Monday, March 30, 2009

G'day Mate!


Hello Everyone! We've safely arrived in Perth! Now I'm at Tabby's beautiful apartment, and I'm eating Baskin Robins for breakfast. LOL! Icecream breakfast is shioooooooook!
Yesterday night, Tabby & her housemate Paul brought us over to eat FISH & CHIPS! Damn cool cos the seagulls were just 2 feet away eyeing us, watching us and aiming for our french fries. Hahaha. But they are quite "well trained" not to attack us while we eat.
See what commercialization do to seagulls? Instead of fish, they eat french fries. No wonder they look so fat and a bit deranged.
We are walking over to Harbourtown Factory Outlet mall later.. it's 10mins walk from her house. Then tonight when Tabby finish her slavery stint at the hospital, we'll go for dinner!

There's a train stop outside her house than runs till 2am everyday. Damn cool! Tomorrow we will take the train into Perth City.
Will blog more soon. :)
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

7-Eleven Hello Kitty Set completed!

Just now Pipimon was reading a magazine and he tested me on a few questions in the magazine.. questions like "How much water on Earth is usable", etc.. and I answered most of the questions correctly - and he was so shocked and surprised. He said that I am so clever and asked me where I got all these knowledge.

Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet... and books lah!

Everytime he sees me watching TV, i'll be watching Disney Channel. So naturally he thinks I am a cartoon freak and don't know much and only watch cartoons.

Underestimate my smartness. Hai.

Anyway, I've completed the 7-Eleven Hello Kitty set! In fact, I have 2 full sets with extras! Each set has 9 different kitties! I will keep one set for myself, and the other set for Tabby! I'll bring over to Perth when I go and visit her. :)

Thank you Pipimon for helping me collect soooo many Hello Kitties!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Greetings from Taichung, Taiwan!


Naruwan Everybody!

I am in DeBao Business Hotel (Taichung) where there's free internet access! :)

We've travelled almost the whole island of Taiwan.

From Taipei to Hualien to Taitung to Pindong to Kaoshiung to Taichung and back to Taipei tomorrow.

Going one loop around the whole country is around 1500km.

There's so many mountainous roads, distance is between 2-3 hrs per destination.. thank god for the anti-motion sickness stickers I bought in Korea last year.. if not i'll be puking my guts out cos I can't sit still in a moving vehicle for long (unless I'm driving it). Moreover i'm sitting on the right side of the vehicle. Usually I must sit on the left side, but bo bian.. it's the local guide's seat.. so everytime i lead tour i will sit on the right..

Just came back from Feng Jia Night Market.. which is the largest night market in the whole of Taiwan. I almost got lost wandering around looking for clothes to buy for my lil sister.. the place is soo freaking huge and it extends out to sooooo many little streets!

In the end I bought 5 tops, 4 necklaces and some DOMO stickers for her.. didn't buy anything for myself cos it's either too expensive, or not suitable for me.

I went to eat Mcdonald's as I have 40mins to kill before the prearranged meeting time, and I realized that their Mcdonald's don't have chilli sauce lah! They say they only have Ketchup, cos Taiwanese only eat Ketchup..... kua kua kua. So weird lor.

Anyway, I realized that Taiwan has...

Very few dustbins.
Are they afraid of bombs? Or maybe because there's no Banglahs to clear the rubbish for them?

Lots of Bubble Tea shops!
I counted.. there's 24 shops in a 100metre radius. Madness.

Lots of Convenience Stalls!
4 out of 10 shops I see are either 7-11, Family Mart, OK Mart.. etc.

No fat people
Everyone is sooooo freaking skinny. Even the old people are skinny. But it's so impossible, cos most of their food are full of artery clogging fats and sugar! Why why why??

Tomorrow our group is heading back to Taipei, and we'll be flying back on Friday afternoon! Time really flies when you're having fun. Gonna dread going back to the office. :( I prefer going out on tours even if it is more draining and tiring cos it's considered working from 7am to 8pm everyday. But at least i get to have fun with customer, chit chat and take many pictures!

Alrighty.. will blog more this saturday cos it's my off day. Gotta go and call my Pipimon now.
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