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Thursday, October 5, 2017

When in Hong Kong, you must eat dim sum! Actually there are a lot of good dim sums in Hong Kong, ranging from the dingy hole in the wall cafes where the waitress will yell at you in Cantonese if you take too long to order, to those super atas hotel restaurants where everything is plated so nicely and you pay big money for small portions. Hahahahahaha!

We went to Dim Sum Icon because they are having a collaboration with Miffy! Obviously the dim sum is not going to be fantastic and the prices are confirmed gonna be higher than usual.... but... MIFFY! Miffy is my sister's favourite character. She loves it as much as I love Hello Kitty. Wany said we must go and have Miffy Dim Sum on behalf of my sister. (‐^▽^‐)

Glad to have lunch here also cos the aircon is super strong in this shopping mall and the weather is super duper hot outside.

The cafe is located at "THE ONE" Shopping Mall. 100 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon. In between Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan MTR station.

They have a few rules which I find quite annoying. (¬_¬)
  1. Compulsory Tea Condiments charge of HKD10 per person
  2. Minimum order of HKD50 per person
  3. Dining time 60mins during "busy hours"

The wait staff is also not friendly one. Giving that kind of attitude like you owe them money... which I don't like cos HELLO!! We paying so much for mediocre dim sum, at least treat us cordially can? No need to be over friendly but don't give us that kind of face lah.

At least we managed to score a booth seat near the windows where there's nice lighting and it's quieter than sitting inside the main dining area.

Miffy decals on the windows!

Super cute paper place mat with the carrot chopsticks holder!

The menu!

SO CUTE!!! (‐^▽^‐)

Rice Rolls with prawns
Rating: 1/5

Shrimp Dumplings
Rating: 3/5

Salted Egg Yolk Buns
Rating: 2/5

Pudding with red bean. 
Rating: 2.5/5

Wany eating vegetables!!! 

Super cute lah.. But not nice to eat. Hahahahaha!

I ordered a mini watermelon drink cos the weather was sooooo hot.

These are namecards of the cafe! So cute!

We ordered 4 food items & 2 drinks and it's almost SGD50 already. OMG. Just HKD17 more to get the free gift.. but we peeked at it and it's some cheapo cardboard coaster so we decided to skip it. 

Based on the ratings I gave the food, obviously it is not good. But it is cute and I think all Miffy fans should visit it. If you are not a fan, then skip this... take your money and go to the hole in the wall cafe for authentic dim sum. Just smile and nod when the waitress yell at you. LOL!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Woke up early to fulfil our daughter / daughter-in-law duties! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

The moment Mama Chew heard that I am going to Hong Kong, she got all excited and told me she has a list of dried food stuff that she wants and if we can go and help her buy if it is on the way.. Well, turns out, Wany's mother also has a list for her and she said it is always a mandatory practice for them to give their mum a few hours to go and buy dried foods. And the reason why she always stay in Eaton Hong Kong cos it is walking distance to the dried food shop and her mother can go by herself early in the morning while her sister and her sleep in because they don't wanna spend a few hours hanging around the dried food shops. LOL! Great strategy!

This is the shop that Wany's mother always frequent!

The shop is quite empty cos we were very early, but after a while a lot of aunties appeared to buy bags and bags of stuff.

There are so many different type of dried foods!

Dried oysters! This was on Mama Chew's list.

There are so many bird nests and dried sea cucumbers! I think there must be at least HKD1,000,000 worth of items in the shop... maybe more. I don't know. Sea cucumbers are crazyyyyy expensive and they have so many types of different sizes and species. 

Wany said her mum usually chooses the items by herself but since we are 2 noobs, we had to ask the nice uncle to help us out. Hahahahahaha! He is super chill and the best thing is he is not those hard selling type of sales person who keep pestering you to buy more stuff. 

Headed back to our hotel to drop off the stuff cos super heavy ahhhh! I asked Wany why the uncle give us such a cute bag instead of the ugly plastic bags that the other aunties got when they bought stuff. Wany said we had to spend a certain amount to get the nice canvas bag. They usually give out those plain generic plastic bags.. but somehow both of us got 2 canvas bag each even though we did not spent the minimum amount to "qualify". She said it is because I am an Uncle-killer so they gave us the bags. LOLOL! (n˘v˘•)¬

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wany told me about this street in Hong Kong where there are a lot of toys and stationery for sale and we should go and check it out to get some supplies for our Party Minions game events.

This "Toy Street" is located at Tai Yuen Street in Wan Chai and you can take a train to Wan Chai Station, Exit A3.

The number of shops on this street... so many! On both left and right side! You are literally spoilt for choice! The items they sell are quite similar, though some of them specializes in stationery/toys/decorations.

Some of the shops are double storey so you can go upstairs to have a look. One particular shop we went to was totally deserted cos the items were quite expensive even though they have a huge selection. We were the only 2 persons in the shop and we did not even see any staff around. Level 2 was empty and we could have just grab stuff and walk out and I think no one will bother... We left after having a quick look cos actually quite creepy to be in a really quiet shop with just a small narrow exit and no one else around.

We spent some time browsing through the different stores and found one which has the cheapest price amongst the others! Just look out for the shop with the blue signboard.

Their prices are very reasonable and there are many many people inside (cos cheap). They are constantly stocking up the items cos people buy by the basket! Just look at all the empty carton boxes outside the shop!

Wany is my QC manager. She stops me from buying nonsense things. Hahahahahha!

They have so many cool stationery! Some are really nostalgic, like from our younger days type and you can't really find them in Singapore anymore. Wany tried to bargain for me but they didn't even give us a second look and charged us full price. Oh wells, so cheap already cannot complain lah. Hahahahahaha!

Happy customers! Hahahahaha!

Afterwards we walked back down the street to the train station to go for dinner! There were a lot of lanterns everywhere because 04 October is Mid-Autumn festival! They are obviously those unlicensed fake products but some were really good grade A fakes. LOL!

The street looks super "Hong Kongy"if you know what I mean.. Like most of us grow up watching Hong Kong dramas/movies so this type of scenes is very familiar to us. Old dingy buildings with bright signboards. Hahahahaha!

The weather is so hot that we had to stop in Starbucks to get some drinks. In total we bought 2 bags of items.. not a lot but the items are quite bulky.

Tadahhhh! :)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Our first night stay was in Eaton Hong Kong!

The property is located near the bus stop where bus A21 stops. You can take the bus directly from the airport and it's just a short walk to the hotel from there.

A lot of the function rooms and restaurants in the hotel are closed because they are going through a massive renovation... so it is a bit dusty but don't worry cos the rooms are fine. The lobby is located upstairs and you have to take the lift up. Wany said there used to be another entrance but it is closed now because of the renovations.

We booked the Deluxe Room and was upgraded to the Studio Room when we arrived. It was small but very cosy and comfortable. The room was newly renovated and we both like the decor a lot cos it's very modern, clean & sleek! 

We booked the Deluxe twin bed room but as the Studio only had Queen bed configuration, we shared the bed! It was very comfy and I don't mind sharing bed with Wany cos she doesn't kick me when she sleeps. My sister is quite a violent sleeper so I think twice when I want to share a bed with her. LOL!

View from the room is not very fantastic lah.. but it's alright. We don't look out all the time anyway.

I love that they offer a free phone for you to use and you can also bring it out of the hotel. There's also lots of plugs to charge your devices, something that Le hubby will approve of! Hahahahahaha!

It's a "green hotel" so they provide big bottles of toiletries instead of the small mini sized ones. I don't mind cos I don't have to keep calling them for more toiletries! They smell really good too! And they provide filtered water in big glass bottles. Very environmentally friendly! 

Both of us prefer bathrooms where the toilet and showers are separated. This is very efficient especially in the mornings when you are rushing to get ready or if you are staying with more friends in the same room and you don't have to wait for each other to use the toilet if you need to shower.

The water pressure is really good!

Toilet is clean and airy too!

Small cupboard for you to hang your clothes

The mini fridge is hidden inside the island counter.

Cups and coffee/tea are also hidden in the island counter. 

I will definately come back again to stay when I am in Hong Kong! It's a really nice hotel to stay in. The area is quiet but convenient. Not many dodgy people around. And there's a lot of nice eateries nearby and it's also near the MTR (Jordan station). 

Highly recommend this hotel!!! :)