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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I sold my Kindle to Elson cos he likes it and wants me to help him order a new one but it was out of production.. Moreover I don't really have the time to read anymore and Elson seems to enjoy reading ebooks on the Kindle.

There's still a lot of books that I've not read and Brendan has downloaded over 1000 books for me. WHERE GOT TIME TO READ? Moreover I told him I don't have a Kindle anymore since I sold it to Elson... 

And he went to buy me another new Kindle! This is a simpler version from mine. It doesn't come with a charger, no keyboard and no read-aloud function.. But I don't need any of those so it's good enough for me!

He wanted to buy the Kindle Fire with coloured screen and download magazines (National Geographic, etc)  for me.. but I told him I don't need that. I prefer the black and white screen instead of coloured screen cos the glare is less and it's easier on my eyes. And if I wanted a coloured screen device, I would have gotten an iPad instead.

What's in the box! :)

Thank you!!

He bought this for me before CNY by the way.. See the red nails! :D Actually I bought him a present too but it's a "secret" between us cos if anyone knows about it they will go O_O . Sometimes I will go O_O when I think about it.. Haha!

So far I've only read around 3 books on it in the past month.. I AM TOO BUSY WITH WORK! And whenever I start on a book I must finish it.. so I try not to start if I know I don't have the time and energy to finish. Urgh.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today is the long awaited day of Wicked the Musical!

Ever since I heard some of the songs on Glee, I was hooked and wanted to fly to New York to watch the musical but I have no chance to do so... When I heard they were coming to Singapore, I was super excited!! :)

It is so difficult to decide on a date to watch the musical! All 3 of us have such conflicting schedules! I have to work during the night and though it's my OFF day on Saturday, my sister need to work.. and the only weekend in February that we can all make it, Wany had to go and fly to Hong Kong for a holiday! Haiyo....!!

Another problem was, I insisted on buying front row tickets (middle) for the show and it must be a Saturday show because that's when all the main actors & actresses will definitely be in the show. Which makes it very limited dates cos a lot of Saturday's middle front rows were snapped up!

Prior to my Bangkok trip, we were already pushing dates here and there trying to fix on one date for weeks! But it's always 2/3 possibility.. One of us will not be able to make it due to work or school commitments.. 

Finally we decided on 25 February (Sat) which is today!

I remember whatsapping my sister and Wany in the middle of the night when I was in Bangkok forcing them to make a decision cos the tickets were selling out fast for the front row on Saturdays. I was so exasperated at one point that I told them to go ahead without me and I will go and watch myself because they asked me to choose between the two of them if my schedule is so tight. Who to choose? Crazy.

The tickets is $250 (+$3 booking fee) each and I offered to help my sister pay as her very belated birthday present because I did not know what to buy for her.. And since I owe Wany a Christmas present, I offered to pay for her ticket too.. So in the end I paid $759. Tell me I am the best sister and nicest best friend in the world please. Haha!

Met them for lunch at Marina Bay Sands' Din Tai Fung!

Me & Sister~

Nathaniel came to join us for lunch! :)

His mascot is the blue Angry bird I gave him.. Haha!

I commented that his new hairstyle makes him look really young. He said it's not on purpose.. the wind was too windy and messed up his hair! Well, it's a pretty mess! :)

Miffy & Kitty!
I think our mascots are cuter.. Hahaha!

After lunch, we went to TWG for tea! :)

Waiting for a table.. 

Desserts Gang!

The table setting and menu

My face when I saw the tea menu.. T___T"

Then I realized it's just different variations of the same type of tea and I was like "Chey".

Tea Ice Cream!

There's an exclamation mark beside the word Sakura so when I read it out, I was reading it very enthusiastically, which no one else shared my excitement. As usual. Bah.

Wany ordered the Sakura! Sakura! Tea Sorbet!


Our two mascots :)


Wany so ladylike.. with an empty cup! Hahahha!


Ok.. It's not that nice. But it's cheap. $2++ each.

Nice nails! :)

My sister order the Apple pie thingy.. It's nice!

But I don't like the ice cream flavour though..

Feeding Miffy!

The final bill! 

They don't do hot water refill and there's a minimum requirement of 1 pot per person.

After teatime, they convinced Nathaniel to go and buy a ticket to join us.. however the seats beside us were all full and Nathaniel said it's weird to sit alone (why?) so he left to go back to work. He's such a crazy workaholic! Worse than me!

WICKED! Finally!

All the main cast is in the show! :)

Free gift for Emerald ticket holders 


Waiting area where we collected our free drinks~

We were so closed up, I can't get the whole stage in the shot. :D

Front row! YIPPEEE!

Sister enjoying her coke..

Wany very atas, drink sparkling wine. :D

The show is fantastic! I love it so much, I want to go back and watch it again! I won't buy the first row tickets now since I have experienced it already, so I will most probably buy the lower category. Maybe I'll go and bug Brendan to watch with me.. Or I'll go with Yaya & Joyce! :) We'll see.

The songs were damn nice! And I can see the actors up close! So close I can nearly touch them! Also, the orchestra was just beneath us, only 2 meters away! 


I even cried during some of the scenes. *sniff sniff*

Annoying toilet shot. Hahaha!

After the show we wanted to go home straight but we felt really hungry cos we only had lunch at DTF earlier on.. walked around and most of the places were closing or closed! :( Why liddat? In the end we found ToastBox! :)

Told my sister that my boobs look big in this picture and she's like 

Nathaniel kept saying I am very chor-lor (unladylike) and no man will want me cos I am super vulgar and say the most inappropriate things, especially in public where other people can hear me. Hahahahaha! My dear Nathaniel, I am only like that when I am with you! :P

Sister & Wany!

Love my teeth in this picture!

The first thing I look at when I see a picture (of anyone) is their teeth. My pursuit for perfect teeth has not ended and I will do whatever it takes to achieve perfect teeth!!! AAAAHHH! I don't know how people can smile naturally and show two rows of beautiful teeth! (My sister & Brendan can).. I am so jealous! I tried to practice in front of the mirror but I can only show half of my top row naturally. If I try too hard, I look like I am grimacing in pain. :(

Wany bought these for us! It's $12 a piece! 
Thanks Wany!

Overall it was a very fun day! How I wish I have lots of days like this! My days are spent sleeping, working, eating. Over and over again like some cycle. Super monotonous and I am going crazy!!

Luckily there's a short break coming up! I am going to Penang to attend two wedding dinners during the weekend on 10th & 11th March! My sister is flying with my mum & aunt on 8Mar and returning on 13Mar. I will be flying in with Brendan on 9Mar and flying back out together on 12Mar cos of our tight work schedules. 

If my aunt did not tell me about the weddings, I would have forgotten I have relatives in Penang! They are on my mum's side and I forgot how we are related but I guess I will find out when I am there. There are two dinners cos 1 day will be for the groom's family and the other is for the bride's family. Must be some big big event since they have to split it into two days. They offered to pay for my flights and put me up at their house but I refused cos, well.. I like to be in control and I don't really want to be in their debt or something since I don't know them that well.

Anyway I booked the flights and the confirmed the hotel already! Gonna stay at a boutique hotel called 23 Love Lane.. :) Hope it's nice!