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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Last year I had an awesome birthday celebration! It's been years since I had a Happy Birthday.. You will know if you are a regular reader..

Anyways, after organizing and planning for Le bf's birthday party in September, I was contemplating whether celebrate  my own birthday.. cos I spent quite a bit on his birthday (though it's worth it!) and I've overspent too much this year!

Just this year alone, I've went to Bangkok, Penang, UK, Paris, Myanmar, Perth! Some of them are long trips (2 weeks) and I've spent too much money! I bought an LV handbag for myself, fixed my teeth (5 figure sum)... T_T"

Also, this year is a record year for weddings & baby showers, and I bought a lot of expensive gifts for my loved ones.. shall not say what or who but I spent close to $7000 on gifts and angbaos alone!! That's from January to October, excluding the Christmas presents I bought which are also quite a lot. Oh no.. My sister and Le bf is gonna nag at me when they read about how much I spent (but they cannot complaint cos I bought lots of stuff for them!!!).

So I told Le bf I am not celebrating and I shall just sleep at home or something.. My friends kept asking me "Are you having a party?", Le bf also asked "You sure you don't want to celebrate?".. I kept changing my mind and one day I will want to have a party, but the very next day I will change my mind and tell myself to save money and stop thinking about parties. I hosted and organized so many parties this year! Hosts have to do the most work (clean house, prepare food, buy stuff) and spend the most money. 

2 weeks before my birthday, Le bf asked me "You very very sure you don't want to celebrate?". I thought about it and I was like "HECK!! Even Chloe had a birthday party this year (which cost me quite a bit), so why can't I have one too???". 

So that leaves me with less than 2 weeks to plan a party. It's not a very long time because I have to coordinate lots of stuff. I need to think of the venue, theme, party bags, food, games, etc. 

My actual birthday is on 21 October but I decided to hold the party on 20 October instead cos Le bf is bringing me to Legoland on 21 October! He bought me the annual pass as a birthday gift. :) See my earlier blog post.

Also cos I decided to book 1 night at Fairmont Hotel to celebrate my birthday and it's a better choice to take Saturday cos if I book it on a Sunday, most people have to work on Monday (my off days are Sunday & Monday) and have to leave early.. I managed to swap a day off for Saturday so I had Sat-Mon off! Yay!

I booked the Fairmont Signature Room which is the largest room below the suite category. It's 44 square metres, with a sitting area and 2 balconies! Just nice for a small party of 12 guests plus myself.

I ordered the decorations and party bags from Partycity.com and the food from Delifrance. We can't have messy food or food that needs to be heated up cos there's no microwave in the hotel room.

Le bf came to pick me up from home and helped me to carry all my stuff over.. As we arrived around 12noon, the room wasn't ready yet. We left my things at the concierge desk and they said they will bring up my things to the room once it's ready. Both of us went over to Equinox for my birthday lunch! 

After lunch at 2.30pm, my sister and Nathaniel arrived. I told the rest of the guests to come at 3.30pm but requested both of them to come 1 hour earlier to help me set up the room! We went to collect my birthday cake from Awfully Chocolate which I pre-ordered the week before from Vivocity but collection at Raffles City. We went to Delifrance to collect the food which I preorder 3 days in advance, then we went to the supermarket to buy drinks and ice! I shouldn't have spent $8 to buy the ice cos later we realized the hotel is more than happy to provide us with ice. Lots and lots of ice in large buckets!

We went up to the room after collecting the keys from the front desk. My room is in the South Tower which is apparently more "atas" cos it's newly renovated and the lifts need the key card to access the levels. The other tower did not need key card access. Why so weird?

Alright. Pictures time!

Room number 2208!

The check-in staff gave me a corner unit! It's larger than what I saw on Oyster.com (reliable website that shows the rooms as they are, not photo-shoped by the hotel management). So happy cos the sitting area is in the middle instead of the side and that's very nice cos it's more centralized! And there's a mini corridor walkway from the door to the room! :)

Complimentary birthday cake & hand written card from the hotel! :)
The theme of my party is.. UGLYDOLLS!
People would have though I will choose pink colour, Hello kitty, etc.. But that's so predictable and boring! Uglydolls are so much cuter please! 

I ordered 2 large character balloons and a bag of small round balloons.
My sister love the balloons! Haha!
Nathaniel is decorating the walkway.
There's two small tables in the corridor for the coffee machine and cups. 
We used one of it for my party bags and party cups!
Personalized Party Bags!
What was in the party bag! Everyone's different! ^_^
I bought these cute but practical plastic cups for my guests cos during parties everyone keeps taking new cups when they forgot which cup is theirs.. The quality is very good, so they can wash and reuse the cup again after the party. :)
I prepared name labels so they can stick it onto their cup! 
No more mixed up!
My sister is very amused with all the UglyDoll merchandise..
She got the first cup!
The designs are all the same, blue in front and green at the back.
After you walk through the corridor you can see the dressing table!! 
Just nice for me to put the food! Yay! Everything went so perfectly! Happy!
The sitting area with 3 sofas and the TV console!
Nat helped me paste my "Happy Birthday" banner up. 
It's Uglydolls too! ^_^
You can personalized the banner with your age!

Mascots of the day beside the large king sized bed!
My sister bouncing on the bed already..
Decorating time!
My sister disturbing us while we are busy decorating! LOL!

She's my appointed photographer! Most of the photos you see here and in my Facebook album were taken by her! :) She's always the official photographer during my parties!

I know that Delifrance does such pretty bite sized pastries and cakes cos my office celebrations always uses them. No frills, easy to clean, not strong smelling and taste yummy!

The buffet line!

Even the plates are UglyDolls!

There are 2 balconies! Both are separated on different sides of the room.

It was so sunny initially, but a few hours later it rained so heavily, you can't see anything out the window but rain and more rain.

I also bought medals to award the winners for the party games! 
Each one is different!

My sister won one later! :)

She is the only one who got this cute water bottle. I bought two and gave the other one to her best friend Amanda, who according to her is my "mini-fan". Wahhh. 

Wany arrived shortly after and Nat went down to tap her up first..

Later, my other guests started arriving!

I was walking to the lift to welcome them cos Nathaniel went downstairs to tap them up with the keycard.. He went up and down so many times cos they arrived at different timing.. Heehee! He's a great help during parties! Love him max!

From here you can see the sitting area and the bed with the 2nd balcony..

Happy party people! ^_^ 

Welly & Le Bf! :)

Lingering around before I yelled "Time to eat!!!" 
And mad rush for the food cos it looked so yummy! Hahahahaha!

Afterwards we played our first game.. stars folding! I thought I will be damn pro cos I used to be damn pro.. but quickly realized that's 15 years ago and now I am not pro anymore. Haha!

Nathaniel is the appointed gamemaster (2nd year running!) and he grouped us into 3 groups to see which group can fold the most stars in 10mins. 

Our group failed miserably. 4 people = 20 stars.

Hallie, Santi, Wany & Welly were better than us..

But the winner goes to these 3 ladies!
Yaya, Jace & Joyce!
They folded over 40 stars and only stopped cos they ran out of paper.

Yaya showing off her beautiful stars..

Next game is Pin the Ugly Doll!

We pasted it on the sliding door of the 1st balcony.
See the dark clouds rolling at the back?

Posing for a pic before the game starts..

There's only 8 stickers, so 4 people has to sit it out.

My sister goes first!

Nathaniel spinning her around..

Very very close! Well done!

Le Bf's next! He was the eventual winner! :)

Welly was so stressed cos we kept giving him wrong instructions to mislead him! Hahahahaha!

When it was Nick's turn, somehow everyone was warmed up and started being super excited and yelling like crazy! OMG! Like mad screaming and pushing! Poor Nick had to fend off people to protect his curry pok hairstyle. Hahahahahaha!

Some hotels don't allow people to have parties in their rooms, but Fairmont Singapore was very flexible and accommodating  At one point we were all shouting super loudly cos we were playing the blindfold game and the manager came up and asked us politely to lower our volume because the neighbours were complaining.. I would have complained too if my neighbour were so noisy! LOL! But the nice part was the manager was very nice and polite and even wished me a Happy Birthday! Hahahahaha!

Meimei & her Korkor
She made me do the UglyDoll face. 
Cannot lah.. I look weird.
Team A!
Sis, Me, Le bf & Yayin!
Me & Wany!
Nat & Wany are the new BBFF
Beyond Best Friends Forever...
They talk to each other more than I talk to both of them!
Me & Hallie!
My only Namho friend! ^_^
Jace, Me & Nicholas!
Le Bf & Me!! Mad love!
We also had a palm reading session.. This was the entertainment of the party! Better than clowns or magicians.. Welly had a long queue of people waiting to see him! hahahahaha!
Getting ready for the cake cutting!
Can you spot the polaroids on the TV console?
I had 3 birthday cakes!
My sister helped me put the candles on my cakes!
The piping is so pretty!
Complimentary cake from the hotel
Complimentary cake from Equinox

Time to light the candles! SO CUTE!
I look super happy cos I was super happy! ^_^
Making my wish! I took a longer time to be more specific! Hee!
Cut cake time!
Serving the cake to my guests..
The serviettes are UGLYDOLLS too! Whoopee!

Yummy Rum & Cherry flavour cake!

Group shot! (Nat is missing cos he's the photographer)

Super happy with my favourite people! Yay!

After the cake cutting, it's around 7pm++ and some of them had to leave. Welly & Santi had to pack for their flight back to Indonesia (they stayed back just to attend my party! So touched!), Jace & Hallie had to study for an exam paper on Monday, Yaya had to go somewhere and Nat had to go meet his mum. So only left Le bf, my sister, Joyce, Yayin, Wany and me! 

We decided to open my presents! Actually is Joyce kept bugging me so I had no choice. Hahahaha!

My sister got me a special gift!

She was wrecking her head over what to buy for me because what I need I already have, what I want I can afford and what I wished for is super expensive..

I really didn't know what she got for me.. 
Kept trying to figure out while I was opening the box.

Personalized chop of me and Le bf! How cute is this!?!?

I pulled Le bf in to take a pic together.
I promised her I will use this for my wedding invitations. Hahahahaha!

Yayin bought me a Thomas Sabo charm! Awww!

When she came into the room, the first thing she did was inspect my bracelet and she had an "oh shit" moment cos I already have an Eiffel Tower charm (which I bought in Paris last year) and she bought me another Eiffel Tower! But it's fine cos mine is the smaller one with the pearl and hers is the taller design. The more the better! I've been to Paris and the Eiffel Tower twice anyway. :)

Putting on my charm! Yay!
Nathaniel's present! 

Wrapped in Hello Kitty wrapper and Polka Dot ribbon! Both are my favourite! He's so thoughtful and sweet!

Ooh Hello Kitty!
Super cute plate/bowl set! How to use!!
Nat also bought a Burberry perfume for me which costs $70++. Wany told him not to buy because I prefer Chloe, Love instead of Burberry but he insisted and went to secretly buy it for me. Wany is holding the perfume and giving the "urgghhhh" look. Haha! Thank you Nat! It was very sweet of you! Spent so much!! Paiseh lah!!

See! I so happy I used your ribbon as hairband! Haha!
Birthday card from Joyce, Yaya, Wany, Nick & Jace.
Birthday card from Wany!
Present from Joyce, Yaya, Wany, Nick & Jace
Chanel Perfume! Thanks guys!
2 representative cos the other 3 left.. Haha! 

With my presents!

Afterwards we went downstairs to tabao food back and had another mini party! We bought baked potatoes, fried chicken, bubble tea, frozen cherries (my fave!!) and also finished up my birthday cake.

Le bf had to leave cos he need to bring his sister to see the doctor, so he drove my sister home and it's just me, Wany, Yayin and Joyce all the way until almost 3am, waiting for Le bf to come back cos they didn't want to leave me alone on my birthday. So sweet of them! Muacks! We had such a fun time playing Old Maid (Yayin is super excited and kancheong lah!), Monopoly Deal (Wany's favourite game) and watching The Walking Dead on HBO. 

Yes, I spent a lot of money again.. but it's worth it cos I got so many happy memories and my friends were well-fed, entertained and had fun too!

Thank you all for coming! Love you!!