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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Tuesday, November 18, 2014 0 Comments
I am blogging on Dayre now!

Started blogging there a few months back just updating about daily life and stuff. Posts that are too wordy for Twitter or Instagram, yet not lengthy enough for Blogspot. Also, I am super lazy to blog here because I have to turn on my computer and upload pictures. My sister has been nagging at me NONSTOP not to be lam nua (lazy).

Heh heh! (/。\)

There's so many social platforms nowadays! It used to be just blogspot. Now there's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dayre and so many more... Ultimately, I still love blogging on blogspot cos I have been using this platform for the past 11 years and sometimes I still browse through my old entries to read about my life of a younger me.

If you have the app, search for my username "jasminetas". Or you can view it in a browser: http://dayre.me/jasminetas from your computer.

Not a lot of my friends use Dayre though.. I follow some "Mommy blogs" documenting their lives coping with work + babies. How to juggle a job and taking care of a new born child.. damn tough. Sometimes I feel encouraged, but most of the times I am just scared. #babyornobaby