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Sunday, August 22, 2010

MC Week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010 0 Comments
I have used up all 14days of my medical leave entitlement and now every extra day of MC will incur a demerit point.. And when I hit a certain amount of points, I may be terminated... :(

But, the funny thing is for everyday of MC you get a point but if you MC for 5 consecutive days, you only incur one point... and since I already had 3 days MC for my throat inflammation, I decided to extend for another 2 days!

So from 15th August till today, I skipped work!

Well, I will also not be paid since it's considered unpaid leave.. but how to talk when I have coughing fits?

I have a collection of cough syrups in my fridge. Those are useless medicine from RMG clinics which doesn't cure my cough.. so they are all rotting in the fridge. No choice, have to go to RMG cos my company only accepts medical leave from them or from government institutions like hospitals and polyclinics..

Anyways, back to work tomorrow!~ 10 more days to my cruise trip! Yippeee!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have blue mini rubber bands in between my teeth and it's so irritating yet fun. =.=

I'm so weird sometimes...

And why do I have rubber bands in between my teeth? Cos today I went to the dentist for a consultation/x-ray to put in braces for my teeth! She put in the mini rubber bands between my teeth to form a gap so it will be easier when I put in my braces..

I had a lot of pictures taken with my teeth, both in and out and even profile pictures of my face! The dentist said these will be my "Before" pictures so she can show me the "After" pictures when I remove my braces in 1 to 2 years time..

The dentist said I have relatively straight teeth so she was kinda persuading me not to put in braces... but I have a horrible crooked smile! I want beautiful perfect straight teeth!! After my braces I wanna do teeth whitening so I can finally have my dream smile! :)

Well, the trade off is that I have to put in retainers for the rest of my life in case the teeth shift back again, but I think it's worth it for a great smile!

My appointment is on 4th September! Can't wait!

Will post pictures of my braces soon! Yay yay yay!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Went to the Canon Digital Lab at Keppel Bay Tower (near Harbourfront Centre) for my DSLR introduction workshop. The workshop is 2 hrs, from 2pm to 4pm.

The registration process was sloppy and they didn't even asked for my warranty or receipt.. the guy at the counter just pointed "that room!" and went back to chatting on the phone...

I was already sian 1/2 when I walked in the room... Cos there were enough chairs for the participants but there's a lot of irritating and inconsiderate assholes who take up 3 seats/spaces each.. like hello?! Your butt so big meh? I didn't care and squeezed my way into the second row from the front screen cos I didn't wanna sit beside a bald guy who had oily scalp. --> I am mean, but I am clean ok!

But I should have sat elsewhere cos his shiny bald head kept distracting me from what the instructor was saying and also blocked my view when I tried to take pictures of the slides... T_T"

The instructor taught us the basic functions of the camera but kept stressing that he is unable to "go beyond the basics as it is not covered in today's introductory workshop but you can sign up for our camera photography workshops".

So basically it's just a 2hrs course on how to press the buttons on your camera, your very expensive camera and should you wanna know how to tweak the functions to produce beautiful pictures you have to PAY to learn.

And of cos, the lens that we have is not good enough cos a good photographer needs a minimum of 2 lens or more and "Canon has a great and wide range of lens" for everyone to BUY.

To me, it's just a prolonged 2hr advertisement on their workshops/courses/lens.

Anyway, I took a picture of the picture shown on the screen that the instructor took of the class..

Can you spot me?

I look like I'm asleep but I was just toggling with my camera.. serious! hahahahahaha!

And here's a screen shot of what are the "Easy modes" for..

I kinda zoned out after a while, I guess photography is not really my cup of tea. Aperture, focus, exposure.. what the?!! I will just stick to auto-mode and let the camera do the job.. if a $2000 camera cannot take good pictures automatically, why bother..?

I know camera enthusiastic will roll their eyes at me and say it's a waste of money, blah blah blah... I don't care lah. I mean, I have 4 digital cameras sitting on the shelf and they don't take really nice pictures, moreover.. Canon is supposed to have "user friendly" functions on their cameras.. So it should be quite easy to use.

So after the class, I went to Harbourfront Centre to have a late lunch before heading home...

Yum yums~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Canon EOS550 Kit II with additional lens for night shots! ^___^

I was contemplating getting the Nikon D90, but after doing a bit of research, I chose colour over clarity and decided on the Canon 550! It has lots of added features over it's previous model, the EOS 500 and it also has HD video recording..!

Kit II is almost $300 more than the basic model, but I figure I won't have to upgrade and buy another better lens as the lens itself costs around $900++.. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Went to try on some new clothes again.... but didn't buy any... I think it's fun to try/wear new clothes but it's not fun to pay for them. =X

Pink country dress $69 ( i think )

This white dress costs around $103... =.=

Pretty tube top~! $33, but when will i wear it?!! T_T"

Dammit my hair is becoming redder/goldenish. I wanted a darker brown tone and now it's turning the opposite colour that I want!! Stupid lah! Is it the fault of the hairdresser or do I wash my hair too often? Dammn! I don't wanna look like a washed-out Ah Lian! I wanna look like a tai tai!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pipimon brought me to Bugis's latest japanese restaurant... "Let's Sweets".

We read in the magazine and even on a few websites that the opening hours are from 11.30am till 10pm.. Even the shop's entrance has a sign that says that...

We arrived at 11.30am.. and guess what? The place is deserted! WHY?!!?

Reason is... they open at 12pm.

I don't understand why they put 11.30am as the operating hours and even advertised in 8days as 11.30am but opened at 12pm!! WTF!!

Tsk. Damn pissed off.. so we went to walk around a bit and I ended up buying a pair of jeans. =X

So, we walked back at 11.55am and there was quite a queue outside waiting to go in.. guess they were cheated by the time too.

We went in, and there was a timer on the table that starts at 50mins. So total duration is 1hr to eat, but 50mins to take any food item/drinks. Remaining 10mins is to finish up all the stuff on your table.

The waitress or waiter will come by a few times during the last 10 mins and ask if you would like to extend for 1 more hour -- which is super bo hua! Cos if you times two the amount of the buffet, you can go and have high tea at a hotel with much better food! T_T

Honestly, the food is not that fantastic.. but for $14.80++ per person, not too much we can complain about...

This Japanese guy makes the worst crepes ever. Even the toot toot nerdy guy in Marche makes nicer crepes than him......! The crepe he made was undercooked and his ice cream was not scooped properly. Not even resembling a roundish object.. just a blob of white shitty looking piece of mess.

The cake display fridge is the main draw of the restaurant.. I love the chocolate mousse and strawberry shortcake! But the rest of the jelly and cakes were hit and miss. Nothing fabulous to shout about. Dry and underwhelming.

The fondue is kinda nice though.. saved by the yummy bananas! Hahahahah!

Here's Pipimon at the hot food section.. there's fried chicken, spaghetti, omu rice, curry rice, sandwiches and the most horrible pizzas I ever tasted in my entire life.

So... go try it. Cheap thrill at the following prices:
Lunch: $14.80
Dinner: $18.80
Prices are the same for weekdays and weekends. Please note that prices may increase cos currently it's on "promotion".

But once again.. this falls into my OIE category.

Once is enough!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pipimon accompanied me this time as he's free.. :)

That means my hands are free to take pictures with Chloe! ^__^

Chloe and Domo are friends~~

I love bringing her for grooming sessions cos her fur will be so white and fluffly.. but after just 1 day she'll mess up her hair again and I will feel so upset cos she don't look pretty anymore.

Chloe, oh Chloe.. why can't you be more ladylike?!??

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pipimon had the cravings for "The Rice Table", and after 3 weeks of fully booked status, we managed to make a reservation for today by calling in one week in advance.

It's not that the food is fantastic.. it's just that the place is small and service was kinda slow.

First impression when we walked in was: "WAH! SO DARK!".. I told him to watch his step before he kick something or fall cos it's really very dim in the restaurant.. upon further scrutiny, I realized it must be to cover up for the cracks on the ceiling and the horribly dirty carpet.. I even spotted 4 baby cockroaches scurrying on the wall.


But I decided to persevere cos we waited so long before coming here, and honestly.. which restaurant doesn't have cockroaches?!

But still... seeing them... =.=

They served all the dishes at one go, you can send back any dish you don't want.. than if you would like more, you just have to order it. It's an ala carte buffet selection.

Nothing to shout about.. fairly passable.. rice is fluffy (good), dishes are too oily (bad), place was dodgy (horrible).

My fave dish is the fruit salad.. ^__^

I had 4 portions of this!! Wahahahhahahaha.

Including drinks we paid around S$35 for the meal after the 15% off for Standard Chartered card holders.. Not too expensive considering the location is at Orchard Road... but we definately won't be going back again. This is what i call OIE --> my new term that I've coined for eateries that barely pass my fussy tastebuds.

OIE = Once is enough :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Didn't buy clothes for almost 2 months now, since I brought Chloe home...

One of my promises not to spend too much money on frivolous stuff. Sigh. Went to try on some clothes to satisfy my cravings for putting on new stuff and very very nearly succumb to the pressure of my inner demon.


Took pictures to remind myself to:

1) Lose more weight
2) Earn more money

It's all about "more", but one is losing and the other is obtaining. Difficult to do that unless u switch the equatation around to lose more money and gain more weight.

Hahahahahhahahaa! =X