Saturday, January 24, 2015

Scottie's 1st month celebration

Say hello to Scott! He is a Christmas eve baby born on 24 December 2014 and is, till date, the heaviest baby delivered at Thomas Medical Hospital. His mother delivered him via natural birth! #respect

He woke up briefly for his milk, then concussed into a milk coma after that.

I carried him for an hour and my arms were aching afterwards cos he is already 5.8kg at 1 month old! Wah so chubby and cute!!

Le hubby and me!

Scott's elder sister, Sophie is already 3 years old! We attended her 1st month celebration back in 2012! How time flies!! I haven't seen her since she was a month old! I follow her updates on her mum's facebook account and she's a really friendly and lovable little girl.

I gave Scott's mother a red packet cos it's the most practical gift since I am not sure what she has or what she doesn't have. As for Sophie, I brought her a gift too! Printed out a polaroid of her and her brother. That way I hope she doesn't feel like all the attention is on her brother and the adults have forgotten about her or neglect her. I am the eldest child and I felt abandoned when my brother was born because everyone was oohing and aahing over the new baby and asking me to shoo away.. I don't want anyone else to have that feeling cos it sucks.

Cakes and red eggs! I really love receiving these but sadly not everyone gives these out anymore. Sweetest moments have improved the packaging! It's getting nicer and cuter now!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Money's Wedding Dinner @ St Regis Singapore

Attended an old friend's wedding dinner at St Regis Singapore last night. We met in school at Singapore Poly and were really close friends back then but drifted apart in recent years.. No matter what, we did share many wonderful memories together and I am glad and super happy that she found a wonderful husband to settle down with.

I always call her Money since that's her name during our Poly days.. but she goes by the name Mya nowadays.

I went to my fave website to order a personalized wedding card for her! :) I took some of the pictures of her Facebook account and printed them in the card!

I love! They have the nicest designs and it's super easy to use. If I have enough time I will always go and make a personalized card for any wedding that I attend. I think it is a very special memento keepsake. Most of the couples who received my cards are amazed and touched that I made the effort to make a card for them. Heehee. I try my best lah, because it takes time to order the card, get it sent to my USA address (Comgateway) before forwarding it to Singapore. 

I also got a pair of Mickey & Minnie plushies from Tokyo Disneyland for her! The two of them are joined together with a magnet.

Unfortunately the card arrived 1 day after her wedding (I miscalculated the shipping date) so I had to mail her the card & the plushies. I went to her wedding with a red packet and told her I'll mail her the card & gift. She just told me she received them.. thank God!


She told me it's a really small wedding dinner but I didn't know how small. We were late and she actually called me to ask where was I.. told her I am on the way and she wanted to wait for me to arrive before she do her first march in! OMG! I told her to go ahead first and we will do our best to fly there. We were 30mins late but the dinner has already started and they were serving the 2nd course! The most punctual wedding dinner I ever attended! I was wondering why she knew we did not arrive yet, cos usually the bride & groom are super overwhelmed during a wedding dinner and won't be able to track who is there and who isn't... When we arrived I realized why she knew I wasn't there.. there was only 6 tables! At one glance you can see who was there and who wasn't! Wah!

Name cards!

I really like the vibe of her wedding. It's very small, cosy and intimate. The couple had time to walk around and interact with all the guests and it felt very homely. It's the second time I am meeting her husband (first time was at my church wedding! haha!) and he seems like a really wonderful guy. 

Money's parents!

Her mother remembers me! She exclaimed "Jasmine!" when she saw me walk in the ballroom. Awwwww! I love her mother very much cos she's always so nice to us when we go to her house to hang out and do projects. She knows I love to drink Yakult so she will always buy a few packs and keep them in the fridge for me. She will also ask me to watch funny Taiwanese shows (Like Ru Hua!) with her cos she said I am very funny and I know how to appreciate funny videos. LOL! The last time I saw her was at least 10 years ago and she still remembers me. Super touched.

The food was good too! :) 

(ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

The wedding photographer asked Le hubby to help them take a group picture with the couple. Hahaha!

Money is moving to Houston with her husband.. that's like halfway around the world! I don't think she reads my blog but I would like to send out lots of love and blessing to her and Walter. She's always going to be one of my best friends and though we don't hang out together anymore, she will always have a very special place in my heart.

I love you lesbaby!
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve Countdown at USS!

Happy New Year everyone! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

I took the day off tomorrow so I can have a super long weekend! My boss let us leave the office anytime after 12pm yesterday so technically it's a 4.5 days off this week for me! Woohoo!

Usually during New Year's eve I'll stay home and vegetate. Most of the time I will even sleep through the countdown. You know, "sleep and wake up next year".. Haha! I don't drink, I can't dance and I hate squeezing with people.. so I rather stay at home.

However this year is different! I read about USS's Neon Countdown and since we all had the USS season passes, I asked the members of the #USSMiniClub if they would like to join Le hubby & me to countdown together at USS and all of them agreed to go! Yipppee! So last night we went to Universal Studios for the countdown. I felt so proud of myself for being "hip"and not hide at home like I always do.. Hahahahaha! (And I think the rest feels the same way too cos we are the nua-people who prefer staying at home then going out).

Cutesy ribbon cos it's party time!
No makeup cos the weather is damn hot.

3 of us had dinner at Chili's while Nat & Ray joined us afterwards.

I really love the food but it's so overpriced.

The complete #USSMiniClub!

It's the first time that all 5 of them goes to USS together! We are always missing at least 1 or 2 members due to schedule conflicts.

Can you tell I am too lazy to add in captions for the rest of the pictures? Heh!

Anyway we had a good time together and it was really cool walking around the park until midnight where there was a fireworks display after the countdown. It's been years since I participated in a public countdown.. and I had fun with the 4 of them! Too bad my sister couldn't join us! :( I will try to psycho her and recruit her into our #USSMiniClub soon so she can join us on our USS adventures!

We've been to USS many times since I signed for the 6 months season pass in October. I bought one for Le hubby as an early Christmas present and we've been visiting USS almost every weekend or every other weekend. Make our money's worth! I bought the ones with Express pass so we don't have to queue for the rides and that's so awesome! I update quite frequently on my Dayre account cos it's much easier than going on my computer and blogging about it here... However I still love my blog and I will never abandon it! (Must have disclaimer if not my sister will protest violently and continue to nag at me to blog).

I am off to enjoy my super long weekend! Happy New Year 2015 everyone! May all your wishes & resolutions come true! :)
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