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Sunday, January 18, 2009

We met in Bugis Junction for lunch @ Sakae Sushi, then Dessert at MOF.

Honestly I condemned Sakae Sushi since forever.. but the a girl named Linda at Bugis outlet really restored my faith in the words "good service".

The food is not bad, not as good as my favourite Sushi Tei, but much better than before.. maybe it depends on the outlet, cos the East Point Outlet is not for humans to go to. Service sucks, food sucks and even the manager sucks to the core.

Anyway we ate a lot lah!

Tabby's sister, Genevive is a little Miss Bottomless Pit. She can eat and eat and eat and still lose weight. God is not fair lor.

MOF is situated where the Seoul Garden used to be. It's very spacious and beautiful! Much nicer than the Marina Square outlet.. it has a balcony overlooking the mini street.. very cool. But the sun is a bit of problem.. quite sunny..

Had my usual dessert.......

Gen and her coke float..

Tabby with her.. red bean paste with macha ice cream..

Tabby is flying back to Perth next Thursday 22 Jan.. :( So gonna miss her. But thankfully this time round spent more time with her compared to her previous visits back from Australia.. :) Have a safe flight Tabby! I'll see you again on 29th March! =D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wany brought her blog back to life!

Let's see how long she can post before she lets her blog die again.... LOL!

In case you don't know, I was covering the face of Lin ChiLing who seriously cannot act even if her life depends on it. They should get some other actress to take her role.

Me and Wany kept saying "next next"! When we see her face. URGH!

But I think Bai Zi Long (dunno his real name.. think it's Hu-something) is soo freaking handsome and cool - especially for a China Guy. Typically you would think Hong Kong actors look better.

I kept swooning over him and declared him my "Husband No 1" in the movie. Everytime he appears, I'll tell Wany: "LOOK! My husband come out liao. HEE HEE!"

Like so lovestruck siao ginah.

Anyway, before the movie.. we went to Tiong Bahru to cut hair.

Damn pressurizing, cos I arrived at 1.20pm, but dear Old Andy only cut my hair at 2.20pm! He only started on Wany's hair at 2.30pm (took him 10mins to cut mine), and our movie was at 3pm.... @ Vivocity!

We have to take train lor! And Andy kept taking his own sweet time.. says it's ok.. we can take a cab. ARBISH! So easy meh? Take train is faster lor! We had to practically run all the way and I bumped into sooo many people.. must have received lots of curses.

Here's a picture of Andy. My trusted hairstylist of almost 6 years.

Anyway, we went to Harbourfront Centre for the fish spa which I wanted to introduce to Wany ages ago...

Walked around Vivocity... and took pictures of the Hello Kitty shop there.

It's at the corner, near the linkway to HarbourFront, after the POSB & OCBC Banks.. A lot of people don't know it's there cos it's away from the restaurants and cinema.

But i think the stuff there are overpriced. I just like to go in and soak up the Kittyness.

I prefer going to Chinatown Point's Hello Kitty Shop. :) I think there must be like S$500,000 worth of stuff there. Hahahahaha. So messy but so full of kitty!

We went for dinner at the Orange Lantern (Long Den Cam) at HarbourFront Centre.

Wanna debunk Wany's myth that Vietnamese food are for rabbits. She doesn't believe that there are actual MEAT in their cuisine. HAHAHAHA.

And guess what... 5 mins after we finished our dinner.. we went to Macdonald's for our after-dinner dinner.

Eat and eat. How to lose weight when i'm with her????

Milo Shake, Chocolate Fudge ice cream, Large Curly fries and 1 no-link Shilin Mee Sua.

Wah Piang. This year 2009 Rat, is not a very good year for Tiger.

Giant Ching Chong Red Lantern

Wany going crazy over all the tidbits for sale!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Went to Tabby's house for Black Pepper Crab dinner! She bought 6 Sri Lanka crabs from the uber Famous Joo Chiat stall, and we eat until siao lah!

Super nice lor! Much better than Newton's crabs.. other high class seafood restaurants and even better than my dad's old Fishermen Village in Pasir Ris Park. YUMMY! Tabby said her mum wanted to keep the Christmas tree, but she told her mum to keep it tomorrow so I can take photo with it today. :)

Her tree is a "Disney Tree". And I can see that most of the inspiration comes from her sister Genevieve, cos most of the decor is Tinkerbell.. which her sister like a lot. Next time if I have a Christmas tree... it will be pink with Hello Kitties!!

Giant Lion!

This lion is damn big lah!! Tabby says her mum uses vaccum machine shampoo to clean the lion every now and then. Super funny!!

And then there's her 8 goldfishes + 1 blackie outcast 

Introduced her to Pet Society and Geo Challenge on Facebook and now she's officially hooked!

Anyway, Tabby's mum bought me a pot of colorful cactus!
Thanks Aunty!