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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Met up with Joyce and Yaya today for our Xmas gathering.. :)

Joyce wanted to go to Sushi Tei at Takashimaya, until Pipimon asked me to remind her that the outlet is packed daily and it's sheer madness to go on a Sunday evening.

We changed the venue to Crystal Jade Korean BBQ @ Centrepoint, buffet dinner!

Presenting Joyce's new boyfriend, Wayne.

Look at all the food on the table! Yum yums! We ordered tons of BBQ meat and lots of soups! I love cooking food. Heh heh!

Joyce bought a Sephora Bath gel for me, and I bought cosmetics for them.. Yaya said she forgot to bring our presents and she was late again lah! Next time she late again I'll smack her. Hahahahaha!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am the tourleader for a group of 42 people for a tour from 27Nov-04Dec for Namho's 8 days Korea Winter Ski with 2 nights stay in Jeju Island.

10 months hiatus from being a tourleader! Kinda nervous!

I flew into Korea on 26 November, one day earlier than the main group cos the flights were full on 27Nov and there's no way I can arrive later than the group.

Initially I didn't want to take this tour because I don't like Korea. Seriously. It's too cold in the winter, I don't like Korean food, there's nothing for me to shop there, there's no Disneyland! I am not a Kpop fan, nor am I a Korean drama fan.. So asking me to go Korea is just a big YAWN to me. I requested to go to Japan, but my boss insisted that I try out their Korea tour to see if it's comparable or better than CTC's standard.

Good luck gift from Welly & Santi!

I was very sick before I flew.. I had a bad cough and flu, and I know the cold is going to aggravate my condition.. but I had to suck it up and fly there because work is work and everything has been pre-arranged. I just need to pray hard I recover early.

Breakfast onboard..

Lunch onboard.. The usual boring stuff.

I had to take a bus from the airport to my hotel.
My first time being alone in Korea and I had to go and search for the bus! OMG. 

Luckily I am not that stupid.. managed to find the bus stand and went to purchase my bus ticket from the counter.

It's 10,000Won for 1 way, approximately SGD12. 
Much cheaper than taking a taxi.

You hand your ticket over and they will tear a stub to tie it to your luggage to identify it as yours. When you arrive at your location, just hand them the orange ticket and they will carry your luggage our for you.

Feeling so proud of myself for getting on the right bus! Haha!

The journey was around 1hour.. I got bored and decied to take a video. Haha! This is my first video posted on my blog ok! The volume is very soft because I was kinda whispering and did not want my neighbours to notice me.. Hahahaha!

The weather was brutal. It was minus 10 degrees Celsius and the winds.. the winds were so strong I had to push myself against it and cover my eyes to avoid the flying dried leaves.

I reached the hotel, Best Western Premier around 4pm++. Checked in and went for a quick shower before heading out! My free and easy time before I start work the next day!

My room!
It's very tiny cos it's a single room for single occupants.

This was my outfit of the day and I loved it!
I bought the jacket from G2000! It's around SGD200 and it's so pretty!

 I decided to go to Lotte World by train!

Planned to go to Myeongdong but it was too cold and I didn't have the mood to shop. Feeling so sick and miserable (yet refusing to sleep early. Irony).
While walking to Lotte World, I spotted Krispy Kreme! Woohoo!

I bought some to munch on. Yum Yums!

 The sugar glazed donuts.. OMG. To die for!

 Outdoor castle at Lotte World

 The famous Carousel

 The Mascots

 Bought strawberry milk to drink!
One of the very few things I like about Korea is their strawberry milk.

 Heading back to the room after a tiring evening. Lotte World is 1hr++ from my hotel! OMG. Mad tired walking up and down the stairs.. some of the tunnels are so cold cos there's no heater.. Nearly froze to death waiting for the trains. -___-

 My dinner and supper combined! :)

Caramel Ice Blend & Cheesecake!
Cough still drink ice blend in minus 10 degrees weather.
I am mad. Yes I am.

Crazy amount of tidbits in my bag. Yes, I am sick yet I am snacking on junk food.

That concludes Day 1, 8 more days to go!


I may or may not post in chronological order.. 


 Kimchi making is such a boring and stupid activity.

Seriously! I don't know why people go through this shit. Take the sauce and rub on the cabbage.. Kimchi is not made this way please! They say they will "donate" the Kimchi you made to less fortunate orphans. I wonder how true is that.. I am being skeptical cos there's no proof! Honestly, skip this nonsense if it's an "optional" in your tour. My tour includes this activity so customers need not pay extra for it. But most agencies charge around 7000Won for this. Please spare yourself and don't do it. Lame like hell!

Da Chang Jing Village

To me it's just a deserted old abandoned film set (if it's even the original filming location in the 1st place). It's so.. boring. Omg. Maybe fans of the show will like it. 

 No one around except for our tour group. 
And it's December, a peak period for tourists. Nuff said.


Finally something fun! Strawberry picking!

 Surprisingly sweet and yummy!
Each of us are restricted to 4 strawberries..
I took 10. Serious. I took 4 and my guide & photographer gave me the rest. 


Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel
 Our 2 nights accommodation in Jeju Island

 Love the bed! Mad comfortable!
Ice cream before bed! Yums!


 Songsan Sunrise Peak
How many times must I come here.... -___-

 They added a new UNESCO sign at the entrance.
Didn't noticed this the last time I came.

 Same old souvenier shops selling the same nonsense.
Jeju Chocolate? Seriously? IT IS NOT NICE!

Whenever my customers ask if they should buy, I will shake my head discreetly in case the boss sees me and get angry because we are supposed to promote the chocolate to boost local sales. Not nice means not nice! Why must I cheat my customers to buy? I am a super honest tourleader which some guides and local bosses hate because I don't cooperate with them to upsell their products. Oh please.


Something new for me cos CTC doesn't have ATV rides in their itinerary. I did not join in cos I didn't wanna get dirty.. the track had wet mud puddles.. Urgh.


Ok, sounds like I am complaining and complaining. I did mention that I am not a Korea fan. Moreover I've been to these places a few times, going on the almost identical itinerary for a few times.. So it's very repetitive and boring for me. Though there are fun moments and a job is a job. Complain here but I was very professional during the tour.


Famous Jeju Black Pork

Which came from these black pigs..

All tour groups go to the exact same restaurant in Jeju for the Black Pork BBQ buffet.
To prove my point, I met my ex-colleague from CTC there!
His name is Kelly and he is also leading a 8days Korea Tour by CTC.


Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

There are 2 Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island. Which one you go to depends on the tour operator. But it's the same lah.. Bears are bears are bears.


Ginseng Chicken
We did not go to the famous one in Seoul. 
Had this dish in Jeju.. Super meh.


Flew back to Seoul and stayed in this super dodgy hotel. It looks like a "Love Hotel".. you know the ones where couples go to have secret sex rendezvous. Yes, those kind.

At least they have a nice large bath-tub for me to have a soak!
It also has interchanging "mood lights". -__-

Bubble bath sachets! Yay!

Bubble Bath Timeeeeee! Mad love!


Yeoju Premium Outlet Mall

It is an outdoor mall and it was so freaking cold!
I hid inside the foodcourt and had tea with burger instead..


Brought the customers to Sinchon, women's street.. Weather was made cold so I hid in Coffeebean! See the pattern here? Weather cold = find place to hide = eat.


Vivaldi Ski Resort

So cute!

Worst room out of the entire 8 nights.
The smell was... OMG. The toilet so dirty! Urgh.
Not only my room had problem, half of my group had issues with their rooms!
Avoid this resort at all cost!

View from the room at night

Next day is Ski time!

Brought our customers up the mountain to play with snow before coming down to the beginner's slope for them to learn skiing.

Super systematic and fast!

Locker room to keep your stuff..

I had snowboard shoes on cos I am not skiing.. 
I had to help and teach the customers how to ski. 

Fubu ok. Mai siao siao.

Waiting for the customers to finish playing..


On the 30th November, we went to Everland! This is my 5th visit to Everland and it has not changed much.. First time I went was 10years+ back and that was the last holiday (other than stupid Genting) I had with my parents and siblings as a complete family unit.

Leather boots plus winter coat is such a beautiful combo! :)

Nothing much as changed.. looks the same as before to me.

Lots of Chrtimassy performance and decorations around...

The Everland Christmas tree! :)

Here's a video I took while relaxing beside the "Avatar Christmas Tree" while enjoying my Churos before a big group of tourists swarmed past me..

My meal coupon which entitles me to a free meal at the cafeteria.

I got the guide ID ticket, which means I have access to unlimited rides but guess what? I didn't go on a single ride. LOL.

I was quite bored, cos it's not fun taking amusement rides on your own. It's damn boring and I rather walk around taking pictures and window-shopping in the souvenir shops. I didn't buy much though, cos the items are always the same boring old stuff... But I did have fun taking photos of all their cutesy hats! ^^

Penguin! So cute!

This is my guide, Ms Jang! Her daughters are a bit older than me, so she treat me like her daughter and was very nice to me. :) She kept giving me skin care advice! Haha!


I bought Krispy Kremes for my group members! :)

None of them heard of Krispy Kremes before! T_T"

After they tried it than they fell in love with it! Hahahahahaha! I wonder why they call it doughnuts instead of donuts.. Hmmm. Is it a British vs American spelling?


Went to the Imperial Palace and froze my ass off. Mad mad cold.


Lots of information on Korea history, past and present


12 zodiac statues. I am a tiger!


Lotte World with the customers!

Waiting for the night parade to start..

My Guide sticker gives me unlimited rides.. I took 2. Haha!


Look at the number of stuff I bought in a week!


Cutesy Korean Souvenirs!

By now, I've lost this mousepad.. I dunno where it is. LOL!

Love this iPhone cover! Super cute!

Pretty handcream from Etude House~

Bought plenty of masks! Hair masks, hand masks, feet masks and face masks! ^^


I spent almost half million won (Around S$600) in my 9days there in Korea and this is just cash. I did not even count the credit card receipts.. T_T"

We actually did much more stuff than what I blogged about.. all the usual touristy stuff that I'm so sick of. 

I really enjoy leading this tour cos the people are very nice and almost everyone treated each other like family.. Other than one guy which I will not mention by name who has complaints at every stop, meal and hotel.. Everyone was great! There were also two little children, a boy and girl who are really cute that I enjoy playing with.

Though I had fun, it was really boring going to the same place, seeing the same thing, hearing the same stories. I am going to request "No more Korea tours" from my boss. Let my colleagues who are Korean fans to go on the tour instead. Give me Japan anytime! I will even take Taiwan over Korea.. at least it's not so cold and there's lots of yummy food there! ^_^

I am going Japan and Taiwan and China in the next few weeks! Hope my subsequent tours will be fun too! :)