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Sunday, July 29, 2012

After lunch with le bf's family we went to his friend Esther's house for her new baby's 1st month celebration! Titus is her 2nd boy, and her eldest is also a boy so now she has 2 boys! :)

Le bf carrying Titus. Both of us were trying to pacify him cos he kept crying non-stop. He was hungry and his mother needed time to heat up the milk so we have to keep him occupied until the milk was ready.

Here's a photo of Titus in le bf's arms after we pacified him to quiet down and stop crying. Sooo cute!
I am gonna call le bf's dad as Papa Chew and his mother as Mama Chew from now on. Not in front of them, but when I refer to them in my blog. ^_^ It's like Papa Smurf and Mama Smurf! Heee!

Ok.. it's Papa Chew's birthday next week but they are having an early celebration for him Holiday Inn's Xin Cuisine.

Apparently, le bf did not inform his parents that I was going cos his parents were surprised when they saw me at the restaurant (we arrived separately) cos they remembered I had to work on weekends and did not want to take leave specially to join them. But they were glad I can join -- Mama Chew couldn't stop smiling. Hee! I managed to get today off cos one of my colleague swapped her shift with me for her holiday. YAY! 

I asked him why he did not tell his parents and he said he forgot if he did inform them.. but given Mama Chew's good memory, I think it's le bf who forgot. Haha!

Anyways, we had the set lunch and it's 1 for 1! So including me that's 6 persons! Just nice! :) 

Starter: Roast Pork Belly, Jelly Fish & Smoked Duck

Sea cucumber stuffed with prawn, mushroom and veggies

Cheese baked lobster 
I gave this to le bf cos I don't eat lobsters.

Papa Chew and le bf~
Cheryl, Pamela (with her "Not Bad" face) and Mama Chew
Pam was looking at the present I got for Papa Chew. Haha!

3 of them bought a very nice classical album for him from High Society.

I bought him a pair of cuff links that's shaped like golf clubs. Super cute! Wany helped me out cos I did not have time to go and shop. She is my personal shopper! Poor girl had to take pictures of almost the whole shop for me. Thanks Wany!

Papa Chew and his presents!

He is so funny! They asked him to guess what they bought for him and he's guessing "Headphones?" and some other things that are super non-related to the shape and size of the object. All of us were having a great time laughing when he's trying to guess what it is because he's honestly clueless and it's so endearing! :)

Group shot with the family~

Monday, July 23, 2012

I had to take stock of my toiletries because I realised I buy too much of the same stuff and I don't have enough of other stuff. I believe in having a spare for everything instead of going out to buy it when it finishes or when I run out of it in case I don't have time or there's no stocks. I threw out some of my expired products and took a list of the stuff that I need to buy to stock up..

All the stuff in my drawer..

I have 5 brand new Dior Addict lip glow!
I found one in my bag that was barely used.. so I have 6!

6 compact powder!
I found another 2 after I took this picture, so I have 8!

I have a lot of duplicates of other stuff. Posted them on Twitter and my friends said I have OCD. I do not have OCD lah! I just like to be prepared!! Hahahahaha!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I had to throw out my iPhone case that le bf bought for me in UK because it's badly chipped. One side was chipped for a long time, but the other side chipped and is dangerous cos I cut myself when I answered the phone, so I had to throw it away. :( It's one of the cutest case I ever had.

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Wany's birthday today! We went for lunch at Jpot with my sister and then to PartyWorld for karaoke! My sister left halfway cos she need to go to school for camp activities..

Me & the birthday girl!

Afterwards we went to Marche for dinner! Le bf and Nat joined us and we had a surprise guest - Santi guniang! She happens to be in Singapore for just 2 days because her grandma need to go to Malacca and Singapore is the stopover point. Super happy to see her! ^_^

Nat gave her a birthday card and angbao! 

Nat, Wany, Santi & Me.. with 2 red cows

Desserts at Fruits Paradise! Le bf's first time there! 

Nat, Wany & Santi guniang

I surprised her with her birthday present.. 

Happy girl with her pretty present!

She took a picture of the card & bracelet. :)

Butterfly charm

It says "Friends Forever". :)

I want to buy one for myself but it's just too expensive to splurge on.. But I am glad she likes it! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am in Perth now with le bf visiting Tabby & her fiance Douglas. :) We are spending 9 days here and will be returning on the 15th July just in time to celebrate Wany's birthday on the 16th July.

Doug, Tabby, me and Brendan having dinner at Ciao Italia!

The weather is fantastic here compared to Singapore cos it's only 2 to 15 degrees celcius here! It's really cold at night and in the morning when we wake up that we had to turn on the heater in the room to warm up. 

Super happy to catch up with Tabby and spend 24/7 with le bf. Gonna have a great time here! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today is Nat's birthday and we went to Mandarin Oriental's Melt the World Cafe to celebrate together.

Wany, me and le bf

Le bf's sushi plate!

Caesar Salad! Yum yum yums!

He always plate his food so prettily. ^_^

We were seated near the dessert counter.. Easy access! Whee!

Complimentary cake from the hotel

Happy Birthday to you~~~

Make a wish~~

Le bf, me, Nat & A380

Wany, Nat & Me! :)

Group picture~

His birthday card & angbao from me 

I did not know what to buy for him so I gave him a card and money to spend for his KL trip cos he's going with A380 tomorrow for the next few days to celebrate his birthday there.