Sunday, December 28, 2008

York Hotel Penang Buffet


Had a great time with my sis, Tabby & Pipimon! :)

Christmas Decorations!

Christmas Present from Tabby! Thank you!

Bling bling Hello Kitty clip!  She bought this in Europe when she's there with her family.. so now I have a Europe kitty clip! YAY! =D

My sister opening her birthday present I bought her..
I bought her DOMO stationery and a Elmo toy. 
Both are her current favourite cartoon characters..
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Friday, December 26, 2008



3 hours! But it is soooooooooooooo worth it!

Never judge a movie by it's poster/review/hype!

The main poster shows Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman kissing (a la Titanic Poster), and I thought it's some epic Austrlian love story set in the outbacks with cattles running around..

But it's more than that!

It's about World War 2, Race discrimination, Overcoming the odds, 2 vastly different persons falling madly in love with each other, family and kinship, cattle stampede and sooo much more!

The love story part did not overpower the over parts of the story.. instead it kinda strengthens the storyline even more!

Australia Tourism Board is spending S$37million to promote this show so as to entice more ppl to visit Australia.. but I think even without that advertisements and promotions, anyone who watched this show will definately want to visit Australia!

Please do yourself a favour and watch this movie instead of some LAME show like "Yes Man" or whatever...

This is the movie to watch this Christmas/New Year!

Thank God I didn't watch "The Day the Earth Stood Still" in the cinema.. cos apparently, the movie sucks! I bought the DVD and canned it after 15mins cos it's so uber boring!

Next up.. I wanna watch the following movies soon!
"Bedtime Stories", "Zack & Miri Makes a Porno" & " Red Cliff 2"!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas Eve!


I received presents from my supervisor, Mr Seto and my VP, Ms Su! :)

Mr Seto bought me a CD which I haven't got the chance to open yet.

Ms Su bought me a Hello Kitty lip Gloss Set which I wanted to buy (but Pipimon says it's too expensive/not worth it/blah blah)... SHE KNOWS I LIKE HELLO KITTY! So touched lor. *sniff sniff*

At the moment, my manager, supervisor and my buddy is out of town!
Super stressed cos I have to help them follow up on their tasks.

If customers call in now, I shall just say:
"For new bookings, sorry all fully booked (heh)"
"For complaints, please hang up"

Will be finishing work at 3pm, and going to Orchard with Vivien and Nathaniel for lunch (i'm so freaking hungry), and to buy pressies! =D

Going to Nathaniel's house for Christmas Party tmr! I am surprised that Pipimon wants to go.. WAHAHA. We bought the gifts for the gift exchange liao. Gonna make Mango Grapefruit Dessert to bring . :)
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Monday, December 22, 2008

JB (17Dec) & Gold Class (19Dec) Pictures

I wanted to go in alone, cos Pipimon's off day is fixed at every Sunday now, and my off day happens to fall on a Wednesday.. but he took a special day off just to accompany me! :) So sweet (if minus all the nagging, I can't seem to get him to shut the fuck up sometimes and stop nagging at me. Fucking irritating!).

They moved to the new immigration building and started operations officially on 16 Dec, and we happened to be there on 17Dec, which was just Day 2.. so yea, some cork-ups and glitches will be expected.. but with 18 counters operating, we expected waiting times to be definitely less than the 45mins it took us just to clear the "passport chopping".

And the major complain is... why must they make us walk in circles? Even if I don't attack them on the officer's efficiency, the layout of the building sucks! Make us walk the whole length of the building, and then U-TURN back to the place where we came front! One way traffic!

What? Make us walk the distance to better appreciate the dollars and sweat put into the new building?

Bullshit lor.

Other than that, the rest of the building is gorgeous. Air conditioned, fully working escalators & travellators, which as prophesied by Pipimon.. will be out of order in 2 weeks time - typically "Malaysia Boleh" standard.

The covered walkway extends to the new train station (which is not functioning yet) and then to City Square Shopping Centre.
I bet the shop rentals in City Square just shot up at least by 50% cos the human traffic is doubled/tripled/quadrupled cos everyone is forced to walk thru City Square!

The poor shops/stalls at the old immigration building! Decades of doing business and suddenly, poof! They're out of business!
Lunch @ City Square

Keropok Lekor

One of my favourite food! I like the soft chewy type. Pipimon prefers the flat crispy types.
Penang Assam Laksa

Another one of my top favourite food!

Can you see the otah in the picture? That's the one that caused me to lao sai for 2 days! And I only ate half of one! Imagine I ate both! Go hospital and put on drip liao!!

Singapore Laksa

But Pipimon says it is not very Singapore.. cos there's chicken slices, and it does not taste like our Laksa gravy...

We went to Holiday Plaza to do my nails and buy DVDs..

Pretty nails!

I don't know why.. but recently my fingers and toes are so damn dry! My skin keep on peeling off! I keep putting moisturizer.. but also no use. Haix. But I shall persevere and keep on lathing on more and more and drown my skin in moisturizer! WUAHAHAHAAH!

Roibo Juice & Cheesetarts

Typical UglyPipi-Face
He was enjoying his waffle and I forced him to take a picture. HEE HEE!
Thank god Pipimon was in a good mood cos I took a lot pictures of him. If he is in a grouchy mood than he will ignore me/scold me. BAH!
My fingernails cracked liao lor. And I finished watching my DVDs. Hopefully the Immigration Building will buck up soon, so i can go back again!
GOLD CLASS with Wany!

$8++ To-die-for Mushroom Soup in GoldClass
We ordered the "Goldwings", but it's not nice anymore.. kinda undercooked. But the mushroom soup is still as good as ever! Ordered a bottle of Sparkling Green Apple! Yummy yummy!
Little Miss(es)!

Wany is a shortie!

Presents from Wany!
I bought her "Tales of Beetle Bard" By JK Rowling.. but unfortunately she already bought the book! But she says she will keep it as reading copy, and the other one as decoration copy..

Love the calender! Uber cute!Thanks Wany!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Puichikins!

Happy 15th Birthday to my beloved little sister!~

2 of my colleagues were on MC today, and I had to stay back to do full shift, but insisted in leaving early cos I promised her I will be there..... but last minute got something cropped up and I couldn't make it to her party.. haix.

Pipimon kept asking me about the "venue" cos it's at Baycourt and I'll be seeing my dad's new wife and my siblings' OFFICIAL stepmother.. (They got married last week, on Dec 10th with a grand dinner plus wedding photos & a Hokkaido Honeymoon) .

Oh wells.

Anyways, I'll find a nice place to bring her out for high-tea one of these days.

Love you puich!
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas Lights, Orchard Road

Xmas Lights @ Orchard Road~ Part 2

"Greetings from the Candy Family!"
From Left: Choco, Vivien, Nathaniel, Tracy & Me

Coffee Club @ Takashimaya
Vivien complained that they always eat at Coffee Club whenever they go out with Nathaniel.. that I do not know, cos it's my first time out with them (other than the delifrance impromtu dinner)

Anyways, more pictures here!

Tracy is our attachment student, and her last day was yesterday. :*( Unfortunately unable to treat her to lunch due to schedule conflicts, but i think she will be coming back to Singapore soon cos she's flying back to Vietnam to visit her family during the holidays..

Anyways, here's a picture of the huge christmas tree in my office.

I am so proud of it! Cos our department has the largest, shinest, most kick ass tree in the whole office! And it is all courtesy of Nathaniel! He lugged this monster tree from home to the office all by himself and fixed it up without any help! And I heard this tree costs S$600++ without the "ball balls". Whooooo... Btw, company did not spend any money to decorate the office. They put up a small christmas tree at the entrance and sprayed some bo liao deco on the glass doors last year.. but this year, i think to cut costs, they did not arrange for any decorations at all.

Thankfully Nathaniel sponsored this tree to us! So we can bask in the Christmas mood!
BOO to company and YAY to Nathaniel!

P.S// Did i also mention that the tree is just sitting right in front of Nathaniel's and my desks? :) But I always have to sit in front to "fill up the gaps" cos my colleagues are always out on tour so I can't really enjoy the view 24/7.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dinner @ Delifrance Chinatown Point

I see my colleagues everyday, but we seldom get the chance to hang out outside of work. And even at work, we're too busy bitching about stupid/ignorant people that we don't have time to really get to have fun.. Today after work, supposed to go home and rot (cos super tired), and someone.. I dunno if it's me or Choco, suggested to go for dinner together. Decided on Chinatown Point Delifrance cos it's near my workplace and it's airconditioned!

Anyways, Vivian left the office earlier and was on her way home before we called her and made her U-turn back to join us for dinner. HEE HEE.

Yummy $2 add-on Sodas! (Usual $4.20)

Yes, we are cheapopo!

From Left:

Vivian, Nathaniel, Choco & Me

That's my hand by the way. HAHA.
I am super fat in real life, and they are always wondering why I look slimmer and prettier in photos, and how my ugly pimples always seems to disappear and fade away...
I repeat... PHOTOGENIC!
Meaning: Real life=KNS, Photos=WOOOO!

Chicken Lagsana!

Please ignore the lame pose. Nathaniel is always so "artistic" and takes forever to press the shutter button.. and there were many ppl standing around looking at me, so my pose started out quite nice, than by the time he pressed the button.. i ended up looking like this. HAHA.

"This is our territory!"
Actually, it's just where we work at. HAHA. :P
Bit introduction about my 3 colleagues...

From Left:

Me, Choco, Vivien & Nathaniel

Young "Aunty". Always bargaining and bickering with vendors. Speaks with a super cute malaysian accent and has lots of funny actions and phrases. Likes to imitate my "kua kua kua" which i told her it's copyrighted by me and I'll charge her 50cents everytime she imitates me.. but she still does it anyway.

Xiao Tai Mei. She is so small and petite, but step on her tail and she bites u back. Very honest, straight talking young lady. Initial impression of her was that she's kinda mousey, but recently found out she has a fiery disposition which i admire a lot. I love it when she says funny things without meaning to do so.. and she always makes me laugh by saying the funniest things in a deadpan manner.

Vainpot who is always on diet and keep saying he lost a lot of weight. I'll threaten to punch him 10 times a day cos he will say and do stupid things that makes me very exasperated with him. Like keeping saying he's fat and need to lose weight, but the next moment gobbling 2 whole mooncakes than go for a 6km run that very evening to burn off that 2 mooncake. He is crazy lor.  AHAHAHAHAHA.

Without any of them in the office, it feels like something is missing.. it's not easy facing difficult/arrogant customers & uncooperative "fellow" colleagues in the same company, and they understand 100% what I am going through cos we are doing the same kind work, dealing with the same people and facing the same problems..

Nowadays we work until like no life. Selling our lives to the company, but not receiving much satisfaction and rewards. Haix. By the way, did I mention I am the youngest of the lot? Doesn't look like it right?
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Xmas Lights, Orchard Road


Dressed in unglam "aunty" clothes, hair all messed up and preparing to go to bed... I received a call from Pipimon, out of the blue.. dating me out for a drive around Orchard Road to see the Christmas Lights. So romantic hor?

Orchard Road seems so bare.. like the organizers are scrimping on shelling out money for the decorations. Even though today is a Public Holiday, the roads are kinda deserted and there's not much pedestrians around..
Maybe economy very bad now.. no one going out for Xmas shopping, that's why the big retailers don't have "budget" to decorate their storefront lavishly.. unlike 10 years ago, where our Christmas Light-up is world famous with tens of thousands tourists visting our country just to see the light-ups.. now.....? It's kinda pathetic.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Changing my Ah Lian Hair colour

Before, During & After

Dye Process
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vietnam 26Nov-02Dec

Sin Chao!
"Hello" in Vietnamese

The Lotus is the National Flower of Vietnam
Was sent to Vietnam for a 7 days tour leading assignment.

Day 1: Singapore/Hanoi
Day 4: Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Day 7: Ho Chi Minh City/Singapore

I surprised myself by saying this, but I enjoyed this trip more than my Korea & Japan trips!

Perhaps it's the the wonderful local guides (who are both male *wink wink*), delicious food and great customers on my group!

And the main reason is there's not much shopping to distract me! I only spent around US$100 in total! Just bought some tidbits to snack at night, cashew nuts & coffee powder for Pipimon and some souveniers for my colleagues.

But my customers bought loads of stuff. Snacks, souveniers, tee-shirts.. blah.

So though i don't earn more on this trip compare to other destinations, but I really spent very little money! Compared to shopping paradise Japan & Korea where I can buy comestics, beauty products, blah blah blah.. And spend more than I actually earn..

Mickey Mouse at T3!
That's my shiny shiny red luggage which never fails to grab everyone's attention on the luggage conveyor belt. Everytime my customer will comment that my bag is so "Ang Kong Kong".. well, it's easier to distinguish from all the black and dark blue luggages mah!

After my group passengers checked in their luggage, I ate lunch with Pipimon and it's time to say Goodbye!

View from the plane

From Left: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Presidential Palace, Ho

Chi Minh House on Stilt, Ho Chi Minh Museum
Spent 3.5 hours walking from each attraction to the other.. weather is cooling, around 25degrees celcius, but the sun keep shining down.. wah piang. I am super black now!

Ho Chi Minh's body is preserved after death and kept in pristine condition in the Mausoleum. It's kinda creepy seeing him lie inside the crystal coffin cos it's so clear, and unlike glass, it has no reflection.. so it almost seems like he's sleeping on a bed but guarded by many many policemen.

Temple of Literature, Hanoi. This is Vietnam's 1st University, and has almost 1000yrs history.

Ha Long Bay, Hanoi.
This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is currently in the running for a place in the New 7 Wonders of the world. Scenery is similar to Guilin, China (which is only a boat ride away from here).

Various types of food I ate

Mekong Delta, My Tho Province

Mekong Delta, My Tho. Boat Ride down the river!

Model Couple of the Century
Uncle is 80 years old, and Auntie is 79 years old.. But they still go on holidays together and Uncle is sooooo loving towards her! He holds her hand, and is very protective towards her. Super patient with her and never has a harsh word. Super sweet lor. I told them I hope that I can be like them with my future husband.. Blissful marriage.
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