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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from a 8 day tour in Korea! :)

This is Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, described as "a beautiful 3-tier waterfall and gorge; resembling the white celestial robes of 7 nymphs'

Seonimgyo Bridge, leading to the Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls.

Yongduam Dragon Head Rock..

Local "Dua Pek Gong" of Jeju Island.

4 Tua Pek Gongs. Heh.

Songsan Sunrise Peak. I remember coming here with my mum 12 years ago, and climbing the stupid mountain and sitting on a smelly horse.. But this time i did not climb cos it was raining.. so i hid in a corner and ate icecream. LOL!

Seowipo Beach

Mysterious Road. The car will roll uphill even with the engines off. Locals believe it's because of little mischevious demons (above) who is pushing the cars.. but it's just an optical illusion.. kua kua kua.


All the hotels are 5* and 6*, and there are 2 hotels which I absolutely adores! Phoenix Island and Daegu Grand! The rest are so-so only.. yah, i damn picky. But Millenium Hilton Seoul was a bit disappointing, considering it is a 6* hotel.

Phoenix Island Jeju
This is the one where I said there are 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, 1 living room, 1 mini kitchen and a balcony!

The bathroom even has a window that looks into the master bedroom! And a mini TV on the wall! OMG! I love the room so much! And I had the whole unit all to myself! Yippee!
The other bedroom doesn't have a bed, cos it's "tatami style", and have to pull out blankies to lie on the floor. Of cos I slept in the one with the bed lah! I don't really like to sleep on the floor. heh.
This hotel is owned by Samsung, so the electronics and everything is all "house brand". I heard they spent tons of money to buy over the land, cos Jeju land is supposedly sacred land and the ppl refuse to sell to companies. Well, like my guide said, you must have money AND power to make things go for you.
Daegu Grand
For one reason and one reason alone.. the beds..
The beds cost a whopping 2million won! That's S$28000 per bed! OMG! And it is worth the money, cos I had the best sleep in my entire life! Whooo! Nearly didn't wanna wake up and leave the room. Haha.
Lotte Hotel Jeju
This hotel is fantastic, but I had to walk 12 turns before I can reach the room, which is freaking far away.. so it's not my top fave, but the scenery and bathroom is fantastic. It has the largest bathroom among all the hotels I stayed in, and there's a daily "Volcano Show" just outside the rooms. I didn't really like the show cos it gives out a lot of carbon dioxide with all the senseless burning of flames.. but it's kinda cool.
There is also a lot of windmills outside the rooms, apparently it is a very famous place for the Korean drama, "All-In", which obviously I didn't watch, thus the lack of interest.


Baskin Robbins, only $6.50 for 2 big scoops! And the spoons are different from the ones in Malaysia.

Black Pig & Cuttlefish BBQ

There are many other foods, but my meals and customers' meals are different, of cos their food is better lah.. I tried the Ginseng Chicken (above) and Abalone Porridge (so-so only).. And other types of food. It was better than I expected. =D One of my customer even treated me Spaghetti Lunch at Everland! So sweet right?

Daegu Farm, Apple picking!
Actually I didn't really enjoy picking the apples, cos the trees are like overgrown with sharp twigs poking my face and I had to walk with my head low cos I'm kinda tall. I prefer strawberries. =)

Everland Themepark
Pumpkins everywhere! Halloween! Nice and orange! Kept on thinking about Money, cos she likes orange. hahaa.
Guess who I met in Korea?


He is there for a tour leading assignment also, and we met by chance cos his flight is delayed till 4pm and they decided to go to the President House to take picture first...

Hmmm.. He became a bit aloof and weird after he's with this new gf of his. It's like he changed 180degrees to another person. But oh wells, doesn't matter cos work is work.
So now you know how he looks like liao.
He refused to take a pic with me at first. Dunno if he is camera shy, or afraid of his new gf.

Giant Pink Shoe in Sinchon!
I took many pictures of the shopping areas, lots of ppl and lots of things to see and buy but no money! HAIX!

2 little pandas from Everland. Super cute lor.
And lastly, here is a picture of my local guide and me, Dona Chiang!
Originally she's Elson's guide and I had her brother Leo for my guide, but last minute change over.. thank god we changed guide, cos Dona is very fun and takes very good care of me. She's the best!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We had a Potluck dinner last night at her house.That's Money and all her Blythe Dolls collection. She has 12 dolls currently and one more is on it's way from Japan.

She's super obsessed over them lor! Even bought them cars, clothes, wardrobe, fridges and supermarkets!And the limited dolls cost around $1200 each!Everyone says with me.... "OH MY GOD"!But I keep saying they are evil, cos they can walk at night and rearrange their positions! Eerie!Money combs their hair, and maybe she secretly bathes them. HAHAHAHAH!

  • Fried Char Kway Teo
  • Fried Hokkien Mee
  • Teochew fishsoup
  • Rojak
  • Bak Kut Teh
  • Pig Trotters
  • Salted Vegetables
and the main dish, the special highlight dish:
We also had fruits for afters! Mango, Honeydew and Watermelon! :)

After a few hours, we had ice cream for supper!

YUMMY! *slurps!*
Pipimon and I left around 6am to go back for a short nap, than we went to York Hotel for Penang Buffet! Love it love it!
Ate and ate for 2.5hours, than we went to Takashimaya's Square and Pipimon continue to eat by trying ALL the mooncake samples from all the stalls!
Joyce likes the packaging of Bakerzinn cos it's... PURPLE. Expected lor. hahahahaaa.

In the end, Joyce and Money bought a box of Mooncake each from Keikei, a HongKong brand.
And now I'm back at Money's house blogging while the rest are eating KFC dinner... We keep eating lor. Tsk tsk.They chasing me to go and eat liao... gotta go! BYE!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can you see the amount of food on the table? Omg. We ate sooo much lor!

How to lose weight you tell me? !!!

Anyway I'm going Money's house to stay tomorrow. =D She's moving out soon, so it's our last chance to have a pyjamas party! She's buying icecream and lots of orange juice! Can't wait for tomorrow!