Friday, November 25, 2005

Sister's PSLE results!


Today my sis is receiving her PSLE results.. Both her parents are busy so I am the designated driver and guardian to bring her there.. I remembered taking my PSLE results years ago.. super scary shit.

Joyce accompanied us! So sweet of her! Both of us were so worried and nervous for her cos she seemed so stressed out that she's crying before the results were announced! At12.22pm, she received her slip and screamed!! Both of us nearly died of heart attack cos we thought her results were bad.

WAH LAO! It's screaming in happiness.. -_-

The following are her results....

English: A
Maths: A
Chinese: A
Science: A*

Aggregate: 246

wah!! i'm so proud of her can! oei Tay Ya Yin..!!! not only you got smart sister hor! My pui also damn smart! ahahahaha!!!

This year's highest score for national is only 282. Her school's highest is 266. So my lil sister ranks among the elite can! I bet she's highest in her class! Whooopeee!!! Happy happy happy!

Joyce came down from Dover to accompany us to school, and the both of us were like worried mamas sitting with the other parents.. We almost cried when we saw my sister cried with joy! lol!

So afterwards i rewarded my sister with Haegan Daz Icecream, and both of us helped her fill out her option form for her choice of secondary school. My sister wanna go to Temasek Secondary. 101% can go in lah! Yippee! we filled up the rest of the 5 blanks with schools that mainly the both of us like, and ask Joanna to rank.. cos since she confirm going Temasek with her oh-so-wonderful results, the rest of the options doesn't matter at all!

Joyce and I went for Cheng Ting at Bedok Centre.. and she saw firsthand, how terribly funny and hilarious the boss is.. calling me darling in front of his wife! ahahhaa.. Well, she ta pao 2 packs for her mama, and she just went home.. Later i got MR Lecture.. must go!

I'm just so happie lah!

Joyce mama congratulated my sister thru me and also bought my sister a present to reward her for her good results! And what better thing to give my little sister than...

Joyce travelled all the way back to home in Bukit Batok than to Tampines just to pass me the cake! Thanks Joyce!
Double chocolate (or was it triple?) marshmellow cake! Looks so utterly yummy!

Thinking how to cut the pretty cake~

"Yay! Yummy yummy yum yum!!" Thank you so much Joyce jie jie!!!!"
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Moneybaby!

May all your wishes come true, and may you find true happiness in love and everything you do. =)

Bought this cute pink poodle for her :)

I also chipped in for a group present with Joyce, Yaya, William, Joel kor kor for a Christian Dior DICE LIP GLOSS No.171 Pink, Limited Edition!
It's so freaking nice can! I want also! hee hee. But i seldom put make up lah. too lazy. Money always put make up one.. so i think she'll love it. I chose it one ok! I saw it, and i was like.. woww!! So chic, classy and moneyish!
I dunno if she's opened her present already a not. Kinda spoiler if she sees my blog entry before opening it. heh. Joyce and I specially drove over to her house to pass her the presents yesterday. hee hee. Than afterwards we went to watch Harry (yucky) Potter.
Joyce coming my house to swim later. She went to Jacky house to take her bikini.. whoopee. Sun tanning! Poor money is busy, so she cannot come. I shall go and make japanese jelly for her! But dunno will be hardened by the time she comes.. chop chop!!!
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