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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look at my baby's new haircut!

Well, she didn't really got much of a haircut, but at least she looks neater now with her hair tied up.. :)

The shopowner says that she is very smart and I have to be careful not to let Chloe outsmart me and climb on top of my head... cos she seems very bright and likes to "try her luck" by being cheeky to see if she can get away with it.

Well, I will have to learn how to do that cos she really seems much smarter than Oreo, my previous dog.. Oreo is like a carpet.. soft, fluffy and inactive... Chloe is like a bunny.. Hop hop hop all the time...

She understands my words when I speak to her! For example, when she is biting the wires.. I will glare at her and say: "Chloe, what are you doing? NO!" than she'll cork her head to the side and look at me and run to me and sit by my side... Wah damn cute lah.

Chloe also managed to learn how to poo and urinate within the short span of 5days from the time I brought her home.. and that's amazing considering I've never used any treats to entice her nor meted out any punishment to scare her... the 1st five days she had a few accidents, but everytime she urinate outside I will carry her back and tell her "No Chloe, naughty Chloe!" and after 5days she knows what I want her to do..

Cool huh?

I've taught her how to fetch, and I'm gonna teach her how to sit and play dead soon. Wahahahahaha.

It's a bit tough taking care of a Maltese especially like Chloe since her fur is quite thick and she likes to mess up her hair by squashing her face on her cage and using her paws to mess up her hair... T_T"

And she has very bad tear stains on her face which is quite difficult to remove since her fur is sooo white.. The shopowner taught me to use baby powder and a bit of cornflower powder to comb on her face's fur to whiten it... shall try it tomorrow...

Okie, gonna go sleep now. I need my beauty sleep to prevent my right eye from twitching again. Yea, I'm gonna go sleep!! hahahahahaha! Gotta go work at 7am tomorrow~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Went out with Wany today!

I never meet her for one month liao! Madness lah!

We went to Ion Orchard for dinner and icecream.. :)
More photos in my facebook account..

It's very late and I wanna go sleep.... bring my Chloe for a haircut tmr!

Good night!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My right eye has been twitching non-stop the whole day!

Twitch twitch twitch!

Apparently, twitching in the right eye is BAD.

It either means that people are gossiping about you or a big bad disaster is gonna befall upon you.

I read more online on Chinese superstitions, and some websites even said that for women, left is good and right is bad. For men, it's the opposite.

And of cos, the angmoh websites will have a plausible explanation that I am just too stressed or too tired.

I think I am too stressed. Cos I've been sleeping early everyday now and I have minimum of 8 hours of sleep each day..

I just don't like being unprepared or don't have enough knowledge or information to do something.. and I have to read and study and ask a lot to be prepared for what I'm doing right now. I keep worrying that I don't have the ability to solve problems thrown at me and I am super jumpy.

The soft skills part I've got it down... plenty of training and experiences in that.. but the technical skills.. woah. :( I AM A BUSINESS STUDENT LAH! Not InfoTech!

Damn. I need to kidnap Brendan and try to extract his formidable technical knowledge into my brain without somehow killing him in the process. Any ideas?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Woke up feeling very feverish today, and decided to call in sick and sleep the fever off.

I'm getting sick so easily nowadays and that's bad bad bad. I am usually quite resilient to illnesses, so it's either i'm old now, or my immune system is really fucked up.

Anyways, Pipimon had to make a trip down to the CPF Board to settle some stuff with his medisave thingy, so we decided to drop by my workplace so I can go and take my phone charger and external battery pack..

Yea, we drove all the way to Ang Mo Kio to take a stupid cable and the batt pack cos it's my off day tomorrow and my phone's batt bar is like 12%, and since I did not plan on taking MC today, I left all my stuff in the office. =.=

So I went to see a doctor in Bishan, then we went to CPF board near Junction 8 before going down to my office.. my boss was like "What are u doing here?!" cos i was supposed to be sick at home. Told him I went down to submit my MC and to take my charger and he was laughing at my silliness.

Anyways, afterwards we decided to go to iLuma @ Bugis for dinner at our fave ThaiExpress restaurant.. but after walking there I found out that I did not bring my membership card and I kinda persuade Pipimon to try Nandos with me since there was no queue when we passed by, and Wany was asking me to accompany her but the queues are usually damn fucking long...

Woah. Big big mistake!

Don't be conned by the stupid banner!

Tasting is believing...
What should be written in Small Print:
... that long queues doesn't mean nice food!

Here's Pipimon scrutinizing the menu... he doesn't have high hopes for the place cos he knows I am ultra fussy.. but hey! If the food is good, it's good right.. regardless of my fussy tastebuds!

I ordered the Angry Mango Burger

And he ordered the half chicken with 2 sidelines...

I don't understand why they call the side dishes, sidelines?!

Anyway you know what pissed me off? I wanted the corn, and the stupid waiter said they don't have corn.. so i pointed to the item in the menu and he said "Oh, we ran out of corn". I asked him if he's sure there's no corn, and he gave me a very definite "Yes" for an answer..

Knn these stupid fucker dunno what he is doing, cos the next 7 plates of chickens I saw being served (yes i counted) HAD THE FUCKING CORN IN IT!

Don't tell me they miraculously grew corn out of nowhere.

Don't tell me the corn was not ready when we placed our orders because he could have told me that, AND i saw people eating corn on the tables next to me and the fucking corn was served to other tables both before and after our meal was served.


I know i am over-reacting, but i love corn and i hate people lying.

Don't know, go and check.

Don't know, go and ask.

Don't fucking act smart and just say don't have. Don't fucking lie to me!!!!!

As for drinks, we ordered a ice-blended mango and a apple soda.

The waitresses has butter fingers and knocked over my apple soda when she cleared the plates.. she's lucky i have already paid up and was getting ready to leave and my cup was 10% filled.. if not i'll throw a bitch fit and refuse to pay a single cent. First they have lying waiters, next butter-finger waitresses? Oh, close down already!

And they made people queue outside for so long when there were empty tables inside. I counted 5 empty tables that could have sat at least 20 people and they just made people queue. Publicity stunt ah? And also, they should give the menu to people who are queuing so they need not waste time to choose their food when they are finally seated, thus saving time and ensuring that more people can come in and eat their horrible food.

Either they have very bad management, OR they think that making people queue is a free form of advertising.

I think both of the above are applicable.

I usually don't condemn a place that badly, but honestly... this place sucks.

Total bill came up to be $50.25 including the service fee and GST and it's not worth it... Seriously. Take your money and go to Kenny Rogers. The service is faster, more variety of side dishes and much much cheaper.


P.S// Don't gimme the bullshit saying I am sick therefore my judgement is skewed. My tastebuds are working perfectly fine. I just had a headache and a fever which does not impair my ability to enjoy good food. And I was in a perfectly good mood that day until I went in for dinner. Luckily Pipimon managed to cheer me up afterwards by buying me my fave cup of watermelon tango from Rockery.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pipimon bought a new bag for Chloe today!

The amazing thing was... he chose the design by himself! He's being proactive! WAH! Usually he'll just grumble and mumble and say "Up to you lah!"... this time he actually went round the shop and choose something all by himself! :)

The pearl "keychain" is actually a dog collar but it's too heavy for Chloe... she's too small for that, so i'm using it as a keychain first...

Found the website online while I was searching for pet carriers, and smsed the contact number given on the website as there wasn't any address there...

We went there and I am happy to say that they have lots of cute carriers, beds and clothes for dogs! A lot of their stuff are similar/identical to Mother Garden which was previously at Vivocity but closed down last year... Mother Garden sells lots of cutesy stuff and they are originally from Japan. So imagine my happiness when I see them having all the cute dog bowls and stuff!! :D

We only bought the pet carrier for now as I am still toilet-training Chloe, so we don't need the bed yet. In future when she's older.. I'll consider getting her a bed so she can sleep in our room with the aircon. Wahahahahaha.

Pets Momo is opened on weekends, and if you wanna go down during the weekdays you have to call or sms for appointment. It's run by 3 very friendly guys and if you're lucky.. you might be able to see Elmo the Toy Poodle! He is damn cute lah! Also 3 months old and he belongs to one of the owner, Ray. I'm gonna bring Chloe down to play with Elmo one day.. it's gonna be interesting.. hahahahahahah!

Pets Momo
800 Upper Serangoon Road #01-01a
Tel: 98805887 (Ray)
The cocktail event was 7pm, and the dinner was slated to start at 7.30pm, however I only left the house at 8pm and thanks to Pipimon's mad driving skills, arrived at the ballroom around 8.20pm.

Thank god they haven't started! I know I am tardy for being late but I had to work and I have to prepare for the wedding... :(

Initially I asked Gina if Pipimon could attend the wedding but the table was full, so he couldn't attend it. Poor Pipimon had to wander around Bedok while waiting for the dinner to end.. well, one of the invitees did not turn up so there was an empty chair at the table -- perhaps that person did not inform Gina earlier that she is not coming, or maybe there's a last minute emergency.... Pipimon could have joined in... =.= Haix. But he was not dressed for the dinner anyways.. so. Oh wells.

Anyways, so happy to meet up with my Saint Anthony's school mates~~

Was looking at the menu of the day... i spotted SHARKS FIN! Sorry Gina, I am "Save the Sharks".. heh heh. I gave my soup to Jasmine Soh.... she says it's very delicious.. T_T"

Wedding Favor! So cute!

5 mins after I arrived... the beautiful couple marched it! ^___^ They cut the cake, and our 1st course dish was served... after a while, the couple came in again to toast to everyone....

Look like a million dollar couple lah! Pretty!!

Pouring the champange~


Hip Hip Hurray for the newly wedded couple, Mr & Mrs Robin Lee!

After the yum sengs, 3 of us.. me, SueAnn & Jasmine Soh went to the bathroom to camwhore. LOL! Notice the grouchy aunties in the background? One of them commented that we are so boliao. Too bad! :P

Lots of mirrors everywhere! It seems designers know that girls like to take pictures in toilets.. hahahahahhaa!

SueAnn said that my cardigan is very "Michael Jackson".. told her cos it's his 1 year death anniversary, so must commemorate him.. but actual fact was I think Pipimon fatten me up so much until my arms are too flabby. Had to cover them.. LOL!

SueAnn, Jasmine Soh & me!


So.. this is what I gave the newly wed couple.. :)

I pasted stickers on it so it'll look much prettier. :D

Also gave them a "pink packet"... as you can see.. everything is pink.. hahahahaha!

Really enjoyed myself a lot and hope that I'll be invited to more weddings in future!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Name: Chloe Kittychan
D.O.B: 8th March 2010
Breed: Mini Maltese
Sex: Female
Cost: $2XXX

Spent a lot of her shampoo, conditioner, detangler, food, anti-tick/mite/heartworm solution, blah blah blah. Pipimon nearly had a heart attack....

But the good thing is all these supplies can last for 6 months or more.. so it's alright.. :D

She's super adorable! Jumping and hopping around like a crazed bunny.. hahahahahha!

We wanted to get a toy poodle initially, but there's a lot of drama involved which I don't wanna elaborate much. I am glad we got Chloe! Love her to bits!! She's so tiny and sweet!!

Thank you Pipimon! Muacks muacks!!
Pipimon bought this for me last week... wanted to get the whole set for me, but I wanted to try one before getting everything.. what if it's not what i expected?

Anyway i've been looking for this product for a long long time. Ordered online at USD$29.90 per set but shipment delayed and stuff.. so i cancelled my order... Luckily we spotted this is Parco Millenia! Only SGD$19.90!! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

DOMO is my car guardian!

hahaha. He scares away potential cashcard robbers and smelly cats who likes to sleep on the car roof.

By the way, I am super sick. Having bad cold and cough.. MC at home for 2days.. going back to sleep. I can't breathe with my blocked nose nor hear with my blocked ears. dammit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day out~~

Tuesday, June 01, 2010 0 Comments
Pipimon is sweet to me (for now), I have a new great job, I need not squeeze with dodgy people on public transport everyday, I made new wonderful friends (and is meeting more great ppl everyday) and life is just so wonderful right now.. I just wanna break out in dance and sing! :D

Life sure has it's ups and downs and I think currently mine is heading north! Up up and away! Gonna take it nice and slow to avoid hitting a plateau or peaking too soon as we all know, what goes up must come down!

Anyways, to people who are unhappy with their life/job/relationships now.. take charge of your own fate and destiny! Life is what you make of it! Love yourself and appreciate your own self-worth before others can love and appreciate you!! What goes around comes around and what goes down will go up one day! :)


Had a fun day last Saturday with Pipimon!

For the 1st time in years, drove to Orchard and experienced the horrors of the ERPs and sky-high carpark fees.. =.=

I had an agenda and plan to follow!
  1. DFS Galleria
  2. Ion Orchard
  3. Wisma Atria
  4. Suntec City
So first stop, DFS Galleria! :)

Pipimon was tired from walking around, and I had horrible blisters from my new heels :*(

So we sat and rested our feet for a while...

Love the big comfy sofas and luxurious cushions!

Pipimon with my loot! :D I bought my skincare and DKNY perfume!

Recharged at Macdonalds before heading to Wisma for more shopping madness..

Can you believe the Teatime set is only $5 for 3 items? You get to choose any 3 items from the list they have! So we chose the large fries, ice milo and a milk shake. It's practically buy 2 get 1 free item!

I am so aunty lah... =.= But it's super worth it! 3pm to 6pm and we bought it at 5.55pm! Lucky or what!! Hahahahahaha! I didn't know they had that option and the girl did not offer it, however I have sharp eagle hawk aunty eyes when it comes to bargains.. heh heh heh!

Took picture with this pair of cutesy statues hiding at the corner of Takashimaya's Level 1

Customary picture in a lift with mirrors! :) Pipimon is like a big big bear bear. Squeeze!!!

We went to Suntec's Sizzlers for the salad bar buffet~!

Thanks to Yayin for the 1-for-1 coupon! :) We only paid like S$21 after all the nonsense tax and charges for two persons!

Happy Pipimon!

Okie, gotta go! Good night y'all!