Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Last week we went to Mad for Garlic at Suntec City to celebrate Cheryl's birthday! The food was quite good and not as garlicky as I would have imagined! The best dish was the fried rice on hot plate! :) 


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Poulèt Vivocity

Had a great 1st day at work today! Nothing much to do yet, but I shall enjoy this honeymoon period as much as I can before the real work begins! I am working at a corporate travel company in Tanjong Pagar. It's a 5 days work week and I have the weekends off! Woohoo! No more midnight shifts and rotating shift bids! My team has 3 girls including myself and all of us started today! It is a brand new team servicing one dedicated client so I think it's great we all start together so we can learn and also build up the team together.

Went to Vivocity's Poulet to have dinner with Le hubby to celebrate my new job! Heee! He's been so sweet and encouraging while I was jobless and looking for a new job. Love him so much!

I love their truffled mash potato and the roast chicken. Le hubby is in love with their croissant. I think it is one of the best croissants in Singapore. The bread is really crispy and buttery. We will definitely be back again! :)

(Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I love Yusheng!

I just realized that all my recent 3 posts are about Yushengs! I guess you can say I have a Yusheng obsession. It's not because of the "good luck" or CNY superstitious that I like it.. I like it because it gives me happy memories. 

Memories of me running around my dad's old seafood restaurant and helping out at the Yusheng counter kiapping the ingredients onto the plates and making neat little mountains of shredded carrots, memories of my family having lou-hei together before my parents' ugly divorce, memories of me eating the only veggies I'll ever eat in the entire year.

I never liked to eat vegetables.. I was a chickenivore. All I ate was chicken chicken chicken. My friends said I ate so much chicken, it's like I have a vendetta with them.. Wany once asked if I was a worm in my past life who got eaten by a chicken and vowed to come back as a human and eat them all up. (She's weird sometimes.. hahaha!) The only time I will willingly eat vegetables is during CNY when there's Yusheng! 

In fact, my parents kept trying ways and means to force feed, bribe, coax, whatever method, to make me eat vegetables. I can't remember how long I hated them, but my earliest memory was way back in Nursery 1 where during lunch time I picked out the vegetables and put them in my neighbour's bowls or throw them under the table. LOL! 

Once my dad put a $500 note on the table and dared me to finish a plate of Kailan. My siblings were dying to volunteer and eat it for the money, but my dad said I have to finish the plate to get the money (cos they both eat veggies). They begged me to eat it so I can bring them out shopping, but I still refused.. despite how much I love money. I have principles ok! You can't force me to do anything I don't want to do.

Now? Now I do eat vegetables because of Le hubby. The amazing power of love huh? He doesn't really force me to eat, but he encourages me nicely. I am still picky about veggies though, so though I eat veggies now, I am a selective eater. So for those veggies that I don't like, he will let me dump them on his plate and he'll help me finish them.

THANK GOD I MARRIED A NON-FUSSY EATER! I can't imagine living with a husband that is as picky or even fussier than me.

I used to be terrified to join his family for dinner at his place because his maid will cook always veggies and Mama Chew will kinda force me to eat by asking me "Why are you not eating veggie? It's good for you!". She actually notices what I put on my plate and tries to kiap food onto it! Damn pressurizing.. Then Le hubby will smirked and grin at me with the "Haha! You must eat it yourself!" look. Wah laoooo.

Now it's easier cos she knows I've never loved veggies from young but I am making an effort to learn how to eat, so she's more lenient with me now. She even buys the veggies I like when she goes to the market! My favourite is broccoli! And sometimes we have broccoli for 5 times a week cos she knows it's my favourite! Heeheehee! I have an awesome mother-in-law! Couldn't ask for more. 

Today I bought Yusheng over to our cellgroup for a lou-hei session!

Wheeeeee! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Asher the cellgroup baby!

Le hubby giving Asher angbao! ^_^

Asher cleaning up the place.. He loves holding the mop and cleaning! My kind of baby! Hahahhaahah! He's only 1years+ so he's starting young to be a neat boy! Good good!!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

CNY dinner with my ex-colleagues!

Had dinner with my AMEX ex-colleagues yesterday night! The last time I saw them was at my wedding! They all attended both the church ceremony and my wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt. :) Super happy to see them again! And we got to lou-hei! Yusheng again! WOOHOO!

They have also all left the American Express Travel. Priscilla & Pamela left together to another corporate travel company while Mandy joined UOB Travel. I am still enjoying life as a housewife/bummer/recovering patient but I will be starting my new job next Monday! God blessed me with a new job which offered me a higher pay and better working hours than AMEX! Woohooo!

Mandy & Me!

Priscilla & Pamela!

They ordered so much food.. it's scary we managed to finish!!
We went to the coffeeshop near Lighthouse Tampines to have zchar! The food is not bad. Each of us paid around $50 for everything. Not super cheap, but it's worth it for the crabs and the fish.

We got a Big Sweep ticket and they insist that I keep it because I am newly married and have more good luck than all of them... LOL! It's bullshit lah. I never believed in such things so I don't think we will win anything. We shall see next month! Hahahahah!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kwong Cheong Thye - Yusheng supplies!

Last week Wany came over to our place armed with lots of Yusheng supplies that her mum bought to make us a home made Yusheng.. so I asked her where her mama bought the stuff so I can go with Mama Chew to buy them for ourselves! 

The shop's name is Kwong Cheong Thye Pte Ltd and it's located in Geylang.

There's lots of sauces and marinades for sale too!

But we made a beeline for the Yusheng shelves! WOOHOO! 

You can buy the pre-pack versions with all the ingredients inside. Or you can buy them separately in bigger portions! So many many many stuff! The prices are quite reasonable and the staff are also very friendly. Wany's mother said they supply to many restaurants and hotels in Singapore, so buying from them is sorta like 'wholesale' Yusheng cos it's basically the same stuff but without the nice packaging and boxes (also the marked up prices).

Mama Chew bought LOTS of the crackers. That's her favourite part of the Yusheng (I actually like the carrots and wintermelons more than the rest), so she bought 2 huge packets. It's massively big and she's still worried it's not enough. -__- She even mentioned she might be going back to buy more before the end of CNY.

I think I met my match.. she's more of a hoarder than I am. Hahahhahaa!
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

LOTR Marathon!

Yesterday we went to Jpot at Tampines One for a steamboat lunch. After lunch we went back to our place for a movie marathon! We decided to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy after we watched had watched Hobbit part 1 at our place  to refresh our memories before we went to the cinema to watch part 2 together a few months ago.


Before our movie marathon, it's YUSHENG time! Wany's mum bought the ingredients and made it for us! She said her mum goes to this shop in Geylang to buy all the supplies.. I'll go there with Mama Chew next week so we can also stock up on Yusheng supplies. YAY! I can have more Yushengs!! Woohoooo!

Le hubby bought the box set a few years ago and it contains all the cut scenes and extra footage not shown in the cinemas! Woohooo! So fun! It's been many years since we caught the shows in the cinemas so there were many scenes that seemed "new" to us. 

We took a break after watching part 1. There were some leftover ingredients for the Yusheng so we put it in a small glass bowl for round 2 mini lou-hei! Hahahahha! And we used forks instead of chopsticks!

Wany is smiling here but Nat is with his usual act cool face..

So she pinched him and he smiled too! LOL! These 2 are so funny lah!

I went to the kitchen and came back seeing these 2 boys up to no good..


I thought Le hubby is weird, but Nat is as weird as he is!! I was scolding Le hubby and asked him not to anyhow mix stuff and eat and he said "It's nice mah....", then Nat jumped in and said "Yah!!! Mix all the food! YAY!". Wah lao eh.. Defending each other's weird combinations of stuff they put in their bread.... One of it was coconut, nutella, peanut butter & kong bak (braised pork) all together! So me and Wany sat at one side of the table and drew an imaginary line in the middle dividing the weirdos (Brendan & Nat) and the normal people (both of us).

Juice blending time!

Afterwards we decided to have some fresh juice! I showed them the new Hurom slow juicer we bought and blended some fresh fruit juices.. well, both of them had a great time playing with the machine.. as you can see. Hahahhaha!

Yummy juices!

Juicing with the slow juicer is really better than the conventional juicers. You can google about the benefits and differences. It's much easier juicing 4 carrots and drinking it then chewing 4 carrots and swallowing them. Cheat way to getting my vegetable intake! :)

Group pic with the family!

We went back to watch LOTR part 2 and after the movie we came out to the living room to play "Just Dance 4" with Le hubby's little cousins while the adults were chatting and watching us dance. Super fun!!! I might have went a bit crazy dancing (cos I'm super competitive when it comes to games), and the funny thing is that the xbox records our dance moves!! HAHAHHAHA! I think Le hubby saved some in his xbox, but unfortunately he said it can only be played in the xbox and he can't extract it. Oh wells!

It was really late after we finished, so we will be watching part 3 next weekend! Yay! It's fun to have movie marathons together at home! :)
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year Day 2

Recently a lot of people have been sending around pictures of money stacked on top of horse. It literally translates to "have money immediately". 

So Mama Chew created her own version and put money on top of her horse plushie. She is super happy her horse can finally be used cos it's the Year of the Horse... it was sitting in the corner of the house and she asked Tita to wash it 2 weeks ago. I thought it was grey (it was that dusty!!!) but after washing it, it's actually green!!!! Amazing lah!

This morning we went to visit Ah Gong! (Mama Chew's father). He is the only grandparent left. He's a man of little words so we just sat with him for a while before leaving. We left for Mama Chew's Godma house before heading over to her friend's place. Binged on so much tidbits and food!!! (◎_◎;)

Afterwards we went our separate ways.. Le hubby and I went to my dad's house to pass him the CNY goodies we bought for him. We only sat for a while cos everyone there was gambling and it felt more like a mini casino. Kinda awkward sitting at the sofa with Le hubby looking at the TV cos both of us don't like watching tv shows. Chatted with my dad for a while and played with their dogs before leaving. 

My sister was in LA so there's no one to accompany us. My brother was there and he introduced his girlfriend to me. My brother and I didn't had a very good relationship when we were younger because my mother overly doted on him and it caused a rift between us. Even so, he is my brother and I am glad that he is studying hard in NUS now and his girlfriend looks like a very decent and sweet girl. We don't really interact much (in fact we don't even talk or contact each other), but whenever he sees me he looks genuinely happy to see me and will give me a hug. That's nice.. and that's as good as our relationship can get, I suppose.

Actually I blame my mother for all that's fucked up in our lives. We could have grew up together and lived together in the same home.. but we ended up living apart and drifting further apart. I only grew closer with my sister during the past 2 years. See my emo post here.

My dad has his share of blame but majority is my mother's fault. The only good thing she did for me was not to abort me when she was pregnant with me inside of her. I sorta learnt how to block out the existence of my parents unless absolutely necessary (i.e: CNY, asking them to attend our wedding..) I don't think about them and I just pretend that I am an orphan with no living relatives (except for my sister). 

They are not that old until I will have that "What if they die and I regret not having a good speaking relationship with them?" thinking yet. Maybe in 20 years time I might have that kind of thoughts.. but not now. I don't care and I don't want to care. My mother is only 20 years older than me and my dad is 28 years older.. So they are still super young, considering how big their children are now.

Oreo (the maltese) was my 18th birthday present from my dad.. which means he is 10 years old this year! Wow! How time flies.. Even though he has not seen me in a super long time, he still remembers me! He came over and sat on my lap and licked me non-stop.

Our last stop was to UE Square to collect a free Yusheng that Le Hubby received from some Salmon company. They sent him a voucher and all he has to do is to call in advance to let them know he's coming to pick it up! No strings attached! And it's from Tung Lok! Crazy expensive.. which I guess most of the money goes into the packaging cos the box is really solid.

Woohoo! 3rd Yusheng and it's only Day 2!

First layer is the veggies

Second layer of the box is the sauce, fish & crackers!

ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)

In the end only 4 of us had the Yusheng cos the rest were out and wasn't having dinner at home.. Kuakuakua. But it's alright! There will be more Yushengs to share!! Yipppeeee!

So how's your Chinese New Year so far? ~ヾ(^∇^)
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