Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cuppage Partyworld is closing down!

I'm super sad can? That's the first Partyworld that I go to, and had so much fun and memories there with Yaya and some other people..!! I remembered singing till the wee of dawn, tabaoing chicken wings and smuggling it in, the useless toilet with it's big mirrors for camwhoring... :(

Last day of operations is on 14th April. Two more days! :(
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Best Tourism Host Nomination

Even though Pipimon didn't win the award from Singapore Tourism Board, I'm still very very proud of him cos he got nominated just 4 months after joining the company.

4 months of experience going up against 20 years of experience from the other nominees.. That's quite a feat though.

He said the best part was the photo-taking for the magazine shoot and the chance to be on stage.
kua kua kua. Very fame hungry, my pipimon is.
A big thank you to Money & Joyce who took the time to come down to support Pipimon! Sorry about the mistaken "sit down" dinner. Wahahahaa.
After the awards ceremony, we went to Makansutra Glutton's Bay to pig out on sinful and delicious local food (while the rest of the hungry ghosts crowd around the buffet table and stuff themselves) But a bit out of place, cos we wear so nice.. than hawker centre setting.
Yaya and her friend Jac came to join us afterwards, she had an insurance exams so couldn't come for the ceremony (and failed! so sad can!)... but joined us for supper!

By this time, Joyce already disappeared, cos her darling Jacky came to pick her up.

**I realized that Joyce is the only one with the same bf from Poly days till now. Cool hor?
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