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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you to Money (ringleader), Joyce & Yaya for coming to my house on Monday to SURPRISE me and to cheer me up with sinful calories-laden food.

Don't wanna say much about what happened, but I am glad they came.. though initially I keep on screaming at Money to leave me alone to rot at home.

She perservered and came anyway.. with 2 crazy women who screamed SURPRISE! at my doorstep 1min after Money stepped in.


They stayed till 6.30am in the morning can! Muacks. Hope we stay close like this forever.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

He's actually 25 or 26 or 27 liao.. But just don't wanna admit that he is old. I dunno how old he is exactly, cos everytime i ask him, he just changes the subject.. kua kua kua.

Anyway, we went for karaoke after work and he baked his own cake!!

Birthday boy!

So cool lor! Tiramisu Chocolate Cake! Without the alcohol lah.

Crazy girl who eats with a knife
Yummy chocolate cake! Lots of cherries inside. I love it! But so fattening. Haix.
I ate using the giant knife cos.. heh. Easier to eat mah! Cut and eat. The forks so mini. No kick lor.
2 siao char bo singing a super old old old classic Chinese song. "I choose you" by the mustache man and the forever young char bo.

And time for crazy group self-timer shots!

From Left:
Ching Hwang Hwang Hwang Hwang, Janice, Nathaniel, Moi, Choco Lee

Here's my tour group of 25 people~

This picture was taken at Mt Showa, an active volcano that is still spewing smoke.

Here's my 1st night hotel room.. the best hotel IMO throughout the whole tour..

Lake Toya Sun Palace
It's overlooking the Lake Toya with a lovely view of Nakajima Island.. There's a daily fireworks session just outside the window at 8pm and the buffet dinner is TO DIE FOR!

Too bad there's so many China nationals working there, it doesn't feel japanese, but like you're in China cos all these cheene kept speaking mandarin to you and keep shouting heavily accented (and off pronounced) japanese phrases.

Next day we went to Nakajima Island, took a cruise there and here's a pic of the forest trail.

Apparently these trees take minimum 60 to 70 years to grow so tall!

Bear Ranch @ Mt Showa

One word to describe the bear ranch: SMELLY

Norboribetsu Hell Valley
Bought a orangey demony keychain for Money from here, bobbing head, very cute. The souveniers in Hokkaido very personalized one. Only avaliable in certain places.
Eg; The Hello Kitty in Norboribetsu is wearing demon skirt and holding a club while the Furano Kitty is hugging lavender flowers.. etc.
Shiraoi Ainu Village

They are the aborigines of Hokkaido, and only 10,000 of them remain.

Super Fresh Seafood

Apparently most of the tour groups come here.. so it's a wee-bit rip off.
Sobetsu Strawberry Farm

I never imagined that strawberry bushes are sooooooooooo small and short! It is my first time plucking strawberries! So fun! :)
Anyway, there are many crop fields in Hokkaido, and my passenger keep asking me what crop is this, what crop is that.. And i got all of them correct (according to my driver Mikami-San).
Potato, Corn, Onion, Tomato....
And you know why I know?
Cos i play Harvest Moon! The plants look exactly the same as in the game! So i know lor. HAHAHA.
Furano Flower Farms

I took tons of pictures. Damn chio lor.
Otaru Glass Musuem
There is Hokkaido's oldest steamclock which chimes every 15mins. Can you spot it in the picture?
Li Xiao Lu

Asakusa Temple

Last day was Free & Easy and my group opted for a Tokyo City Tour.. So I managed to go to Ginza, Harajuku & Asakusa Temple..

Luckily i managed to buy Yaya's burberry blue label bag at Harajuku (my local guide helped me to buy, i showed her the picture) and some Fancl products.. But i didn't manage to buy the TenseUp EX cos my luggage overweight liao. 38kg! So sad. Cos it's really cheap there and i promised to get for Money & Wany. I dunno why my luggage so heavy lor! Must be pipimon's chocolates and lavender pillow.
I went to pray and ask for a lot at this temple.. Heard it's very "ling".

The lot says I must be patient in order for success in career and love... and some other things about my family. It's a good lot, but not the best.

Haix. Patience!

That concludes the Hokkaido tour! It's not my first time to Hokkaido, but I really enjoyed it a lot! And being my very first tour that I lead as a tourleader, of course I feel nervous but I pulled it off! Yay!