Friday, November 26, 2010

Flying to Korea...

I'm flying off in 6 hours time and I've not finished packing or slept yet!

But luckily I've done my online check-in last night..

I'm down with a very very bad cold and fever. Damm. Hope the cold won't aggravate my condition! My cough is so bad, I can't even talk without croaking. OMG.

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Seoul Yummy!

Went to Central for dinner with Santi & Welly before my Korea trip...
Guess what we had for dinner...??

After dinner we went to get freebies! Candyfloss and balloons!

Yummy yummy!

Than we bought Barcook Bread for supper! ^^

Not much words cos I am super sleepy and i haven't packed my luggage!

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Chilli Padi Dinner

I went to JB alone this morning to dye my hair before my Korea trip.. I think it's very tiring to travel in to JB cos the walking distance is damn fucking far for the Malaysian Immigration Customs. That is the main factor that is discouraging me from going to JB.. Damn sian.

Moreover, I think my hair stylist is becoming complacent again.

History always repeats itself.

It's like, when you are used to a hair stylist, they become complacent and treat u not so nice cos they think that you will DIE without them and they start to chut-pattern.

For example, my appointment is 1pm and when I arrived on time, I have to wait till 1.30pm or told to go "walk walk and come back later".

What's the point of me spending money to call a Malaysian number for an appointment when I can't have that time slot?!

Moreover they are short-changing me. The director's price for CUT & COLOUR is RM218 for my hair length, and I was given a RM30 voucher previously so it's RM188 instead.. But she did not cut my hair at all, and it should be a difference price! And for the past few times, the receptionist was very cunning and did not issue me an invoice, just giving me an amount.. When I go home and calculate, I found out that she did not factor in the discounts! They have this membership card ala bubble tea card, 2nd visit 10%, 8th visit 50%, etc.. And she always chop the card but never gimme discount!! What the hell??

So this time I insist on invoice and she give me a super black face.

Like what the fuck lah! I so nice, never fussy, always give RM10 to the shampoo boy, buy RM20 Donut Factory donuts for them, and this is how they treat me?

Anyway, after the dye job, I went back to Queen Street and walked to Bugis to join Welly, Santi & Pipimon for dinner at Chilli Padi's!

Haven't been there for a looong time, and they renovated! The crowds also disappeared! Shiok! Cos it used to be damn crowded and freaking noisy!

Me making the rojak!

Picking their fave food~

Afterwards we took bus to Mustafa Centre! They opened a new wing! Damn chio and new!

And we went to the luggage section to see see look look..

I love this Mickey Mouse luggage! Gonna save up for it! :)
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chloe's cute pictures of the month! (Part 1)

"Nom Nom Nom!"

"Zzzzzz with my Gingy"
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter Date with Wany!

Went to GV Gold Class with Wany for our annual Harry Potter movie!


Afterwards, We took train to Orchard Ion. Went to Daiso to buy a Xmas hat cos it's compulsory for staff to wear a hat at the office and I didn't wanna share a hat with the rest of my colleagues cos some of them have really oily & dirty hair. (Sorry, I am very anal about cleanliness).

Wany helped me choose! We decided on the reindeer one.. :)

Went to have a bubbletea after buying the hat!



Had dinner at my fave Chicken wings outlet at Ion Orchard basement!



Went to try on shoes at New Look!

Crazy high!

Went to Hand Burger for POST DINNER. T_T"

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