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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I was hospitalized again (for the 3rd time) on Monday and my doctor extended my hospitalization leave all the way till 1st December! That means I need not go to work for a total of 2.5 months including my wedding & annual leave! 

Wow! That's the longest I've been away from work at any point in my working life.. thank God I am still being paid as I'm covered with up to 60days of hospitalization leave (inclusive of 21days of MC). YAY to labour laws!

Kitty chan!

My complimentary cake offer from Jpot is expiring so I had dinner today with Nathaniel & Wany at TampinesOne Jpot! Also to celebrate Halloween in our own way... by eating instead of partying! Hahahahaha!

I never go clubbing because I don't like to drink and my two best friends don't like to club/drink too. That's why we are best friends! Hahahahaha! Eat and get fat together!

Dinner time!!

 Nathaniel & Me!

Nat looks pale because he still has some makeup on from his Halloween party from work. I am pale because.. of my medication and illness? Le hubby is worried because he said I've always been fair but in the past few weeks I've been really pale & sickly looking, even after some sun exposure in Maldives during our honeymoon last week. Oh wells.

 Wany engulfed in smoke....

Both of them needed to work so they envied me for not having to go to work and being able to stay at home and nua... Well, I envy me too! But the months leading up to me having this break was torturous hell because of the erratic sleeping hours and crazy overnight shifts. I guess this is to "compensate" for all the lack of sleep I had to endure for such a long time.

Ministry of Food

After dinner we went to MOF to have desserts and chit-chat till closing time cos Jpot has this annoying timing restriction of 1.5hours during dinner time even though it's not buffet so they can squeeze in more people and earn more money. 

I brought the cake home to share with the family cos we did not have time to cut the cake and eat it with the stupid time restriction that Jpot has.

So glad I am staying so close to the both of them now after moving in with Le hubby cos we can meet up for dinners anytime! Yay!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

 Pretty flowers! 

Yesterday I was napping while Le hubby was out running errands for Mama Chew. Well, he did not went running errands but instead drove to town with Nathaniel to collect flowers from the florist to surprise me!!


I was in my pajamas and happily in dreaming la-la land when Le hubby came home and asked me if I was awake because he has something for me... I shrieked in happiness (very unglam, I know..) and hugged the huge bouquet of flowers while grinning like a crazy idiot. These are my favourite flowers! Pink hydrangeas and Holland white roses! :)

It's not an easy feat to surprise me and Le hubby pulled this off successfully with my best friend's help. He is lucky that Nathaniel is so "on" and happy to help cos I know he is quite blur.. Hahahahaha!

Apparently Le hubby messaged Nathaniel to ask for help to order the flowers for me while we were in Maldives because he forgot to take note of the date and it slipped his mind that it was my birthday. (See entry here). Nat found a florist in town who has the flowers available and initially Le hubby was going to collect it on Thursday when we touch down in Singapore but because we had plans to extend our honeymoon for another 2 nights (which we did not in the end because of flight availability), they pushed the collection date to yesterday which was supposedly our return date if we did push ahead with the extension.

I did find it fishy that he went to run errands for Mama Chew because we could have gone together after the movie instead of him sending me home and driving out again, but I shrugged it off cos I was really sleepy to think much about it. When he came back I did ask him...

Me: "Running errands for Mama Chew huh? YOU LIED TO ME AHHH!!!"
Le hubby: "Ehhh.. technically yes because I went to office to collect mail."

Thank you Nathaniel for helping my blur hubby out! You are the best friend/brother I can only dream about.

Thank you Brendan for being the best husband I can ever wish for! It'll be our one month wedding anniversary tomorrow! Wheeee!! ^_^

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Had a belated birthday celebration with the family at Prive Cafe (Keppel Bay) today! I made the reservations using Chope's mobile app. It's super easy and allows you to make reservations anytime during the day because you don't have to call the restaurant during it's opening hours. 

I had French Toast with Gula Melaka

My dish was the cheapest on the menu (you can see the menu & prices on the Chope app) at $12++. It was good, but I think that the Gula Melaka sauce was too cloying sweet and tasted more like syrup than Gula Melaka. The toast was good together with the bananas.

Eggs Benedict

Rest of the family ordered Eggs Benedict $16++ or the Prive's Ultimate Brekkie $20++. Those are also not spectacular and Cheryl had to send back her Ultimate Brekkie because the eggs were not cooked properly.

Cafe Latte

You can choose indoor or outdoor sitting and we chose indoor cos the weather in Singapore is just too darn hot. Unfortunately we did not know how cold the indoor sitting was! We sat in the corner and the aircon was crazy cold! Even drinking hot water and a Cafe Latte didn't make my goosebumps go away..

What a dilemma right? Sit outside = too hot. Sit inside = too cold.

They should really do something about the aircon's temperature!
Surprise birthday cake!

My 2 sister-in-laws went to order a slice of chocolate cake for me to surprise me! Pink candle too! :) We were all so full from the breakfast so luckily they only ordered one slice and everyone can share. Thank you thank you girls!
"Make a wish!"


There's a surcharge for BYOC (bring your own cake) so do take note if you want to bring along a cake from outside to celebrate an event there. I think the amount was a ridiculous $20 or something... I was told that when I put in the special remark "Celebrating birthday" in the app. Most restaurants would have wish the birthday person a happy birthday and be happy to throw in a free dessert but Prive would like to remind you (twice in our case) that you will be charged a fee if you bring in outside cakes.

Le Hubby and me!

After brunch we left separately because everyone had their own plans (it's a Saturday anyway). Both of us went to Vivocity for a movie before heading home. We watched Escape Plan and it's really a good movie! Go catch it if you have the time.

I think I'll go lie down and have a nap.. my medication are really strong and always makes me super sleepy... Le hubby just went out to run some errands for Mama Chew so I can roll around on the bed by myself! :D

Monday, October 21, 2013

Surprise birthday cake from Le Hubby

This morning I was a little upset with Le Hubby because the doofus forgot that today is my birthday! He knows it's on 21st October but somehow he's so blur that he forgot that today is 21st October! -_-

I reminded him a few times before today that my birthday is coming up because I know he is ultra forgetful and yet he still forgets. T_T"

Anyways.. he woke up this morning a bit disoriented and extra blur because he slept late last night.. Not sure what he was doing on his laptop because I went to sleep before midnight after taking my medication. I gave him a full hour after he woke up to wish me "Happy Birthday" but he did not.. after we cycled to the restaurant for our breakfast, I asked him "Do you know what date it is today?", and he gave me a blur look until I said forlornly "You forgot my birthday..... "

That's when he gives me the "OH SHIT!" guilty face and apologized profusely.

I was so upset that I couldn't eat my breakfast.. but all is well because he made it up to me after breakfast! :)

We spent the day lazing around the villa cos it was really sunny and I am super afraid of UV rays because I don't want to be tanned or have freckles (ironic right? Go Maldives but avoid the sun). I was reading on my Kindle while Le hubby was watching some video.

Chillaxing on our day bed

I claimed the daybed to laze and read because of room has aircon and the other parts of the villa is not air-conditioned. I am still close enough to the ocean though cos it's just outside the window!! Haha! Le Hubby pulled the chair to sit beside me to watch his video on the TV which is hidden on the wall behind a piece of cloth on the right hand side of the room.

 View from where I am lying down..

We ordered room service for lunch cos I was too lazy to head out to the restaurant (just a 3 mins cycle away. LOL) and it's really very very hot & sunny. Super lam-nua cos we just chill until it's dinnertime.

We had dinner at "By the Sea", a Japanese restaurant.

You can't really see it in the picture cos it was already dark at night, but the booth seats are located just beside the beach. Also, reservations were full and initially we were given counter seats but thank God someone cancelled their table and we got a nice table! Yay!

View of the restaurant (from the Spa) during the day

Salt & Pepper shakers! Cute!

Yummy Teriyaki chicken maki! :)

My very expensive beef steak.. -_-
Le hubby ended up eating half of it for me cos it was too much!

 Le hubby ordered the dinner set and the main course is Pork Belly! Yums!

 These are the appetizers from his set dinner.
He was advised to eat anti-clockwise cos of the flavours.

 Coconut sorbet! Yum yum!

Special surprise Birthday dessert for me! ^_^

Specially decorated bed with leaves & flowers!

We went back to the villa after our dinner and our housekeeper decorated our bed with beautiful flowers and leaves! Super sweet of him!

Though I did not have a birthday party this year and I was upset with Le hubby in the morning for forgetting that today is 21st October (though I know he is blur and did not do it intentionally), I really enjoyed myself a lot because I am in Maldives honeymooning with my husband! The weather is good, the scenery is gorgeous and I am surrounded by the ocean with fishes & sharks! I love sharks! :)

I named this Sunshine the Shark because it will appear when the sun is up!

I pray for good weather until we leave because we've been lucky so far with only slight rains which ended very quickly and the sun is shining nicely. We will be here for the next 3 nights! Yipppeee!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello everybody! We are here in Maldives for our honeymoon! Can't believe that it's already more than 6 months since I blogged about planning for this trip and now here we are!

No shoes policy

The moment we boarded the speedboat that the hotel sent to pick us up at Male Airport, we were told to remove our shoes because the resort has a "No News No Shoes" policy. There is complimentary WIFI in all the villas and public areas so it's not totally "No News" if you want to stay connected to the world, but it's true that it's "No Shoes" because everyone on the island walks around bare-footed! 

Villa 42!

Our villa is located at Jetty 3 with a sunset view! There are 2 bicycles for us to cycle around the island. The water is so clear and we can see baby sharks and puffer-fishes around our villa! WHEEEE!!

 Welcome amenity for Honeymooners

Pleasant surprise when we entered the bedroom! So kind of the resort to prepare some snacks & drinks for us to welcome us to the resort! There's also a bottle of Vanilla musk tea which is soooo delicious!

Le hubby is now happily exploring our villa. The first things he noticed are the techie stuff like the flat screen TV that was hidden behind a cloth, the iPod with 5000 songs and many movies, the strongest signal location in the entire villa where he can set up his laptop, the Nespresso coffee machine, the router and even the rechargeable eneloop batteries in the aircon remote control. -_-

For me, I am so happy that I am finally in my dream destination for our honeymoon! Seeing Maldives in real life is 100000000x better than any picture you can find. The waters are so clear, so blue and so beautiful. Our villa is also a dream because it's designed to be so eco-friendly yet it has all the modern luxuries that we are used to, like air-conditioning in the bedroom, rain shower, etc. I love having the ocean just a few steps away and also having so much space to ourselves! :) The bathroom size alone is the size of Le Hubby's bedroom! Wooooo!

Our Ms. Friday is Momoko-san who is from Hokkaido! She is really sweet and efficient and gets things down super fast, just the way I like it! :) Momoko said we are really lucky because it's been raining heavily and the sun only came out a few hours before we arrived! Well, I said it's not luck, it's a blessing from God! :) We pray that the good weather continues throughout our trip!

Alrighty, we are going to head out for our couple spa treatment (our first spa together!) at the Meera Spa! Will update more in detail soon.. but meanwhile, look out for pictures in my Instagram account!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We received the final edit for our wedding video from our videographer and Le hubby posted it on Youtube! It includes both footage from Day 1 & Day 2 of our wedding weekend on 28th & 29th September 2013.

Our videographer Aaron is really talented and he managed to capture all the important moments of our wedding and highlight them all in a beautifully edited video summary.

I am not sure how he managed to do it because there were so many footage to choose from and digest before editing them into a 12mins44sec video! I couldn't have done that myself.. Well, that's why we hired a professional! Haha!

He gave us all the raw footage from both days which are over 80GB worth! That's a lot of videos and I am glad he took so many so we can look through the videos at our own time because the wedding weekend just flew past so quickly and we couldn't be everywhere to see everything that's happening during the wedding.

Many people ask me "How do you choose your videographer?".

Well, you really have to do your homework. You cannot just choose someone based on reviews you see online, or what is the biggest mistake that most people make.. based on the price.

Expensive doesn't guarantee a good product. Cheap doesn't mean it's lousy. There are many videographers out there so how do you select yours? Do your homework! Watch their works and view their portfolio to understand their style and vision.

I watched hundreds and hundreds of wedding videos before we chose Aaron. Literally hundreds and hundreds.. during my breaktimes at work, when I am travelling in the train, before I sleep, while cooking.. just squeezing in time to see other people's wedding day videos so I can see what are the "style" of the videographer who filmed it and if it's what I wanted for our wedding.

Please don't listen to your friend/relative/neighbour and choose your videographer based on what other people say. You cannot redo the wedding video if it's not done properly. There is no NG scenes and "Take 2" chances.. If your videographer sucks and produce a lousy work.. too bad. Cry & beat your chest for the rest of your life.

Aaron is our cellgroup leader Wei Hao & cellgroup mate Annette's wedding videographer. We first saw his work when they shared their wedding video after their wedding in November last year. After seeing all his work then, I shortlisted him in the top 3 as our videographer, then I showed Le Hubby samples of his work and the two other videographers I shortlisted.. before we both decided on Aaron. Then we met up with him to see if we have the "chemistry" with one another before confirming and booking him for our wedding.

One very important advice is to meet the videographer before you confirm him/her for your wedding.

If you don't feel comfortable with him/her, it is very difficult to trust that he/she can do a good job. You have to leave everything up to your videographer as you will only be seeing the morning highlights during the dinner cos there is no time to see the video (you will be too busy doing other stuff). Though if you are really OCD you can ask him to show it to you before the dinner, but what can you do if you don't like it? There's not much time for him to edit it anyway right?

So....... morale of the story is, do extensive homework before choosing your videographer then trust that he will produce a good job (hey, you chose him/her right?) and let him/her do their job without interfering or controlling them.

Choose wisely so you can relax on the actual days. :)

If you are a bride/groom-to be and is searching for a good videographer, do consider Aaron as he is very meticulous & good at capturing emotions. You can view all his works on his Vimeo account.

My previous roomie happened to be his schoolmate and she sang high praises for him when she saw him at my church wedding. She did not know Aaron was my videographer until the very day and she said we made a good choice + his rates are reasonable for his standard. When we met up with Aaron, he shared with us that my roomie Sharon is a very respected DOP in the industry.. 高手 praising 高手.. Haha!

All of my wedding vendors entries will be labelled under #Wedding Vendors. I will update more on the other vendors soon! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

I received many inquires from friends & readers of my blog asking me about my wedding vendors, so I am going to blog about them so you can know more and contact them if you want to engage them for your wedding. :)

All the entries will be labelled under #Wedding Vendors and I will blog about them in separate entries and also tag my older entries where I blogged about other vendors.

First up, my makeup artist! She's the angel that made me looked so much more beautiful that I can ever dream of during our wedding weekend on 28 & 29 September 2013.

Her name is Sam Khor and she's from Penang! She's super super good and I highly recommend her for any bride-to-be. If you want to hire her for a wedding shoot or your actual wedding days in Singapore, you have to pay for her airticket & accommodation on top of the charges for her services which are actually quite reasonable because she charges in Malaysian ringgit.

Her prices are actually on par with many top makeup artist in Singapore but cheaper because of the exchange rate when you convert into Singapore dollars. Whatever she charges, you just divide by 2.5 into Singapore dollars! Of cos you still have to add in the airtickets and accommodation charges but it's worth it!!

I flew her in on AirAsia with additional luggage allowance for her makeup stuff and put her up in Holiday Inn Express for 3 nights.

Sam was my best friend Tabitha's makeup artist when she had her wedding in Penang in January this year. I trust her skills so much before I even met her because if anyone can please Tabby, she's good enough for me! I only had my makeup trial the day before my wedding to try out the hairstyles and also for her to ascertain what is my skin tone so Sam only need to bring products that suit me and not the whole arsenal (which is a lot of stuff she brought over from Penang).

I learnt bridal makeup & hairstyling before (took a diploma course but did not complete it.. long story) so I know a thing or two about bridal makeup, and she is really good. I can't sing enough praises for this woman so I am just going to show you another picture of me after she worked her magic..

2nd march-in hair & makeup

If she can make my bread face, fat nose & pouffy eyes look good..... Well, I rest my case.

Not only is she crazy talented, she's also really hardworking & sweet! She is always hovering inconspicuously around me in the background to arrange my hair, touch up on my lipstick and know where the cameras are so she will not get in the way of the photographer & videographer.

In fact, some people who attended the wedding asked if the photographer, videographer & makeup artist are from the same company cos all of them worked so harmoniously together! Well, that's what happens when you get professionals who are good at what they are doing and love what they do. :)

Our wedding photographer will only be able to give us our photos in a few weeks time so I don't have any "professional pictures" of myself with makeup during the wedding days. Pictures above are taken from a camera phone. However I've seen the wedding video highlights for our church wedding and my makeup made my skin looked flawless even when it's shot in HD. :)

I found some pictures in Le Hubby's Sony camera which was taken during the bouquet toss at church where she was fussing over me. Prior to that, I've already dismissed her and told her to go and have some food, but she insisted on staying with me until I go down to the buffet area cos she wants to ensure I look my best all the time.


There are many many instances where she stayed close to me and made sure my gown is fluffed properly, hair is in place, my lipstick is not smudged, my eyelashes are properly glued on..

Honestly I was so overwhelmed by all the attention (no wonder some celebrities went crazy) that I didn't know who/what/where to focus on.. Thank God for Sam! :)

You can contact Sam via whatsapp (she replies really quickly unless she's busy with a wedding) or email, but I recommend you whatsapp her instead as she can be busy and takes longer time to reply to her emails.

Please book her early if you want her to be your makeup artist as she's really popular in Penang where she's based and she's usually booked months & months ahead. Let me know if you need an introduction. Say "Hi" for me if you really contact her! :)

Tel:  +60 12443 7727

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and just in time for Asher's birthday party tomorrow! Initially I was so worried that I will have to stay over the weekend  but thank God I was discharged just in time!

As a birthday present for the baby boy, I offered to buy the party decorations and goody bags for the children who will be attending. 

Last week I went and bought the tidbits and planned to pack it into the popcorn boxes which I ordered from Partycity.com but unfortunately I was hospitalized and the popcorn boxes only arrived a few days ago so I only had time to do it today... but all is well cos there's still time! :)

 Stuff I bought from Choco Express & Cold Storage

I only found out about Choco Express when I went to Hougang Mall last week to buy some stuff. I was attracted by their 20% discount and large variety of candy.. and I bought enough to be their member (twice over). LOL! They have quite a few outlets in Singapore, which goes to show how seldom I go out to the shopping malls in Singapore except for Nex Mall which was near my old place.

Packing time!!!! 

I super love packing and preparing for goody bags. I don't know why, but I just do. It's so... fun!!! I love party preparations and organizing parties and meetups! My sister & some of my friends said I should quit my job and set up my own party planning company.. but sometimes doing what you love for a living may suck the passion out of you. I think it's good to do it as a hobby instead of a living because when work obligations gets in the way of fun, it's not fun anymore.. I am obviously not a person who highly advocates "Do what you love and you will never work in your lifetime.".. it's a very debatable phrase.

Le hubby said I look really pale & sickly and he hopes I will have a healthy tan when we go to Maldives next week, which is HIGHLY unlikely because I prefer being fair skinned to being tanned (no offense to people who love tanning). I already have freckles which will just mutate in size if I go out into the sun! And it's so hard to maintain being fair yet so easy to be tanned. Just sit in the sun for a few hours and you will be tanned, but it much more effort to become fair. I will not totally avoid the sun in Maldives lah.. just double/triple layer of sunblock and try to walk in the shade as much as possible. Hahahahaha!

Anyways, gotta sleep early cos the medicine is making me really drowsy. Good night everyone!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I've been hospitalized again (see "Part 1").. The pain came back and I had to go back for a more invasive procedure since the injections only gave me a temporary relief. This time I had to stay for 4 days from 7th - 10th October.

Since it's a nerve related issue, my doctor is Dr Phua instead of Dr Pan who took care of me during my first visit cos he is a neurology specialist doctor.

This tablet was framed on the wall and it looks like a boring painting until you touch the screen. I didn't realized there's one of this in my previous ward, but Le hubby noticed it. 

Same ward, different room, different view

I stayed in the same type of ward this time but it's smaller because during my 1st stay I was placed in the Isolation Ward as they suspected that I had Shingles, which was contagious to people who did not have Chicken Pox before.


They changed their toiletries.. instead of Crabtree & Evelyn they are using a new brand now. The smell is nicer though, but the bottle is kinda hard for me to squeeze the content out. 

On Wednesday I went for a minor operation to stun the nerve in my head.

After operation still can take selfies.. Hahaha!

It was actually quite cool. They woke me up at 5am to eat my breakfast (super boring stuff like biscuits & milk) cos I have to fast for 6hrs prior my operation at 11.30am.. Then they pushed me to the operating theater (which looks super cool & new & nice) and put me under general anesthesia so they can do the procedure.

The nurses and doctors were all very nice to me, they made sure I was comfortable and even gave me a pillow to kiap as a bolster cos I had to lie sideways for the Dr Phua to have access to the nerves at the back of my head.

They injected me with the anesthesia then Dr Phua used tape to push and hold my hair in place. I was so scared that he will ask me to shave my head!!!! O_O Luckily he did not.. no hair was harm in the process! ^_^

The last thing I remember was saying "I feel like a movie star in those TV sitcom with people fussing over me" , Dr Phua gently arranging my hair and everyone laughing cos they find me super humorous & funny as they've never seen a patient so excited and happy to be in an operating theater.. The next thing I know, I woke up in the observation ward!! Then around 10mins later Dr Phua came by to ask me how I am feeling and I told him "Sorry I fell asleep so quickly." The funny thing was, he said I was actually lucid & quite chatty in the 1st part of the operation before they increased the dosage and put me to sleep. He needed me to tell him which part of the nerve was hurting so they can make markings before knocking me out totally to complete the procedure. Until now I can't recall a single thing, and he said it's the "power of anesthesia"

Wow.. it's really scary lah! What drugs can do if it falls in the wrong hands.. Imagine someone drugging you to dig out information from you or make you do things that you don't recall afterwards? Freaky much....

Typical meal time!

We are served our meals in a large heavy tray with pretty cutlery & plates. There's 5 meals a day and we can pre-select our meals for the next day. Usually there's around 4 to 6 choices per meal. Western, Chinese, Malay/Thai, Soft Diet or Vegetarian.

5 meals is a lot lah! Breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner & supper! For tea break & supper we usually get pastries, biscuits or hot desserts like Tau Suan or Green Bean Soup.

I put on weight when I stayed at the hospital for a week before my wedding and also during this week cos all I do is literally eat, sleep, eat, sleep. I don't move around much because my headaches get quite massive if I exert myself too much. I also have to finish all my food if not the nurses can't give me my medication if i don't finish my food cos the pills are quite hardcore strong and I'll have gastric pain or something if I eat them on an empty stomach.

Below are some pictures of the food I ate at Mount Elizabeth Novena everyday.. The standard is equivalent to a good 5* hotel's room service menu. 

Pancakes for breakfast

Beef Rendang for lunch

Stewed Beef & Mushrooms

My favourite dish is the Cod Fish with Ginseng Chicken soup!

Unfortunately they only serve it on Tuesdays. The menu did not change from my previous stay so I can remember what they serve from Monday-Friday.. Hahaha! I don't know what their weekend menu is because both stays I only stay during weekdays.

Their desserts change everyday and my favourite is the Matcha cake.
Desserts are available during lunch & dinner.

The Oreo cheesecake was also good. :)

During one of the nights I had Green Bean Soup! :)

Free flow of tea.. The steward will give you as much as you want.

Every night I will ask Brendan to tabao Popeye's cheese fries for me!
I ate it everyday from Monday-Thursday and now I lost my voice. T_T

I had many visitors too! So lucky to have people coming to visit me cos it's really boring at the hospital. Le hubby needs to work so he will come in the evening, so daytime I only have his iPad to entertain myself, or try to watch some TV but I don't really like to watch TV shows so there's nothing much to do. The nurses like to come and chat with me cos they find me really entertaining & friendly (I don't do it on purpose, don't know why they think I am so funny)... Even the cleaning lady loves me cos she said I am very neat & tidy.. Wahahahhaha!

Pamela was my first visitor on the first day! :)

She stayed for a while to accompany me until Le hubby came. She's super cute! She said she was at Novena Square and was reading through the whatsapp messages wondering which hospital I was staying, then she read "Mount Elizabeth Novena" and when she looked up, she saw a giant sign that says "Mount Elizabeth Novena" just in front of her!!! Hahahahaha!

Then I had 2 surprise visitors! Welly & Santi came to visit me!

They bought me a Hello Kitty Cheesecake! =D

Super touched that they took the time to come down because they are working in Batam now and when they come back to Singapore they only can stay for 1 or 2 nights.. For them to take a few hours out to come over to the hospital to accompany me.. :'(  Love them so much!

My sister & Cheryl came the next evening.. with food!!

Nom nom nom..

Heaven in a cup!

My sister purposely went out of the way to tabao my FAVOURITE cheese fries from BFF!!AAAHHHH!!! I love love love love this lah!!! Thank you! She said I am having those crazy "Jasmine craving" and this time is Cheese fries. My close friends will know that from time to time I will have this crazy craving phase for a type of food.. after spamming it for a week or a few weeks, I will swear off that particular food for a long time.. sometimes even years. LOLOLOL! I can't control it lah!!

4 of us had a party in my room lah! Hahahahha!

On the last night, Nat & Ray came to visit me! :)

Le hubby's best friends Clement & Ryan came too!

Our cellgroup friend Calin!

Calin came this morning, a few hours before I was discharged. She wanted to come earlier but was too busy with work so made the trip down today cos she was off. So sweet of her to wake up early to come and visit me! And she bought cakes & brownie for me from Real Foods! Awww!

Yummy!! ^_^ Thank you Calin!

So far the pain is kept at bay after the operation and I have to pop a lot of pills a day until my next followup consultation on 17th October before our honeymoon to Maldives. My doctor said I am a special case cos my body is quite strong against the injections and they have to work against time because previously they had to ensure I was well enough to go through the wedding weekend even if they had to do temporary methods. They wanted to keep me longer during my first stay but they had to let me go the afternoon before my wedding day because I had a million errands to run and was anxious to leave the hospital asap. Now he's working with a deadline before our honeymoon. Hahahahaha!

I am currently on hospitalization leave until my honeymoon which I have taken annual leave way back in March. First time using hospitalization leave in my entire working life. Hur hur..

Super love  my hubby!

Brendan has been really sweet & patient with me even when I had some really epic meltdowns. Thank you dear dear! I love you! :)