Sunday, October 9, 2016

3 weeks to 30!

Just 3 weeks left till my 30th birthday! OMG!!!!! (ノдヽ)

I've been neglecting my Instagram, Twitter & Dayre. Lots of things happening but I am just too lazy to post. Maybe I am getting older? Or maybe I am just getting more and more lam nua (lazy) as the years go by.... But I need to buck up and not neglect my blog because this is how I document memories and how my future me will look back and see the experiences I went through instead of just forgetting about them..

Super blessed because I have a lot of holiday trips this year!
  1. January - Tokyo
  2. May - Perth
  3. June - Osaka
  4. September - Taipei
  5. October - Perth
  6. November - Delhi (?)
  7. December - Tokyo (?)
I am heading to Perth for 2 weeks at the end of this month to house-sit & dog-sit for Tabby! I've been house-sitting for her a few times and I just love it! It's like my second home away from home. I love visiting Tabby & Doug, spending time with their 3 dogs, the awesome weather there (except during summer), the cafe culture.. and overall the laid back lifestyle.

My good friend, Sangeeta, who moved back to Delhi had a 2nd baby and she's been bugging me to go visit her and her family. She's been asking for 3 years and I have been saying  India doesn't have a very good reputation as a holiday destination because of the security and hygiene issues, especially for a woman to be travelling there on her own. Le hubby won't be going if I do go to Delhi because he went to India once for a business trip and got such bad food poisoning, he's scarred for life. Not sure what my parents-in-law will say if I tell them I want to go to India by myself..... ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) We shall see! The weather in November is cooling and I am looking forward to quash my misconceptions of India! It will be great seeing Sangeeta again cos I miss her so much!

Le hubby and I always wanted to be in Japan during Christmas and New Year because it's fukubukuro (mystery bag) season! I've only been in Japan once over the Christmas season but it was many years ago for a tourleading assignment and I was in Hokkaido. Not a lot of fukubukuro bags to buy there compared to Tokyo. Hopefully we can score cheap tickets and accommodation to make this trip in December happen! If we can go, that will be 3 trips to Japan in a year! WOW! (*/ω\*)

Wondering why I have so much annual leave to go on holidays? Well, it's been a month since I stopped working! My last day of work was officially on 09 September 2016. I had a great time at CWT for the past 2.5 years and it's time to take a break.

There are a few reactions from people when you tell them you quit your job and is currently not working. I categorize them into 3 different groups.
  • The concerned aunties
  • The jealous bitches
  • The awesome friends
The concerned aunties will usually be the older generation. They will be worried and concerned that I have no money to eat, no money to save up and I can't find another job because of the shitty economy. Well, I understand where they are coming from... but I am not that old and not that fussy so I don't think finding a job is difficult. I think finding a suitable job with a good boss and nice colleagues is the difficult part.. but I trust in God that He will provide for me and I will find a better job!

The jealous bitches are a dime a dozen. They are angry and bitter and jealous and that you can take a break but poor them have to continue working because they cannot let go of the expensive lifestyle that they are used to. It's all about showing off and comparisons on who has the 'better' husband, who has the 'more expensive' house, blah blah blah.. And the conversations that they have.. O.M.G!! Whenever I hear them yak yak yak, my brain cells just dies rapidly and my ears will burn. All I can say to these people... "YOU NEED JESUS IN YO LIVES!"

Moving on.. lastly we have the awesome friends are far and few in between but luckily I have them! Like my cell group mates! They are very encouraging and are genuinely happy that I get to take a break for a while and enjoy life without any work stress. They encourage me to be happy and do things I like without being judgmental or jealous (see above point). I will be an awesome friend to someone who decide to quit his/her job to take a break. We spend most of our adult lives working and what's wrong with taking 2-3 months just to take it easy and recharge? To me, it's better than working and working and being burnt out/bitter about life, about work, about people.

Anyway, I've updated my LinkedIn profile and sent out my resume. Hopefully I will be matched to a company with great company (boss & colleagues)! Fingers crossed and I leave it all to God! :)

So on my last day of work, I went for lunch with my 2 favourite colleagues Anne & Joslyn! They bought me a bouquet of flowers as a goodbye present. Super sweet of them!

Pretty flowers ~ヾ(^∇^)

 The two people I will miss the most!

I bought cheesetarts as a goodbye gift for my colleagues!
The queues are still insane so I used LaborMe to deliver to the office.

Saying goodbye to my desk at work!

I was working up till the last minute! I was supposed to do my exit before 5pm but I was so busy that I could only do it at 5.45pm and I only left the office around 6.30pm. Totally not like a 'last day' behavior right? I believe in putting in my best at work even if it is my final day. I was rushing to finish as much as possible so my replacement will not have so many things to follow-up on when I am not around anymore.

Le hubby came to pick me up and we went to Orchard for dinner with Santi guniang who happened to be in town for the weekend to attend a friend's wedding! We met up with Nat & Ray too!

Dinner at Wisma's Omakase. Best best best!!! o(〃^▽^〃)o

We happened to bump into the boss and chatted with him for a bit! Haven't see him for a long while and it's nice that he remembered us! He shared with us that he's opening a new dining outlet and will be introducing membership for his regular customers! Wheee! Sounds super exciting! Can't wait!

After dinner we decided to go for desserts! Since Santi is seldom in town, we drove to Sunshine Plaza for ice-cream and waffles at my favourite dessert place.. MERELY'S!

After dinner we decided to go for desserts!

Since Santi is seldom in town, we drove to Sunshine Plaza for ice-cream and waffles at my favourite dessert place.. MERELY'S! When we arrived, we were too full to order waffles so we just had ice-cream! Hahahaha!

ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ
Btw, I am ordering Merely's ice-cream for my birthday party! 
Hope my guests will love them as much as I do!

What have I been up to for the past 1 month?

Well, I was planning for my upcoming birthday party, I went on a trip to Taipei, I cleaned up the room, I sent out a lot of postcards on Postcrossing and did a lot of postcard swaps on Instagram. Eat clean, go for morning walks, watch Netflix.. Just chillax and relax.

Super excited for my birthday party! This is gonna be a big one and I will stop having parties until maybe I am 50 years old? Hahahahahaha! From next year on, I will try to go for a holiday or staycation during my birthdays!

Everything is pretty much settled..
  • Guest List 
  • Venue rental 
  • Buffet Caterer 
  • Ice-cream 
  • Decorations 
  • Games & Prizes 
The only sad thing is my little sister is in Los Angeles now and she cannot attend my birthday party!

WHY WHY WHY~!! (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

But I am happy that she finally got her wish to work in Los Angeles and be with her boyfriend. Young love! And it's also a great opportunity to be able to live abroad for a while and gain more experiences. She's most probably coming back during Chinese New Year so I have to wait for a few more months before I can see her again. Hai.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Singapore National Day Parade 2016

ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!!!!!!!!

Downloaded the NDP app and added in the stickers for this photo because a lot of photo-bombers at the back. Hahahahahaha! Everything someone in front of us whips out the camera for a selfie I try to hide my face cos I don't wanna appear in other people's selfies (as much as I can).

Back in June I received an SMS informing me that I managed to successfully ballot for 4 actual day tickets and I thought it was a scam because there are so many weird scams in Singapore lately.

I went to Kallang Wave Mall and verified with one of the ushers that the SMS was legitimate and we queued in line for 1hr10mins for the tickets!! There were 3 queues, leftmost is the 1st preview, middle lane is the 2nd preview and the queue I was in on the righ is for the actual day.

 The tickets! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

They were selling these limited edition Nets flashpay cards for $15. I didn't buy them but Mama Chew bought them for me when she went to collect the 2 tickets that Papa Chew won. Yes! 6 tickets for our family! Lucky or what!!! :) We wanted to go together but Pam had to go overseas for work so Mama Chew invited one of her friend to go with them. We got 2 different colour zones, so Le Hubby and I took the 2 tickets that Papa Chew had and gave them the 4 that I had.

It's held at the Singapore National Stadium and it's sheltered! There's also cool air blowing out near our feet so it's great compared to the old stadium that was demolished. Only sucky part is we cannot see the fireworks live from inside the stadium because of the domed roof. We had to see it on the screens which kinda defeats the purpose cos the main highlight of the parade is the fireworks and what's the point of getting tickets and being inside when we have to watch the fireworks on the screens? We can only hear it live. Kua kua kua. 

I like the interactive feature of the wristbands!

Le hubby said the wristband light technology is very old (to him more than 1 year is old) and a lot of stars (e.g: Taylor Swift) holding concerts in USA are already using this. Then when he came home, he dismantled the wristband to see what's inside! He's always doing weird things like that. Whenever he dismantles something he will show it to me and expects me to be as excited as him at the wiring and mechanisms inside. Ehh.. -___- I try to show interest lah but it's really alien to me. 

I'm thankful to be able to get the tickets because this year is the 1st time it's being held in the new stadium! And it's also my first NDP parade together with Le Hubby! At first he didn't want to go cos he said it's too hot and he don't like to be hot. Thing is, he always complains that he never get to watch NDP live before and he never ever wins any tickets. This year we have tickets to go and he didn't want to go! Why so contradicting one!! He finally decided to go when I reminded him how he kept complaining that he never get a chance to go and when God blessed us with the tickets, he don't want to go!?!? (-_-) He reluctantly agreed to go but he was glad he went cos it wasn't as hot as he imagined it will be (since it's sheltered). He also agreed that the fireworks was a let down but the rest of the parade was really well done.

I read in the news that 15% of budget for this year's NDP is spent on renting the Stadium, which is 3 times higher than the floating platform at Marina Bay or Padang!! Personally I think they should move it back to Marina Bay or Padang cos it's cheaper plus there's a better view of the fireworks there.

Hope I can win tickets again next year! :)
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Wany's birthday presents!

It's Wany's 30th birthday and her party is Little Mermaid themed so we must get her Little Mermaid presents! It's her favourite character from Disney.. and it's my favourite character too! 

As a child my favourite cartoons from Disney are Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Aristocats. I didn't had an English name when I was born and many people had difficulty pronouncing and remembering my Chinese name so when I was 10 years old I got sick and tired of reminding people what my name is and decided to give myself an English name. I was contemplating choosing between Ariel, Jasmine or Marie as my English name. Did a poll with many people asking them which name suits me the best and Jasmine had the most votes so I chose Jasmine. LOL! So now you know why my name is Jasmine.

Anyways, I told Le hubby to buy his own present for Wany so she will have more presents! Hahahahaha! It's fun to open presents during your birthday! Especially when it's the same theme as your party. Heh heh!

He ordered a super cute Little Mermaid keychain from an online seller. We bought the 3D postcard from Loft during our Osaka trip last month. It's super duper good quality and the 3D effect looks soooooo awesome.

I bought her a bag from Samantha Thavasa in Japan! I was hunting high and low for a present for her and couldn't find anything suitable. Nearly gave up but at the airport I spotted this bag in the shop and I grabbed it!! Really lucky cos she loved it a lot and she said she actually wanted to buy this when she was in Japan but hesitated and when she wanted to buy it it's sold out at the outlet she went to. Heng ahhhhhh!

Since it's her 30th birthday, I also wanted to give her something special as a momento of our friendship! I got a photo album (sea theme, can't find Little Mermaid theme) and printed out our old photos and holiday photos and did a personalised album/scrapbook for her.

I got this from Loft in Japan! Super funny right! It is like a pop-out card which I pasted in between the pages so when she opens it, I will pop out and yell "Happy Birthday"! If only I could add in sound effects. Hahahahahhahaha!!

Took me a long while to do the entire thing so hope she likes it! ∩(︶▽︶)∩
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wany's 30th Birthday Party

It's Wany's 30th birthday yesterday!! I've known her for 17 years already.. more than half of our lifetime! OMG!!!!! Wany don't usually do parties for her birthdays. Actually.. come to think about it, the last time she had a birthday party was during her 21st. Hahahahahaha!

She decided to have a party for her 30th and she spent so much time, effort and money on it! She decided on Little Mermaid which is a no-brainer cos she's a Little Mermaid fan. She also likes Kuromi, Kerokeropi and her current ultimate favourite is Kumamon.. but she decided on Little Mermaid cos it's her childhood favourite. However it's not that easy to find party supplies in Singapore. It's either not very well-made or very expensive (cos they ship in from overseas). Luckily I happened to be in Perth during May and found some very nice Little Mermaid themed party decorations, plates and balloons at Big W which didn't cost a lot! And she was in Japan a few months ago and bought a lot of Little Mermaid themed items for the door gifts and prize booth.

After travelling so often, we all realise that things in Singapore are overpriced. There are certain things that are cheap here but a lot of things are expensive because the sellers have to import them from overseas. Can't blame them cos of the freight costs, rental & staff costs.. But it sucks having to pay 2-3 times the original price for something that we know we can get cheaper elsewhere. #Aunties So we seldom shop in Singapore anymore.. in fact I think it's been years since I bought shoes, clothes, bags, and a lot of other stuff in Singapore. It makes more sense to save the money, go on a holiday then buy your stuff there. Or find ways to buy online and ship them in from overseas. But if I really need something urgently then bobian, just have to pay more to get it locally. 

For the location, she wanted Crowne Plaza Changi cos of last year we celebrated Le Hubby's birthday there and she love the suite that I booked for him. It's big, has beautiful daylight cos of the windows and it's suitable for small parties because there's enough sitting for around 10-12 people. The location is good cos it's near the MRT station and there's a NTUC at the basement to buy drinks! 

For the balloons, we bought the numbered (30) balloons & stars balloons from Give Fun. Paid them extra to inflat the Little Mermaid balloons I got from Perth. Previously I always go to the giftshop at Nex Mall cos I was staying nearby, but Give Fun is cheaper and the parking is not such a pain in the ass. To make the number 30 stay side by side, you have to use tape to stick them in the middle. If not it will just keep swaying around and it's hard to get a nice photo of it.

For the food, Wany ordered the mini buffet from Neo Garden.They delivered to the hotel lobby and we just need to bring it up and display it on the table. The suite has a nice long table in the living area plus a big round table which we used as a dessert table. For the drinks we put them in the pantry so everything is very compartmentalized and neat, just the way we like it. I highly recommend the King Suite at Crowne Plaza Changi for small parties!


Wany is so lucky that my sister is in Singapore during her birthday so she's the designated baker for the party! She made everything! The cake, seashell macaroons and jellies!

The seashell macaroons are awesome! Salted caramel flavour!!!! Super love!

We had games for the party guests! 

Didn't managed to take pictures of the other games cos I was busy with the preparations.. but luckily Nat managed to take a photo of the prize booth which we set up in the walk-in closet! Hahahahahaha! Love the suite! Even got a shelf for us to display our prizes. Wheee!

So many presents!!!!! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Had a really fun time helping out with Wany's party! I really love parties and organizing parties. Maybe one day I'll set up my own party planning services! Meanwhile if anyone need party advice please email me ok? I will be more than happy to help! o(≧∇≦o)
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wany's birthday dinner at TCC!


Every July we will head to TCC for our annual pig-out session! It's been a yearly tradition between Wany, Nat & myself. Le hubby joined us after both of us started dating.

Why July? Cos it's both Wany's & Nat's birthday month and Wany have the TCC membership card which gives us 50% off the entire bill! Since then, Le hubby and myself also managed to get the membership too so our annual pig-out session has been extended from 1 time to 3 times. LOL! 

Happy Birthday Wany! Can't wait for your birthday party next week!!! ^_^
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2016

I find it amazing that the dogs can tell which day it is because every Sunday they will wake up extra early. I sleep together with them and they are really well behaved and don't disturb my sleep. Usually when I wake up at around 5.45am they will still be snoozing in bed with me, but on Sunday mornings they will be super alert and hovering around me waiting for me to wake up. When I open my eyes I can see 3 furry faces looming over mine with big grins on their faces. I can just imagine them saying "YAY! SHE IS AWAKE! TIME TO GO TO THE PET CAFE!!!" 

Today they thought they are going to the Pet Cafe but we brought them to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk first in the morning before heading to the Pet Cafe. They became so excited when we turned into the parking area because they noticed that it's a new place and there are many dogs around. 

We didn't buy tickets in advance because I didn't know about the walk until my manager who lives in Perth told me about it. We planned to buy tickets at the entrance and it's $20 per human. It's quite expensive but the proceeds go to charity. While parking our car, a very nice lady approached us and gave us a free ticket because her friend couldn't make it. I wanted to pay her for it but she refused my money, so we only need to buy 1 ticket! Le hubby said I am so lucky to always meet such nice people.. told him to do good unto others and it will come back. It's my mantra to be nice that's why I always meet nice people! :)

Benji & Coco are very coperative in taking photos but Finn is lost in his own world. We had to keep them on the leash because there's many people around.

Waiting at the eating area for my manager & her partner.

My manager with her dog Wagsy! Remember her?

Finn insisted in being held by Le hubby. Hug hug hugs!

Beautiful weather with an awesome view of the city skyline!

With my manager & her partner

The 3 doggies! Fluffy butts!

Coco & me!


Finn is very focused during the walk. Le hubby said he followed the white line on the path and walked in a super straight line.

We bumped into Tabby's friends who recognised the dogs! I sent Tabby the photos and she said her friends help to dog-sit so they love them very much. 

Group picture!

Afterwards we headed to the Pet Cafe for a while before heading home! The 3 of them were so exhausted that they nap the entire day. (‐^▽^‐)
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