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Friday, October 26, 2007

Given by my mum, sis & bro.

Totally didn't expect it.. Many thanks to my Mum, Sister & Brother.

And see what my mum did to ensure i know who gave me the presents?


Yes i know who gave me.. Thanks a lot.
Here's a lovely card from my siblings..

There's a P.S in the card and she said the rabbit is not from him.

Wahahahahha. I love the rabbit. Using it as a pillow while being a potato couch.

And here's the card from my Mum.

Always so formal in cards..

Both of us always had a love/hate relationship. 8 Characters clash or something... But at least she remembered my 21st birthday and even got me a gold key necklace.....

unlike my evil ex-dad.

Of cos i must imitate her. LOL.


Friday, October 19, 2007

With: Money & Yaya (Joyce couldn't make it AS USUAL)
Venue: Malaysia, JB
Date: 19th October 2007

Went to prettify our nails at Holiday Plaza, before heading to Jusco!

I first went to Jusco with Yaya eons ago.. heh!

We had lunch at Black Canyon, and the food standard really dropped a lot. That was the last time i went, and not going back anymore, cos it gets worse and worse.

But it's the company that counts, so I had a great time!

My surprise birthday cake!

And my surprise present...


Had icecream, and headed back to SG to prepare for the Bangkok trip!

Couldn't resist showing you all this picture of my lesbaby.....

I love you all!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

My baby went to curl her hair and now she looks like an Auntie.

She super regret lah! Haha!

But you are still beautiful! Muacks!

3 of us went dinner last week at Pasta Waraku.. Super yummy and delicious... I think we sat there quite long.. cos the table beside us change patrons 3 times! 3 times different customers and we're still sitting there.. And why is Joyce not inside the picture? Cos she never go! As usual!