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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today is your day, Joel Kor!

Shooooooooo handsome with your lovely hairstyle. Me like. Hee.

Cut cake!

Our present to him :)

We were late lah! He so poor thing.. Sit there, staring at all the food, but too polite to start eating first. So guilty. Haiz. And we intended to pay for the meal, and this boy secretly went to pay the bill without us knowing.. WHERE TO FIND SUCH A BROTHER? He is newly single by the way..

Handsome, stay landed, drives, cute hairstyle... what more can you ask for?

Dammit. Now than i realized we never take a group shot. Damn damn damn!!


So resort-ish.

Distributing the cakes to his sisters..

Joel and his chap cai fan!

shoooo cute!

Finally the Diva arrives... at 4pm (buffet ends at 4pm).

Money was super late.. she missed the high tea.. cos of one very ~kua kua kua~ reason.
WAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.... But still! Haiyo! At least she came lah... After the high tea, Joyce rushed off to her beau's house (Jacky lor.. who else. HMPM).. and the 3 of us went for threading at Little India. Brought Money and Yaya up to my house.. and showed them proof that the house is indeed super small (they didn't really believe me at first).