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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm now in Hakkodate.. and will be flying back to Narita tomorrow evening before flying back to Singapore on the 26th Dec!
Weather has been ranging from -1 to -14 degrees celcius.. some places are extremely cold due to the strong winds blowing from the Pacific Ocean..
Can't describe in words how much I *heart* Japan! I love the culture, people, food and most of all.. HELLO KITTY!

I love this group a lot cos everyone is so nice and sweet to me! I also got Ronnie as my tourguide and he is fantastic cos he's a ultra foodie and kept bringing me to special places to eat! Yay!

Thank you all for the shout-outs! I know I have not been blogging recently.. just felt that there was no point cos I don't seem to have any visitors anymore, unlike in the past where I used to have quite a following.. Guess my life is not that interesting anymore....
Alrightys, going to get ready to go up and have an early night's rest. Good night!