money. I rather go to the Malaysian Food Street for the claypot chicken rice. I'm never going back again. It was so bad that I wanted to write a complaint letter, but decided it's not worth my time or effort to do so. I spent a lot of time drafting feedback letters (good or bad) and I make effort to follow up closely with the businesses. To me, KT's Grill is not worth my time. Just once is enough and I'm never giving them any business so I don't see the point of writing to them. The management wouldn't care less anyway, seeing they only put one poor girl on duty.

I bought these super cute red packets!! Already know who I should give them to. Heehee!