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Sunday, December 25, 2016


Reusing the same decorations but this year I bought a cute little owl and added more big baubles. Unlike Nat the spendthrift Christmas fanatic, I don't see the need to have a new theme each year. Every year he bugs me about changing the theme, upsizing to a giant tree and spend more money. Since Mama Chew love purple colour we are just gonna use purple all the way. Save money, save the environment! I am a Cheapo Aunty. Hahahaha! 

As usual we have 2 rounds of feasting on Christmas Day! Afternoon is reserved for our cell group while evening is for family/friends of Papa & Mama Chew.

New bunting this year! From my penpal in Korea.

Just some simple takeaway food for lunch. No turkey this year cos there's always so much leftovers and it is such a pain to cook it.

The presentation for Lee Wee Nasi Lemak is really nice! And value for money too! I cooked some fried eggs to add on. 

Ordered some pastries from Paris Baguette and macarons from Bonheur Patisserie!

Our friends added in Shepherd's Pie!

Time to eat!!
Group picture!

Gift exchange time!

I think it is so nice for people to just make the effort to gather together and fellowship and also to build on our friendship. It is getting harder to make new genuine friends and also to maintain friendships at our age so I really treasure these friends of ours!


For dinner, I ordered food from Neo Garden! Used my buffet catering set so everything looks more presentable and pretty! I also asked a few of my friends over (Wany, Nat, Ray, Tim Tim) to have dinner with us. :) Pictures are in Nat's phone and he hasn't send them to me yet!!

Look very pro right? Haha!
Super love the dried meesiam! Yums!

Yummy fruits, dessert & sushi!


All my Christmas presents for this year! Yay! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tis the season to be jolly.. fa la la la la.. la la la la!

It is Christmas Eve again! Nat always put in a lot of effort to decorate his place and also prepare presents and food for his guests for his annual Christmas Eve parties.

This year we brought Papa & Mama Chew along too. Nat hand delivered the Christmas invite to our house and Mama Chew said she felt bad to not attend cos he is so sincere, so she chose to go to Nat's house for Christmas eve this year. :)

Gift exchange time!
Everyone is in blue cos the dress code is blue or white.

Christmas Log Cake

Group picture!

Love my pretty nails from Manicurious!
But I think they are overpriced though.. Not going back again.

Frozen themed party supplies from Australia!

He is a super big Frozen fan. Haha!

Nat & Ray also got a new sofa and repainted the walls a few weeks ago! 

I prefer this blue colour to the green coloured wall. And their new sofa is much more comfortable than the leather one cos it gets very warm when we sit on the old leather sofa. I am trying to psycho them to get a new aircon unit for the living room. Hahahahahaha!

Till next year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's Kevin's birthday party today! Yayin & Nic's 1st born child who was born on Christmas Day last year. So nice to have a Christmas Baby!

The theme is Minions! Incidentally, Kevin is also the name of 1 of the minions.

Really creative & fun poster!

We decided to have a games set-up with prizes that the players can redeem for.

I had some of my Minions theme party supplies from Le Hubby's birthday party a few years ago, and Wany's sister lent me her super cute Minon popcorn bucket from Universal Studios Japan.

The Party Minions Crew!
Nat & I went to buy Minions themed clothing just for the party!

Group picture with the mummy Yayin! 
She wanted to win the cloud cushion I bought from Perth. LOL!

Nat is in charge of the Penguin game!

Wany is in charge of the paper net fishing game! I think we need to get more ducks.. Seems like the pool is too big.

Yayin & Nic prepared this super cute food placards!

First ones to eat! Heh heh heh!

Minister Lim Swee Say came for the party!

Happy Birthday Kevin!! :)

After the party, Nic & Yayin said we have to start our own party business because all the guests enjoyed themselves very much with the games. After some discussion, I decided to do it part-time since I have been also doing it for my other friends' parties for the past few years. 

I started a new Facebook page for this project! 

You can message me through the app or email me if you wanna find out more details. Our package price starts from $299 onwards inclusive of manpower, game booths and prizes! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The party is over! Phew! Not gonna have a birthday party until a long time later! Getting too old for that already. Hahaha!

Another birthday poster designed by my sister!

Ordered my favourite ice-cream.. MERELY!!

Total of 80 cups. 4 different flavours which are all my favourites!

Luckily the chalet has a separate freezer so I can use it for the ice-cream.

Food catering from Neo Garden!

I over ordered as usual.. T_T" There were sooooooo many leftovers! Luckily I prepared plastic containers and Wany's mother brought even more containers so we can pack up the food and let guests bring them home. I think each people took home at least 4-6 square containers of food and there were still leftovers! Oops =X

My birthday cake is from Pine Garden! And it is a gift from Le Hubby! :)

**Group Pictures time!**

Papa & Mama Chew!
(Cheryl had to OT and Pam couldn't make it)

My emama, her daughter, my brother & his girlfriend!
(My mum was overseas and my sister is in LA.)

With Le hubby's 2nd Uncle's family

Cell group!

CTC friends! :) Still my favourite ex-colleagues!

Adeline (Wany's sis), Wany & her mama!

My super best friend foreverrrrrr.

Ray & Nat!

Brother from another mother!

Tim Tim! Funniest dude I know!

Santi guniang who travelled all the way from Batam just for my party!!
(Welly was working and couldn't make it)

Yayin & Nic had to work and was late (they missed the food!)
But I was so happy they turned up!!!!! Next time we meet up my treat! :)

Cell group friends having fun playing and redeeming their prizes!

All the presents I received!

Not much pictures because my usual assigned photographer (my sister) couldn't make it and my other assigned photographer (Nat) is busy helping me take care of my games booth so he couldn't take more photos for me.. but it is ok!! Overall I think that my guests had fun cos the game booths were really popular and a lot of prizes were redeemed! Wany's mother is awesome cos she is my prize redemption booth lady. She also actively helped me promote my prizes. Heehee! :)

Some of my invited guests couldn't make it but they still sent me presents! So touched! :) Thanks everyone!