Wednesday, January 28, 2009

7-11 Hello Kitty figurines


Look at all the cards I have! :)

Since I have a few duplicate ones, I brought them to my office desk to scare Nathaniel, who's a Hello Kitty Hater. HAHAHHAA. The only person I know who loves Hello Kitty as much as me is Tabby! Ah.. My fellow hello kitty fan who understands why this kitty is sooo alluring and irresistible! I am going to bring one set to her in Perth!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Sonya!


Jeffery brought his baby to the office today! I carried her for 15mins and refused to let her go cos she's so soft and smells sooooo nice.

I am still very undecided about having children. Keep telling myself K.I.D.S are trouble trouble trouble, but when I carry a newborn child in my arms, suddenly I go all mushy inside and feel like crying cos it's like the whole world can come crashing down but as long as I have a baby in my arms, it doesn't matter...

The computer in the foreground is mine. If you look carefully, you can see lots of hello kitty stickers plastered over my monitor, phone and mouse. Can you spot my pink hello kitty stapler?
Wahahahaha. Anyway, my screen is black, cos my computer is DEAD. It is still running on Windows 98, and finally breathed it's last.. so now it's brain dead. It's time to let go too, cos it always go into cardiac shock every 10mins and turn blue (literally! cos there'll be a blue screen) ,when it's still alive.

So I have to shift to other people's desk, and I keep changing seats, so you can never call my direct number cos I am never in my seat. Defeats the purpose of having a direct line right? 

Anyway, in the picture, I am seated at Dennis's desk, who is my neighbour/mentor/shifu/senior.
He is on a long vacation and is in somewhere in Europe with his mum now.. Can you see the pot of Money Plant? It is his baby, and I am the plant's nanny. Unfortunately I do not have a green thumb (all pink!), so the plant is not really thriving, but at least it is not dying. I tried to talk to the plant everyday, so hopefully it helps to stimulate it's growth or something.. I even feed it mineral water!
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lunch with Tabby & Gen @ Bugis


We met in Bugis Junction for lunch @ Sakae Sushi, then Dessert at MOF.

Honestly I condemned Sakae Sushi since forever.. but the a girl named Linda at Bugis outlet really restored my faith in the words "good service".

The food is not bad, not as good as my favourite Sushi Tei, but much better than before.. maybe it depends on the outlet, cos the East Point Outlet is not for humans to go to. Service sucks, food sucks and even the manager sucks to the core.

Anyway we ate a lot lah!

Tabby's sister, Genevive is a little Miss Bottomless Pit. She can eat and eat and eat and still lose weight. God is not fair lor.

MOF is situated where the Seoul Garden used to be. It's very spacious and beautiful! Much nicer than the Marina Square outlet.. it has a balcony overlooking the mini street.. very cool. But the sun is a bit of problem.. quite sunny..

Had my usual dessert.......

Gen and her coke float..

Tabby with her.. red bean paste with macha ice cream..

Tabby is flying back to Perth next Thursday 22 Jan.. :( So gonna miss her. But thankfully this time round spent more time with her compared to her previous visits back from Australia.. :) Have a safe flight Tabby! I'll see you again on 29th March! =D
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best Cold Desserts in Chinatown


It's the crazy time where you "must" go to Chinatown to squeeze with other people right?

So let me introduce you to the best cold desserts in Chinatown.
I don't know about hot desserts, cos I seldom eat them.. but this stall also sells Yam Paste which is very nice (trust me cos I am a TeoChew). This shop is located at People's Park Centre Level 2, it's called Tong Shui.

You can try the hot desserts, cos my colleagues say it's very nice.

I always get one extra bowl of ice with sugar syrup cos I am a regular customer! Haha. The serving staff know us so well, we don't even need to tell them what we want! Anyway shall stop eating that for a while now cos I really gain a lot of weight these few weeks. So many food in the office lah! Pineapple tarts, cookies, chocolates, Bak Kwa, oranges....
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bought Air Tickets to Perth!


I am so super happy right now, and though I am still in the office.. I'm jumping up and down in front of the security cameras.

hahahahaa. forget about "image"! the office is closed anyway, and I'm staying back (as usual) to finish up the mountainous load of work that seems to multiply the faster you try to finish them.

A bit creepy today, cos lots of weird noises in the office. I'm alone now.. Elson just left. Like the machines will start to beep or whirl or something. Bah.

Anyway, why am I soooooooooooooooo happy??

Cos it's final! We finally bought the air tickets to Perth!

Will be flying there on 29th March! Back on 15th April! That's 18 days!
18 freaking fun-filled days in Perth!

Hope Tabby won't mind me and Pipimon staying over at her place cos 18 days is a very very long time! But I told her Pipimon will pay for all her meals and I will help her do the housework! :)
And the funny thing was, we were just talking about visiting Tabby in March last Sunday... though we're not 100% confirmed yet.. then I just happened to go onto the SQ website yesterday night and saw that 2 persons' fare is $1550 inclusive of taxes & surcharges which is very very cheap cos SQ tickets usually costs around $2000nett for 2 persons.

I was clicking around, than after midnight I went back to SQ website again and saw that they're having a promotion from 13 Jan - 20 Jan, and the Perth tickets are selling at $598nett per pax!That's $1198nett for 2 persons!

I came back office today to tell my manager that I wanna take leave, and told her about the ticket fares and she was shocked that it's soooo freaking cheap! Cheaper than Tiger Airways lah! And much much cheaper than our staff price!

We're soo lucky lor! But the tickets were selling out fast, cos I wanted to return on 12/04/09, but the next nearest date to return was on 15/04/09, that's why we are staying there for so long.. cos initially only planned to stay with Tabby for 2 weeks.

On top of the cheap Singapore Airlines air tickets, the Australian dollar is very weak now.. so it's like a double bonus thingy to us! The Australian dollar is actually slightly weaker than SGD! Wow!

Also, many thanks to Tabby who borrowed us her credit card cos only credit cards transaction are allowed. :)

Now have to start saving money and stop spending money !

I am starting to compile a list of "Places to Visit in Perth".

I wanna go to the AQWA to swim with the sharks! Hot Air Balloon rides, Factory Outlet Shopping, Freemantle Cruise Ride, Penguin Island, Perth Zoo.. the list goes on!


And it's the 1st time me and Pipimon will be going overseas by plane! We always take coach or drive in to Malaysia which is so boring. And moreover, I've never been to an "angmoh" country! Been to almost every country in Asia but not out of Asia!

Now I have to endure through one inhouse travel fair and NATAS Fair before I can go and relax and enjoy myself!

Staying with Tabby!Super fun! Can roast marshmellows and steaks in the garden and roll around the floor together! And do girly girly stuff together! Can drive on the highway and chase after Kangaroos! She's been inviting us over since forever, and finally it came true! We are really going!

I am holding the e-tickets in my hands and can't stop grinning. YIPPEE!!


Can time please fast forward????
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eat until wanna die day

I was the organizer in charge of looking for a suitable place for our high tea..I found the place, and sent out an sms to Nat and LM, telling them the meeting time is 10.55am cos the lunch starts from 11am.BUT! Me and Pipimon only reached the restaurant at 12.40pm.

OOPS! Luckily they never strangle us to death. Ever so patient sitting there in the midst of the yummy food just to wait for us to go down...

So sweet right?
After the high-tea, Pipimon was very grouchy cos he came home at 9am, slept at 9.30am and woke up at 12pm.. Well, I did not ask him to accompany me but he insisted. Bah.

We went to Tabby's house at night to pig out! Haha! 

Tabby brought out the Saint Anthony's year book and we reminisced about the past.. how I used to torture the prefects in school (other than Tabby of cos) and my evil tricks to taunt the tua neh bu Ah Lian, who kept saying I am a fat pig, and I always suan her back telling her she should walk backwards cos her breasts are so big, she'll knock into someone or fall down and shower passerbys with milk or something.

Laughed and laughed until we choked.
Damm Pipimon so excited to sit on their garden swing.. kept swinging back and forth and I was so damn frightened that we'll break the swing and Tabby's mother will faint or something cos she's like Bree in Desperate Housewives.. You know.. the perfect housewife?

Forced myself to smile lor..
I look more at ease with Tabby cos she wasn't as childish as.. ah hemm.. someone else.

Eat and eat and eat. I don't even dare to go near my weighing machine.. And it's not even Chinese New Year yet! Oh my god.

Tabby's little sis surrendered at 12am and went to sleep.. we left around 1.30am... than afterwards we went late night supper with 2 of Pipimon's friends and we had Yong Tau Foo, Prawn Mee, Wanton Mee and many more... Die lah. Can we stop eating!?!?!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girl's Day Out With Wany

Wany brought her blog back to life!

Let's see how long she can post before she lets her blog die again.... LOL!

In case you don't know, I was covering the face of Lin ChiLing who seriously cannot act even if her life depends on it. They should get some other actress to take her role.

Me and Wany kept saying "next next"! When we see her face. URGH!

But I think Bai Zi Long (dunno his real name.. think it's Hu-something) is soo freaking handsome and cool - especially for a China Guy. Typically you would think Hong Kong actors look better.

I kept swooning over him and declared him my "Husband No 1" in the movie. Everytime he appears, I'll tell Wany: "LOOK! My husband come out liao. HEE HEE!"

Like so lovestruck siao ginah.

Anyway, before the movie.. we went to Tiong Bahru to cut hair.

Damn pressurizing, cos I arrived at 1.20pm, but dear Old Andy only cut my hair at 2.20pm! He only started on Wany's hair at 2.30pm (took him 10mins to cut mine), and our movie was at 3pm.... @ Vivocity!

We have to take train lor! And Andy kept taking his own sweet time.. says it's ok.. we can take a cab. ARBISH! So easy meh? Take train is faster lor! We had to practically run all the way and I bumped into sooo many people.. must have received lots of curses.

Here's a picture of Andy. My trusted hairstylist of almost 6 years.

Anyway, we went to Harbourfront Centre for the fish spa which I wanted to introduce to Wany ages ago...

Walked around Vivocity... and took pictures of the Hello Kitty shop there.

It's at the corner, near the linkway to HarbourFront, after the POSB & OCBC Banks.. A lot of people don't know it's there cos it's away from the restaurants and cinema.

But i think the stuff there are overpriced. I just like to go in and soak up the Kittyness.

I prefer going to Chinatown Point's Hello Kitty Shop. :) I think there must be like S$500,000 worth of stuff there. Hahahahaha. So messy but so full of kitty!

We went for dinner at the Orange Lantern (Long Den Cam) at HarbourFront Centre.

Wanna debunk Wany's myth that Vietnamese food are for rabbits. She doesn't believe that there are actual MEAT in their cuisine. HAHAHAHA.

And guess what... 5 mins after we finished our dinner.. we went to Macdonald's for our after-dinner dinner.

Eat and eat. How to lose weight when i'm with her????

Milo Shake, Chocolate Fudge ice cream, Large Curly fries and 1 no-link Shilin Mee Sua.

Wah Piang. This year 2009 Rat, is not a very good year for Tiger.

Giant Ching Chong Red Lantern

Wany going crazy over all the tidbits for sale!
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Hello Kitty from 7-Eleven


Remember me saying about the Hello Kitty Promotion at 7-11?

Pipimon got a completed card!  So he gave me the card, and I went to a 7-11 to change for my Hello Kitty Figurine! A bit disappointed to see that they are plastic. I thot they were furry dolls.. But a kitty is a kitty!

There are 9 to collect, and my favorite one is the 3rd from the right.. the Pirate Kitty!

My top favorites (according to rank)
  1. Pirate Kitty
  2. Maid Kitty
  3. Singer Kitty
  4. Magician Kitty
  5. School Girl Kitty
  6. Office Lady Kitty
  7. Fortune Kitty
  8. Business Man Kitty

Now I have the Singer kitty! 8 more to collect! =D

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funny Pet Names

Thinking of getting a puppy soon, and was looking through names online.

Came across these names which real people named their real pets!

Funniest Cat Names
  1. Edward Scissorpaws
  2. Sir Lix-a-lot
  3. Optimus Prrrime
  4. Buddah Pest
  5. Snoop Kitty Kitty
  6. Sparklemonkey
Funniest Dog Names
  1. Peanut Wigglebutt
  2. Scuddles Unterfuss
  3. Sophie Touch & Pee
  4. Admiral Toot
  5. Spatula
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Pepper Crab Dinner @ Tabby's House!

Went to Tabby's house for Black Pepper Crab dinner! She bought 6 Sri Lanka crabs from the uber Famous Joo Chiat stall, and we eat until siao lah!

Super nice lor! Much better than Newton's crabs.. other high class seafood restaurants and even better than my dad's old Fishermen Village in Pasir Ris Park. YUMMY! Tabby said her mum wanted to keep the Christmas tree, but she told her mum to keep it tomorrow so I can take photo with it today. :)

Her tree is a "Disney Tree". And I can see that most of the inspiration comes from her sister Genevieve, cos most of the decor is Tinkerbell.. which her sister like a lot. Next time if I have a Christmas tree... it will be pink with Hello Kitties!!

Giant Lion!

This lion is damn big lah!! Tabby says her mum uses vaccum machine shampoo to clean the lion every now and then. Super funny!!

And then there's her 8 goldfishes + 1 blackie outcast 

Introduced her to Pet Society and Geo Challenge on Facebook and now she's officially hooked!

Anyway, Tabby's mum bought me a pot of colorful cactus!
Thanks Aunty!
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Newton Dinner; Delifrance Lunch (02Jan) & Carl's Juniors (03Jan)

I always keep my staff pass in my bag cos it's not compulsory to wear it.. and also I never seem to be able to find one that I like... or I can afford (the Gucci ones are so bloody expensive lah!)

Walked passed Mu-Ee in Bugis and finally saw one that I like! It's pink, affordable, and nice! The cardholder and strap is sold separately. The cardholder is $9.90, while the strap is $12.90.. but I got both at $19.90! That's $2.90 off! Cos the lady took pity on me.. haha. I stood them deliberating very very long.. cos the ugly colours were selling at $19.90 for a set, and the pretty pink one is selling separately at a higher price and initially she refused to sell me both for $19.90.. but in the end she relented cos I stood in her shop for quite long staring forlornly at her.

Persistence paid off! HAHA!
Saw the pretty pink ice cream cone? It costs $11.90 lah! Damm bloody expensive.. but Pipimon bought it for me. =D Happy happy! So now.. with the new lanyard, I have the following stuff in my bag!
I have soooooo many membership cards from god knows how many stores, I need a special bag to put them in. ONE WHOLE STACK! Waste money, waste space only.. But whenever I don't bring them out, I will need them! So I always bring them out.

I still can't find a nice Hello Kitty handphone pouch.. see how first. Pipimon wanna buy me the new LG Icecream phone in Pink! :) But a bit wasted cos my current phone is working very well.. and changing to the LG phone is kinda a trade-down cos the market price for this nokia is over $1k, but the LG phone only costs around $280++. But as Pipimon says "It's pink!", and I can keep the nokia as spare phone.

Now the priority is to find another house to move, save money for furniture and appliances. We need to buy washing machine, fridge, bookshelves, paint, dining table, cupboard, new bed frame.. and the list goes on. It's so scary to think about it. But I'm happy that we're moving house cos I am not happy staying here at all, ever since my landlord's daughter's bf moved in. HE IS SUCH A PIG! Dirty, lazy and filthy filthy. The amount of money we're paying now for rental and utilities is way above budget (almost half my monthly salary), which is obscene!

I saw a dress which I kinda liked..

Nice? But i'm lazy to wash such dresses.. and if i throw in the washing machine... Bye bye dress! So just took a photo for keepsakes. Haha.

Went to Carl's Juniors the other day with Pipimon @ Plaza Singapura and I will never ever go back again! Slow service, cold food and the place is sooooo dirty. The amount of money we spent in a meal there, we can have a sumptuous meal @ our fave Thai Express, and the waiters at the Vivocity outlet even remembered us and remembered our orders/preferences!

BOO to Carl's Juniors at Plaza Singapura!

Then went to Newton with his friends to eat Black Pepper Crab! The only place in Singapore where you can eat Black Pepper Crab with tons of sauce! Can even use mantous (buns) to soak up the yummy sauce! The lady boss remembered me and Pipimon too. :)

I am such a sucker for good food and good service.

Yesterday was the lighting up ceremony at Chinatown... the roads were closed, and there were massive jams all around Chinatown...  I hate noise, crowds and... crowds. Now I don't even feel like going out for lunch when i'm working cos Chinatown is overflowing with people!!!!! Everyone congregating there to buy CNY stuff!

Train? Packed!

Walkways? Packed!

Hawker Centres? Packed!


Anyway, talking about Chinatown.. Met Joyce for dinner last week at Chinatown Point. She has a shop there selling facial products! Do drop by and visit her! It's at level 2! :) 
We went to Delifrance for a last minute impromptu dinner.

Ate and ate and ate until wanna faint liao.

Miss Joyce so much. Pipimon nearly "lame joked" her to death.. as usual.
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