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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peggy is my ex-colleague from CTC Holidays and she's still working there now. 

She and her hubby registered their marriage on 17th May 2010 and they finally had their wedding dinner! I've waited more than 2.5 years for this dinner! Haha! I was invited to their ROM buffet gathering back then and was honoured to accept their invitation for the wedding dinner today at Holiday Inn.

She looked very beautiful in her gowns! Very different from the usual her cos she doesn't like to dress up! Guess it's true that every bride looks gorgeous on their wedding day! :)

Group picture!

Love this picture with Le bf. :)

With my ex-colleagues from CTC

The whole CTC group who attended the wedding.

I declined to go on stage to take a picture with them even though the bride insisted cos:
  1. I'm no longer working there
  2. I don't like some of the people up there
  3. I don't feel comfortable being in a group picture with them
Reason being, some of them are backstabbers and gossipers and I've learnt to stay away from them. Even standing in close proximity to them makes me uncomfortable and irks me. I've been stabbed so many times by some of those bitches, I don't even want to see them.. let alone be in the same picture as them.

Some of them were drunk (free flow alcohol.. cheapo bastards) and were so rowdy! They turned the wedding into a CTC Dinner & Dance instead of a wedding. Well, the bride didn't seem to mind, so who am I to comment..  Seeing their behaviour made me realized how unhappy I was when I was working there. Perhaps it's me, not them. I'm unable to fit in such a toxic environment so I left.. and I am much happier now. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to leave for greener pastures.

There were a few super dodgy characters who kept coming over to my table and tried to dig information out from me.. The usual "Where are you working now?", "Is this your boyfriend?", "What are you doing now?", "Where you stay now?".. before going back to their tables and sharing the information and gossiping with the others. Standard protocol which I am all too familiar with, so I just smiled and act deaf and ignored them politely. First time they were ignored, they came back again, after the third time of being snubbed, they know best not to come and bother me anymore. Silence is golden.

Le bf and I left early to avoid any chance of me bumping into people I don't like and being forced to be polite to them.

Actually when I received the invitation (2 weeks before the wedding cos the bride says she can't contact me), I was contemplating to decline going.. but I thought about it and told myself not to let people I don't like spoil my mood and prevent me from going to a wedding of someone I really liked. So the only reason I turned up, despite knowing there will be a big gathering of people I don't like.. is to give face to the bride and give her my blessings.

I didn't want this post to turn into a rant but somehow it did. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas gifts

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Mama Chew bought me a sweater for our trip next week!

Cheryl (Le bf's sister) gave me these tabletop games!

I remembered playing "Who am I" with my sister and can't wait to try out the other one with her! Yay! Cheryl commented on my Instagram that she's surprised Mama Chew knows my size. Haha! Mama Chew is amazing! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

 Merry Christmas everyone!

Le bf stayed over at my place last night.. guess what we did when the clock strike midnight on Christmas Eve? We were in separate corners of my room playing Heroes Might & Magic. LOL!

Well, in case you think our relationship is stale and boring and we are heading to Snoozeville, you're wrong. We are able to enjoy each other's company without interacting with each other. I think that's a boss level achievement. :) I did scoot over to his side and gave him a Xmas card (super sweet ok? I spent a long time writing) and he was kinda sheepish that he did not prepare anything for me, but it's alright cos I specifically told him I don't want him to spend money on anything for me.. 

Actually, he has spent a bomb on air tickets for me! We are flying off next week for a long holiday before returning to Singapore then fly off to Tabby's wedding in Penang! Where are we going? SURPRISE! :P I will reveal on the day before we fly! Heehee!

This morning we went to church and it was my first Xmas drama! Had a great time praying and worshiping God.. then we went to Great World City with Le bf's 2nd sister, Cheryl and bought some food back home to eat! Our version of Christmas lunch at Le bf's house! :)
There's a cake waiting for us at home! 
Le bf's neighbour bought it for them! So sweet lah!

Below are some pictures of Brownie aka Money posing in front of Mama Chew's Christmas Tree. These was actually taken a few weeks ago before I added in the purple ribbons and pearl birds. Money is very camera shy but he happened to be stretching in front of the tree and did not notice the phone in my hand.. Heh heh!

There's no countdown party this year unlike the year before at my Boon Keng house, but I had a fun time at Nat's house! At least we had our annual Christmas party before he flew to Korea for his holiday!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

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Had lunch at Intercontinental's Fu Man Yuan. 
The food is not bad, but very pricey.

Place was practically empty when we arrived..
Wanted to go to Ion Orchard but they were full. :(

Ordered a few items and the bill came up to almost SGD100.. T_T" Crazy expensive.. At least the custard baos are nice! It's fried like mini-mantous.

Brought Chloe out and she was super happy.. :)

Expressions of her happy face!

I brought her to do her dental scaling (Cost me SGD300++.. FML), and while waiting for her, Le bf and I went to Great World City's TCC to drink coffee..

Picked her up and she's kinda grouchy. =X

But she cheered up after Le bf let her sit on the driver's seat. LOL!

Le bf is staying over tonight and we're going to church together tomorrow for the Christmas Drama! We're gonna play Heroes 2 Might and Magic now.. he downloaded it on my laptop and he brought his laptop so we're gonna see who clears the campaign first! ^_^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I am gonna start calling her MeiMei from now instead of Pui.. Cos Pui means fat and if I keep calling her that, it's kinda like cursing her to be fat forever? Whatever theory it is, I will try my best to call her Meimei as much as possible. Le bf already started calling her Meimei from Day 1, but when we are alone and talking about her, he will refer to her as Pui cos he knows that's what I call her. For eg: "Later we go fetch Pui?".. then he will call her and say "Meimei, get ready. We coming over now..". He switches so easily lah!

I am so happy that I get to celebrate my sister's birthday with her on her actual day! Last year we also got the chance to celebrate together on her actual day though I only gave her the birthday present one month later! Yay! 2 years in a row!! :)

She always saw me instagram about yummy food at Equinox and wanted to go there for high tea too.. So Le bf and I brought her there to celebrate her birthday. :)

So proud of my baby sister! She's currently studying Business Admin in NUS, her grades are good, her dress sense is impeccable and she's still the sweet little sister that I know! No bad habits like smoking, drinking or clubbing. She is focused on her studies and did not let BGR drama affect her A Levels - though she suffered and had a hard time last year cos her bastard ex-bf broke up with her weeks before the finals.

All I have to say is, people who cheat on their partners will not come to a good end. Karma will come back and bitchslap them and return back twice the hurt they inflicted on someone that loved them. For the ones that got hurt, don't give up on your faith.. love comes to those who believe it. You are worthy of someone better, someone who treasures you and will never compromise that love.

Alrighty.. back to happy stuff.. The high tea we had with Meimei is more expensive than usual.. At first I thought why there's more new dishes (Roast Turkey, ham, log cake, etc) until I saw the bill and it says "Christmas High Tea" or something. Tsk. But it's nice to have some variety and I'm glad Meimei got to enjoy the Christmas special edition. :)

Meimei got a surprise birthday cake too! :)

Group picture time! ^_^
Thank you Le bf for paying for the meal! Heeee!

Pic in the lift heading to the carpark.. Le bf sent her home and we both went home to sleep cos we were so exhausted from the late nights at Ah Mah's wake. This morning was the Chu Bing and we went to Kuan Ming Shan at Bishan to cremate Ah Mah's body.. Went home to bath before heading to Swissotel to meet Meimei for the hightea. Thank God the timings were right and we did not need to cancel on Meimei.. 

Following pictures taken at Nat's Xmas Party yesterday.. Meimei want her present early cos she can't wait! :)

Present from the both of us.. 
Le bf just paid half. I did the buying cos I know what she likes. Haha!


Laying out her present.. We got her bunny birthday card, a Tarepanda organizer (and I personalized it with some of the important dates), stickers for the organizer, a Miffy coin/ezlink pouch, and a ultra cute bunny pillow case which I don't think she will use cos she's so lazy. We shall see.

How cute is this? She better use it cos this pillow case costs a lot more than I expected to pay for, but it's too cute to resist!

I also got her a AMEX Imagine prepaid card with SGD120 value loaded inside. Minimum was SGD40, but I topped up extra for her. I thought this is cooler than giving her cash. :) Also, I spent over 1 hour to write her a long personalized message in a birthday card I bought from Perth (separate from the one I shared with Le bf). Told her I will kill her if she lose this card. Now she cannot complain she no money to take train/bus cos SGD120 can last a few weeks. Hahaha! She can also use this as a credit card if she buys stuff.

Hope you enjoy your birthday Puichi! ^_^ Love you always!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just a short post before I go to sleep.. Very very exhausted right now.. Yesterday night I spent the night at Ah Mah's wake with Le bf, his sisters and a friend of Cheryl's..

We left around 8am and by the time we bathed and got ready, it was nearly 9am!

We needed to be at Nat's house by 2pm but both of us were so exhausted, we slept and ignored the alarm clocks.. I woke up around 1.30pm but I still need to prepare cos I am bringing food over for the party.. Made the Korean BBQ Pork and Spaghetti, called Wany for help to buy the salad, packed up everything including all the presents and Le bf cheong drive us down. Reached around 3.30pm and we could only stay till 6pm cos we need to rush back to the wake for the prayer rites thingy.. Today was the shortest party we ever had! 2.5hours only!

Real live Christmas Tree and the presents for gift exchange!

I love the fairy lights and the blue ribbons! I thought he bought too many decorations but turned out his tree is so big that they look just nice! Not too many to clutter up the tree! He still thinks it's not enough and wants to buy more stuff to put on the tree. Someone please strangle him! The tree is gonna die soon and he still wants to buy more stuff to add onto it!

This year I spent the most on Xmas presents! Though I only receive very few back, but it's the joy in giving that counts.. not receiving. 

The Christmas feast! 
Nat bought the turkey and mashed potatos.. 
Joyce made mango pudding
Wany bought the salad
I made the pasta and BBQ pork

Yaya bought a cake to surprise Meimei!
It's Joanna's actual birthday tomorrow!

Make a wish!

Happy girl cutting the cake~! Mango mango!

Birthday cake contributed by Yaya & Joyce! :)

Gift exchange time! 

Yaya bought lovely handkerchiefs for everyone!
Wany got the heart-shaped one!

I got the polka dots! I love polka dots! Le bf is stripey! Matchy!

I bought Nat a special "Thank you for hosting" present. Inside the package are his favourite Penguin themed items. ^_^

Also gave the rest their Christmas presents but no chance for photos cos everything was in a rush! We had to eat, exchange presents, cut cake all in 2hours! Crazy crazy!

Had lots of fun though it's such an express whirlwind party! Hope to have a proper makeup party/gathering soon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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Today is a very sad day cos Brendan's grandmother passed away at 7.30pm... She had colon cancer and the doctors estimated her life expectancy to not pass Chinese New Year (mid February 2013), but she left us earlier than that.

Le bf and I were supposed to go and visit her together with his dad and sisters (Mama Chew in China) at 7pm. I finished work around 5pm today, we decided to go for a quick dinner before visiting Ah Mah.We planned to reach the hospice by 7pm,  however it was raining heavily and the traffice was so horrendous that a 25mins drive became 1 hour and we still had to find a parking lot.. When we arrived at her ward at 7.35pm, we were told by his aunt that we were too late and just missed seeing Ah Mah for the last time.

5 mins too late.

Ah Mah was at the hospice for a few weeks and I kept reminding Le bf to go and visit her with me but somehow our schedules clashed, things cropped up, he want to wait for his sisters to go visit Ah Mah together instead of just us two.... A thousand and one reasons and excuses, but a million regrets. :(

5 mins too late.

Papa Chew & Le bf's sisters reached 10mins after us and Papa Chew was devastated because he was at the hospice earlier today and Ah Mah seem to be well and could still talk to him, though the doctor said her condition is deteriorating fast and there's nothing they can do but to just ease her pain with powerful painkillers which I think is morphine.

The wake will be held for 5 days and the Chu Bing will be on Sunday. I have a Christmas party planned at Nat's house this Saturday and my sister's birthday high tea this Sunday.. Since we planned those events a long time ago, I will not cancel them but have to do my best to work around the timings. I'll apply for compassionate leave and will be at the wake for the next 5 days.

Though I only know Ah Mah for a few months, she already accepted me as her granddaughter-in-law and even bequeath a gold bracelet for me which she planned to wear for me during our wedding tea ceremony! I am so touched and happy that Ah Mah loves me and treats me like family even though we met a few times only. She even cooked dinner for me! - Le bf said I am the only girl lucky enough to eat Ah Mah's cooking.. (Well, considering I am the only girl he brought home to meet Ah Mah, isn't that commonsense? Haiyoo).

Everytime we go to Ah Mah's house before she was hospitalized, she will praise me for my Teochew beauty. She says that Teochew ladies are pretty and very fair and Le bf is lucky to have me..  I am "Ah Mah approved" hor! She will also nag at Le bf to faster get married and said she doesn't have much time left to wait, and Le bf is her only hope to drink the wedding tea cos the next male cousin is in Primary school and both his sisters are the next 2 eldest cousins who are not planning to get married soon too... Each time we will hush her and say "Choy!".. but I guess she knows her time is coming.

The biggest consolation for us is Ah Mah accepted Christ before she passed on and we know she is going to a better place now without any suffering or pain.

She will still have a Buddhist funeral cos her daughter insisted on it, but it's fine cos it's the salvation of her soul that matters.. not the funeral rites.

Monday, December 10, 2012

His friend is selling it and since he didn't need it, he asked her to quote a price and I don't know how but he ended up paying $50 for this! Very good deal cos it looks very new and I don't think $50 can get you anything really good these days.. Fantastic buy! :)

The outer shell is a very sweet shimmery pink and I love it! He said it's useful for me to bring overseas to blog and upload pictures onto FB when we go on our holidays. Awwww.

This way I won't fight with him to use his work laptop, and I don't need to bring mine along cos it's quite heavy. ^_^ Actually I'm a bit stressed when it comes to using his laptop cos there's so much important work documents inside and what if I accidentally crash it or something? You never know lah! I am so accident-prone!

Anyways, big big thank you to Le bf! He's keeping it safe for me (see? He knows I spoil things easily) and he's gonna do some modifications to it.. install some games, upgrade memory or something... Yay!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration for Joyce at Swissotel! Our plans were to have High Tea at Equinox, than check into our room at 5pm followed by an after high-tea party with the rest of the "San Ba Fu Nu Club"!

Yaya was supposed to join us but she had something on at the last minute so it's just me, Le bf and Joyce!

Joyce kept going "Wahhhhhhhh..." at the desserts. Hee! 

Surprise birthday cake!

She forbade me to sing loudly, so I whispered the song. So sad.


Too bad the only pic of the 3 of us were blur. Hai. Lousy waiter.

We checked in and everyone else arrived! :)

We were upgraded to the Harbourview room! Woohoo!

Silly Le bf doing the bunny face grin.. 

Joyce playing with the Xmas decor that Nat bought for his Xmas tree! He ended up buying a live tree (yes, alive! OMG) and spent a bomb on accessories! 

Somehow even with bags and bags of shopping, he managed to buy the birthday cake that I instructed him to buy for Joyce. I gave him a budget of $50 and he went to his favourite shop to buy for her.. I think he went down personally to the shop which was out of his way to buy the cake. Wahhhh.

We hide the cake under his shopping bags, which is a blessing in disguise cos he had so many bags that Joyce did not suspect that one of them is the birthday cake. Hahahahahahaha! Then we sneaked off to the toilet to prepare the candles for Joyce while the rest are engrossed in watching "White Chicks" on HBO.

Pretty and yummy cake!

Queen gang!

The Party People (Nat is the photographer)
I dunno what Nat or Yaya said to make Joyce so giggly. Haha!
But a few moments later.. Yaya did something that's soo funny..

I really dunno what Yaya was trying to do but everyone was laughing like crazy and Joyce was hyperventilating.. doing her signature "hur hur hur".. Hahahahaha! We like to tease her and make her laugh uncontrollably. So cute lah!

Sing song time! This time she let me sing loudly..
(She was shy to let strangers know it's her birthday. Chey)

Make a wish!!

During my birthday party in October, we found out that there are many yummy food at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre and we bought a lot back.. This time we really whack again! Le bf stayed in the room and the rest of us went down and split up to buy stuff so we can gather the most food in the shortest possible time! Wahahahhaaha!

Our hunt ended and these are what we got!

5 potatoes from Potato Depot cos Joyce is a BIG potato fan.
It's not fair cos she's so freaking skinny even though she eats so much carbs!!

After eating, time to burn some energy!
We played some games and had picture taking session!

All the polaroids we took! Wheeee!

Below are some of my favourites..
After taking the usual "safe" group pictures.. we decided to imagine a scene and pose!

Pushing Nat off the cliff..

Finding a crazy man immobile in our bed.. LOL!

And of cos, the sexy bitches pose. Woot!
Don't we all have chio legs?

The night view was beautiful outside!

Only 3 of us are staying over, so the rest of the group left..

Initially was me and Yaya share one bed, but when Yaya went to bath, Joyce got scared of being alone in her bed and came over to my side to snuggle with me.. When Yaya came back, Joyce was too comfortable to move back to her bed.. So in the end I slept with Joyce and Yaya slept alone. Hahahahaha!

Last night, Yaya was super hyper and energetic after her bath!! Out of the three, I was struggling like crazy to keep awake cos I had to work from 6am-3pm than rushed to Swissotel for the High Tea and after party.. The day before I only slept for 4hrs, so imagine my fatigue level. I am getting older so it's getting harder for me to survive on little or no sleep. I was drifting off but forcing myself to stay awake to listen to them chatting and trying to join in but I think I doze off halfway. Major fail cos I used to be the last girl standing when we were younger and doing projects through the night.

Today I was the first to wake up though, cos I am used to waking up early for work.. also there were loud music playing outside and I wanted to find out what's going on.. Opened the curtains, went out on the balcony and saw there's a lot of people! And the stupid DJ was playing Gangnam Style nonstop. Wah lao.. 

Went to bath and woke the others to get ready cos we are going for breakfast! :)

Had buffet breakfast at Fairmont's Prego restaurant. 

Our room rate did not include breakfast, but I used Le bf's FAR card for the discount! For 3 people it's 33% discount instead of 50%. The discount is actually based on the cardmember eating for free. Meaning if there's 2 people, than you only pay for 1 person = 50% off. If there are 3 people, the cardmember need not pay, that's why it's 33%. But with the discount it's worth it! Bill came up to around SGD90 plus taxes for 3 people. ^_^ There's fresh fruit juices and you can even request what combination you want!

The selection was not bad too.. Chinese, western, Eggs station, etc.

Then, we went back to our room to pack up and wait for Le bf to come.. he went to church so he joined us around 11am.. Yaya had to leave for a wedding lunch so it's just the 3 of us.. Guess what we did when we checked out? YES! EAT AGAIN!

Joyce wanted to eat Sushi Tei so we went there for lunch! This girl refused to let us pay for our share lah! Haiyooo!! But thank you for the lunch treat girl! That's 2 times liao!!
View from our balcony, Day & Night

The stay was good! And we enjoyed ourselves a lot I had a good rate with the hotel as I am a member under the Travel Agent's scheme. Yes, working in my line has got some perks (not a lot, but better than nothing..). Actually we feel that Fairmont Hotel is better, but unfortunately they are sold out.

Glad that we had a proper celebration for Joyce this year cos we don't seem to have one for her every year due to something that crops up last minute and schedule conflicts.

After lunch we went to do some shopping before Joyce cabbed home and Le bf and I went back to his place. Love the random things he do like kissing me or stealing hugs from me when no one is looking.. He's so sweet. Love him lots!