Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Money's Yoshi!

After Joel's birthday gathering, we went to Cathy Cineleisure and took neoprints so i could complete my neoprint poster.. IT'S COMPLETED LIAO! YAY!

When we walked past a shop in Cathy Cineleisure.. suddenly Money decided to buy this huge giantantic monster that costs over $300..... which had me and Yaya panting for life while carrying it down to the carpark. It weighs a ton can! She buy but we carry! SO HEAVY!

So many ppl stared at us.

And Money just happily/crazily took pictures of everything... skipping... so happy...

Waiting for the lift... And when we go in, people inside exclaimed in shock at what we were carrying.. hur hur.
Than change to another lift that goes to the basement... squeezing with dear life with the bear into that life cos it's super small.

It is heavy. Very heavy.

Than begins the task of squeezing the bear into Money's car... Which is not easy.. Cos she got so many barang barangs in her car... And that bugger is so fat.

After many attempts of pushing and nudging, it finally went in.

Ta da! Looks cute right? If only it isn't so freaking heavy...

The backside..

Hehehehe... Now Money got one giant bear in her car... so big until she cannot see the traffic behind. Oops.

Money treated us to coffee afterwards for our hardwork. =P Thanks baby!

Btw, the monster is called Yoshi and it's a character from the Mario Brothers.. I don't know why she loves it so much, but it is cute. ^^

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Joel Kor!

Today is your day, Joel Kor!

Shooooooooo handsome with your lovely hairstyle. Me like. Hee.

Cut cake!

Our present to him :)

We were late lah! He so poor thing.. Sit there, staring at all the food, but too polite to start eating first. So guilty. Haiz. And we intended to pay for the meal, and this boy secretly went to pay the bill without us knowing.. WHERE TO FIND SUCH A BROTHER? He is newly single by the way..

Handsome, stay landed, drives, cute hairstyle... what more can you ask for?

Dammit. Now than i realized we never take a group shot. Damn damn damn!!


So resort-ish.

Distributing the cakes to his sisters..

Joel and his chap cai fan!

shoooo cute!

Finally the Diva arrives... at 4pm (buffet ends at 4pm).

Money was super late.. she missed the high tea.. cos of one very ~kua kua kua~ reason.
WAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.... But still! Haiyo! At least she came lah... After the high tea, Joyce rushed off to her beau's house (Jacky lor.. who else. HMPM).. and the 3 of us went for threading at Little India. Brought Money and Yaya up to my house.. and showed them proof that the house is indeed super small (they didn't really believe me at first).

Afterwards we went to Cathy Cineleisure... to be continued. :)
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Money & Yaya!


@ St James..

Earlier on we went to Bakerinn for dinner and desserts.. the Curry Linguine very nice and piping hot. I like.


She's staying in Sentosa Cove... and Vivocity is like SOOO NEAR! She also late for 1 hour.
hur hur.

Yaya stay the furthest back reached the earliest. Paiseh. I love Yaya and her quirky poses.
Had to censor the ugly legs.  This diet sucks. Make me fatter instead of slimmer. Time to change another one! Anyway.... i told them about my business idea.. and what i wanna do.. and Money had almost the same thought! She said she thought of almost the same thing just few days ago..
I'm already starting to design and draw the floor plans.. It's all hush hush. But i hope we can collaborate and own a business together! =) All 4 of us Queenz including Joyce. (Joyce we'll talk soon).
THIS! This diluted horrible tasting Straweberry Magarita made me drunk. headache.. woozy.. wanna vomit. wah lao. And i didn't even finish it. I'm so lousy. sigh. Must be too much swinging.... The last time i drank was ages ago.. also with these 2 ladies.. and i made a fool of myself.. 14, 15 or 16 shots? Funny night to remember! Hahahahaha! Anyway Joyce is not here cos she's with her bf.. tsk. And the previous time I got drunk she ALSO not there. See the pattern?
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