Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Late night shenanigans

Always hanging out at Mr Bean until we know all the staff!

Xinyu aka Fish Jie, but i call her Kallang Mei!

See this two siao char bos again! Haha.. Ashley and Vicky.

Yayapapaya & me

We went to the River AngBao thingy today. FUCKING SUCKS! So squeezy, smelly and full of china nationals.Urgh.Looking for a carpark lot nearly killed me. Lots of cars, many people, and congested roads.FUCK!I was so frustrated lor, nearly got into an accident near Suntec City. Lucky never knock into that car..After that went to Paradiz Centre to play pool. 
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Friday, January 27, 2006

CNY Clothes!

I thought i have to wear old clothes during CNY.. but heng ah! Today got clothes to buy! Buy until i broke ah!Oh wellz. You know what is my favourite cartoon character? Marie from AristoCats! I bought a white top with Marie encrusted on it with diamonds. I'm collecting it tmr.. heh heh heh. My happiest buy ever!

Mr Kns caught this for me in a arcade in Marina South.
See the lovely blue eyes?

I want blue eyes too! Like Sayuri aka Chiyo-chan in Memoirs of A Geisha.

We both have blue eyes! Yipppeee! All thanx to my FreshLook True Sapphire Contacts with NO degree. I have perfect eyesight. Laaa deee dahhhh..

Ooh.. i went to Orchard shopping yesterday with Yaya & friends. But i didn't buy anything at all. Boo! Waste of time and effort. Then I really sian and gave up on any hope of having new clothes until Yaya brought me to Bugis today! :)


Beautiful classy & lovely top $48


Office looking, but very sweet white skirt $49

Dorothy Perkins Black Top.. Sexxxy

$49 ($39 after discount)

OP Denim Skirt

$30 (after discount)

High Heels from Vincci Malaysia

RM$79.90 (RM $39.90 after discount)

See? So High lor!

Goes well with my lovely manicure.. Whoopee!!

I went to collect my car just now. Used to be my mother's. Now it's mine. Hyundai Matrix.
Everybody say: URGH! Ok ok lah. Got car cannot complain right? Ya ya ya... At least fuel consumption not as hiong as the camry. And now i got my own car to drive around.. ^^
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