Thursday, October 30, 2008

High School Musical 3

Went to Vivocity just now to meet Wany for dinner plus movie.

We watched High School Musical 3! I was so excited to catch that movie, cos i really enjoyed Part 1 & 2.

Well, I know I am not a 13 yr old teenager and I am like borderline into auntyhood.. but I like the songs and the characters! Especially Sharpay Evans! And her twin brother Ryan Evans.. And I know all the songs of Part 1 & 2 by heart! LOL! I sound like such a freak....

Anyway we went to Thai Express for dinner, and for the 1st time in like... 9 years, Wany finished her food faster than me! I always tease her cos she eat like super duper slow. For example, when we were in secondary school, we used to go to Long John Silvers at Tampines Mall for lunch after school... and by the time I finish my food plus drink, she would have only finished ONE piece of chicken. I can eat 4 meals in the time she use to finish 1 meal. But this time she finished much faster than me..... well, cos I am forcing myself to eat slower now. Part of the diet plan. HAHAHHA.

So now i chew and chew and try to eat really slowly....

I don't know why i put a smiley face in her green curry. Haha. Anyway, the glass noodle is one of my top fave dish. Love it love it love it. But instead of prawns, i ordered with fish. Yupz, save the ocean.. but have to eat some fish now cos I am not really interested in eating chicken & pork anymore - I don't know what happened. But i still don't touch vegetables. I am allergic to green foods. Urgh. Hate veggies.

After dinner is movie time!

I love Sharpay & Ryan Evans (characters' names in the movie)!!! Both freaking rich, flamboyant, funny & show stoppers. And Sharpay loves pink like me! :)

Told Wany I wanna watch Bolt, and she don't know what I was talking about.. So i showed her the movie poster with the fat hamster in the hamster ball! OOOH! SO CUTE LAH! We saw the movie teaser of Bolt, where the hamster was sitting in the cinema's seat and raving about how he loves High School Musical, followed by the movie trailer of Bolt. Uber cuteness!

She wanna watch Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. Saw the movie trailer, and it looks like a ditsy crazy movie about spoilt pampered pooches.. But looks fun, so we'll catch that movie when it comes out..

After the movie, we saw this humongous wall mural at the train station.. Wany did not watch Part 1 of this movie! Horror of horrors! It is one of the best movie ever lor! I told her my favourite character is King Julian (the lemur i am pointing in the pic), and his trusty sidekick advisor, Maurice.. King Julian is this super vain, self-centered Lemur king that thinks he is the greatest thing ever bestowed on the Earth or something. And his advisor Maurice is the old wise lemur that always roll his eyes at the crazy and self-obsessed ways of King Julian. And my favourite line was where Maurice announced the arrival of King Julian to the main characters in the jungle.. and it goes like this:
Maurice: [flatly] Presenting your royal highness, our illustrious King Julian the XIII, self-proclaimed lord of the lemurs, et cetera, et cetera, hooray, everybody.
Wahahahahaaa... So cute right? And every time the King appears, he has to "intro" him.. and the introduction gets shorter and shorter each time cos he can't be bothered to say. Hahahaha!

And my 2nd favourite thing about the movie are the penguins! They keep trying ways and means to escape, and they say the funniest things! My favourite scene in the movie is where they tried to escape from the New York City Zoo by digging a hole using PLASTIC SPOONS! hahahahahahaa!

Skipper the Penguin: Remember, cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. Kowalski, progress report.Kowalski the Penguin: [In a hole] We're only 500 feet from the main sewer line.
Skipper the Penguin: And the bad news?
Kowalski the Penguin: [laying a broken plastic spoon at Skipper's feet] We've broken our last shovel.
Skipper the Penguin: Right. Rico, you're on litter patrol. We need shovels, and find more Popsicle sticks. We don't want to risk another cave-in.
Private the Penguin: And me, Skipper?
Skipper the Penguin: I want you to act cute and cuddly, Private. Today we're gonna blow this dump.
Aiyah, you must watch the movie to understand why i am so crazy over it. I've watched it 4 times in the past 2 days..!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My 3 hamsters are food monsters. They never stop eating lor!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

JB Outing with Pipimon

Was grumbling to Pipimon that we never spend time together depsite me having 2 weeks break from work.. And he promised spend an entire day with me and will bring me to Johore Bahru and accompany me to do my nails and buy new shoes for me! Yipppeee~!

Usually I'll go to Teburau City's Jusco for shopping, which is a 20mins taxi ride away from the Malaysian Customs.. however Pipimon says it's too faraway so we decided to shop at City Square instead, which is just a 5mins walk from the Malaysian Customs. We had lunch at City Square, followed by icecream at Baskin Robins!

All 3 of my favourite ice cream flavours. Yummilicious!

Since I seldom go to City Square, we went walking around to look for a shop directory.. and we found EZKIOSK, and interactive shop listing directory... and there was a jackpot game where you can play and win freebies from Macdonalds..


Problem is.. we don't know how to print the voucher.. and then we realized that you had to be a member of a certain program to be able to redeem for the free gift. Kua kua kua. So we didn't get the free apple pie in the end. Haix.

We went to the newly renovated PADINI Store which has my favourite Vincci shoes They're having a store promotion, where you spend RM50 to get a 20% off voucher for the remaining of your purchases!

Prices are before discount.

So i got 5 new pairs of shoes! YIPPEEEEEE~!!

Afterwards we went to Holiday Plaza for manicures and pedicures! I brought Pipimon to another shop which has giant cushy massage chairs and automated bubbly machines which is similar to the one at Marina Square, AND they charge cheaper rates! Better service plus cheaper rates? Coolness!

The one that I used to frequent doesn't have such comfy chairs, and they are charging more and more for substandard services and lousy facilities. And the worst thing is, there are lots of trainees serving customers instead of the senior staff cos they have a new training school - and they're giving the trainees "expousure"... -_______- The trainees botch up everything and still charges same rate as seniors. bah!

Pipimon also had a manicure & pedicure done, but he don't understand why he has to pay additional RM10 more just because he is a man... Well, cos men has thicker hands?? Hahaha.

My right toe nail was cracked cos I accidentally kicked the toilet door yesterday at the karaoke.. The toilet was so cramped! Anyways, now I have pretty pink pink nails! Pipimon was the one that chose the design. :o)
Makes me a super happy girl!
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Monday, October 27, 2008

My 22nd Birthday Celebration!

Met my colleagues for 5 hours of karaoke fun at TenDollar Family Karaoke @ Smith Street, Chinatown.
From Left:
Vivien, Me, Tracy, Nathaniel & Choco

They bought me a chocolate cake to surprise me~!
We couldn't finish, and I brought some home for Pipimon to eat.. and he said it's super delicious - Anything "chocolate" = delicious to him. kua kua kua.

We were singing along to Black Eye Peas, Pussy Cat Dolls, Britney Spears and many other fast head bopping songs, cos Tracy is a Vietnamese and she don't really understand Chinese.. But we also sang some emo chinese songs, and she sang some of her favourite Vietnamese songs.

Took some group pictures with the self-timer function on Nat's camera...
They were striking different poses; cute, emo, cool, sexy and fun.

I also drove them crazy with exasperation cos I kept on taking self pictures and was not really interested in singing. HAHAHAHAH. Choco kept on tsk-ing me and ask me to take the mic to sing, but I was more interested in using Nat's 10 megapixel camera to take pictures. HEE!

Nat says I look prettier, slimmer and very "girl girl" in pictures, but in real life I am like a monster.... fierce, ah lian, vulgar (cos I am always spoiling for a fight or quarrel with "blind" people who knock into me on the streets even though the street is sooo wide. damn fuckers should die, or have their eyeballs dug out so they can really be truly blind")

Well my dear Nathaniel, only one word to describe... PHOTOGENIC!
The camera loves me. That's why I look prettier in pictures!~ Tra la la la la...
Anyways, a big thank you to my dearest colleagues for holding this mini belated celebration for me. MUACKS~!
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Happy Deevapali!

I can hear fireworks going off outside my window now, at the stroke of midnight! Most of the roads around my house is either jammed or closed off by the police.. Lots of activities going on in Little India! Performances, late-night picnics with beer, concerts, night bazaars.. So many people milling around!

Well, I should be asleep, but my body clock is reversed again! I've tuned it to be the same as Pipimon. Sleep at 7am, wake up at 4pm!

Asked my colleague, Nathaniel to check my work schedule for saturday, and I am scheduled to work full shift 9am to 8pm. Great! -____- I have to try to wake up and stay awake on the 1st day of work.

Anyway, Pipimon is going on a 2 weeks unpaid leave next month due to some logistic reasons.

Sometimes things just don't work perfectly the way you want. When I'm on leave, he's working, when I'm working, he's on leave. It's the same with our work schedules. When I'm home, he's out working, vice versa. If only we can coincide our schedules to be the same.. than we can go out together more often!

Why can't we be on leave at the same time?

Anyways, I have a jam-packed week before going back to work. Whoppee!

Going for a karaoke session with my colleagues tomorrow at Ten Dollars Family Karaoke @ Smith Street for my belated birthday celebration! I've not seen them for 1 week plus! Though it seems like forever.. haha! Can't wait!

Will take lots of pictures tomorrow!
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New change

New Beginning..!

I was looking through my old posts ( a few thousands of them ) and I realized that so many things happened in a short span of 4 years!

The "Bryan Obessesion", cheating/married ex-boyfriends, weird phases (anti-men, anti-social), 1st day I brought Oreo home, holidays posts, crazy drinking sessions, moving houses (again and again), late night project chionging marathons, part-time stints with Yayin, parent's fight for divorce... etc.

Many unhappy memories, and many happy memories. Reading each post just brings me back to the past, and i can see the "scene" playing out in my mind vividly.. the sights, sounds and feelings.

Sometimes I wish that I could turn back time and go back to 4 years back. I have so many things to put right! But it is impossible, so instead of living in the past, I should learn to look to the future and learn from my past.

New begininngs! = New Blog Address! = New Blog Skin!

I've also updated my wishlist, and will add in a few more fun buttons or something when I have the time to.. Meanwhile I have a mountain of clothes to iron before Pipimon gets home. I promised him that I will finish the ironing by today. :0)

Please tag me if you're able to see this page, cos I don't know if the HTML is working not. Thanks! =D
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

21st Birthday Holiday Trip with Wany!

The reason I choose to go overseas instead of spending time in Singapore with Pipimon cos we had a horrible fight last year during my 20th birthday and I don't want history to repeat itself. He always turn into a monster when it's nearing my birthday (maybe he don't want me to grow up so he can have a young trophy girlfriend?) so the best thing to do is avoid him!

I asked Wany if she can accompany me to Bangkok and she said ok! :)

Wany bought me this cool bday card! :)

Departure: 20th October 2007
Venue: Changi Airport Terminal 2

Wany's mummy woke up so early to send us off! So sweet right? Where to find this type of mummy?

But I'm not jealous lor, cos I very "ku pi" one. Like to be alone. And since young I'm not close with my own mother, that's why for the past 2 months we never see each other I also won't "miss" her. And btw, she didn't even know nor care that I'm going overseas.

Anyway, we arrived in Bangkok safely, and checked into Prathuwan Princess Hotel.

I thot it's champange, wahaha.. But actually is some sweet drink that has a sugar cane/barley taste.

The room is huge! With 2 queen size beds, and each of us have a whole bed to ourselves!

Wany straightaway bounced on the bed and made herself at home. LOL.

The swimming pool damn chio right? All angmohs basking in the sun! We didn't go swimming cos I don't like the sun, and Wany says she can't swim. Hur hur.

Went next door, to MBK Shopping Centre!It's linked to the hotel lobby, so it's really just a stone's throw away!Strangely, everywhere we go, hotel lobbies, shopping centre lobbies (even the ulu entrances), blah, there's a metal detector and a security guard! I think they're afraid of bombings or something, cos every single vehicle is screened for bombs before they're allowed to enter the hotel area.I told Wany that at least we won't die of bombing, even if we die from the heat. Strolling in MBK, we came across Wany's fave shop..
I spotted it first, and Wany nearly hyperventiled and died on the spot. It's like me seeing a Hello Kitty/Marie Shop. hahahaa. She RAN (and she never runs for anything) to the shop and shrieked so loudly, everyone stared at her lor.

Paiseh can? -______________-

Anyway, I told her we can go anytime to buy cos it's just next door from our hotel! Wah piang. Had to drag her away lor... lol.
I secretly took a pic, before the staff noticed and told me off, cos strictly no pictures allowed. So uppity for what. BAH! It's just donuts!!!!!!!!

We got ripped off by taxi drivers so many times, we lost count. Dammit.. But what to do? Tourists mah!

We like to choose pink taxis though.

Anyway, we spent all the time there browsing through shopping malls and buying nonsense stuff that we don't need/use.

Central World!

Look at Wany's shopping bags!

There are two outlets in Central World. One huge one on the first floor where lots of Japanese and Singaporeans are grabbing stuff like it's free, and one on the top floor, which is so ulu and quiet, i got a shock. haha.

The NARAYA stuff that we bought!

I don't use any of these now, either worn out or hidden somewhere, cos in Vivocity, there's a NARAYA and it seems so many people are carrying these bags.. Except for the large pink one which I will use for my toiletries when I go overseas again, and the tissuepaper holder :)
I don't like commodities remember?
And talking about commodities, SO MANY MUCH MORE people are using HTC Phones now, especially my model. Urgh. It's the Pink V3 nightmare all over again!

**Pink V3 Nightmare Recap**
I saw on the internet that many Hollywood stars are using the Pink V3, and since I love pink and was using the silver one then.. me damn excited about the pink one lah! I keep calling Starhub everyday asking when they'll be stocking the pink V3, and on my 1274974th call, the operator told me it'll be avaliable at Starhub Tampines Mall the next day, so I camped out at Starhub in the morning on the next day and bought the V3 in cash and was so elated! On top of that, I was told by both the operator and the stupid counter girl at Starhub TM that the phone is limited edition, and they'll be bringing in a 1500 sets only.
2 months later, 80% of the aunties on the MRT and on the streets are using Pink V3, the price dropped to $0 with a mobile plan, and everywhere i go i see aunties using that phone with the "Lao Shu Ai Da Mi" techno version ringtone.
I wanted to die of anger/shock/humiliation/regret.**End of recap**

Anyway, I went to dye my hair and poor Wany had to wait 2 hours for me, sitting in the corner.

Idiot Wany keep laughing at the "alien contraption" behind me. BAH!

She wait until she wanna faint from hunger, but i rewarded her with A&W, and she become happy again.

Weekend Market

Chinatown (most shops closed cos it was a Sunday)

Wany overcoming her fear of Thai streetside food (cos her hunger was overwhelming. LOL)
We took the train, and they're still using farecards!

So old school! Wahahaha. And the ticket dispensor machines look like our old machines!

Inside the station, there's no escalators lor. Wany climb until she wanna faint, cos she's a old lady. HEH.
4 Faced Buddha

Random Pics of Wany

Went to MK restaurant, and i felt so nostalgic going there, cos the last time i went was 8 years ago with my mum, and the shopping centres across the road were just empty land.

Time goes by.....

Anyway, nothing changed, just that it looks the same and the service is better now.

Remember i said they had dancing waiters?

Every 1 hour the music will start, and all the waiters must drop anything they're doing, get into position and do a silly dance to "entertain" the guests.

Well, we were both entertained! Laughed until stomach pain. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Our Buys/Loot

Wany surprised me with my birthday present while i was preparing to go to bed.

So sweet right?

I am sorry to say until now i've not wear the pendant yet.. cos i no money to buy a white gold chain to replace the silver one. (And wany, don't feel bad that you didn't buy the white gold chain, cos the pendant is expensive enuff!)

I will go and buy the chain soon to wear! I promise! (at least before my next bday. hee)

Our Last Supper (at the hotel)
And the lovely yummy sugar cane slushee that I'm craving for now...

I WANT!!!!!! I drink this everyday while i was there! Wany says it's drugged with addictives or something. LOL.

But it's super nice lor. Hai.

The hotel breakfast buffet is very very good, even though the location is good as well, we would prefer somewhere near Platinum Mall (where we did some crazy last minute shopping and had no time for pictures) cos MBK has nothing much to buy and the stuff are quite expensive.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip with Wany, and many thanks to Mr Pipimon for my $500 shopping money (bday present cos he dunno what to buy for me).

Oh, I'll end with this siao ta po picture i took from a show I was forced to watch in the hotel room cos Wany says he look hilarious and insist on staying on this channel.

He looks constipated lor!

" I WANNA PANGSAI!" (I wanna shit!!!)

Instead of fierce and charging for war...
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