Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from Hokkaido!


I'm now in Hakkodate.. and will be flying back to Narita tomorrow evening before flying back to Singapore on the 26th Dec!
Weather has been ranging from -1 to -14 degrees celcius.. some places are extremely cold due to the strong winds blowing from the Pacific Ocean..
Can't describe in words how much I *heart* Japan! I love the culture, people, food and most of all.. HELLO KITTY!

I love this group a lot cos everyone is so nice and sweet to me! I also got Ronnie as my tourguide and he is fantastic cos he's a ultra foodie and kept bringing me to special places to eat! Yay!

Thank you all for the shout-outs! I know I have not been blogging recently.. just felt that there was no point cos I don't seem to have any visitors anymore, unlike in the past where I used to have quite a following.. Guess my life is not that interesting anymore....
Alrightys, going to get ready to go up and have an early night's rest. Good night!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moved to Farrer Park


I just moved to a room near Farrer Park MRT. It's very near Mustafa Centre and Kitchener's Park Royal Hotel. I am renting it from an Aunt (mother's family side).

Nice scenery right? 
I'm staying at 29th floor, which is the second highest floor.

Can you spot the DHL Balloon? (right side of the pic)

View from my room!

My neoprint poster!

I still have space on it for more neoprints but it seems that taking neoprint is no longer fashionable anymore.. Tsk tsk.

Here's a pic of her Goddess of Mercy Altar

Ending the post with a puzzle of one of my favourite cartoon character! :)

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Talking about going out... I met up with many old/good/best/secret friends lately.. Being with different bunch of people brings a different side of me out. Hard to explain. But it's nice to catch up with everyone.. Even though we seldom meet, all of you are always in my heart.


I met Wany 2 weeks back at Marina Square. We had a nice dinner at BillyBombers, followed by window shopping and Japanese desserts at MOF to end the lovely evening. She bought me 2 really lovely keychains from HongKong DisneyLand.

So super cute!

I'm so blessed. When Money went to Tokyo DisneyLand, she bought me Marie cookies and cushion. When Yaya went HK DisneyLand, she bought me a Marie Mirror (and a Marie cup when she went to Bangkok).

I have such wonderful friends!

Promise i'll buy you all nice stuff if i go DisneyLand! (hopefully the Paris one)

See! I hang the keychain on my bag.. and everyone says it's very very nice. So many people ask me where i buy. Hee hee. Wany got good taste. :)
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