Friday, May 29, 2009

Dental Appointment


Dear ol' Pipimon is the type of people who feels that going to the Dentist is only justified when your tooth starts to hurt... so sometimes he can't understand why i will go to the Dentist willingly...

Well, I always go for check-ups, moreover I have a small decay on my front tooth! What if it cracks and break??? And I am so scared of tooth decay manifesting into something more evil, and resulting in me having to go for Root Canal treatment RCT!

Remember a few years ago I had to go for RCT, and it costs over $2000++? Thankfully my ex-dad wasn't so evil that time and he paid for me.. if it happens now, I don't know where to find this sort of money lah!

I went to TOOFCLINIC @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-106 to look for Dr Choy cos apparently he has lots of good reviews from many people online.. and he is really good! Sweet, gentle and very friendly. Not pushy or evil like some of the dentists i have seen before (and I have seen many).

Total damage: $230.

Anyway, I met Nat for lunch near Amara Hotel's Subway before my dental appointment at 2pm.

Hair very messy. wahaha.
If you notice, my sandwich has ZERO veggies. Nat says I very drama when I was ordering..
After lunch we walked across the street to Tanjong Plaza Plaza which look like a normal under the block kind of shops in a row... but anyways. We walked around, and he brought me to this shop with a LONG queue to buy muffins.

He says that he has never had the opportunity to try but everytime he passes by he can smell the fragrance and see the queue so he was always tempted to buy..Well, finally got chance to buy liao lah! Around $1.10 to $1.30 per muffin.. Lots of flavours. Nat bought 6 pcs lah! tsk tsk. Still say on diet. LOL!!
Afterwards he accompanied me to the clinic to sit and wait for my appointment to give me moral encouragement. So sweet. He's like my younger brother from another mother.. though he's older than me by 4 years. Yea yea, i look old. whatever. And sometimes I very auntyrish. But all influenced by Pipimon lah. He super uncle, than make me super aunty sometimes..
We have the same taste in food, music, gossips, everything! So hard to find a best friend who shares common interests with yourself when you reach a certain age.. I mean, it's easy to make good friends in school but not in workplace cos too much politics.. glad I found Nat! :)

But he abandoned me and went to greener pastures lah... so now in the office I don't have someone with the same wavelength to "siao" with me. Vivien will sometimes put up with my nonsense, but I think I click more with Nat lor...
Anyway, yesterday we went out, today we met, tomorrow I am going to his house to play SIMS2, and Sunday he's going out with me and Pipimon for high tea! 4days in a row! YAY!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Elson's BBQ Birthday Party


It's Elson's birthday, and he invited a few of us for a BBQ gathering at Downtown East Chalet..

Not many people turned up though.. i think in total there was only around 12 people including me and Pipimon.. most probably many of them were overseas or were busy cos this silly Elson only informed everyone 1 week prior the BBQ, and some of the kiasu ones made plans in advance of at least 2 to 3 weeks.

Anyways, Elson's friends bought him two balloons which are super cute.

I called them Turtle & Pig..

Very unimaginative I know... but a spade is a spade mah. We took many many pictures with the balloons.. well, Me and Nat took many many pictures.. too many!

We even brought them for a walk.. attracting many stares from other people who either think we are cute, acting cute, or just plain crazy.

Nat and I were there early to help with the preparations and when his friends arrived, we began to relax and camwhore with Turtle and Pig. Afterwards, I helped in putting the candles on the Awfully Chocolate cake which Elson's friends bought for him...

We sang Happy Birthday to the boy at around 10.30pm -- which by this time his parents have already went home! So no pictures of his parents. :(

But his mummy damn cute lah. HAHAHA. She was wearing a Bad Badz Maru teeshirt lah!
*sings* Bad badz maru... deng deng deng... (my siblings will know. lol)

Elson & Me

Pipimon, Me, Elson

CTC Gang
Me, JiaZhao, Gideon (Yi Ge), Nat, Elson

Test shot
I told Nat to do a test shot of the table so when the official pictures were taken, it will turn out nice. See? Both of us are damn professional lah. Can call us for your party planning needs.

Annoying Pipimon is smoking and I hates it. Urgh.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Just arrived in Singapore today and I did not sleep at all yet! I am afraid to mess up my body clock and sleeping at odd hours..It's almost midnight after finishing blogging the previous entry, and I asked Pipimon if he can drive me to Wany's and my sister's house.. need to return Wany's jacket and pass them the stuff I bought for them in Japan.

SARUBOBO! - Good luck Charm

Anyway the bunny eared ones were damn difficult to find lah.. But managed to find it in Sanmachi "Little Kyoto".
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Toyama - Nagano)

On 14th May '09, we went up to Kurobe Alpine route to take 6 different transport systems from Toyama prefecture to Nagano prefecture. No private vehicles is allowed into this region during the 2 months of snow corridor cos they want to control the traffic and reduce pollution (and of course, make a killing out of people who wants to go up and visit). The whole journey costs around 10,000Yen which is around S$155.

We left the hotel at 8am, arrived at Tateyama Station around 9.45am and we ended in Ogizawa Station at 4pm. Here are some pictures of the transport we took....

View from the cable car

Before the trip, I was calling all my customers telling them that the temperature will be around -3 to -5degrees Celsius up on the mountain top where the snow corridor is. Moreover common sense tells you that in order for snow to be piled that high, temperature must be 0 or below right?

Some of them argued with me saying that "Internet says it's 12degrees Celsius" or that my colleagues told them during briefing that it will be around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius and some even questioned my capability to lead the tour when I do not even know the basic thing like the temperature.

The night before our ascent up the mountain, our local guide said that the temperature will be ranging around 13 to 15degrees celcius, and it won't be too cold.

Imagine the killer stares and murmurings against me from my customers who accused me of burdening them to bring so much extra thick clothing.

I just ignored them, and hold steadfast to my prediction of minus 3 to minus 5 degrees Celcius.

The next morning, my local guide informed the rest of the group that the temperature has dropped as it rained the previous night.. and the current temperature was 6degrees celcius..

When we actually arrived on the top of the mountain, it was snowing, and the snow was like hailstones cos it's so hard and big.. like bullets pelting you from all directions.



And as expected, all those idiots who doubted me just avoided looking at me when I stared back at them defiantly. Moreover those doubters who refused to bring extra clothing on my advice ended up hiding in the station and not venturing out cos it was freaking windy and fucking cold.

Sometimes, I really believe in a God up there somewhere.

Anyway.... I ventured out with Betty, who's a Branch Manager of my company and was there as a paying customer to take pictures!

Signboard telling you the Dos and Donts and showing the map of the corridor

Wearing the Hello Kitty mask that Linn bought for me. Thanks girl! It really helped cos the air was very cold and thin and difficult to breathe. :D

Cute Doraemon!

Afterwards we went for lunch, and then begin our descent down the mountain to Kurobe Dam!

The Kurobe Dam is Japan's largest dam. It generates electricity for the Kansai Electric Power Company. It stands 186 m high and holds 200,000,000 cubic meters of water. Its construction, completed in 1963 at a cost of 51.3 billion yen, claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people.

We had to walk approximately 2km across to the tunnel leading to the last transport system back to Nagano.

I cannot repeat how many times I love Japan! And the Alpine tour is one of the best tours I've been on! :D
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu

Everyday I have to handle at least 30 calls and numerous emails regarding the Swine Flu aka H1N1 virus.

I have many cases on hand where people want to cancel/postpone their tours even though they country they are travelling to is safe to travel to with no reported deaths.

I feel that these people are taking advantage of the situation to make our lives miserable. I am so sick of explaining countless times to these ignorant people that H1N1 is just a mutation of several flu viruses, and it can be cured by ingesting tamiflu medicine. Symptoms are the same as of the common cold, it's just that some people's immune system is weak that's why there's death.. but out of the hundred billion people in the world, only a small insignificant number is dead from the virus. Most of the patients recovered!!!

I don't understand what is the big deal nor the big hoo-ha over this issue.

Is it surprising that a virus like this, or Bird Flu or SARS occur once every few years? Too many genetic mutations, inhumane treatment of animals and destroying and disrespecting nature has caused all these horrible diseases.

Like I say, if it's your time to die, you die.

Even if you avoid travelling to "affected countries", and Fate wants you to die.. he will find a way to finish you off. Like being knocked down by a bus, hit by a killer flowerpot or stroke or whatever..

What gives these stupid idiots the false hope that Singapore is a safe place that is 100% free from the H1N1 virus?? Our country is so freaking small, congested.. and most of the people living on this island is so fucking inconsiderate, selfish and ignorant!!!! Stupid mindless idiots who only know how to complain and threaten and shout and act like total babies.

One customer told one of my colleagues that if we do not get manager to explain and give him a suitable reply (in other words; to give in to his unreasonable demands) within 30mins, he will come down to our office to bang table.

My manager damn cool. She said something really funny and witty in chinese about the guy coming down bringing kerosene and burning our office....I laughed until I nearly died lah.I hope that idiot burns the office.. cos firstly, we get to prosecute him for vandalizing and putting our lives in danger. Secondly we can renovate the place and get new computers and stuff!


My manager, Jennifer is unfazed by threats and insults. Her attitude is always

I hope that one day I will be able to be as cool, calm and collected like her in the face of irritating and unreasonable customers. She says I am too nice to customers that's why always get bullied and taken advantage of. But I am learning to be more firm and tough in dealing with difficult customers.

Like I said, all these people are only waiting for opportunity to take advantage of us. If we are not tough enough, we'll be torn to pieces.

Whoever say our job is enviable and fun don't know the ugly side of this business.

I am waiting for the day that our country has someone who is suspected of H1N1, cos when that day arrives, I will ask those fucktards:
"Singapore is also an affected country with suspected cases of H1N1.. are you going to migrate to the Moon??????!!!"
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