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Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's a rare occasion that we can have lunch together on a weekday because both of us need to work and our schedules usually clash. He is off on weekends but I am off on Mon/Thurs. Moreover my shift is from 11am-8pm so it's either too late to meet up, etc.

We can only meet so often because Brendan does his best to accommodate to my work schedules. 

I remembered complaining to him that my schedule sucks. 11am-8pm is such a weird timing cos I cannot meet anyone for dinner afterwards (usually I have to stay back cos it's really busy at work). Moreover I don't have even one weekend off, which means I can never spend a full day with him or any of my other friends cos most normal people have weekends off. Worse part is, the shift is fixed for 3 months from July to September. 

I was ranting and ranting on whatsapp to him in late June when I received my schedule and was majorly upset cos if I finish work at 8pm it's too late to meet friends but too early to qualify for the cab charge card.. He was quite calm about it (he is very zen one) and replied me: "Don't worry. You will have free cab rides home. The taxi driver's name is.. Brendan Chew."

OMG. Mad sweet can?

It's been a month, well.. 2 weeks if you minus out our UK trip, and he kept his promise! He comes to fetch me everyday without fail and only once or twice he had dinner appointments so he can't come. I thought he was joking or humoring me but he actually meant what he said! 


Anyways, today is my off day and he can take some time out cos we have to go and apply visas to travel to Myanmar! Yes, we are flying off again.. 30June-03July to Yangon, Myanmar. Our SIM classmate is getting married and she invited both of us to the wedding. :)

I have already booked the rooms and reserved the flight tickets. Once visas are approved, I will issue the tickets and we will be all set to go! 

I called Shangri-la Hotel to make a reservation for 2 at The Line for their buffet lunch.. the irritating thing was, when we arrived there was no carpark! They cordoned off the basement carpark and the other wing's carpark cos there's some stupid event going on! Imagine 70% of the carpark space gone!! How to park? I was so pissed off cos I was very excited about having buffet (I am a pig) and my plans were dashed.


In the end we decided to go to Central instead for ramen at Santouka. Brendan has never ever stepped into Central (Clarke Quay) before. Crazy boh? Hahahahaha!

The standard has dropped, so it's no longer the best Ramen in Singapore. I am still on the lookout for the next best Ramen in Singapore.. hard to find. :*(
Ice cream! ^_^

Afterwards we went back to his place where he continued with his work while I took a nap! I love taking afternoon naps! It's such a luxury that we adults can barely afford nowadays with our hectic work schedules.

His dog, Brownie took a nap with me on his bed.. His nickname is Money.. Brendan's mama like to say "Money! Money come! Money come!" LOL!

He was snuggling between my legs while I sleep. I had to be careful not to kick him off the bed. Haha! Afterwards he trotted off to his next favourite spot in Brendan's room..

His bag! 
(IDK why Brendan has a children's book there.. haha!)
Kitty with Brownie! :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's my off day again! Happy happy!

My off days are every Mondays & Thursdays until end September unless I have some shift swaps with my colleagues.

I met Wany for lunch today at Nex's Soup Restaurant!

Happygirl with all the yummy food!
Wany looking pretty! :) 
New dish! Salted Egg Yolk Chicken! Yums!
They asked me to fill up a survey form for this dish cos it's their 1st day introducing this new dish. Wany says I have the "Fill survey" face. I just told her I have the "Write nice survey" face. LOL!
My favourite claypot tofu! 
The signature Samsui Chicken
Afterwards I treated her to Sogurt! I love Sogurt! I cannot resist Sogurt! I think one of the main reason why I choose to move to Serangoon is because there's a Sogurt outlet in Nex Mall. Seriously.
Wany's cup VS my cup. LOL!
I always wanna get the big big cup but my sister says it's too kuazhang for one person to finish it. So I just take the smaller cup but fill it up to the max. Heh heh heh!

Did not bother with makeup today cos I went to Brendan house after meeting Wany for lunch.. Planned to have a nap (and I did! ^_^) while he was busy doing his work stuff and emails. We had a very epic cab ride from Nex Mall to Katong shopping centre, where Brendan picked me up cos the driver is too dodgy.. You will know if you are my Twitter follower, if not.. #YUNOFOLLOW

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's my OFF day today! My off days are always jam packed with activities cos I am just so popular!

Well, not really that popular but I need to plan for a lot of things to do.. Today I went for my dental checkup, buy birthday presents, IPL treatments, eyebrow threading, meet Timtim for lunch, meet the gossip girls (Yaya & XY) for dinner and then meet le bf at night for supper. 

Mad busy boh? Haha!

I met Timtim at Takashimaya. Initially we didn't know what to eat and he kept asking me "What you want to eat?" and I told him I have no preference.. which is a rarity cos I always have craving for certain types of food. Moreover I am so fussy that all my close friends who knows me very well will always let me choose instead of making the decision. Heh heh. So I kept asking him to make the decision and told him not to stress me and he replied "You don't want to stress so you give me stress lah??". LOL!

So we decided to have dim sum lunch at Crystal Jade. We went in and sat at the table but last minute went to Marriott Hotel instead for buffet lunch cos the menu didn't look very appetizing. Also, he has the Marriott membership so we get to enjoy 50% off for 2 persons! Cool deal!

He and Nat always takes very nice shots of me. 
He took so much candies! LOL!
The food!

IMHO, the food is not that fantastic. Total bill was around SGD59.00nett for two persons after the 50% discount. If there is no discount it will be super not worth it. Quality was quite meh. I prefer the Mandarin Oriental's Melt the World buffet.. but that's SGD79nett per person, so it's really "you get what you pay for".

After lunch I went for my beauty treatments at Paragon. Timtim accompanied me walking over and he was teasing me saying I am a tai-tai doing tai-tai things on a weekday. Hey!! I have no other time to do!! And a girl needs to pamper herself right!! :P

Afterwards I went to meet Brendan and his classmate from his Jap class at Ion Orchard for a while cos they were having dinner before their class at 6.30pm and I had some time to burn before meeting XY & Yaya at 6.45pm in Ion. He's so sweet to carry my shopping bags to his car so I don't have to carry them! :) It was a great relief cos one of the present is quite heavy and I've carried it around Orchard Road.. 

Met Yaya & XY for dinner at Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House at B3. Apparently there's another Imperial Treasure at Level 4 which I thought is the one Yaya wanted but turns out that is the super expensive one.. Haha!

Yaya bought me this!
It's some old school candy thingy. Very hard to find!
After dinner we went to Marmalade Pantry for desserts!
Previously I went with Wany and the food and service sucks.
Service is still not fantastic, but at least my sticky date pudding is nice! :)
Me and the gossip girls

I don't know why I nicknamed them the gossip girls, but since I already have "Queen Gang" with the inclusion of Joyce & Money, I decided to call the 3 of us gossip girls instead cos we always bitch and gossip a lot when we are together. Hahahahahaha!

Finally, I went to Delfi Orchard to meet up with le bf after his class and we went to Serangoon Gardens for prata supper before he sent me home. :)

Super packed day today but super fun!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday night I was at le bf's place after landing to sort out our stuff in both of our luggage. Le bf's mama showed me the flowers I ordered for her that was delivered on Saturday for Mother's Day. :) I also ordered a premium D24 durian cake from Emicakes for her.. Planned the "surprise" a few weeks before our trip because I know we won't have time to go out for dinner with her. Glad both of the items arrived without any problem.

I told le bf that the two dates he needs to remember is my birthday & our anniversary. I will help him remember all other important dates (family member's birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc). But I will kill him if he forgets my birthday. It's a good deal ok! LOL! I tested him the other time, suddenly asking him "Dear, when is my birthday??" and he replied "October Twenttyyy........... first?". Told him he lives and I shall spare his life for being correct, for now. Hahahahahahahhaa!

Cake & Flowers!
I think this face looks like his mama's face when she smiles. :D
The cake has a message on the side and also a necklace with a cross.
Not sure why it's leaking yellow liquid.. I guess it's the durian melting? 
I don't eat durian, but the cake IS GOOD. I finished a whole slice by myself!
I think the three siblings look very alike. :)
Can you spot Brownie in the background? Heehee!
Happy Mother's Day! 
We left Paris on Friday evening, took the Eurostar back to London and both the men drove up from London to Manchester.. We arrived back in our apartment almost 3am in the morning last Saturday (that's 10am Singapore time!) AND we have to check out at 11am on the same day..! Mad rush or what?? Requested for a late check out and had to pay GBP10 per hour which was worth it cos we needed the time to pack our luggage, catch up on our sleep and eat breakfast!

Our last meal in the apartment!

We had mushroom risotto, scrambled eggs, chicken satay, spam, cheese, chicken corn soup, and my favourite crab stick with seafood/cocktail sauce! ^_^

My happy diners. Hee!

In the basement carpark

I managed to squeeze all our luggage into the boot and only le bf's smaller luggage had to be placed in the back seat. Achievement ok? LOL!

We had a large 5litres of water bottle left so we transferred it to the smaller bottles at the carpark. We were literally chased out of the apartment cos we woke up late and by the time we left it's almost 1.40pm! Heehee! The house keeping had to come in and clean for the next guest checking in at 3pm. I guess he/she must hate us cos we left all the dishes on the table and did not wash them. Well, I wanted to clean up the kitchen but the front desk guy asked us to clear out and leave all the cleaning to housekeeping.. So, too bad. Hee!

Ryan & Brendan transferring the water. 

As our flight was around 9pm, we had a few hours to spare. Le bf drove us to Trafford Centre, one of the largest shopping mall in Manchester and we went shopping! Did not buy much stuff though.. I bought 2 dresses and some baby clothes for his god daughter who's due sometime in August. (When I say I buy, actually is his money cos I don't have any GBP. Hee!)

Afterwards on the way to the airport, we drove to Old Trafford where Ryan can soak in Man U Stadium air for the last time before we leave Manchester. LOL!

Then we drove to the airport, returned the vehicle and did our check-in.. had around 1 hour to spare and we went for a late lunch/early dinner! Actually le bf said to eat on the plane cos our flight will definitely have dinner served but I was hungry and did really wanted to wait.. and we all know airline food is horrible! I don't wanna be hungry all the way till Singapore!!

So we walked around the airport and decided on Giraffe! :)
Kitty at the crossroad
The couples shared a main each cos it was huge!
They ordered the Fish & Chips while I ordered chicken! :)
The sweet potato fries is to die for! DAMN NICE!

The flight back was good.. Emirates is a good airline to travel. I used Brendan's spare noise cancellation earphones and half slept, half watched movies on the flight. We had a stopover in Dubai where he raided the chocolate store for his mum. Bought few hundred dollars worth of kit-kats! Hahahaha! I also nearly lost my hello kitty jacket there but luckily I found it. Thank God.

Pamela & Cheryl (Brendan's sisters) came to the airport to pick us up and we went back to their place to unpack and sort out our luggage and stuff before he sent me home. Oh! I saw the flowers and cake I ordered for his mother for Mother's Day. Super nice! Shall post it in my next entry!

Overall the trip was FANTASTIC! Just that I wished we had more time.. well, don't we all? :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Tuesday already! We are midway through our holiday and time seems to pass too fast!

The weather is great and we are enjoying ourselves a lot! I am very happy because I don't have to worry about work and I can just leave everything behind and just concentrate on being happy because I am soooo far away from home. Also, I have the company of my best friend+boyfriend 24/7! What more can I ask for? :)

It is wonderful not needing to say goodbye to him at night.. we can chit-chat & cuddle till anytime we want until we fall asleep together. I love waking up seeing him beside me and him kissing me good morning. Feeling really loved and blissful now. 

Also, I wake up earlier than the rest to make breakfast everyday! It's not a chore cos I really enjoy being in a kitchen and preparing food for people I love.

Today's breakfast is very simple because we have to finish up the 4 cheeses we bought at Harrods yesterday. We are supposed to put it in the fridge after 3 hours but because of dinner + the ride back to Manchester, we can only put it in the fridge after 6 hours and it's kinda not so fresh anymore. :( We ate the cheese with bread and yummy mushroom soup! Tomorrow I plan to cook bacon, eggs, portobello mushrooms and maybe pancakes! ^_^
After breakfast, le bf drove us to Liverpool.He dropped us in the city centre and drove off cos he has to meet another client. Poor him have to combine business with pleasure for our trip.
Super cool vehicle!
I bought lots of clothes! Happy!
Afterwards le bf came to pick us up and we went to Anfield, home of the Liverpool Football club.

Compared to Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium, Anfield looks like a dump. Seriously. I am not a football fan but even I can tell Man U has more money just by the outlook and upkeep of their stadium. There was a match going on so we did not go into the stand.. but both le bf and Ryan are Man U fan so they will never go for the museum tour (if there is one) at Anfield. Hahahahaha! Ryan is a die hard Man U fan and kept criticizing how lousy Anfield is.. Hahahahhaa!
Dinner tonight courtesy of Ryan! 
He cooked so much pasta we all nearly fainted. LOL!

We are going to Paris for two nights from tomorrow till Friday! Gonna do the long drive down to London and take the Eurostar into Paris. It's a impromptu trip and I hope it won't be toooo rushed, though I expected it to be. We are not bringing the laptop to Paris cos we are travelling light so I won't be able to update my blog when I am there.. most probably gonna do it when I am back in Singapore cos on Friday night we are driving back up to Manchester and the next day we are flying back to Singapore! Madness. Wish us luck! :) We are gonna have lots of fun in Paris!