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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think my writing improved a lot.. lots of swearing and boring narratives in the past.. I toned down a lot now, I think I don't even swear anymore (in speech) except when I am quarrel or argue with Pipimon I'll ask him to fuck off and go to hell, or I'll blurt out a "CHEEBYE!" every now and then... but compared to my colleagues, I am like super clean in my speech.

My colleagues at Apple swear like sailors! I kid you not! And it's super entertaining and funny! I love hearing them talk.. you don't know if they are fighting or chatting sometimes... Cos it's like every sentence they say has a vulgarity in it. And when I go O_O at them, they'll try to rein back a bit.. thinking I am sensitive to vulgarities.

Oh, the things they don't know about me.. Hahahahahhahaha!

Like even in our chatrooms, when they go NAHBEH! And I say something like AIYO! And they'll say "Sorry! I didn't know Jasmine was here.. sorry ah!!".. like it's forbidden to swear in front of me... Hmm.. I think it's my O_O face that gives them that impression.


My "neighbors" whom I always chat with are Ben and Wansi and they are super adorable when they jibe and poke fun at each other. I always laugh when Wansi is frustrated with someone or something and say "OHMYFUCKINGLORD!" or "SIMILANJIAO!!!".. Her expression is priceless. ^_^

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you know having a pet can make you healthier? Studies show that having a pet will reduce:
  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Cholesterol levels
  3. Triglyceride Levels
  4. Feelings of loneliness
And I think it increase my level of happiness! :)

Every morning I will hug and kiss her before feeding her breakfast.. than when I come home, she'll be super happy to see me and will be hopping around in joy.. She lets me comb her hair and clips it up (though she messes it up soon enough).. she'll also follow me around the house, and when I'm sleeping or doing something like blogging or watching TV, she'll sit contentedly beside my feet or on my lap and doze off..


And most of the time she'll pose for me when I take out my camera.. unless she's in a crappy mood. Pipimon says her character is 100% of mine... well, I don't agree.. She's too hyper for one.. I prefer lazing around and sleeping. And though we are both fussy over food, I definitely don't like messing up my hair like how she does... Hahahahahahaha!

She likes to snap at Pipimon's ankles! I think it's because he keeps locking her up and he doesn't acknowledge her presence! I told him he has to say "Hi Chloe" when he sees her, but sometimes he just ignores her and tries to walk past her but she's pissed when people ignore her so she will jump and hop after him and try to bite his ankles and toes! She will even growl at him like a baby tiger! She never growls at me cos I always lavish her with attention, but Pipimon says I am "giving her too much face" and spoiling her.

Well, I don't let her climb over my head. I do scold her ok!! But she's so crazy cute! How to resist? :)

Once again, I wanna say that Chloe is one of the best buys I ever made in my life! She's worth every penny and time I spent on her! Love love!!! ^_^

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New stuff!

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Had a super packed day today, went to YCK Cemetery to visit Pipimon's mummy grave.. than to Farmart (super dodgy place), Qian Hu (becoming dodgy also), Thomson Plaza and back home..

I finally bought contact lenses.. Put it off for so long cos I'm super paranoid about eye infection and shit.. But I'm sick and tired of wiping the stupid lens of my specs cos it keep having finger print smudges and also fogged up when I come out of the car or from any air conditioned area into the outdoors.

Irritating to the max!

I used to wear zero degree lens and now I have to wear crappy .75 degree lens! My right eye used to be only .25 and it increased in the past 5 months to .75 the same as my left eye!

Only consolation is I need not buy different degrees of contact lens to use for my right/left eyes... But I may have to go back to the specs shop and change the lens on my specs. BAH!

I was also walking around and trying to find nice clips for Chloe.. but it's so damn difficult to find nice ones for a little dog! Everywhere I go now, I will keep my eyes wide open to source for nice doggy clips.. pet shops, accessories shop, even dodgy mamashops.. T_T"

Bought some clips from an obscure shop in Thomson Plaza for $10.50 and realized all of them are not suitable for her. Damn. Super waste money lah! T_T"

Yesterday night we went to watch "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps". Super disappointing.. lots of talking talking talking, not much emphasis on the "Wall Street" part.. Don't waste your time and money if you haven't watched it... unless of course, you're bored and there's nothing else to watch.

Anyways, gotta go sleep. Super sleepy...~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Threadless Tees

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Last night, Brendan very nicely delivered my stack of threadless tees he ordered for me during our joint-spree.

He brought them in a unglam paper box lah! -_-

This is the first time I'm buying threadless stuff, and since so many people are raving about it + they were having a huge promotion.. I decided to order 11 tees! :)

Chloe love the soft soft tees! ^_^

I was telling Brendan that the colours I chose were very similar.. from white to beige and a few variations of the colours in between.. and we were commenting that both of us are old liao, that's why we choose such mild and mellow colours. Hahahahaha!

The quality of the tee-shirts are very nice but the only weird thing is that the length of the shirts are of different lengths even though they are the same size.. other than that, I'm very happy with the teeshirts, especially since we got them at a very good deal! :) Only USD10 each! Including shipping fees I only paid around S$14 for a shirt. Good deal!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Met Wany for an impromptu lunch, and Pipimon decided to join us too! :)

We went to Everything with Fries at Katong.

Heard of this place from magazines before.. and apparently it's under the same management as Awfully Chocolate -- which has expanded into other areas like cream puffs and stuff just opposite the road.

The yummiest thing we had was the One Egg soup. It's $3.90++.. the rest of the items were hit and misses..

Pipimon ordered the strawberry milkshake and I ordered a butterscotch milkshake. Yums!

Pipimon had the lamb burger

I had the grilled pork chop (not nice)

Wany had the pork cutlet sandwich

I went to the toilet to brush my teeth after eating, and Pipimon accompanied me there.. he spotted a sign on the wall and it has a super cute quote:

Went to RafflesMedical to collect my blood test results (good news!).. and will be going back to my grandma's wake later.. Yaya & Yayin is coming down to accompany me today. :)
I always bring Chloe for a grooming session every 2 weeks as I want to maintain her coat and keep long hair for her.

I don't understand why do these people want to buy a Maltese if they want to cut botak for the dog! It's so utterly depressing! Imagine shaving your own head bald.. won't you feel depressed? Maltese are quite vain dogs, so you can't blame them for being sad or having a "sad sad" face if you shave their beautiful fur away!

If they don't bother to comb their dog's fur everyday or bring it for fortnight grooming, than they should buy a short coat dog like a chihuahua or a pug or something.. best is not to buy a dog since they don't want to make the effort to love their dogs. It's not about giving your dog food + water + treats everyday.. You have to take out at least 30mins each day to comb and brush their fur.. and as for Chloe, I always tie her hair and clip it nicely with a cute clip! She loves the brushing session!! :)

Instead of going back to our usual groomer, I decided to bring her for a special treat at Petopia yesterday afternoon!

This is the "after" look when I brought her home.
They gave her a beautiful pink ribbon :)

I've been their Facebook fan for quite some time but only decided to bring her there now as she has finished her final vaccination jab and also I want to bring her there before there's a lot of people clamoring to make appointments as they will be featured on Channel U's program this week.

She received a souvenir of her grooming session~ :)

I was shown around the place by one of the partners, Marcus. He's very friendly and showed me the grooming area, the pet hotel area and also the spa area. Super beautiful and nice place! :)

The spa and healing area has special bathtubs and infra-red lamps for clay pack treatments.. And Chloe enjoyed herself a lot! Look at her! So calm and drowsy.. and she actually fell asleep. :)

The hairdryer is a special made one for dogs with long coats to prevent frizziness.. It has ionizing effects and also not too loud so the dogs won't be frightened by the noise..

She was smiling throughout the hair cutting session! :)

Chloe enjoyed herself a lot and I also had a great time as I was able to see her thru the viewing glass.. The whole process took over 2 hours and she smells sooo lovely now. :)

I think another reason she is feeling happy is because she was able to see me throughout the whole process and the groomers did not stress her out by scolding her or putting pressure on her.. Being in a relaxed environment made her very relaxed and also very easy to coax. ^_^

The next time I go, I'll bring my camera and take better and nicer pictures of the place and also the 5 dogs owned by the owners.. The dogs are running around the place and they are super tame and smells really nice! :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2009 vs 2010

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It's time for a comparison picture! :) The last one I did was in May 2010..

I'm happy to say my skin complexion has improved due to a strict regime of skincare products.. though I'm always so lazy to use the stupid mask.. if not I think it'll be much better.

Compared to a year ago I'm slimmer now! Wow! So amazing hor? It may not look that way in the picture, but my clothes fit better now and I got rid of my "fat clothes" and opt for more fitting clothes now.. I also have this unhealthy obsession with hairbands too. LOL!

And I also have braces now! So in one year's time.. I can compare my pictures and hopefully have my dream "Hollywood smile" ^__^

Compared to 1 year ago, I guess I am happier now.. I fulfilled a lot of my dreams and wishes!
  1. Puppy! Chloe! *love*
  2. Renting a whole house instead of just one room! :)
  3. Braces
  4. DSLR Camera
  5. Own transport~ *yay!*
  6. Higher paying job with ZERO politics
Of cos, my wishlist is still never-ending.. like I want a bigger house, more storybooks, blah blah blah... But I'm very contended with life right now.. I hope from now on, my life curve will go upwards, after nosediving to rock bottom a few years back.

I am so happy that we have our own house even though it's ultra mini.. At least I can prance around in my underwear! Hahahahahahaha! And I need not share toilet with other people and I can have my own puppy! Chloe!! She brightens up my day, everyday!

I just wish for better health cos I keep falling sick.. I need to go and collect my blood test results tomorrow and I'm quite worried that it'll be bad news.. or I have to go for further testings. Damn sians lah!

I also have to make more effort to keep in touch with my friends and have more of a social life.. :)
I don't really fancy mooncakes cos they are too sweet.. but Pipimon loves them, especially the ones without yolk. He likes the traditional baked type, not those fancy snow-skinned mooncakes..

We went to Vivocity to watch a movie and saw that there was a mooncake fair... walked around, and he sampled some of the mooncakes and we left without buying any cos he refused to let me buy for him..

Then, I met Wany few days back at Tampines for dinner after my medical checkup at RafflesMedical.. there was also a mooncake fair at Tampines Mall and Wany asked if I got buy some for Pipimon cos she knows he like to eat mooncakes.. than I told her Pipimon is waiting for people to buy for him cos he can't bear to spend $40 to $60 on a box of mooncakes.... and he refused to let me buy for him cos "my money is also his money".. T_T"

So Wany asked what type of mooncakes he liked, and I told her he like the cheap cheap ones.. those traditional brown types with boring white lotus fillings without yolk..


Wah lao eh! So paiseh can! Somemore she said the White Lotus without yolk is hard to find cos now Singaporeans like to eat those fancy snow-skinned Durian mooncakes and not a lot of people like the yolkless traditional types... She finally found the Shangri-la mooncakes and it's freaking $50 a box for 4 lah!!

Where to find this type of friend you tell me!? Love you Wany! :)

Wany also accompanied me on Friday & Saturday nights at my grandma's wake.. Thank you girl! :) It's less lonely when she's there with me cos I've not spoken to my extended family for 4 years and I don't want to answer their kpo questions on my life/work blah blah.. but good thing is they are too busy with the preparations and I've not very forthcoming about idle chit-chat so i can avoid talking to much with them.

My ex-team manager, Effendy also went down last night (few hours ago).. he's so sweet! He smsed me at 10.25pm to ask me where the wake was, and I told him the location and also informed him I can only go back around midnight cos I was out with Wany having a late dinner/supper. Then I kept trying to persuade him not to come, and he kept insisting it's OK and he's willing to wait and he will attend!! He waited till midnight for me and sat for around 2hrs with me at the wake! Dammn paiseh!! Cos he had to wait so long for me, come all the way to Tampines... moreover he's my team manager for a short period of only less than 2 months before I was transferred to another team, and he gave $100 as contribution!! My aunt say he look super young, and he IS super young lah.

Anyways, blessed to have such nice people in my life. :)

Been sleeping at ungodly hours these two nights.. hope I can tune my timing back! It's 6.45am and I've not slept a wink!! Ahhhh!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Received the news this morning at 8am... my sister called me and strangely she was able to reach me cos usually the reception sucks at my workplace for Starhub subscribers...

I was in like a state of denial, and continued to work normally, answered phone calls and even went to tabao lunch... until after 1pm it suddenly hit me that, hey.. Ah Mah is gone lah!

I suddenly became very emotionally detached and lost sense of my surroundings and decided to leave work early..

Supposed to go to my company's D&D later at Zirca, team's buffet dinner at Sakura tomorrow and also a wedding dinner at Holiday Inn on Sunday, but I've gotta cancel and miss these events...

Gonna take compassionate leave on Monday and Tuesday, the final night will be on Monday night.

The funeral will be at Tampines Blk 944. I'll be there every night, but if you wanna go... please SMS me before you go down k?

And many thanks for the concern and love from my friends. Much appreciated.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mask for D&D

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My company's D&D will be held tomorrow at Zirca! The theme is Mambo Masquerade, which is kinda strange.. but everyone need to wear a mask and I bought a pink mask from Vivocity for $12.90!

Chio hor! I don't want to use those plastic white "Phantom of the Opera" masks that can be bought in Spotlight.. confirm got a lot of people use those masks one. So boring lah!

Anyway, I think that it's kinda strange that a D&D is held at a club instead of a hotel ballroom.. but I'm sure it's gonna be fun... Hey! It's APPLE leh! Must have more faith in my company! :D

I was chatting with two of my colleagues, Wansi and Ben.. then I asked them:
"Why hold a D&D at a disco? Not weird meh?"

Than Wansi gave me a =.= face and said:
"Wah lao Jasmine! It's called a CLUB now lor.."

Ehh.. I belong to the old era can??

And then Wansi said that she started clubbing very late.. when she was 18years old. LIKE HUH? That's the normal legal age for clubbing lah! Then she asked me when I started and I told her 12yrs old.. and I used to go to Sparks disco at Takashimaya which she did not go before... considering she's a few years older than me.. it's weird leh. Cos Sparks was dammn happening last time lah.

So by the time I'm 18yrs old I sian liao.. cos the disco scene became "clubbing scene" and not much gang fights anymore.. and those were highly entertaining... Also I had a super controlling ex-bf which forbids me to go disco even though he is a disco-king who goes every week. Lame right?

Anyway, after a horrible drinking experience which ended in a hospital encounter, I swore off drinking and have not drank ever since.

Ehh... so what am I gonna do in Zirca? I think I'll bring my camera and take tons of pictures! :) Hope I get to see drunk people so I can snap their unglam moments! bwahahahahahaha!

It's tomorrow!! Yay!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally have some time to blog about our Redang Shore Excursion during our cruise trip... We arrived at Redang around 12pm on 2nd September, assembled at "The Lido" before disembarking the ship...

Prior arrival in Redang, we went to the shore excursion counter to book for the optional tour to go snorkelling at the Marine Park. We paid S$45 per person for a crappy ferry ride to the Marine Park with a set of dodgy life jacket and snorkelling mask.. It would have been totally worth it if the coral were alive and there were more fishes... but sad to say... it's very disappointing.

When the ferry was close to the marine park, I was very excited cos I was there a few years back with Money and Yaya and we had a blast! However I was kinda suspicious when the ferry docked.. cos where are the people? The park is deserted! BAD SIGN! And where are the floating platforms where we could sun-tan and feed the fishes from? DOUBLE BAD SIGN!

Anyway, I was trying to console myself and kept telling myself "It's gonna be ok, it's gonna be fun..."..

And then I looked into the water and I sian full liao... The coral are all dead and the fishes... so little fishes! It's supposed to be a netted area! WHERE ARE THE FISHES!?!?!

I waited at the bench while Pipimon went to exchange one of the snorkelling masks cos the tube was broken. =.= Ohmygod.

This is also Pipimon's 2nd time at Redang, but he said the first time was years and years ago so he forgot all about it.. T_T"

Anyway, we swam around for less than 1hour, than I complained that the water is too warm, the sun is too hot, the fishes are too little and the bigger ones keep nibbling at my toes cos maybe it look like breadsticks since I am so fair... and it fucking hurts cos the stupid parrot fishes have freaking sharp teeth!

So we walked around the the place and found it to be a ghost town. I'm not sure if it's because of the fasting month or because the place is abandoned.. but there's no shops selling food or water and I nearly died of thirst... thank god Pipimon bought extra water bottles for me..

And the toilets! OHMYGOD! OHMYFUCKINGGOD! There are no showers facilities in the ladies, only in the men's toilets..!! which I think is super lame! The ladies smell like fuck! And there are flies everywhere!! URGH! And there's only the little hoses in the cubicles which is used to wash asses, not body... so it's damn gross lah! But still got people queuing to bath in those shit holes can! I refused to step in.. and in the end I found a working tap outside the men's toilet and used that to wash my hair and rinsed myself. I didn't give a damn that a lot of guys were staring cos at least it's clean and it didn't smell bad!! Pipimon was there with me, so it was alright.. i tried to towel myself dry and wore my dress over my swimsuit. Wanted to go back to the cruise and shower properly.


Thinking of the toilets wanna make me puke!

Pipimon wanted to rest in the shelter. so I brought Domo to the beach for a shot~~ Nice huh?

I also brought him back to the bridge to feed the fishes.. We bought 2 loafs of bread at RM5.. it was RM3 each, but I only had RM5.95 in spare change and the guy did not have change for RM50 notes.. so he gave us a discount.. Wahahahhahaa!

I was aiming the bread at the swimmers, so when the fishes spot the bread, they will swarm the swimmer.. gave some of them a heart-attack.. and one of the guys shrieked and swam to shore for dear life!! Wahhahahaa! I'm so mean but it's fun!! They are so cowardly lah! Got one little boy was so excited he was shouting "Jie jie throw somemore!!"... See? Little boy braver than a grown man! Tsk tsk!

After waiting for around 40mins, the 1st ferry is here to send us back.. we can't wait to leave this god-forsaken place and crowded round the jetty for a sticker that will give us a place on the 1st ferry..

Finally boarded the ferry and went back to the cruise ship! First stop! BLUE LAGOON! We want cold drinks!!

Ehh? Why no people AT ALL?

Cos this is a place where the food is not free, and obviously the cruise is full of cheapo people who are there to gamble or eat free food that is included in the itinerary.. so since the casino is closed when the ship is docked, we guessed they are sleeping away waiting for dinnertime..

We don't mind though.. cos it's like we booked the whole place! wahahahhahaha! Pipimon ordered 2 cans of soft drinks without looking at the menu, devoured it and we later found out it's S$6.50++ per can.. he nearly had a heart attack.. but it's ok lah.. :) He ordered the chicken wings with fries, which tasted ultra yummy cos we were dammn hungry.

Yummy Ice Lemon Tea! S$6.50++

Kick-ass porridge with salted egg! S$10.50++

After the lunch, we went back to our cabin for a shower and slept for a while before dinnertime.. as mentioned earlier, the food was horrible.. so I guess the best meal we had onboard was the one we paid for at Blue Lagoon.

Hopefully our next holiday trip will be more exciting and fun-filled! DOMO DIARIES Part III! Where is DOMO going next? Stay tuned!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I think it's the trend nowadays for the whole family to match each other in their clothings.. well, for the Malay community at least. It's so fun to see the whole family wearing the same cloth! From baby to daddy! Super cute!!! :D

I didn't wanna go and squeeze in the crowd so I told him I refuse to participate in Hari Raya this year.. Seems fair cos he never participate in Chinese New Year (not that I have a family to celebrate with too).. so he went to Geylang Serai to buy a top for me without me there cos he insisted that I join in the celebrations.

Whatever lah..

I've been to Geylang Serai before with him. Every shop only have one or two changing room and there's a huge queue to buy clothes.. and I don't like those patterns and design cos damn old fashioned or not my style... moreover... every year I buy a set of Hari Raya clothing, wear for one time and throw it away or hide it somewhere.. Last year's outfit costs over S$65 and it's a huge waste of money cos I only wore it once!

So this year he said he will go and buy it for me and promised me that it won't be too "traditional Malay" and would be something I will definitely wear more than once..

Well, I must say I was surprised that he managed to find something that's not too bad.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm feeling thirsty all the time.. and it's the kind of parched thirst that is horrible to endure.

I drink so much water, I'm almost passing colourless urine... but I'm still thirtsy! Ohmyfuckinggod! My tongue is swollen from thirst and keeps bumping into my braces and now I have an ulcer on my tongue! T_T"

My teeth don't hurt anymore.. now it's just the thirst that's bothering me, and also the bracket from the top left hand side of my braces.. it kept poking onto the inner walls of my cheek and getting "stuck".. my sister says it's because my mouth is too dry.... well, drinking water doesn't seem to help.. I'm like a bottomless pit that no amount of water can seem to satisfy!

To give you an idea of how much water I am drinking... it's around 1 to 2 large coke bottles of plain water PER HOUR. And I estimate I am drinking around 15 litres of water a day which is almost FIVE TIMES of the recommended amount.. AND I AM STILL THIRSTY!


Polydipsia is a medical symptom in which the patient displays excessive thirst.[1] The word derives from the Greek πολυδιψία,[2] which is derived fromπολύς (polys, "much, many") + δίψα (dipsa, "thirst"). An etymologically related term is dipsomaniac, meaning an alcoholic.

So I am a WATERHOLIC!!??!

WHAT THE HELL! I really need to go and see a doctor. Like real soon!!

I went for a medical checkup and full blood tests because the doctor suspected that I might have diabetes.. But thank God the results were negative! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[Backdated 22nd August 2010]

We make reservations for 5 at Sizzler's Toa Payoh cos it's Pipimon's best friend's birthday and we wanted to treat him and his family for dinner...

Make plans to meet and everything but last minute they cancelled on us, so both of us went ahead and had an early dinner by ourselves.

The salad bar was fresher than Suntec's outlet.. but the variety is a little lesser.. Strange. And I prefer the jelly at Suntec.. it tastes totally different!

I ordered the chilli chicken chop.. damn huge lah, the portion. T_T"

Anyway, I don't understand why people can cancel at the last minute even when we are the ones that are paying for the meal and the date and time was set days and days in advance. Moreover we are making the effort to invite them and treat them!

Previously, Pipimon told him he will treat them to a buffet dinner, but his friend told him that his son "cannot sit still" so they cannot go to a restaurant... guess what? They went to the buffet themselves with their cannot-sit-still son without us on his actual birthday.. when I heard that I was super pissed, cos if you don't want us to go along, just say you want to have a private family dinner and i'll understand..

Sometimes I wonder if it's his friend that is anti-social or his friend's wife is the anti-social one... Or maybe they just don't like to mix with other people? Can you believe we have never went out together for a meal?

Pipimon and him always meet late at night to go for prata and coffee.. and that's it. So strange lah.

At least Wany and Pipimon went for meals together several times, and we even stayed at Tabby's house for 3 weeks! Oh wells, you just can't fathom what others are actually thinking.