Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Waraku & MOF @ Marina Square

Met Wany and we went for Japanese Cuisine!! Waraku (fave restaurant) and MOF dessert!

Wany was caught unprepared... hee hee.
Yummy and ultra fattening mayo Scallop.

Oily Greasy Chicken

My fave tobiko sushi & crab mayo!

I love this MOF (Ministry of Food) dessert! Don't you think the name of the business is so... no link? Ministry of Food... kua kua.. So wannabe. Oh wells. The desserts are nice. Main courses are quite affordable (but i never try before)... I signed up for the membercard so we have 10% off each time we go in and free green tea! Wahahaha!
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

My study area

Today's financial accounting paper was so easy, it's scary. nerve-wreckingly scary! it's like.. how can be so easy until i can finish the paper in 1 hour? Time given is 3 hours! Hopefully i can pass! Tmr is MATHS!

This is my study area.. in the kitchen..
It's actually a dining area cos the house is so bloody small.. but since no one is using it as a dining area, I'm using it as my study area (my room has no place for a study desk!)

Left: From Wany (Watsons)
Right: From Money (Tokyo Disneyland)

Thanks wany soo much for buying this cute cushion from Watsons for me!! Bear bears and cushions are so much nicer and meaningful when your loved ones buy for u. Buy yourself no meaning.. u get what i mean. I'm blessed. OK back to studying!
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Outing with mum & sis


The secret to my fatal attraction to Pepperlunch.. The 260degrees hotplate. yum yum. Wany says it's damn fattening.. but i like. =( All the food i like IS fattening lor. Haiz.

Met my Mum and sister today.. wanted to go to Billy Bombers at The Cathy.. but since we pased by Central Mall, i told them about PepperLunch.. and off we go! My sister looks most unwilling.. Hur hur.

After that we went to Bugis Street to buy bag for my sister.. and me. Well.. my mum intended to buy bag for me.. from Bugis Street..


I'm like 21 19 lor! Not 14! Bugis Street bag is sooo.. ummm.. not me.

Anyway... my sister got a really nice leather bag. Super sweet. The store-owner said the rental is $5000 for a measly space in Bugis Street.



That's super expensive lah. madness.... throughout the whole day, my mum kept on criticizing my weight. haiz. what's new? She says i should lose weight, go be an air stewardess, meet a rich guy and marry and be a tai tai. Where got mummy like that ask the daughter to be so materialistic? And while she's complaining i'm too fat.. guess what she buy for me...

hur hur. how to lose weight....?

Bugis Junction's Seiyu changed boss liao.. Now become BHG.

I was wondering what it stands for.. than my sister nicknamed it Big Har Gao. T_T"
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pasta Waraku @ Marina Square


It's like one of our fave restaurants. Ever.

But we have countless of fave restarants, Wany and I... hahaha. Every Pasta Waraku's signature trademark is the lovely plastic food display outside the restaurant.. To entice people.. to hypnotise people to go in and eat.

Now i shall share what we've eaten.. the picture on the left is the actual food, and the picture on the right is the display plastic dish we took outside the shop.

(It was fun spotting what the plastic display of our dinner looked like. haha)

We had the clam chowder with japanese miso... $8.80

very very very yummy~ BUT! The serving damn small! Or maybe the bowl is tooooooo big. They shouldn't use shoud a big bowl.. make the soup appear so little... =( I had the tomato based Clam Spaghetti. $14.80

Super nice! I finished it in 5mins! And i wanted more!!! Wany took a longer time to finish her food.. as usual.. ahahahahha. Her fettucini is so special.. it's tomato PLUS cream sauce.. interesting huh?

i-forgot-the-name-seafood fettucini $16.80

Each dish comes with a dish of salad... complimentary.

I ate half of mine.. but Wany didn't touch hers. Though we're both carnivores.. i sometimes nibble on veggies.. but only the purple leafed ones.. Cos i am allergic to green food. LOL!

Wany with her giant bowl of soup.
We haven't touched the soup yet. See...! So little. =( But sooooooo nice.

Here's a fat me with my Cream Soda beverage...~

Cream Soda $5.80

4 thumbs up!

We're definately going back again! Super delicious! We didn't try the desserts.. cos we wanted to go to MOF for the yummy dumplings! LOOK AT THIS! Super pretty.. Super yummy. $6!

There's jelly hidden under the icecream.. this is my FAVE dessert!! I'm hungry just looking at this... sigh. The dumplings (white ball balls) are super chewy and delicious. AAHHH!!! It's to die for.

Wany had this yummy peanut icekachang thingy... the ice is so smooth and soft. I like ice like that.. not those rough coarse nonsense. This is $6.50. With soft-serve icecream... Super HAO CHI! And all the pictures were taken with her Sony Ericsson K800 (is it K800?? I dunno). So clear!! So nice! Unlike my O2.. grainy and blur. =( And now... before i go study...

Wany wanna inform everyone that you can buy the National Anthem for $9.95 at HMV!
Play it every morning at 6.30am and you'll be the most patriotic Singaporean!~
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Earle's Swensen @ Vivocity

Wany had a pay raise and decided to treat me to a Super yummy, Super sinful, Super fattening, Super Expensive dinner! And i enjoyed it very very much. Thank U Wany! *muacks~* Hope your pay increases every few months! Tee hee heee.

We ate the Fishermen's Basket (or something like that..) Baked Rice for 2 (which we didn't finished cos it's sooo freaking huge), the yummy Clam Chowder.. and they copied Ponderosa.. got Salad Bar hor! Siao siao. I like the crab met vermicilli at the salad bar.... yum yum.

Wany loves seafood (evil girl)!!!
And.. due to lots of fattening up from good food with Wany... i've gained tons of weight.
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

J.Co Donuts!

Pipimon's friend brought JCO donuts over from Indonesia... again. One whole box of 12! And he's bringing back more when he meets him again later.. i heard there's one more box!


Am i destined to be fat?

Wait a minute.. hold that thought while i munch on this lovely white chocolate donut with chocolate filling oozing out with every bite.......

Bye bye diet!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oreo's birthday present


It's Fiorucci!! Branded ok! Heh. I bought it at MotherGarden from Vivocity. It's for my little Oreo.. Hope he misses me. :(
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pepper Lunch @ Takashimaya

I'm supposed to be studying and revising my homework but I sneaked out to meet Wany!

Love the piping hot rice!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Heroic Rendezvous Tshirt!


Guess what Money bought for me in Hong Kong? :)

A new tshirt! Super cute can! Singapore don't have!! ^^

People who dunno this brand won't appreciate how much it costs and think that it's stupid to spend money on a cartoon that's not famous. ummm.. it's like the most famous cartoon brand in HongKong? Even the MTR (something like MRT) tied up with this company for it's new farecards or something can?

I love this brand so much. Not becos it's famous in HK, sold in limited quantities in Singapore, expensive (it's damn expensive), or because of the "brand name".

I first fell in love with it when i saw it in Wisma Atria 4 years ago. I went shopping with Money, and we happened to walk past the shop... went in and tried a top and she said i looked super slim in it. The price was $55 and it's my most expensive teeshirt purchase at that time. But it's cute! And it really has a slimming effect.. though at first i thought the mirror was fixed or something.

After a few months, i decided to go back and buy a few more pieces.. but they closed down! I so super sad can! Then Yaya said Club Street got one outlet.. and the next day, i drove her and Money there to check it out. WAH! I was so happy when i see the shop.. But the teeshirts very limited cos they only bring in limited quantities and there's no size.. than i saw this lovely bag..

But so damn expensive can! It was around.. $160++ if i remembered correctly.

I kept on holding to the bag. Refusing to let go... but i really really wanted it. So the salesman gave me a 30% discount.. maybe it's also becos it's the last piece.. but!!! I got it!

I was so happy that i rather spend my whole week allowance on a stupid bag.
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