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Sunday, November 29, 2015

When I was in Perth last month, my manager Jenna asked me out to Kalamunda Markets with her partner and their dog! She is working from Perth now cos she just moved there in July after getting their permanent residency there. She's mostly working from home even though she lives quite near the office (20mins walk). In fact I park at her condo everyday before taking the free bus to the office to save on parking! Hahahaha!

There wasn't much food at the markets so we went to Jack & Jill!

Cafe is super busy even though we were there early in the morning!

Group picture!

Charlene, Wagsy and Jenna!

Charlene's eggs on toast!

Jenna and I ordered the same dish.. Fried chicken on waffles with miso sauce!
The fried chicken complements the waffle so perfectly!

After breakfast we walked around Kalamunda Markets together.

Lots of pretty flowers for sale!

The planters are a bit creepy but so creative!

Interesting tea sets!

I think it's my 3rd or 4th visit to Kalamunda Markets. Le hubby have not visited Kalamunda Market before because it's only held on the 1st Saturday of each month and whenever he comes it's the wrong timing. Hahaha.. hope I can bring him here one day!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Working in Perth

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Last month in October, I had the chance to work out of the Perth office for 2 weeks! It was really nice experiencing the work life there and this post will be about my company's office in Perth!

The office is very near the famous London Court.

There are cafes along the street and it is so nice to sit there and have a cup of coffee.

The office is in Calibre House on St George's Street which is sort of like the Orchard Road of Singapore. Super atas and much nicer than my office in Singapore. So sad. 
Why isn't our office here as nice as the one in Perth... WHY!!!! (; ̄Д ̄)

There is a nice reception area which is huge.

This cubicle was where I sat for 2 weeks!

The pantry is huge. A few times bigger than the one in Singapore.

The other side of the pantry..

There is a reading corner where people exchange their books!

Also a 'shop' where you can browse through and place a order on the order chit. They not scared people steal the items one ah!!

Balloons along the corridor cos it's Halloween week!

There was a Rugby World Cup match one day and a lot of the staff came in the office wearing their favourite team's jersey!

They also brought lots of food to party in the pantry! Wah!

Every Friday is TGIF in the office! At around 3pm, the manager will bring out the alcohol and they will all gather around and chit-chat, chillax... The manager is very friendly and he always come by to ask me not to stress myself and not work too hard because I always got my 'work face' on. Hahaha! He also asked me to take pictures of their alcohol and show it to my colleagues in Singapore to make them jealous.

It is a racing day and everyone was watching the race on TV! Before noon!!

There's alcohol, more alcohol.. Party time!

There's also cheese platters! So happening lah!

One day I went to the park which is just across the road for lunch with my colleague Ann! She usually work from home too but she came in the office to say hi to me and have lunch with me one day. Her husband is my ex-colleague from my previous job and she was the one who introduced me this job in CWT! She moved to Perth with her husband and they are both living and working there now. So relaxing lah.. the weather is nice and people are just relaxing on the grass having lunch. 

On other days during lunch I will just walk around and see what's good. Most of the days I buy sushi cos it's convenient and really yummy. And I mostly eat Asian food during lunch. Hahahahaha!

Sushi Platter #1

Sushi Platter #2

Teriyaki Chicken Salad Bowl

Japanese Udon

Thai chap chy png for AUD11.50.
Rice and/or noodles plus 3 other dishes. Really yum!

 There's a food stall called Newton Circle. Hahahahaha! 
I went there two times and tried 2 of their popular dishes.

Newton Circle's Mee goreng

Newton Circle's Hainanese Chicken Rice

 Every Thursday night is late night shopping!

 There is also a food bazaar every Thursday night!

I enjoyed my 2 weeks stay in Perth and it was fun working out of the Perth office! Tabby kept asking me to move to Perth permanently to stay with her.. very tempting!!!! (≧∇≦*)

Anyway I updated quite a bit about my Perth trip on my Dayre when I was there. You can read my entries there! https://dayre.me/jasminetas

Monday, November 23, 2015

Super belated entry. Better late than never! Heh heh! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

I went to USS's Sesame Street Character breakfast with my sister and hubby. Obviously we don't have high expectations for the food since the main highlight is meeting the Sesame street characters.. and we were right cos the food was horrible.

TL;DR review
Food: 2/10 
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 8/10

It is buffet style so service cannot be really measured that way. I rate it so low because you have to fight for the photo opportunity with the characters.. Cos they only have a fixed timing they are out and if the inconsiderate idiots seated in front hogs up all their time, the characters will leave and you won't have a chance to take picture with them. They seriously have to do better time management cos it is unfair to people sitting near the wall.

Also the rest of the service staff are very nua. Not enthusiastic at all and some of them just looked bored. Like come on.. this is a themepark! PRETEND TO BE HAPPY CAN? #Fail

The number 1 requirement for themepark staff should be enthusiasm... which is lacking in a lot of USS staff members. There are very good ones but super rare.. like those legendary pokemon.

Bought our tickets online and collected at the ticket counter

The park opens early for the breakfast (rides are still closed) so it's deserted!

The buffet is at Louis pizza.

Exchange your tickets for a wrist band.

Like this! (My sister's slender arm)

You will receive a goody bag!

It contains a plastic Elmo plate which we sold away on Carousell. LOL!

As usual, we are one of the first few to arrive.
I am kiasu like that.

World's most horrible bread pudding and waffle.
I THINK those are waffles.. cos they taste like rubber. Yuck.

This guy looks extremely bored. He don't respond to you when you talk to him.

The buffet line

Mostly are frozen food.. I didn't take much.

The cupcakes and cookies look very cute but taste horrible.
There's this plastic synthetic taste to it. Urgh.

But good picture opportunity though... hahahaha!
My sister arranged everything so nicely.. with flowers somemore.


After that we went for ice-cream! I love the soft serve at USS!

Walked around and took a few rides before heading back. Our passes will expire next year in April/May so we must utilize it more and visit more often! YAY!