Saturday, October 30, 2004


Went kickboxing with money just now at Amore Eastpoint.

well, it proved one thing.. i can kick! KICK KICK KICK!

"okay ladies, right hand first.. punch punch punch block kick! move two steps back and go!"

at first i was so disorientated.. the classroom so warm.. so many people, and everyone was not in proper 'lines'..

but soon i began to pick up and enjoy the class.. hate the "jump and kick".. make me feel like an oversized hippo that cannot jump properly.. but i am glad money is there with me, cos one person is so super lonely.

Next week we are going for TWO lessons. =) Steps & HipHop dancing.. cos we found kickboxing kinda boring.. music too.. ehhh.. yucks. old techno music! shit man. hiphop music sounds more happening, cos we heard some snippets of it outside the classroom before our kickboxing lesson.

next week must remember to bring water! Very very important! both of us forgot.. silly us. can bath there also.. ahahhaa.. can't wait!
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Friday, October 29, 2004

Signed up for driving lessons!

Daddy & Aunty Judy brought me to Ubi's Comfort Driving School to register for my driving lessons!

The membership fee is $152 upfront to be a student, than a minimum of $300 for 5 driving lessons excluding the theory tests fees. Sibeh make money!

My basic theory test is on 8th Dec, have to mug for the test. want to finish the test before sch reopens on 13 dec!

If i am lucky, very lucky, i might be able to drive a car by Chinese New Year.

My dad is letting me drive his Toyota camry.. he is gonna buy a new car next year. but that camry is so damn bloody big.. damn scary. if i smash his car.. wahhhh.. whatever..

i have to fetch my bro from sch daily till he is sec 3 if my sch timetable permits.. other than that, the perks outweights the cons. road tax, insurance, fuel, maintenance, all my dad pay. so why not? i just drive the car, and the only thing i need to do is pick my bro up from sch. :)
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Friday, October 22, 2004

My 18th Birthday Pressies!

Presents from my Queen Gang, Faith & Yayinz. :) Also received a card from Tabby who sent it from Aussie! Feel so loved!
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Saturday, October 9, 2004


Went money's house to do project today.. spent the whole day there with her, joyce, denis and OREO.

We accomplished quite a lot. finished our econs presentation, and sort out our parts for the abortion presentation... Busy busy!

Money's mother so nice, buy chicken wings for us to eat.. =) thanx money's mummy!

Afterwards, joyce came to my house and we watched TV together while eating Canadian pizza.. =) so fun.. first time any of my friend came over at night and watch TV with me while eating pizza.. hahaa..

Bryan, I know you called me, several times.. but I just don't feel like talking to you.
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Grandma has cancer..

My mum told me just now that my grandma has advance stomach cancer. Now i know why her stomach was so bloated.

The bloody doc that she goes to every week didn't even realize she has stomach cancer! WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!

The medical bill every month comes up to a few thousands, and that idiotic doc can't even treat her, or find out what is wrong with her.

Hope she get well soon... :(

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