Sunday, September 30, 2012

Surprise card from le bf!

 Came home and saw this on my dressing table!

Flipped over and saw this message..

It's a surprise card from le bf! :) I had to work today to cover for my other 6am morning shift buddy so I can't go to church today with him.. He went to Tampines Mall and shopped by himself and bought me a card! He wrote a super sweet message in the card for me. Awww. Thank you dear!
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

When I was just a little girl..

It's gonna be October soon! I am gonna turn 26 years old!

Time really flies because I don't feel 26 at all! The big 3-0 is looming closer and closer. OMG.

My Emama still keeps pictures of me when I was younger.. Thank God cos next time during my wedding montage video I have something to put in. Hahahahaha!! Here are some pictures my cousin Zeng sent me.

Messing around in my dad's office at Aged 3.
Love the polka dot sofa please!! Mad nice!
I remember the bear was bought by my dad on a business trip..
He brought home a box of soft toys for me and clothes that couldn't fit me cos  he don't know how or what to buy. But hey! He made an effort! I was 4 years old! :) Happy memories!
Pardon the unglam pose and the tacky umbrella
I was in the Salvation Army for a few years.. 
I look like a drag queen in this. Why the hair so ugly!! Must be my mother. Tsk.
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Le bf's parents 30th wedding anniversary

I prepared a present for Mama Chew :)

Wrapped the present nicely so the envelope is in the middle and I can write a note on it. I love wrapping presents! :D

His parents had a mass wedding 30 years ago and they are still in contact with the other wedding couples! So cool huh? No facebook and they still can keep in touch! Wow! The mass wedding idea was so cool.. the couples even went on a mass honeymoon together to Taiwan! ^_^


 Le bf happily scooping food for me. Hee~

 Somehow it's all my favourite food! 
Prawn paste chicken, mee gorng and kong ba! 

 Nomming on yummy kong ba bao! I ate 3!! ZOMG!

 Yummy durian cake!

 I don't eat Durian but I love cake! 

Moreover this durian cake is the bomb diggity! It's made by a home baker and le bf came to pick me up from work before driving to Bukit Timah to collect the cake. It was sitting on my lap the whole way and I was so excited cos it's heavy! Which means there's lots of cake! heeheehee!

The program book from 1982! Before I was born! :)

The program book has pictures of all the couples who partook in the mass wedding! There are over 100 of them! 

 Picture of Mama Chew & Papa Chew 30years ago. Heehee!

5 years ago they had a celebration at Orchid Country Club and they were featured in the newpapers for their 25th! A reporter came today and their 30th anniversary will also be featured in the papers next week. So cool!! 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Chloe's cute pictures!

Cute pictures of Chloe! 
It's been ages since I posted pictures of her. :)
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Azmi & Joy's Wedding at RSYC

This post is overdue. More than 1 month overdue!

Tweeting and Instagramming is so much faster and easier.. But I'll never stop blogging because it allows me to keep track of my thoughts and memories without restricting me to 140 characters per entry.

Anyways, Le Bf's secondary school friend had a very romantic very beautiful very gorgeous very (insert own word) at the Singapore Yacht Club on 12th August 2012.

I've been to Chinese weddings and Malay weddings but I've never attended a Western style wedding. Azmi is a Malay and Joy is a Chinese so they opted for a western theme. It's outdoors in a tent-age just by the beach.. Thank God the weather was cooperative! :)

Contrary to popular belief, having such a wedding is actually more costly than a traditional Chinese banquet at a 5 star hotel. Of course it will cost more than the traditional Malay void deck/community club wedding. I know this because I had friends who wanted to get married the Western style method and gave up when they saw the costing.. I also went to do some research on my own before. Heh!

Anyways, it was wonderfully organized and planned!

The emcee was engaging and fun, they hired the Singapore Char Siew Baos as their wedding singers (I told Le bf I must must must have the Char Siew Baos at our wedding!), the decorations was gorgeous, the wedding favour was well thought-out and everything was just perfect.

The groom and bride (both are SIA cabin crew) looks absolutely smashing. Love the bride's dress cos it's sheer at the back and it's so sexy yet elegant!

101% perfect. If I was the bride, I will be a super happy happy bride. :)

Le bf, Azmi, Joy & Me! 

Group picture with the "St Andrews" boys and other halfs.
(Le bf was from St Andrew Secondary).
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Angry Pig Lamp

Le bf's other birthday present was a Pig lamp from the Angry Bird series.. It's a gift from his cousin, cousin's gf and best friend.

I went to open and turned it on just now when I was at his place..

I think it looks a bit creepy cos of the colour... especially at night. T_T"
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nintendo DS XL Face Raiders

Le bf's birthday present from my friends was a Nintendo DS XL console.. I was playing with it today and there's a super funny game that's pre-installed inside called Face Raiders!

It will take a photo of your face and basically you have to throw balls at it to stop it from attacking you. It's some augmented reality stuff where you have to sweep your DS from side to side to "spot" the evil faces (which was mine) and just keep throwing stuff at it. 

You only take your photo once but there's lots of "expressions" cos the game will stretch your face to create different expressions! You will look silly, evil, sad, etc. Mad fun!
Once you have successfully "defeated" the face, it will be saved in your DS and appear on the home screen of the game. Now whenever he opens that game, he will see my face on the main page making monkey faces at him. LOL!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old School Candy @ Teck Leong Lee Kee

Last Sunday was Le bf's birthday party at Royal Carousel. But I prepared the party pack way before the party. ^_^

We went to Teck Leong Lee Kee last month to buy candy that were already "hard to find" in Singapore. Candy that we used to eat when we were younger in the late 80s and early 90s..

I found the place through Google. I was searching for places to buy Ring Pops and stumbled upon the website:

Le bf drove me to this super ulu industrial park where it's located..

Update: They have now shifted to Block 122 Bedok North Street 2 #01-112! 

Super excited when I went in cos everything was stacked so nicely! Old school stuff at wholesale prices! Mad love!

Look at all the candy!


Le bf is happy too! :D


Ding Dang!
I think the packaging looks different now compared to last time.


We bought over $100++ worth of tidbits and stuff. I've already tried the things we bought and was happy with some, disappointed with some. The ring pop is made in Thailand and it's all melty and gooey.. tasted different too. I guess most of the old school candy manufacturers have stopped making them and now mostly are copies of the original. 

Look at the cute favour boxes I bought to put the candy in! :)

It's flat packed so I have to fold it myself..

Look look! It's the Mystery Machine! Mad cute!!
Had lots of fun filling up the boxes! :) I love parties!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Brendan's Birthday Party @ Royal Carousel

This year will be the 1st time I am celebrating Brendan's birthday with him. 2 years ago I bought him an Awfully Chocolate cupcake but we just met up for like 10mins and he left cos he wanted to pass me some stuff.

He came to my birthday party last year, and that was his 1st time celebrating my birthday with me together with all my friends.. :)

I was thinking what to buy for him.. We buy gifts for each other without any special occasions so it has to be special and memorable.. Nearly went crazy researching on what to get him and then I thought: "Why not throw him a birthday party?". 

The happy boy!

His last birthday party was long long ago, for his 21st Birthday and his family is not big on birthdays so he's kinda not into celebrating his birthday -- unlike me. I love birthdays! I love parties! I love celebrations! Whoop!! Whoop!!

Thing was, he doesn't have lots of close friends.. Well, he has lots of friends but he doesn't really meet up very often with them. Before we got together, he's always #Foreveralone and only has a handful of people that he meets up with (including me). When I say handful, it's really handful.. you can count with one hand. His cousin Ryan, his army buddy Clement, Jeraldine and me. 4 people! LOL!

He used to ask me out for dinner every week and I was the busy one. He had to make appointment with me, message me a few days in advance to remind me and sometimes when I was so tired and lazy to go out, he will come all the way to the Macdonald's at Boon Keng to have dinner with me cos he said it's super sad and loserish to stay home on a Friday night. Wah! I envied him and said I want to have free time all by myself but I was so bogged down by work and stuff I don't have the time to relax lah...

Anyways, I invited his close friends, sisters, my sister and my best friends for a high tea buffet! The high tea is my treat as a birthday present for le bf! It's around SGD38++ per person.

When my friends asked me "What does Brendan like? What to buy?", I just laughed and told them "I don't know! That's why I am throwing the party and you guys can go headache about the present! Wahahahah!"

You would have thought it's easy to shop for a simple guy like him but it's not. He don't use branded stuff, he seldom use perfume/cologne, he is techie but that's also a problem because he's very particular about the techie things he buy/use.. I already bought him a watch for Valentine's Day and he has a few other watches so he doesn't need another one.. Cheem right?

I tried to fish out information from him on what he liked and he kept saying "Nothing.. I don't need anything because I have you." -- Wah. Max sweet lor.

Ok, so I set the date as 9/9/12 even though his birthday is on 19/9/12 and we can celebrate it on 16/9/12 instead, however majority of the group cannot make it on 16/9/12 so I had to put it on 9/9 instead. Unfortunately, Joyce couldn't come yesterday cos she had a company event thingy to attend. I really think her job is super sucky. Lots of weekends burnt for stupid company events and she don't get time off or extra money..!! Only consolation is the huge bonus every year (she work in HR for a big shipping company), but still! No work life balance AT ALL.

So out of the 14 including the both of us, only Joyce couldn't make it so it's 13 guests. There's a minimum 12 adults rule, so even if less than 12 people came I will still have to pay the full sum for 12 people. But luckily all the rest could make it! :)

I bought the balloon from Nex Mall. He likes cars so I bought him a car shaped balloon. One of the employees at the restaurant wished me "Happy Birthday Madam!" when he saw me walking in with the balloon. I said it's not my birthday and it's le bf's birthday, the guy said "Wah! Why never buy him a real car?".. Diao. I wished I had that kind of spending power. Haha!

We arrived early to prep the room!

I booked the private room cos the main hall is very noisy. The price is the same for the private room but there is a minimum headcount of 12 adults, maximum 14 people. I had to pre-guarantee the total amount for 12 people and no cancellation is allowed 48hrs before. Even if less than 12 people turn up, I will still have to pay for the minimum headcount of 12 adults.. It's really worth it if you have a party of 12. The decor is very "Italian Mafia" and it's partitioned off from the main dining area so it's very exclusive and special, not to mention quieter! If your group is much bigger, you can choose to block off a whole wing at the left side of the restaurant. 

My sister arrived first. Good girl! We were 2nd and followed by Wany & Nathaniel (the two BBFF. Haha!). XY & Nick came earlier than all of us but I'm not sure where they were because four of us were at the restaurant already and both of them were still missing. Must be kissy kissy somewhere.. Haha!

I appointed my sister as the official party photographer because I know I will be too distracted to take pictures.. She did her job very well! I found lots of nice pictures on my camera when I uploaded them into my computer. :) Thanks Pui!

Party boxes for the guests! :)
The box design is Scooby Doo's Mystery Van. 
I think it's super cute! Haha!

What is inside the box?

Old school candy!

Chocolate fountains

Condiments for the fondue

My sister's favourite.. waffles!

The whole group! Picture taken from my side!

Group picture taken from le bf's side

Both of us sat at both ends of the table. So he can chat with his friends and I can chat with mine.. Make sure no one got left out of the conversation. Initially I was sitting at his seat but he changed the last minute cos it's "easier to go out and take food" as the seat is just beside the door. Haiyo! My poor sister was already seated beside that seat and in the end she's separated from me throughout the meal and was so lonely. Awwww. I told her "blame your korkor for changing at the last minute!". Haha!

Birthday boy sitting beside the door. 

I was seated beside Pamela (le bf's youngest sister).

The moment she arrived, she opened her party pack and went "Ooh!" then suddenly everyone looked at her at the same time cos we were all settling down and chatting and she's already looking at the stuff in the box... all of us laughed together cos her expression was too funny! I don't know why but we all looked at her at the same time without cue and she gave us the "OH!" face and the sheepish "Heh heh!" and it's so cute!!

Cheryl & Pamela 
Le bf is the eldest, followed by Cheryl, then Pamela

The new couple! 
Nick & XY aka Jace

She looks so blissfully in love now! Last time she kept saying me and Le bf is so er-xin for being so sweet and mushy but now she's er-xin herself and she doesn't want to admit it. LOL! I am so happy for her though. ^_^

The BBFF (Beyond Best Friends Forever) pair

3 of us kept going to queue for the stupid Kebab but the chef always say "Come back in 10mins! Not ready yet.." But when we come back in 10mins, he say the same thing! WAH LAO EH! This happened for a few times and both Nat and Wany were so pissed they decided to stand there and stalk the kebab counter until it is ready. They waited like 20mins before they finally got a plate after a few failed attempts! Madness!

After a while, XY asked Brendan to open his birthday present from them..

Nintendo DS XL!

I told them that he wanted this because I've seen him eyeing it and he is such a big DS fan that he has the whole collection except for one because of some reason which I forgot.. he has the original DS, DS lite, 3DS and some other models. He's also always on the lookout for new DS games and brings it when he travels overseas. Now he has an XL version! Thank you so much XY, Nick, Yaya, Wany, Nathaniel, Joyce! 

Afterwards, the staff came in to surprise him with his birthday cupcake and birthday fruit tart! The cupcake is complimentary from the hotel and his sisters bought the fruit tart. :) Cheryl went to Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport T3 to pick it up lah! The staff sang the usual "It's your birthday, sha la la la la!" When I arrived earlier, they asked me what time they should come in to surprise him and I asked "Are you all gonna sing the Sha la la la song?" and the guy told me "We got other songs too!" but in the end still sha la la la la. LOL!

I bought the super cute robot candles for him. ^_^

Happy Birthday my love! *muacks*

Make a wish!!~~

Cut cake time!!

My sister took a picture of one of the robot candles. Haha!

Birthday cupcake!

(I ended up eating this all by myself for supper last night. LOL!)

Taking a picture to post on Instagram!

Group picture timeeeee!

Le bf and his sisters ^^
They look super alike, especially when they smile. :D

Our "family" picture. 

Pamela is so  funny cos she was waving her hands like and saying "Lai Lai Da Sao come take picture!". I was telling le bf "Wah! First time your sis call me Da Sao leh. Awwww". Hee!

LOLed at the last picture. Haha!

Le bf with the BBFFs

Le Bf with Nick & XY

Pam playing with the bubble that acted as the balloon's weight.

Everyone taking pictures of the polaroids to put on Instagram~ Haha!

This is how fast Yaya & Nat reacts to a surprise picture. Win.

There's a table for us to put stuff at the side of the room. Super thoughtful!

I brought my Pandora films and Yaya helped me order more films from Gmarket.. I think I have over 20 packets in my drawer now.. OMG. Crazy me.

The polaroids we took!

See how the Pandora films connects? Super nice! It's my favourite design so far!

Many thanks to my little sister for being the official photographer and helping me take down so many beautiful photos. Love ya!

Also, a big thank you to all that came and celebrated le bf's birthday together! 

❤ I hope you enjoyed yourself, my love! 
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