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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Invitation card

Other than buying a new car, Money moved into Paterson Edge near Wheelock.. super chio house.. And here's a lil sneak peek into her exclusive, beautiful 2 bedroom apartment!

At the entrance of her house...
Usually don't have balloons lah. It's becos of the party that's why got so many lovely pink balloons.
I didn't know that Mei Kwan (Money's sister) love pink and Hello Kitty! Same same as me can! If i knew, i'll get her a lovely Hello Kitty merchandise instead of the crystal accessories set we got for her.. Oh well, there's always Christmas and next year! :)

Money's Shoe Collection

Only the ones on the rack & in the shoeboxes are hers...She's more of a bag girl than shoe girl.. so not really as many as you would imagine.

Venus Fly Trap
Her mosquito trapping device. But i think it's too small to gobble up much mosquitoes... and there's a lot of mosquitoes around her house cos behind her condo there's construction going on and since it's raining like almost everyday, there's lots of mosquitoes breeding!

Money's other dog
This dog is cuter than her chihuahua, Monster.. cos that dog hates me. Bit me on the lips when she was just an 10week old puppy, and now whenever she sees me, she'll bark and charge at me. Crazy dog.

Lovely Pink Roses
There are flowers everywhere in her house. For both FengShui and aesthetic reasons..

So cute right? She got these from Thailand when she went there with her bf. Another bigger painting is the elephant one that can be seen in the picture at the entrance of the house, and half of it can be seen below....

Joyce, MeiKwan & Me

The theme of the party is NERD. But since all of us are so old, we came as we are..
(Anyway we're considered NERDY by the younger generations lor)

Pipimon relaxing....

3 of us fooling around
Only 3 of us left in the house cos everyone went upstairs to the swimming pool (at the rooftop) and started on the BBQ, and since Yaya is not here yet, we waited in the comfort of the air-conditioned house... and play....

Feature Wall
Money did the flowery deco herself, and her TV is huge lor!
Joyce and Pipimon having fun playing Tennis & Bowling, swinging, shouting & shrieking...
Note the blue balloon that she's holding? It's her lucky charm..
It looks like a dick, and more so, after i added 2 "testicles" onto it by twisting 2 ugly globs of ball-like thing with 10 mini twisty ball-like things on it (testicles are ugly. period) So while they're playing, i was self-entertaining myself in Money's kitchen.

After a while, Yaya arrived and we went up to the pool side for the BBQ!

View from the top

I tell u hor.. Youngsters have no experience in cooking...
Took them so long to cook a few pcs of food (but we appreciate the effort lah), and cooked in the darkness with one poor boy using his handphone as a torch to light up the food so they can see if the food is cooked not... We shooed them away to go and eat, and the EXPERT in BBQ came and conquered the pit!
WUAHAHAHAHAHHA! - Ignore me, i'm being weird and boliao.

Within 2 minutes, I found the switch to on the spotlight, turned it on and screamed: "Let there be light!"
And the youngsters all like so shocked that there's a spotlight pointing in the direction of the BBQ pit.. Oldsters like us no need use handphone to shine light on the Chicken Wings lor. hiak hiak hiak.

Birthday Cake
Group Picture

After the cake-cutting, we went to 3 Monkeys Cafe~

Queen Gang is Love!

Pipimon got his face rubbed into one of the drag queen's breasts and he asked me if i minded..

Haiyo, firstly that person is a MAN with a penis. Secondly, it's a MAN! Thirdly, it's a MAN! Just with implanted breasts. We went back to Money's house afterwards and her sister's friends were still around.. it was 2am..I called for BlackJack and Money brought out her very expensive and brand new..

LV playing cardsComes in 3 colours! Damn fucking chio.

Comes with a nice paper bag! Hahahahahaaa....

I won $40++ in BlackJack! Feel quite bad cos the biggest loser is this young boy called YiJun who lost all his money and had to pawn his Football ticket that has a prize of $147.50 to Pipimon for $100.