Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our 1st year wedding anniversary!

It is our 1st year wedding anniversary today and we had a celebration at Grand Hyatt Singapore yesterday!!

(~‾⌣‾)~ Super cute e-invite which I sent out to everyone. 

How time flies!

This time I really enjoyed my stay cos I don't have to worry or stress about the wedding stuff. Being in the same place just brings me back to last year where we were there for our wedding dinner. I really wished I could go back in time and redo our wedding day cos there's so many things I want to be done better.

We checked in at 3pm because we went to attend Debbie's son (Avery) 1st year birthday party at Orchard Country Club. My sister, Nat & Wany came first, while Cheryl, Pam & Vincent arrived much later after 7pm because they had something on. While waiting for the other 3, we started eating first and also played some games + watched Big Bang Theory! Le hubby brought along his external hard disk thingy thingy which he plugged into the TV so we can watch shows on it. 

The hotel gave us a bottle of red wine & a box of chocolate truffles! The chocolates were so good that I made Le hubby call them for another box! They were so nice to deliver it for me (free!) cos they sell them at the restaurant and they are not cheap. Yum yums!!

Ultra yummy chocolates! I remembered last year they also gave me a box of chocolates, cookies & a bottle of champagne but I was so stressed out to pay much attention to them and I think my mother brought them home.

When my sister arrived, she was like "Jappie! COME AND SEE!". There was a white box on the table and when I opened it, inside was the cutest cake ever!! She made me a Duffy cake! Well, the colour is not very accurate cos she put in too much brown colouring, but the shape is perfect! And it tastes so good too! Thank you meimei! 

We bought the fresh sushi ingredients from Meidi-ya Supermarket the day before, and I made the sushi rice in the morning before we left the house. I also made soba noodles! It was really fun making our own sushi.. I think I will have another DIY sushi party next time.. Maybe during my birthday or during Christmas! (Though Nat says Sushi is not very 'christmasy' but who cares! LOL!) 

❣◕ ‿ ◕❣
My sister brought along her Panda sushi maker which she bought in Japan during our trip in June a few months ago.. SO CUTE LAH!! I was squishing the rice for her while she cut and stick on the seaweed on the rice.. Panda party!

Nat says my skin looks "disgustingly flawless". Thanks Nat! Hahahha!

Le sis, Nat & Wany!

Nat & Wany went to buy 4Fingers chicken wings! Ultra yums!
Nat putting up the decorations that Wany brought.
Thanks guys!

Happy Nat with his masterpiece! Haha! He actually put "birthday happy" for the one inside the room and had to redo it when my sister pointed out his mistake. So funny!! The "Happy Birthday" is actually for Le hubby! Heh heh! His birthday was on 19 September!

Must take more pictures before the sun sets!
Besties forever! 
Happy Wany! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
Wany was so amused with the panda sushi cos she loves pandas!

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )
The two boys in matching green. Haha!

Wany wanted to take a picture to compare with last year! After our wedding dinner last year, Nat, Wany & Tim stayed back to accompany me in the room while Le hubby went to do some stuff (I forgot what it was). My sister had an exam the next day so she couldn't stay. Super sweet of the 3 of them because the dinner ended around 11++ and they stayed till almost 2am with me to chit chat and decompress my stress levels for me. Too bad Tim couldn't come because he is going on a holiday. He should be in Amsterdam by now.

The room is awesome because it has a huge living area and a separate bedroom.

We were multi-tasking! Watching Big Bang Theory ..

And playing Jenga!

Wany brought along alot of polaroid films for me to print the pictures! 
YAY WANY!  ♡^▽^♡
This is a candid shot that Pam took. My sister and I were the only ones who did not topple the Jenga tower. So I self-proclaimed myself as the Jenga Queen cos I am the most clumsy (chor-lor) out of the group and yet I have freaky steady hands (according to Nat). LOL! My other nickname is "Durian picker" cos I like to poke the block and violently push them out. Bwahahahahaha. It is very fun.. I miss this game so much. I think there's a Barbie version where it's all pink. Thank you Wany for bringing it to the party!

After Pam, Cheryl & Vincent had their dinner, it's cake cutting time! 2 cakes! My sister's Duffy cake and the chocolate cake I got from Matt's Chocolate Shop. I didn't know she's baking us a cake (Le hubby knew about it but they kept it a surprise from me), so I went to order a cake. The cake I bought has a very brownie in texture and I don't really like it cos it's too sweet. I prefer Chocolate Origin's dark chocolate cakes, which is my default go-to cakes nowadays.

Group picture time!

Picture quality between my sister's old camera & Pam's new camera. 
Tsk tsk.

Le hubby got me a wedding anniversay gift!
Wany is super afraid of Tiffany & Co ribbons because she had a scary story about a friend who unfriended her friend which she know since her Secondary school days (many many years of friendship) because the friend untied the ribbon of the ringbox and didn't know how to tie it back and the bride freaked out and yelled at her + sacked her as maid of honor + unfriend her on the spot + uninvited her to her wedding cos she said that the friend "ruined her wedding". So from then on, Wany told me that if ever my boyfriend/husband get me anything from Tiffany & Co, she's never gonna touch it until I untie the ribbon myself cos she don't want the dramamama that her friend went through.

Well, for one I wouldn't mind if she untied the ribbon cos there's Youtube videos that teaches you how to tie the ribbons. Or I could just go back to the shop and ask the people there to tie it back for me. Haha!

Here it is! Another ichigo-heart from Le Hubby!
Everyone except Nat & Wany left before midnight. The two of them are my long standing midnight gang people. Hahahhahaha! We watched more episodes of Big Bang Theory and ordered room service for supper! Woohooo! They left around 2am cos I was really sleepy (I am old already.. cannot stay up so late anymore.. boohoo!), and Le hubby was also yawning non-stop. Hahahahaha!

The beef rendang is max awesome! But the chicken porridge is overpriced.

Le hubby and I slept around 2.30am and woke up at 8.30am for the buffet breakfast. The food was alright.. not much selection and there's no bacon (sad) cos it's a halal restaurant. The only awesome part of the buffet was the free flow Yakult! I drank 6 bottles and tabao 4 bottles! Yay! So happy! I love Yakult and I can drink 12 bottles a day without going to the toilet (intestines of steel, I have).

I had a long relaxing bubble bath in the huge bathtub before having an afternoon nap. We check out at 3pm (late checkout!!) and headed back home to unpack. I had another nap at home before dinner (I am turning into a pig!) and here I am blogging before I become too lazy again.. Heh heh! My sister will have no reason to nag at me! Bwahahahahahahha!

Wany got us an Anniversay card! Thank you!! ヽ(^。^)丿

I printed out some of the polaroid pictues and put them in my new polaroid album which I bought online. I love it cos it's big and can fit 8 pieces in a single page instead of 2 pieces like the usual albums. Some of the pictures had Line stickers on them because we were decorating them to print out on my Instax printer which Le hubby gave me as my early birthday present... super good idea that Wany suggested cos the Instax app doesn't have such cute stickers. Haha!

The pictures' quality looks different because the photos were taken with 3 different cameras & 2 camera phones. I just compiled some of the best ones I like and post it up cos we took soooo many pictures!! Hahahahaha!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy birthday Santi guniang!

Happy Birthday Santi guniang! 

Super exciting news cos Welly just proposed to Santi today! Wheeee!! Another of my two best friends are getting married! So happy for them! Whoopeee!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Langkawi Trip [19-21 September 2014]

I thought long and hard about Le hubby's birthday present.. This is his 1st birthday as my husband so I wanted to do something special for him.

For the previous two birthdays, I organised and paid for a high tea party and a Minion themed party

This year he told me "no party please" cos he want to spend it alone with me.

Actually he's not really a party person.. I am the party lover. His previous 2 birthday parties were mostly attended by my friends anyway.. Hahahahahaha! Also I promised him that after his 30th birthday last year, no more parties..

But how can I say no to parties! Heh heh! I'll most probably throw him a birthday party when he is 40! He is willing to compromise with me for his milestone age. So he'll have another one at 50, then 60, 70.. until he is too senile to know it's his birthday... or until I die or something. 

So.. no parties.... what to buy for him? He said he doesn't want anything, mainly because he is stressed that he has to 'return me the favor' during my birthday by doing something even bigger & better. And he knows he cannot outdo whatever I do cos I am a better planner than him and I have better ideas than him. I had to tell him a million times that it's not about the competition to outdo each other, but how I care and love him to do something nice for him..

Anyway, he has everything he needs and what he wants I cannot afford lah... like a sports car... 


I decided to book a surprise short getaway to Langkawi for the weekend!! Something we can both enjoy! 

I've been to the marine park off Langkawi Island when I was 10 years old. It's an excursion trip from Star Cruises and I remember going with both my parents.. one of the rare times where it's just the 3 of us without my siblings (they were too young and were at the daycare centre or something). I remembered that day vividly and it is one of my most cherished happy memories I had of doing something nice with both my parents before they were crazy & toxic and wanted to kill each other.

Le hubby went to Langkawi before many years before. His mum told me that they took a speedboat from Penang to Langkawi, but he doesn't have much recollection of the trip.

Langkawi is also very near to Singapore so we don't have to waste time flying! It's also easy to get around with a rental car and the language shouldn't be a problem cos most of them speak English and I can understand a bit of Malay to get by.

His actual birthday is on 19 September which falls on a Friday! So convenient! Haha! So I booked Friday-Sunday and only had to take 1 day off work! :) 

The best part of the surprise was that he did not know where we were going until the morning before we headed to the airport... I booked and finalized everything only on 15 September and told him that we are going on a 3 days 2 nights trip to somewhere.

His parents were also curious and asked me about it during dinner one day when he wasn't home. I told them after I asked them to promise not to tell. Haha!!

From the moment I told him about the surprise trip, he kept bugging me non-stop like a little boy who's really excited about knowing what he's getting for Christmas. He kept asking "Where are we going?" and will guess the cities and look at my reaction to see if he's correct. He tried to spring the question at me when he thought I wasn't paying attention hoping that I will let slip the destination but I just ignored him and smiled serenely. 

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و I can keep my mouth shut when I want to. Hahahaha!
We flew on Silk Air and arrived in Langkawi before noon! 

Rented a new Toyota for RM190 for 3 days and drove to the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort from the airport, which is only 7mins drive away! It is a really beautiful 5 star resort and I am glad I chose this hotel!

Happy boy is happy. Haha! :.゚٩(๑>◡<๑)۶:.。+゚
Waited at the lobby for a short while before we were driven to our room in a buggy! The usual check-in time is 3pm but they allowed us to check in early at 12noon! Awesome! :)

We stayed in the room that has an awesome seaview.

The room is located on the 2nd floor (it's either 1st of 2nd floor) and it has an awesome high ceiling! The aircon is really strong which is shiok cos the weather is so hot & sunny. I love the bed cos it's a king sized bed! We sleep on a queen bed at home and I kept complaining that it is too small because I've been sleeping in a king bed when I was living by myself and now that we are sleeping together the bed is smaller. He doesn't want to change it cos it's really new and expensive. Apparently he did not think he will marry a girl so soon and will be living a #foreveralone life, that's why he bought the queen bed instead of a king bed.
(︶︹︺) Hai. Ok lor.. when he says it like that he win lor.....

Balcony is huge! Our balcony is twice the size of our neighbour on the other side. Not sure why.. I did not spend much time outside cos it was so hot! I just stood at the glass door and look out at the pretty view with the aircon blowing on me. Perfect! Hahahaha! When we were in Maldives, I also hid in the air-con bedroom and looked out at the pretty ocean view. I miss the villa at Maldives! It was so awesome! Too bad we only stayed for 4 days.. :(

View from the balcony

The bathroom is huge! More than half the size of the bedroom!

There was a walk-in wardrobe in the bathroom too.

Usual amenities.. they refilled the water bottles everyday.

On the first day we went to Eagle Square to see the 12 metre tall Eagle statue. Up close it's not really impressive.. in fact, if you take a picture of it from the front, it looks like a skinny chicken.

(▰˘︹˘▰) #notimpressed

So sunny! o((*^▽^*))o
My friend Tanya who saw my Instagram picture commented that we were lucky because when she went a few weeks before us, the place was swarmed with tourists and visitors! When both of us visited, they were nobody at all. That's why I couldn't get someone to help us take a picture cos we were the only 2 people there. It's worth a visit lah.. because it's sort of a symbol of Langkawi.. But don't have too much expectations of it.

We had lunch at Kenny Roger's nearby because I couldn't find any nice local food around the area. There's a dodgy looking foodcourt at the shopping mall which was overpriced and there were flies hovering around the food... and the weather was so hot that we didn't want to go anywhere else to hunt for food, so we decided to eat at the chain restaurant. Safe and airconditioned.

Drove around a bit to explore downtown, went to this shopping mall which was advertised in the free Langkawi tourist map. The picture showed a very nice mall.. but when we drove there, the carpark was half finished (bricks lying everywhere), the lifts look haunted and the supermarket was damn dodgy lah.. Worse than the lousiest Sheng Shiong we have here in Singapore. But at least the people were friendly and we got what we wanted (drinks and tidbits).

I saw these coin operated machines at the dodgy mall.. I love them lah!! I had this crazy idea sometime back about buying one of these for my future kid. He/she can use it as a piggy bank to store coins! And everytime he/she put a coin in, he/she can play on it! So fun right?? I told Le hubby about it and he did not tell me I was crazy. He just tried to humor me, though I don't think he was really digging the idea. I grew out of that crazy phase liao.. but you never know when I will get another crazy idea again. Haha!

Went back to the hotel and just lazed around watching Big Bang Theory before we headed to dinner. Le hubby has never watched it before and he's hooked onto it after me, Wany & Nat kept referencing the show.. there's a total of 7 complete seasons, with season 8 coming up soon. That means he has a lot of episodes to catch up! I don't mind watching it again with him because I've watched the episodes a long time ago. I watched them mostly during the times I was doing household chores like ironing my clothes, doing laundry, etc. So sometimes I miss out certain stuff because I don't really pay attention to it.

I made reservations at La Sal (Casa Del Mar) for Le hubby's birthday dinner! It is rated as one of the best restaurants in Langkawi and it's just beside our hotel! Only a 5mins walk down the beach!

While walking there, the sun was just setting and it was so beautiful!
Pink skies! 

The beach was quite deserted and we took many nice pictures! :)

A behind-the-scene shot taken by Le hubby.

 We got a table on the beach! There were 3 rows of tables, but the first row is reserved for hotel guests so we got the 2nd row which was not too bad cos after the sun set, it was too dark to see the sea anyway.

Happy Birthday Le Hubby! 

 ( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣
The dinner was awesome! Le hubby ordered the beef rendang and I ordered some spicy chicken dish. So so so yummy! The service was good too! Only thing I didn't like was they charged me RM25 for a pathetic slice of soggy cake which wasn't very delicious. Considering how expensive the meal was, they could have given us a complimentary slice of birthday cake like many other atas restaurants. Oh wells.

Went back to the hotel and saw that they gave us a cake!

Sang another birthday song to Le hubby! :)
This free cake is so much nicer than the overpriced one at La Sal! pfft.

Next day we had buffet breakfast at the hotel's Spice Market!

The selection is not bad.. Le hubby is a happy boy cos there's foooood. Haha!

On the 2nd day we went to Mardi Acrotechnology Park.
Locals pay RM4 while foreigners pay RM25. T_T What a big difference!
I can't cheat cos they wanted to see local IC as proof. Dammit.
There are a lot of different type of fruits at the plantation.
Guess what fruit tree is this! 
Answer: Starfruit!
We sit in this truck-converted-into a buggy thingy vehicle and a driver drove us around the plantation so we did not have to walk. No commentary though.. just driving around and stopping at a halfway stop to taste some fruits (not nice one.. unripe and sour! bleah). The driver gave us these hand-made souvenirs!

Grasshopper! He was weaving the rings and grasshopper while he was driving us in the truck around the plantation. So dangerous lah! I saw him doing it while peeking into the cab of the truck.... -_-

Fruits tasting at the halfway stop!
The driver took this trick picture of us with a starfruit.. Haha!
Afterwards we drove to Oriental Village and took a cablecar up the mountain.
Too bad the Sky bridge was closed for renovation.
The waters are so pretty!
If you noticed, we are both wearing Plant Vs Zombie tshirts! Haha!
Went back to the hotel and saw that they put some nice arrangements on the bed! Heehee! I told them that it is our Wedding anniversary soon and they remembered and bothered to do something nice for us. Awwwwww.. So sweet!

Dinner was at Spice Market! The room I booked came with a complimentary buffet dinner for two at Spice Market. I think it costs over RM100 per person for the buffet.. Cheap thrill! Haha! I won't pay so much for the food cos it wasn't really good lah.. The dinner at La Sal set the bar too high already. Haha!

Our flight back on Sunday was at 8.45pm so we had a lot of time to burn before heading to the airport. The official check-out time is 12pm but they allowed us to stay till 2pm. However there was still a lot of time left before the flight so I paid for a half day rate for the room so we can stay till 7pm before driving to the airport. We went to tabao KFC and watched Big Bang Theory until we leave..

Overall we had a great time! The trip costs over $1000.. so it's actually quite expensive for a 3 Days 2 Nights trip to Malaysia.. but since we flew on SilkAir, stayed in a 5 star hotel.. oh wells.

I am not sure when we will be going on a holiday again! :(

This year has been such a boring and uneventful year compared to the past 2 years. Being married comes with a different set of responsibilities now.. we have to "save up for house", "save up for baby" and all those adult stuff.

੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ  So annoying. I don't wanna grow up!!
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