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Friday, January 31, 2014


Last night we stayed up late cos it's a Chinese belief that the later you sleep on CNY eve, the longer your parents will live. Hope my parents-in-law will live long, happy & healthy!

This morning we had to wish Mama & Papa Chew and do it in Mandarin. Papa upped the level and said each of us had to say 4 phrases with the word "horse" in it! Super stressful cos my Mandarin is half past six... We went according to our age. So since Le hubby & I are the eldest, we went first!

Then it's Cheryl's turn....

Finally it's Pam's turn!

Somehow Pam & Cheryl's Mandarin are worst than me! ( ̄□ ̄;)Not sure if I should feel sorry for them or glad that I am not the worst in the family.. Kua kua kua..

Even Tita had to say something! But she said it in English.. Hee!

And for the first time ever, both of them had to wish us!

Then exchange oranges for angbaos!

I love this shot of me and Le Hubby! 。◕‿◕。

Family picture time before we leave the house for visitations!

Somehow the whole family wore blue today without telling each other!

Photo frame on the living room's table taken on our wedding day! :)

Our first house was Mama Chew's eldest sister's place. Her son is Le hubby's best friend/cousin and they grew up together. He was also the best man at our wedding. Afterwards we went to a few more places before calling it a day.

Some of the elders still give us angbaos cos they said it's our first year as a married couple! Super unexpected! I thought once you are married you won't receive any angbaos except from your parents, but you have to give them angbaos too.

I prepared angbaos to give out to juniors even though some people said "first year no need to give". So many different theories & schools of thought. Le hubby was considering taking the 1st year no need to give 'free pass' but I told him not to be so cheapo. #husbandsaver #wifespender 

Personally I don't believe in the 1st year no need to give nonsense. Those people who practice that are just major cheapskates who wanna save money and deprive children of their angbao money (IMHO). You can give lesser, but totally not giving is really just.. wrong. I am glad Tabby thinks the same way as me! She said those people who don't give will be damn suay. I think it's because the children will curse them behind their backs? LOL!

This year's CNY day 2 happens to fall on a weekend so it's sort of like one day is 'wasted'.. but since I am not working now... who cares! Bwahahahahhaha! However, Le hubby said he cares because the extra day can be used to play his Playstation games. (・_・ヾ

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Really really excited for Chinese New Year this year! cos it's been 10 years since I actively participate in CNY. To me, it's just another 3 days of public holiday where most of the shops are closed and there's nowhere to go. I'll stay at home to read my storybooks or go and catch a movie or something.

That's how I spent CNY for the past 10 years. Sad hor? (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

Well.. come to think about it it's not really 10 years, maybe just 8 years cos the past 2 years weren't so bad, ever since I got together with Brendan. In 2012 I had an awesome CNY party at my old place. And last year I spent it with Le hubby's family, though they did not celebrate CNY cos Ah Mah passed away on 12-12-2012. 

He changed my Chinese New Year emo-mama mood into a happy one! (▰˘◡˘▰)

When I was much younger and when my grandma was still alive, I will help her out with the preparations for CNY because she stayed with us and all the relatives will come over to our house for visitation (which was good cos we don't have to go house hopping! Just stay at home and receive angbaos! Bwahahahahhaa!).

I will help her with the decorations, making little ornaments with red packets and tying colourful strings on her plants, pasting those cute wall decors on the walls with blue tack, helping her cook (well, mostly I just sit there and help her taste test).. It was really fun cos if you get to participate in the preparation, you will enjoy the occasion more! Well, that's my theory as a child.

Then on the eve of Chinese New Year we'll have a steamboat dinner together at home and my dad will give me and my siblings angbaos! My grandma will also give each of us an angbao that night! Then we will watch the CNY special program on channel 8, then go to Chinatown to squeeze with the crowds or go to the River Angbao to take pictures before heading to the temple at Joo Chiat after midnight to pray for good luck for the new year. Happy times...(‐^▽^‐)

Anyway, shit happened and I spent the past 10 years not celebrating CNY cos there's no one to celebrate with. I couldn't bring myself to join my friends cos I am so 'extra' in other people's family celebration. Also, I was envious that they had something I don't and I don't wanna bring my emo mood into their happy atmosphere.

Ok........... so now fast forward to 10 years later and this year will be my 1st year as Mrs Brendan Chew! Woohooo! I have a wonderful husband who loves me, and a family of my own! My parents-in-law are the best! And I also get along well with two sisters-in-law. 

(✿´‿`) Seems like I finally got my happily ever after ending! And this ending, which actually is a beginning of my new life turned out to be WAY MUCH BETTER than anything I imagined or dreamt of. It's like ordering a plain vanilla cupcake which never came and you kept thinking and asking what happened to that damn cupcake and why life is unfair that you don't get a cupcake when everyone around you have nice cakes.. just a simple cupcake! WHYYYYY!! Then 10 years later.. BAM! A very beautiful 10 tiered elaborate & exquisite cake is delivered to you. 

Ok, that's a stupid analogy and I don't think if it makes sense.. but basically, what I am trying to say is that God really is awesome and He has a plan for everyone. You may not know it now, but He has something wonderful & good in store for you. Have faith, have trust and just keep holding on!

Ok.. enough reminiscing about the past. It always happens! When I start, it becomes like word vomit and I can't stop and will ramble on and on and on.  

My happy family! 
ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Our reunion dinner!

Mama Chew didn't want steamboat dinner cos there were lots of leftovers last year (she bought too much food!!). And she's still into her Popiah craze so we had that and other dishes which are 'auspicious' for CNY. Like fish, weird veggie that looks like human hair.. (×_×;)

Yummy Yusheng that Cheryl bought! 

"Lou ah Lou ah Lou!"

Ended dinner with a huge tub of black sesame ice-cream. *burp*

Afterwards I messaged Nat and he asked what I had for dinner.. sent him a pic and he was like "WHAT? NO STEAMBOAT??!?!?! COME MY HOUSE NOW!!!". So in the end both Le hubby and I went to his house for another round of dinner! We waited like 1hr+ to try to digest the food we ate at home before heading over. LOL!

STEAMBOAT TIME!! (○`ε´○)/\(○`ε´○)

His sister bought Yusheng! WOOHOO! Round 2 Yusheng!

I aim to eat at least 12 Yushengs this year! BWAHAHAH!

Picture with his family! (๑>◡<๑)

He asked me to bring this huge cake home but I refused cos it's too big!!! Not sure what cake it is but he kept raving about it. I bet he'll find a way to sneak it into our house when he comes over for CNY visiting this weekend. (¬0¬)

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Saturday, January 25, 2014 0 Comments
Woohoo! \(^ω^\) \(^▽^)/ヾ(^-^)ノ 
Tabby & Dougy are in Singapore for a few days before they have to fly to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year. Super happy to be able to meet them 2 days straight on Thursday & Friday!! Their schedules are usually very tight when they come back to Singapore because Tabby's family & relatives will book them solid to go for meals and outings! 

We really have to squeeze time like crazy, but we always manage! Even if we have one hour or have to go to their place at 11pm to sit for a while, we will go because the only time we all get to hang out is when they come to Singapore or we fly to Perth! It's so hard to see each other so all of us do the best we can.

Luckily Le hubby has a very flexible work schedule cos he works from home (so we can sneak out during the day. heh heh!) and I am currently not working (looking for a new job!) so we can arrange our time around their schedule. 

I miss them like crazy lah.. (╯︵╰,) Why are we living so far apart???

Anyways.. distance has never come between my friendship with Tabby (18 years and counting!), and it never will! We were Primary School friends who happened to go to the same Secondary School (we didn't know until we saw each other in the same class on the first day of school!) Then she went to JC and left for Perth to study to become a doctor. I was supposed to join her there too. My childhood dream was to be a Marine Biologist cos I love the ocean and all sea creatures. I want to do my part, an active part in saving & preserving the marine ecosystems of the world.. Everything was planned but at the last minute things didn't turn out the way it should.. So in the end I didn't had the opportunity to pursue that dream.. So we parted ways... (o・_・)ノ”(ᴗ_ ᴗ。) 

But we fought really hard to keep in touch through MSN, emails & letters! There was no whatsapp, no Facebook, no Twitter.. no Skype and all the conveniences we have nowadays, so it was a struggle to keep our friendship alive but both of us put in a lot of effort and we made it!!

Super glad that both of our husbands hit off so well.. in fact they get along so well, they usually get lost in their own techie world and ignore the both of us. Which is kinda good cos both of us can gossip, catch up with each other and not feel guilty about neglecting our husbands. Heh heh heh!!!

They always have word vomit when they see each other. That's because both Tabby and I are super non-techie people and we are totally not interested in what they have to gush about.. so when they meet each other, it's like FINALLY meeting someone who speaks the same language with you and you have a lot of things to unload and share with each other. LOL!! Le hubby always say things like "I must share this with Doug!", and when I told Tabby that.. she said that Doug said the exact same thing to her about sharing stuff with Le hubby! LOL!!!

On Thursday night we met up after dinner and we went to the Antoinette at Palais Renaissance in Orchard. The service there is usually so-so but at least it's quieter and there's no need to wait for a table. Well, not sure if there's new staff or they retrained their existing ones.. the service that night was better than usual. I commented about it to Le hubby and he said it's probably cos Doug is with us. Oh yah. He's an Angmoh and somehow Angmohs receive preferential treatment in Asia. Well, we hang out so often and Tabby has localized him so much to become a Singaporean that we see him as one of us, though he still has his strong Aussie accent. 

Anyways they really wanted to try the Strawberry Shortcake cos I kept raving about it, but unfortunately we arrived too late (8pm+) and all the Strawberry Shortcakes were sold out. =( So we tried the macaroons and some of their other cakes instead.

On Friday afternoon, we meet up around 2pm and went for a late lunch at the Antoinette at Penhas Road. The decor was really lovely and the ambiance was good! 

We had a nice quiet corner to ourselves and the wait staff were very attentive and polite (again, not sure if it's because Doug is with us)... Hmmmmm.

They even gave us a big plate of complimentary snacks from their Chinese New Year snack menu to munch on! The snacks are quite expensive, but some of them were really good. Tabby bought some back for her mum. Hahaha!

As the Strawberry Shortcakes were sold out the day before at the other outlet, this time when we arrived we made sure we 'chope' the cakes first the moment we went in!! Kiasu but no choice!! LOL! We ordered 4 for dine-in and Tabby tabao a few back home for her family.


Honestly I've tried much nicer cakes in Paris & Tokyo, but this is the best thing I can get in Singapore that's above average yet doesn't make me bankrupt. Some may say it is not the best strawberry shortcake in Singapore, but that's their opinion. This is the best for me because it suits my tastebuds.

I also like their macaroons! Not too sweet and most importantly.. not overpriced!

Doug and his signature monkey face

Tabby will catch him and yell at him to smile properly..

When all else fails, she will pinch him! HAHAHHA!

#cutestcoupleever  ~ヾ ^∇^

Mushroom soup was really good =)

Le hubby and his obsession with bread & burgers

Tabby's yummy cabornara pasta!

My crabmeat pasta!

We chatted for a few hours then sent them home so they could have dinner with Tabby's parents.. At night they messaged us to jio us out for coffee and we ended up having supper at Kallang's KFC! LOL!

Doug's first time trying KFC in Singapore!

Tabby said the chicken in Singapore is more delicious than Perth cos the chicken they used there are all free range chicken while the ones we have here are injected with hormones. The way she says it is damn funny.. something like "Nicer here! All injected with hormones!".  (」゜ロ゜)」

We won't have time to meet up when they fly back to Singapore from Penang because they will only have a like a day here before they have to fly back to Perth. Hope they can come over soon so we can meet up again!!!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

My favourite memories of being in Los Angeles with my sister is the SHOPPING!!

Remember to get the coupon book for additional discouts!

Grab a map and let's go!

It was not too busy because we went on a weekday afternoon.

Fro-yo time! (Yogurtland is better!)

Rows and rows of shoes!!

Look at the amount of shoes my sister grabbed in F21! 
She never seen factory outlet (real ones) prices before and kisiao. Haha!

My first pair of Melissa shoes! :)
Jason Wu edition.

Got these Hello Kitty VANS shoes at a really good price!! USD29!

Love this striped Ralph Lauren jacket!

I love Candy Apples!

Always have to get one..

Whenever we pass by a shop selling one.. LOL!

Soooo good! ^_^