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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Joyce and Wayne treated me to dinner at jPot! They wanted to buy me a present but I told them it's alright cos Joyce did not manage to come to my party and I already have everything that I wanted..

Here's my complimentary cake from jPot for being their member..

Happy Birthday to me again! :)

Pipimon wasn't there cos we had a argument just as we were about to leave the house.. He's so irritating sometimes! He asked me how much his new shoes costs, and I said $40! He got angry cos it's $60! Like how would I know how much a Timberland shoes costs right? ARGH!

Afterwards Joyce and Wayne fetched me home.. :) Thanks guys!
Isn't it pretty?

I am so addicted to pretty nails again! I thought I cured this expensive addiction of mine.. but it has came back to bite me! Now I change my nails' designs every 2 weeks! LOL!

I woke up this morning and went to do my nails.. Pipimon left the house early cos he went to Samsung Service centre to pick up the camera he sent for repair.. He even bought chicken rice back for me but I already ate as I woke up and left the house right after him to go and do my nails..

We were not really talking cos he's upset that I went out so late with Brendan last night.. Sometimes I think he needs to give me space because I am not a little girl anymore and I have the right to go out with my friends and stay out late once in a blue moon..
Brendan came and picked me up from work yesterday..

I made him wait for 2.5hours! T_T" I had so much work to do!! I keep telling him "I am leaving soon" but I couldn't leave cos new emails keep coming in. :(

Lucky he did not strangle me!! Heehee!

He also gave me my birthday present! It's a super cute pink leather Kindle cover! Niceee!! I will tweet about it soon! :) He said sorry cos it was delivered late and he couldn't give me during my birthday party.. But it's ok cos he brought home my Kindle before my party and returned it on that day with over 800+ ebooks! Most of them were what I "ordered" from him! YAY!

Our initial plan was to go to Vivocity for dinner but he drove over to my workplace after a 1.5hrs wait there for me and waited another 1hr at the taxi stand before I appeared! Oops! As it was quite late by then, he drove me to Dempsey Hill's PS Cafe for a late dinner and the food was yums! Super romantic and cool chillout place!

Thank you for the treat! <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Met Elson for dinner at BaliThai at Nex Mall earlier on.. We are supposed to meet at 7.30pm, 1.5 hours after I officially finish work but I only arrived around 8.15pm!! :( I feel so bad for making him wait so long, so I treated him to dinner.. Moreover he did not get to come to my birthday party as he needed to work.. come to think about it.. maybe he should treat me for missing my party! LOL!

Anyway it's been years since I ate at BaliThai.. the last time I did was at Tampines Mall with my mum and 3rd Aunt after I bought a Sony Ericsson phone with my own money. I was 17. Wow! That's like 8years ago! Madness!

Anyway, the menu is kinda confusing cos it's Indonesian food and Thai food together.. 

Chicken Tom Yum Soup. Super sour. I don't like it.

BBQ Chicken... Yums!

Pandan Chicken! Love it! :D

It's madness cos all 3 dishes are chicken and Elson is doing a Chicken Rice business now.. which means he eats Chicken everyday! LOL!

Milk Tea tastes like syrup shit. Yuck.

Red Ruby (Not nice) & Tapioca (Nice).

The food is hit and miss.. so I don't think I will be going back again.. for Thai food, the safer choice is still Thai Express.

My birthday present from him! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pipimon bought me a bag to put my Polaroid camera in!

I received the Hello Kitty Polaroid camera as a birthday gift from Yaya, Hui Xian, Smallgirl & her boyfriend! Only Yaya came to my party cos the rest were busy.. :( But that's for the present!

I love the camera! Really cute! I haven't got a chance to use it though.. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's my birthday today!

But I am in the office working.. :( I did not take leave cos Pipimon is working and I have nowhere to go.. Moreover I celebrated my birthday last Sunday with a fabulous party! This is my workdesk and I am seated near the floor to ceiling window where there's a lovely seaview. :)

Today is our Employee Engagement Day! We celebrate all the October babies' birthdays and today's theme is Sari Day! I did not wear a sari cos I did not want to borrow or buy one.. If I borrow I have to dry clean it! If I buy it, I'll wear once and keep it to collect dust!

With my Team leader, Elaine!

She is really sweet and patient and I am so lucky to be seated beside her cos it's instant information and help! Hahahahhaa! :D

 With my trainer, Daphne! She trains the new hires and I love her!

Blackforest cake!

 I stuck on 10 candles! Hahahahaha!

 I won a Quality Superstar award! :) Also received rewards for compliments from our customers! Happy!

They were giving out the cake while I was on the phone.. Yup, we use headsets at work :)

 My slice of cake!

I got the chocolate piece but I did not eat it.. Fattening like mad! I just secretly throw it away so no one can force me to eat it. Heehee!

Today I spent the WHOLE day working! I left the office at 10.45pm! No joke! I even took the wrong bus! Instead of taking the Bus 31, I took Bus 51 cos I was so tired I saw the wrong number and I ended up touring Commonwealth, Queenstown and Tanglin.. 45mins later I ended up in Clarke Quay! It would have only taken me around 15mins if I took Bus 31 and NEL train! :(

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's my birthday tomorrow!

Treated Wany to a dinner at Marche! :)

Lots of yummy food!

She ate the strawberries and I ate the mangoes. Hahahaha!

We wanted to go for a karaoke session but I have to work tomorrow so we have to skip it. :( But I am glad we had a few hours to chit chat and catch up cos we didn't have much time to talk during my birthday party.. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We planned to go to Batam this weekend so we met up at Harbourfront for dinner and also to buy the ferry tickets! :) We bought tickets from Batam Fast instead of Penguin cos Santi & Welly have existing tickets they bought some time back that they can use to revalidate for this weekend's use.

We had dinner at the Orange Lantern!

 Nat's Beef Pho

 Welly's spicy Beef Pho (not nice)

Afterwards we went to our favourite place for dessert! Fruit Paradise! I love the cheese tarts! My favourite is the Mango Banana flavour.

Can't wait for our Batam trip this weekend!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yesterday she tweeted me a picture she drew of a Tarepanda!

It's so cute!

I was telling her she used to draw me pictures of 2 rabbits (me and her) and surprise me when I came home from school (10yrs ago). I will choose the best ones and stick it on my bedroom door and she used to come into my room, lie on my bed and admire her artwork.

Today she tweeted me a new picture that she drew...

It's a picture of two rabbits and it's MAD CUTE and MAD NICE! :) Thanks pui!

Monday, October 10, 2011

1 year ago..

Monday, October 10, 2011 0 Comments
This is one of my all time favourite picture!

I love my skin, my hair colour and I was contended with my weight! This was 1 year ago on 10 Oct-10 and now I'm so fat!

:*( I seriously need to stop my yo-yo diet and lose weight for good before I hit my 30s and the fats will be permanent residents and will never move away!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Met up with Joyce & Wayne for dinner at Soup Restaurant! It's our treat as Wayne very kindly took in Chloe for a few days when we went to Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks ago.

I like the outlet at Changi Airport cos the decor is really authentic!


Joyce and me! :)

Pipimon kept yakking away with Wayne.. so me and Joyce ignored them and we had a girly talk ourselves. Haha!

We ate a lot! So much until we had difficulty walking.. Hahaha! Wayne bought a new car and he gave us a ride home afterwards.. :D

We also bought Bak Kwa for Wayne's mother.. Hope she likes it!

Purple and pink for my party next Sunday!

PPP Purple,Pink,Party... it's all "P"s, get it? Hahahahaha! Okok.. Very lame I know.

Anyway, I did not update last month's braces!! It's multi coloured, green on the top and pink/white below but I did not take a picture.. That's because the Samsung camera sucks and I really hate bringing it out.. And the Canon SLR is so huge and heavy so I am so lazy to take it out to use it.

After buying the new Sony HX9V camera, I'm starting to take more pictures! :) We bought the camera at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Pipimon spent a lot of time researching on a new camera for me and we decided on this. After buying it, he saw in techie magazine that it's the No 1 digital compact camera and he's so happy with his choice! I love the camera cos it takes really pretty pictures!

My dentist Dr Anna Tang is on maternity leave so today it's Dr Choy who changed my braces for me.. His technique is so much different than Dr Tang. Both of them are good, but I can feel that Dr Tang is more specialized in braces. Dr Choy is more gentle though.. Hahaha! And he is more throughout that Dr Tang. Anyway, she'll only be back on 19Nov.. So next month I will be seeing Dr Choy again before seeing Dr Tang in December.

I'll most probably be able to remove my braces in December! ^^

Afterwards, I will do teeth whitening and then I will finally have perfect white teeth! Hollywood smile! :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

There's a supplier showcase at my office where different hotels, cruise liners and airlines come to my office to showcase their products and services.

Each of us had a timetable to follow.. And as there are too many suppliers, we can only see up to 6 suppliers from the list, with only 15 - 30mins time allocated each.

There was a lucky draw at the end of the showcase, but I was not present as I was at one of the supplier's presentation when they handed out the prizes..

Imagine my surprise when I was give an envelope with my name on it when I went back to my desk! My colleagues were screaming my name like "JASMINEEEEE! YOU WON SOMETHING!" And I was like "Haiyah.. what is so good about the lucky draw? Confirm some dodgy gift one..... "

I was so shocked when I saw that the prize is.........

2 nights stay at St Regis Bangkok's Caroline Astor Suite!

It's a suite! Not just a room but a suite! And it's worth $1250 per night (without taxes)! Super happy like mad! Of course there were other prizes.. and some of them are:
  1. 1 night stay in HongKong Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  2. 2 nights stay in Langkawi Datai Resort
  3. 2 nights stay in London Hyde Park
  4. 2 nights stay in Hoi An Nam Hai Villas
  5. 2 nights stay in Monte Carlo Paris Hotel
  6. 2 nights stay in Tokyo Seiyu Hotel
  7. 3 nights stay in New York Taj Hotel
And many more! It's sheer madness cos many of the hotel stays are in suites and the prizes are worth up to $4000!

It's not even D&D but just a simple supplier's showcase and the prizes are so fabulous! I am so lucky to be able to win the Bangkok prize as it's near to Singapore and I don't have to spend a bomb on air tickets to be able to use them! :)

Maybe it's my birthday luck? :D