Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thank you Wany! :)


Wany bought me souvenirs from Australia! :)

Evil Wany wanna make me fat right? Got kinder surprise lor! Love love love!

She helped me buy a tote for A$50, and bought me a nice shirt and a pair of shoes! All Pink! Whooopeeee!

Thanks Wany!
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Heroic Rendezvous & Indulgz

Date: 21st March 2008
Venue: Suntec City Mall
Was very excited intitally about the 2nd store opening of my fave brand.. (1st outlet is at Central, super smalley hole in the wall shop)

Spent weeks preparing for the launch by scouring the magazines for invites to the Zouk Party and saving my pocket money (from pipimon) to buy the merchandise....
We were so hyped up by the exhibition area at the atrium, and saw so many lovely dolls and beautiful pictures of the brand..

But in the end.. they are Not for Sale!

Super cute right?

But when we went to the shop, our happiness turned into disappointment cos there was nothing to buy! The shop is sooooo big, yet there's nothing much! It's like they repeat the display 5 to 6 times in the whole shop. Imagine walking into a supermarket, and 60% of the shelves are selling the same thing.

Very kua kua kua right?

I was so sian-ed, than i persuaded Wany not to go for the Zouk party lest we get disappointed AGAIN at the stupid party. Anyway with the way they are 'launching' the brand.. it will not make an impact in Singapore and they will not win over new fans and lose old fans like me. We went to Indulgz at Tan Queen Lan Street to drink coffee.

The boss still remembers me! OMG! Her memory is damn good lah! The last time i went was.. almost a year ago, and she still remembers me??
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CTC D&D @ Fullerton Hotel


The event is held at Fullerton Hotel!

There is shark's fin on the menu lor! BAHHH!!

But not totally Shark's fin... it's mixed with fish maw and something else... Heard it's $150 per head, and the total bill is over... $20,000? Overheard my managers paying the bill at the end of the show. wahahahhaaa. I went as Princess Fiona..! And when people asked where Shrek was, i told them he's at home with my 3 green kids. LOL!

Helen from Troy (Choco), Pirate girl (Janice), Princess Fiona.. and eh.. I dunno what Nathaniel is wearing. OOPS!

If you noticed, i wore my macdonald's Shrek ears.. la la la. It came in useful!! hahahaha. Cos the costume shop where i rent the costume only had an ugly wig which i refused to wear cos it smells and feels funny. EEKS! Btw, i was involved in a play and we won 2nd place! So happy can! I spent 6hrs plus doing the props lor. Here's a group pic!

Story is about a mermaid dreaming about a prince.. which explains the half-naked angel. LOL!
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