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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My sister bought me some pressies when she stayed over.. ^^

A EZlink card sticker and a pack of Sticky candy.

I remembered during the time when Sticky first opened in Central, there was no queue and no one buying! I was also speculating when they will close down since business are sooo bad.. But after several good marketing moves, it is so damn busy now! Candies are sold out! Snatched the moment they display it!

Utter madness!

But the bad thing is, the usually friendly staff became grouchy and short-tempered.. It's like fame got into their head and they decide to show it.

Tsk. That's how things go. I always have a belief.. Famous things cannot be eaten (translate it in chinese). Very few popular and famous places stay true to their roots and serve out good food at good service. It's like good food must be balanced with horrible service or something. Tsk.

Anyway, here's a picture of Chloe! It's been a long time since I posted her picture... ^^

The way she bites her bone is like she's smoking it. Damn cute!
How did you spend your Halloween?

I spent it at home, eating chocolates. Treats, no tricks! hahahahahaha! Becoming one fat fat monster from too much tidbits.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm typing this while my baby sister is sleeping blissfully away on my bed.

It's the first time she's coming to my house for a sleepover and I really enjoyed spending time with her. :)

She came around 12noon and we went out for dinner only at 10pm cos I was super tired and slept most of the day away.. She self-entertained herself by watching Harry Potter and munching on popcorn and chilli-tuna bread.

She loves eating chilli tuna but said that she don't get it to eat it at home cos "not everyone eat chilli tuna and they say must everyone eat than can buy." When I asked her why don't buy it herself than rely on her dad to buy it for her.. since it's only $2 per tin, and she just shrugged her shoulders and say if she buy, "also not I eat.. later other people eat how?".

She also said: "Not everyone drink orange juice but they also buy, me and kor like apple juice but since they don't drink so they never buy."

My eyeballs were rolling so hard, they nearly popped out.

Firstly, I don't understand why both my siblings can't fight for what is theirs or don't have the independence or fight to buy their own food and LABEL it properly and put it in the fridge. If it were me, I will write my name and inform the rest NOT to touch my stuff cos I am the one who bought it. Of cos, I will not touch any of the stuff that I did not buy.

Then again, they don't have the rebellious streak in them.. since they are still living 'blissfully' in one big happy family.

You know how important you are in the family and how much your own flesh and blood father love you when he refuse to buy a $2 tin of chilli tuna for you when in the past, he will drive all the way to Malaysia to tabao fishcakes back for us or wake up early in the morning and go to the market and buy chicken porridge for us (with extra sauce).

Whatever lah, I don't take shit like that. Anyone dares to steal my food better watch out. Your orange juice may have dog urine in it, the next time you drink it.

Isn't it sad that you can't even get to eat what you like at your own home, especially if you buy it yourself? Can you even consider calling that a HOME?

Aahh.. Fuck it.

Anyways, I was having a headache on where to bring her cos it was already 10pm and most of the dinner places are closed! And many of the late night dining areas will be packed due to the stupid Halloween event... so in the end I decided to bring her to Newton for seafood!

She is very amazed cos there are many touts there hawking their services and food in the main sitting area. We don't even have to find our own table, the stall people will go and grab seats for us and wipe the tables before inviting us over.. LOL!

Told her Newton used to be full of Caucasians, but ever since lots of publicized scandals on cheating cases and overcharging.. most of them avoid Newton like the plague. So now most of the patrons are locals or Indonesians.

While waiting for our crabs and baby squid, I went to order the oyster omelette, without the oysters! :)

Both of us don't like the oysters, and my sis say it's stupid to pay same amount without the oyster.. While, why waste the oyster if we don't eat it? Waste not, want not.

We also had BBQ chicken wings! Then the stall aunty brought over a container of water for us to wash our hands after eating the crabs and my sis was so amazed at the size of the bucket... LOL!

And all the food arrived!

Yum yums!

Total bill including the omelette, chicken wings and drinks is around S$90. Quite expensive, but we ordered two crabs, so it's quite ok. Love the black pepper sauce with mantou! Yums! Since we were there after 10pm, carpark is free cos it's free after 10pm! Woohoo!

Wanted to bring her out for desserts, but both of us were super stuffed and couldn't eat anymore, so we went home.. spent around 2 hours at Newton chatting and eating. Fun fun fun!

Afterwards, drove home and decided to show her how I groom Chloe everyday..

Told my sis we have to put Chloe into the 'grooming chair'

After clipping her fringe, have to comb her body fur. Centre parting.

Lastly to put in the clip.. Joanna chose the clip for Chloe out of the collection I had. :D

It's not easy combing her fur, but she's good enough to stay still for me to comb her hair cos she always gets a treat after the combing session.. :)


Pretty Chloe :) Love Love!!

Here's Joanna trying to take pictures of Chloe with my DSLR..

Told her it's not easy to take pictures of Chloe cos she has a very short attention span and you need to have skills and patience to capture the perfect shot. Yes, she likes to preen and tilt her head and all, but she's damn primma donna and sometimes just refuse to have her photo taken... nothing you can do. Hahahahahhaa!

Afterwards it's time for bed and Joanna made the mistake of putting Chloe on the bed... cos Chloe went hyper and attacked her!

Here's Joanna hiding beneath the blanket. Hahahah!

Chloe was trying to lick her face and chew on her ears.. I told Joanna I seldom put Chloe on the bed cos I don't wanna spoil her and since she like to put her on the bed, I didn't rescue her from Chloe.. Hahahahahaha!

Gonna send her home tomorrow at 12noon. So it's exactly 24hrs of sister bonding time... ^^
Went to JB with Wany a few days ago. I wanted to go alone, but decided to jio her along cos she said she wanna cut hair. And if she accompanies me, I can go to Holiday Plaza to do my nails! 

We took the bus in and had lunch at Old Town in City Square.

Was late for our hair appointment, so we decided to go to Holiday Plaza first for our manicure and pedicure. :) Took cab there and Wany had her first manicure/pedicure since 2003!!! LOL!

The girl who do her nails a bit slow... luckily only do one colour if not she will be stuck there forever.. LOL! I chose the rainbow colours cos I cannot decide what colour is nice. :)

Here are the nail polish colours! :)

Here is the finished product of my nails! ^^

And my beautiful pedicure + nailart! :D

I did acrylic extensions for my big toes so it's more even out and I can put in the beautiful russian doll!! ^^

We went to the macdonalds at level 1 (which was there since 20yrs back) and shared a mcnuggets meal cos they needed 25mins to cook the chicken porridge. =.=

I love the shaker fries bag! Much nicer than Singapore! And somehow the Macdonalds there taste nicer.. I don't know why. Hmmm.

We headed back to City Square's Thomas and Guys.. I did a hair treatment plus haircut...

Meet my hair stylist, Elaine! :)

She look better in real life though.. Hmm. I love her hair colour and fringe, but I don't think I can pull those off without looking like a chao Ah Lian.

Here's Wany with her cute bob! :)

Headed back to Singapore after our hair cut and rushed down to Tampines to meet Wany's friend for dinner. Supposed to meet them at 8pm but we only reached at 9.15pm.. Oops! =X

Here's me removing my makeup, and I love my new nails so much I had to post this pic. LOL! ^^

Friday, October 29, 2010

I took the monorail into Sentosa just to buy this bucket of popcorn.

Call me crazy, but when I have a craving for something.. I'll travel far and wide for it. Even if I have to fly to another country and I can afford it.. I will. :P

Wany asked if I am pregnant.. cos she thinks it's crazy that I will pay $3 to go into Sentosa than buy the bucket of popcorn and go home.

Ehh.. No. I have weird mad cravings since young and being pregnant or not doesn't affect any of those cravings. My sister understands my food cravings cos she grew up with me and is used to my nonsense. Pipimon understands my weird cravings NOW but in the past, we used to quarrel like mad cos he thinks I am crazy & reasonable... Just now I smsed him and told him I am going into Sentosa just to buy popcorn and he just said: "Wow! Is it nice? You going in by monorail, bus or taxi?"

Haha. Well, since it's not a normal human behavior, I guess it's alright if people don't get it or don't understand the relationship I have with food. I live to eat, not eat to live. :)

My mum used to offer/bet me S$50 to finish a plate of veggies -- even though I am quite money-faced, I turned down her offer. She eventually increased the offer to S$100, than S$500 and even increased it to S$1000 and I still refused to eat it. It's bloody Kailan with the dodgy stems! Yuck.

But if she bet with me now, since I am smarter I will counter offer her and change the veggies to caesar salad. Hahahahaha!

I used to love those sour plums and people always ask: "You pregnant ah?" even when I was only 9 years old. I don't understand why food has to be stereotyped or typecast.

Do I need to be pregnant to eat sour plums? Do you see pregnant woman carrying sour plums and devouring them? Is there a label on food that says: "For pregnant woman only!"

What about rainbow candy? Are there labels that say: "For gay people only!"


Anyway, back to the popcorn! I can't take picture of the shop cos no photos are allowed inside. You can choose your own tin and they will fill it up with the flavours you want.

I chose the Chicago Mix, which is a mixture of caramel and cheese! :) The other time I bought the smallest pack at S$8, so this time I bought the smallest tin, which is 1 Gallon for S$51.

There's a piece of paper covering the yummy popcorn below!

Hello Kitty loves it too!

The sales assistant layered the popcorn, so the cheese is beneath the caramel. So it's cheese/caramel/cheese/caramel. Yums!

It even comes with a small baby scoop if you buy the tin! :)

I'll say bye bye for now and go and munch on my popcorn! Toodles!
Jpot members are entitled to a free birthday cake during their birthday month. I did not utilize it last year cos I forgot to make prior reservations when I went with Wany and afterwards I didn't have the time to go back again.. so this year I am determined to have that damn cake!

Called Jpot in advance and reserved a chocolate Bakerzin cake. The lady spoke limited English and she gave me 4 choices:
  1. Tiramisu
  2. Mango
  3. Chocolate
  4. Chocolate with more chocolate
I believe the 4th option refers to chocolate mousse or something and she might not know how to pronounce mousse without sounding like "mouse".

Don't say I am mean.. I had to repeat my address nine freaking times cos she kept mishearing me. I mean, what's so difficult about BENDEMEER ROAD? It's not some weird roads like Devonshire, Jalan Ulut Laut or something... Tsk.

Anyway, i chose the 4th option cos I don't really like tiramisu (got alcohol!) and it's a risk to choose mango since fruit cakes are difficult to make and chocolate cakes are the easiest.. I've not really tried Bakerzin before, but judging from the falling food standards of Singapore.. I don't really have high hopes.

So here is the "Chocolate cake with more chocolate"

The mousse part was nice, but the cake part was too dry.

I told Wany and her sis not to sing Happy Birthday cos:
  1. My birthday is over I'm quite superstitious to cut cake after birthday
  2. We had to clear out soon cos there's a group waiting for the table
  3. So paiseh lah! I too old liao. :(
Wany and her older sister, Adeline!

Last time when I go their house (like 10 years back in Secondary school), I was so terrified of her sister cos she look really scary.. like scary fierce! But now she mellow down liao, and maybe I am older now also.. and get to know her better so not so scary anymore. Heehee.

We tabao-ed the cake cos it's too big, and I asked Wany to bring it home cos Pipimon is in Jakarta and I am alone at home and it's not nice to waste it since we didn't even eat half of it -- Chloe cannot eat!!
I'm a bit obsessive sometimes.. okok, MOST of the times.

I mean, if I like something I will go and buy 10 of it to keep and eat until I am so sick of it that I'll swear not to eat it for at least 6 months. Or like eating chicken rice for lunch for 2 weeks straight. I am crazy mad sometimes.. Hahaha!

I blame Pipimon for some of my craziness cos he encourages it by indulging in my whims, like if I like a particular drink.. he will buy 2 cartons and let me drink until I am sick of it. Or when I liked the coconut jelly, he bought a dozen each time and now I can't look at it without shuddering. T_T"

It's like reverse psychology.. or something.

Now that behavior is being extended to Chloe. She likes this vegetable flavour chew bone and it is the only one I gave her cos the white/red/yellow types are so sticky and it makes her fur tangle when she chews on it. I let her bite one overnight and was so shocked and disgusted to find her fur sticking together in the morning after chewing on the white+red ones.. so I decided to only give her the veggie flavour one.

Pet Lovers is giving 1 free for every 5 purchased, so I bought 15 of them.. plus 3 free ones, that is 18 chew sticks. I also bought the milk flavoured sticks for her to try so she won't feel bored with the veggie ones, however when I let her try the milk ones and she don't really seem to like it.. I guess it's too thin for her to chew on. T_T" Haix. S$3.90 down the drain.

It's really trial and error when it comes to this sort of thing. But as long as she's happy and she chew on those damn sticks instead of my fingers, I am happy :)

Now she's sitting on my lap, dozing away in lalaland while I am typing this. Ultra cuteness. ^_^

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New specs!

Thursday, October 28, 2010 0 Comments
Say hello to my 2nd pair of specs!

Do I look more serious with darker frame specs? :)

You may wonder why is this the 2nd pair since I posted an entry about my Agnes B before this.. but technically, it's 2nd cos I bought this before the Agnes B specs.. but I only collected it today cos they had to fit in multi-coat lenses.

It's ultra light.. greyish black and don't ask me what brand cos I dunno.. some housebrand/generic brand but the feeling and design looks like the Tag Heuer one I like :) It comes in a simple plastic box that snaps shut.. The namecard beside it is the place where I got it, Ai Sin Optical Centre.

I also got 2 boxes of One Day Acuvue lenses (with degree) and it comes with two pairs of free samples. The nice ladyboss told me if I don't like any of the colour, I can bring back the unopened box to change for other items. ^_^

You just gotta love neighbourhood optical shops! Cheap, unpretentious and so homely! :)