Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 days MC!

Just went to see the doctor this morning and was given 2 days MC. He said that it's a common cold, and I should rest at home and not go out. I ate the medicine at 1pm and slept till 11pm. Super strong medicine! I think I will most probably spend the most of tomorrow sleeping my cold away.

I opened my work email to peek, and nearly died of heart-attack. Just less than a week of being away from work and my inbox has exploded. Scary scary.

I have sudden cravings for dried cherries and cranberries.

Don't ask me why.!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Blog Skin

Anyway, I just went for an Excellent Service Award Workshop cos I won a Silver award for.. Excellent Service. (-_-)

I guess my good side comes out more often than my evil side that people actually write in to compliment me. And I have enough compliment letters to be nominated for this award.

Not bad for someone who has been in the company for 1yrs 1 month as a full time staff huh?

Time really flies. I have been here for almost 3 years I think.. both part-time and full-time.

Wany is sick since Monday and I am not sure whether she has recovered fully, cos for every 3 sms I send her, she only reply once. I think she is too sick to reply or just too drowsy to reply after eating all her medicines..

Poor thing.

She is too sick to even go on Facebook to play her favourite game, Barn Buddy.

I am so worried for her cos if she haven't recover, we may encounter some problem tomorrow when we fly into HongKong. I don't her to be quarantined somewhere in some secret location, and me and her mum will be too worried to go ahead with our holiday plans.

I don't wanna spend 5 days in a hotel watching cantonese programs w/o her. Even if it's a 5* Hotel (Langham Place).


I need to go home and pack my luggage, and hopefully try to clear the mess in the corner by a wee-bit. I have moved into this new house for 1 month plus and I still have not fully unpacked my stuff.

Pipimon is one of the main factor cos he FORBIDS me to throw anything away, even a small pen, without his specific consent and approval.

It makes packing very difficult, cos how to clear the space if I can't throw stuff?

He actually goes through each item one by one when I put them all in a box that I am getting ready to bring out to the rubbish chute to throw. He salvages like 50% of the things I throw, and put them at the very same place where they were previously.

So how to clear?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

$18 Crabs! Yums!


Pipimon smsed me a few days ago to date me out today for Black Pepper Crab dinner after my work.. which is really sweet of him cos I keep bugging him to bring me to eat crab, and it's really quite expensive in Singapore. So finally he managed to find a place that has affordable crabs! :D

We actually sms each other more than we talk, cos typically our schedules are like totally opposites. When I'm asleep, he works. When I work, he sleeps. So we really don't see much of each other cos by the time he comes home from work, i'll be waking up and getting ready for work.

Good arrangement really, ensures we don't argue so much cos we don't spend much time together to create arguements. But nowadays when he annoys me, I'll just ask him to SHUT UP and ignore him.

Anyway, back to our dinner date today.

I went home after work, and he was waiting for me :) and we went out together to River Valley where he saw a big banner "S$18 live Sri Lanka crabs" when he drove pass that place. The menu is very attractive looking, and the service staff are quite polite and efficient.

All the crabs are $18 each, and there are a lot of selections! From their famous Golden Salted Egg Crab, Belachan, Black Pepper, etc.. Super worth it.

We asked them to cook the Black Pepper crab with more sauce, cos I love the sauce.. not as wet as I like, but it was acceptable.

Pipimon ordered the Chilli crab with the mantous 5 for $1. It was very difficult cracking the shell, so he cracked it and offered the meat to me. :) Btw, I ate until my whole shirt was full of sauce and crab shells.. and Pipimon laughed at me cos it was the 1st time he see me soil my shirt, and usually it's me scolding him for dirtying his shirt (like my sister, mouth got hole)...

So if u wanna try some, head down to:
397 River Valley Road
Tel: 68365020

It's very near Spize btw.. near Zion Road (Zouk).
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aircon Repairmen!



Finally my HR manage to work out the red tape and sent a few repairmen to fix the aircon in my office!


They are dismantling the whole ceiling, pulling out the old pipes and putting in brand new pipings!

If you look carefully, you can see this man welding a fire torch!

Apparently it will take 4 full days for them to finish.. but I hope they are fast workers and will finish it in less than that.

Finally, after almost one whole month that the aircon is spoilt... they are gonna repair it! Whoopee! No more sitting in a 33degree office with no ventilation!

Super shiok!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Wany!

Spent the day with Wany watching Harry Potter (twice), eating cakes and just be typical tai-tais.

We watched the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince twice at different locations in the same day...

GV Gold Class Vivocity 12.30pm & The Cathy Citibank Screening 7.15pm.

We ordered the Gold Class set menu at $29 per person and ate until wanna faint.
Gold Class Set Menu includes:
Coffee/Tea, Starter, Main course & Dessert!!~
We had English Breakfast tea, Mushroom soup, Chicken Wings w Wedges & Blue Berry cheesecake. Super super yummy yums!
The Chicken wings are getting from bad to worse.. super undercooked. But the Mushroom soup and blueberry cheesecake is super super yummy! I am super craving for it again!
Anyway I told her that she spoils me so much by bringing me to Gold Class to watch so many times, now I don't wanna go normal cinemas and watch anymore! Shall wait for the movies to go on cable before watching them.. and only save up to watch Gold Class for movies that I really really like. :)

Afterwards we took train down and walked over to The Cathy, stopping by 1Caramel for cakes and coffee.

Wany loves the fridge!

3 cakes + 1 cafe latte + 1 ice mocha = S$40++!!Super expensive and super not worth it, cos the cake were either too soggy or too creamy. Nice decor and ambience though.. that's all you are paying for.

We walked over to The Cathy and watched Harry Potter again, and since it's the second time around.. we tried to point out as many "mistakes" that we can. Loopholes and scenes which they cut out.. WHICH IS A LOT!

Anyway I can't wait to watch BRUNO!

Austrain gay guy in America. Gotta be damn fucking funny. Anyway Wany never watched BORAT before. Omg. It's like one of the Top 10 most funny movies ever. Must go buy the DVD and force her to watch. LOL!

Make-up never melt after one whole day! I heart Laura Mercier products. Many thanks to Tabby for introducing me to this wonderful make-up brand! :D

Nice pink top with braiding details bought in Padini Authentics, KL at RM55 = S$22.70 :)

My outfit today is all pinkified. I wore my pink shirt, pink sandals, pink bag, pink camera! :D Cos it's Wany's fave colour and mine of course. Haha.

Btw, i tried on this dress in Warehouse. It's $133, super expensive, and a bit tight at the chest area.. but it's super sweet and nice. :(

Would like to thank Wany for accompanying me the whole day and treating me to watch Harry Potter twice. Hahahaha.
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Happy Birthday to Wan Wen!
a.k.a Wany/Waninoko/Wanychan/Wanyweny
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Cinema!

I just heard that there is a new cinema that is damn big, new and smells nice!

FilmGarde at Iluma @ Bugis!

Now I shall drag Pipimon or Wany along to this new place to watch movie. It's even cheaper than GV! :D
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Office air-con spoilt for 3weeks

I am really really hot & bothered literally in every sense of the word.

My office's aircon at level 1, where I work is spoilt.. and it's spoilt for the past 3 weeks already. Currently there is no one repairing or attempting to repair the aircon, cos apparently the cost of repairing is quite substantial and my big boss is not around to approve the bill.

I really don't understand.

Why can't they contact my big boss to seek prior approval to repair it before waiting for her to come back to sign the paper?

Why can't they find other cheaper contractor to fix the aircon at a cheaper rate?

Even if they have to wait for boss to come back, why don't solve problem first? Fix the bloody thing! Wait or don't wait, in the end also must pay right?

So? Waiting will solve the problem by it's own?

It's not only affecting the staff who have to sit for 8.5hours for the past 3 weeks in that dingy hot stuffy place, but also affecting the company's image!

You know, when customers walk in.. what's the first thing they say?
  • "Oh hot! Is your company cutting cost ?"
  • "It's hotter inside the office than standing outside!"
Super no face.

Some customers wanna come in and pay money to book tour, but the moment they stepped in, their mood changes cos it's so fucking hot.. and they just make a 180degree turn and walk out.

Potential sales lost cos our office is a 35 degrees celcius sauna room.

But then again, it's only Level 1's air con which is spoilt.. the lower dregs of the company, and not the other levels. Lowest of the company but the frontline where we have to meet customers and take in sales for the company....

Who cares? Who cares indeed..

If this goes on for just a few more days, I'll have heatstroke or something.

So? Just take MC and stay at home in my aircon room.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back from Genting!

Hey Everyone! We're back from Genting! :D

Reached Singapore super early cos for some reason, the coach only stopped once for toilet break instead of thrice, and didn't stop for meal break... Took a smelly cab home from Golden Mile, and now Pipimon is unpacking the luggage. It was a super fun trip. We didn't quarrel/argue even once! Super amazing, cos when we go overseas together and spend every minute together, sometimes we'll step on each other's toes. Well, I did told him to behave himself and not annoy me because I will burn his passport and leave him there alone and come back by myself. I don't make empty threats.

Anyway, we went to the Themepark and watched a Magic Show! Didn't go bowling & watch movie cos there's not enough time.

Can you believe that he never go out the Themepark before, except 20yrs ago? Omg lah! He say last time only got 1 pathetic ride, the antique car. Super kua kua kua can! So I brought him to all my fave rides!

Even brought him to sit on my fave elephant ride. Can press a green button to go UP and DOWN. Super maddening fun. Lol!

We only stepped into the Casino to check our Genting points on the machine inside the casino. We didn't gamble at all! Well, I told him I didn't wanna waste money gambling, moreover I don't really like to.. and told him if he wanna go, I'll accompany him. But instead of gambling, he brought me for ice cream, internet cafe and we took some kiddy rides in the indoor themepark.

We went to KL to stay one night at our fave hotel, Swiss Inn which is located in the heart of Chinatown aka Jalan Petaling.

We went to KLCC to hunt for my shoes cos Genting's Vincci did not have any nice designs..But in the end we didn't manage to find any. Even NOSE didn't have any nice designs.It's Malaysia's Mega Sale now.. but honestly I don't really enjoy their sale, cos during sales time.. the shop assistants are super overworked and grouchy, and their merchandise are strewn everywhere like Pasar Malam.

I really hate KL cab drivers cos they really are huge rip-offs! RM30 for a 8mins ride! If they turn on meter only Rm7! That's a 4.5times increase! It's like asking $50 to travel from Orchard to Bugis la!

Thai Lunch!

Anyway, I finally got a chance to eat my claypot chicken rice! Only RM7.60 for one big pot lah! S$3 only!!!!! We went KL so many times but I never have the chance to eat this cos we always go Planet Hollywood for dinner. This time round, Planet was undergoing renovation, so we managed to have the chance to go for claypot chicken rice! :)
Pipimon didn't touch it cos he don't really like "chinese" food. He's super selective when it comes to chinese food, same goes for me towards "malay" food. I don't like malay food at all! The only things I will eat are Satay, Mee Soto.. that's about it.

Anyway I am so sick of Kuala Lumpur.. it seems like the only place we go for holidays because Pipimon is an adverse risk taker. He likes to go back to the same familiar places because he doesn't like the "unknown". What's the point right? Might as well stay in Singapore? It's like many of the other Singaporeans who always go back to the same city/country every year for holidays because they are familiar with the place.. Why don't use the time and money to visit someplace else? Widen your mind and horizon? Bah.
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

thank U Wany!




Was chatting with Wany last night and she was persuading me to go Hong Kong with her.. But I told her I have no money now cos of the H1N1 situation and the travel industry is affected thus affecting my income, and guess what?

She says she will pay for my Hong Kong trip as an early birthday present!
It's her birthday in July and she is giving me a present before I even bought hers yet! And it's still 3 months to my bday lah!

It is a super expensive present, cos she is planning to go for 5D4N, stay good hotels and fly CX, not budget airline.. and it can easily go up to S$600 to S$700 per person!!

I told her if my leave is approved and we can really go, than she need not give me a birthday present for the next 10 years or so. Haha!!
I have smsed my colleague and emailed my manager to apply leave. I hope they can approve my leave!! :D

Thank you Wany!! LOVE LOVE YOU DEEP DEEP! Fingers crossed together k? HEE!
Ohmygod. I think it's been 10yrs since I last visited HongKong. All I remembered is my mum buying bags like crazy (25 bags in one shop) and refusing to buy me a Nike sports shoes HK$280 (less than S$60) cos it's TOO expensive. Bloody hell.
She always does that to me you know. That's why I hate her so much sometimes. She used to bring me overseas last time and ask my dad for money to pay for the trip cos she's bringing me. Use me as excuse. Full of shit. Than my poor dad will give her extra money to buy me stuff and the money will mysteriously disappear into her pocket. When we return, she'll complain to my dad that i am a spendthrift, when in actual fact she's the one tat spent all the money.
So once when she wanted to bring me to Thailand, I refused and made a super big fuss in front of my dad saying I don't enjoy going holiday with her cos I am her bag carrier and can't enjoy shopping cos I have no money to do so, and it's a waste of time to go with her and I rather stay home and play computer games.
He confronted her and since then, everytime we go holiday together - regardless whether my dad follows.. he will give me $300-$500 dollars personally to ensure the money stays with me and not disappear.
My mum of cos buay song lah, and seldom bring me out anymore cos she can't "cheat" my father anymore. Instead, she badmouths me to my father and ANYONE who cares to listen that I am rebellious, selfish, mean, not filial and whatever nonsense charge she can think up. She painted such a bad picture of me, that when her friends who never see me before saw me for the 1st time, they're like:
"You're not that bad! You are so sweet! Why your mummy say such bad things about u?"
That's my mum for you. Lovely sweet and caring right? NOT.
Lots of dirty secrets about my mum that makes me hate her. That's why I am very pissed off when outsiders tell me I should respect her and treat her nice. Especially a few of my colleagues who know my mum for over 10years cos she used to be a frequent traveller and knows many tourleaders in Singapore. They kept telling me to be nice to her cos she is a very nice lady. Generous, easy going and nice.
Ya, ya.. only to outsiders.
To me, she's a monster.
OMYGOD. Sidetracked to my evil mother.. shall just concentrate on this piece of happy news and wait for good news from my manager.
Tomorrow going Genting + KL with Pipimon for 4D3N! He says all his friend going overseas and since I have to clear compulsory leave these few days, he decided to bring me somewhere inexpensive and fun. Moreover it's his god son's bday next week and he wanna go and meet up with him and his family. I think he's 3yrs old this year! We shall go to the themepark cos we've never go out together even though we've been there twice together before!
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Transformers 2 @ Vivocity Goldclass w Wany!

There are so many reasons why I adore GV Gold Class!
  1. Priority Queue with red carpet
  2. Special lounge to wait in so you need not mingle with "commoners"
  3. Ushers that bring you to your seat
  4. Order main courses from the Menu (Yummy mushroom soup!)
  5. Posh toilets (but only 2 cubicles)
and many many more.

 But mainly I like the exclusivity of being "Gold Class".

As expected.. 90% of the theater is filled with Ang Mohs drinking champange and wine.. guess they are the only recession-proof people in Singapore after all...

Overall, the movie was good. I may say 3.5 stars out of 5. It's not perfect cos the plot is a bit sketchy and at some parts it doesn't mesh well together.. like suddenly jump to another scene/storybit and you'll go "huh?".
But the graphics were way cool. And there were a few new additional of robots, both good and bad. So it is very very nice. I love the transforming part!

I guess Wany must have enjoyed the movie too.

At some parts I was laughing out loud, but everyone kept quiet. Maybe my brand of humour is different from other people? Cos when they were laughing, i just kept quiet... or maybe i catch the jokes faster than them?
oh wells.

Don't we just look like tai tais...?

After movie we did our usual tradition of taking pictures with upcoming movie posters that we would like to watch!

Old man with big fat nose!

Wany covering Harry Potter's face cos she says he look uglier and uglier.

Are you short enough for your cheapo parents to bring you in for free?

After the movie we went to Marks & Spencer to look at clothes... saw these hot orange and bright red pants and asked Wany if they were nice...

We took some clothes to try, and she says I look like my mother when I wear flowery clothes cos my mum loves such clothes. EEK! I dun wanna look like her!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TMIS CSP Graduation Day!

TMIS = Tourism Management Institute of Singapore
CSP = Certified Service Professional

Today is our graduation day after 5 days of intensive training!

See? We are all super happy people!

We made the graduation hats ourselves using tape and construction paper. Super creative!

Team Champion
This is my team of 7 members including me, and I thought up of the name cos "We are the Champions!" and "We will rock u!"

A bit lame la.. but it sticks. Haha.

We also celebrated the teacher's birthday! Her name is Sue Wong and she is super nice and sweet.

I had the idea asking everyone to chip in $2 each (total 27 students) to buy her a cake to celebrate and buying her a big card and taking pictures of the 4 teams and printing them out and asking everyone to write something on the card..

Super nice right?

"I am so smart, I scare myself!"

I even took a pic of her and pasted it in.. hahaa!! I gave her a Pashmina scarf I bought in Turkey and a nice keychain that says: "No 1 Lecturer!".

We have special duties like Service Hosts and Banquet Team.

Service Hosts : Have to decorate classroom, prepare something special to welcome the class
Banquet Team : Have to serve school-provided food to classmates, and if possible bring additional food!

We have 2 breaks each day, 10.30am is the morning break and 3pm is the afternoon break. So there are 2 different banquet teams each day.

Each team will have a chance to do something, and all of us enjoyed it very much!

Today during PM break there wasn't any food provided so we had to bring our own. My clever colleague, Ms Khamisah suggested collecting $7 from each person to cater for a high tea!

$7 for 7 dishes is damn cheap. And the food is damn good... yums.

After the high tea, it's Party time!

We had performances from different groups, song recitals.. and my favourite is the lap dance by one of my colleague, Nielson!

I laughed until I collasped on the floor!

My teacher laughed until cried and she had a stitch!! HAHAHA!!

After the party was the Award Ceremony for the certificates and the giving out of two special prizes; Best Learner Award & Most Promising Award. The whole class have to vote, survivor style, by writing on a small piece of paper, the name of the person they would like to nominate for the award.


Super happy can? I shall go sleep cos I am super exhausted from the laughing, speech-making and skits.
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